Er fickt mit der freundin seiner neuen frau geiler sex

Er fickt mit der freundin seiner neuen frau geiler sex
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This is my first story so please go easy on me! My sisters fucking surprise! As I pounded my last strokes of my dripping cock into my tight willing sister, I closed my eyes with a small smile as a few days ago, the scene before me was only reality in my dreams.

My names Harry, I'm 22 and 6 foot 5. Now I'm not the sort to blow my own trumpet (mind the pun) but I think I'm in incredible shape.

My body is rippling and my muscles bulge. I've worked hard to get this way so I feel it's only right to give myself a little praise. However I'm not one of those guys that walk around thinking that they're gods gift to women, even though a lot of my friends do, (although I've had confirmation from their girlfriends that this is not the case!) I'm a pretty normal guy I work hard as an apprentice mechanic and I also like to surf kinky porn on the internet but hey, who doesn't?

Now the situation with my sister started four days ago, it was the day after my sister's birthday and she was being annoying as usual. I'd just like to point out that even though I've had fantasies about fucking my sister for years, she's still the most annoying person I know. I was sat on the sofa reading my book when my sister came bounding into the living room dangling a set of keys in front of my face. "Harrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy aren't you jealous of the pretty, shiny, sparkling new car mum and dad bought me for my birthdayyyyyyyyy?" I sighed as I closed my eyes and shut my book, she'd been teasing me about this ever since mum gave it to her last night, because when mom and dad bought me a car it was a busted up Chevy.grossly unfair.

I looked up at her gleaming eyes and even though I was irritated with her she still quite often stunned me with her beauty. My sister (Hannah) was gorgeous there was just no denying it. At 19 she was 5 foot 6 with long wavy blonde hair that had long passed her shoulder blades. Her tits were like mountains and were easily DDs however even though she amateur slut in hot amateur porn 1 tube porn a slim toned waist they complimented her nicely, so did her juicy round ass and bronzed tan.

I must have been sitting there gawping at her for longer than I thought as she shook the keys in front of my face demanding attention. "What is with you today?" I shook my head immediately desperate to shun away any suspicion she had that I was staring at her delicious frame.

"oh, sorry" I yawned hamming it up a bit "I was just so bored of hearing about that crappy thing outside that my mind totally wandered off" I gazed up at her smiling as if id said nothing.

She let out a humph "well it's better than your rust bucket! You're just jealous that mom and dad love me more than you and got me a brand new car, not one that was best friends with the hippies from the 60's" she smirked knowing she got to me. My car wasn't really that bad it was just a bit creaky however I hated it and she knew it.

As I got up I stepped towards her, my first intention was just to walk right past her and work on my car some more (id been fitting a supercharged engine, that'll keep her mouth shut) however I paused as I drew near her, I teen gets ed and perfect ass fucked hd xxx my dad always says that once you open the for the first time that she was the perfect height for me.

I had this overwhelming urge to put my arm around and hold her close to my chest but I fought it, she would surely know something was iffy then and go running off to our parents. Instead I pulled a silly face and walked off to my room to sort out the tent in my trousers that had suddenly appeared.

I ran up the stairs and locked my door behind me and went immediately to my computer. As no one ever comes into my room I never feel the need to clear the history on my browser, the thought of playgirl gets licked so well masturbation smalltits looking at what I was into made me shudder. Now as I mentioned earlier im into kinky porn, not just nipple tassels and whips but literally girls being hogtied and fucked until they were screaming.

As I clicked onto my favourite websites I slowly began to think, would I actually do this to a girl? My question was answered quickly as an image of a girl, her face full of ecstasy, tied up to the wall and being fucked like a piece of meat popped up on my browser. That picture of the girl clearly enjoying herself quickly washed away any qualms I had.

I'd never really thought about girls enjoying this particular brand of sex if you like; because they were on the receiving end but hey I'm not gunna complain it was good news for me. I'd just taken my dick out and began stroking with a purpose when my sister began banging on my door. "Harry? Harry I'm sorry I didn't mean to upset you, I was only teasing you!" Oddly I found my sister listening at the door a massive turn on, but I didn't want her to think I was some sort of sick pervert so I went to my door and opened it the tiniest bit, not even bothering to put my dick away.

"Its ok I'm not bummed out, I'm glad you like your car I helped pick it" She looked remorseful and sad obviously upset at the thought of really hurting me, even though she said nothing bad my sister is a sensitive girl and even though she's a big tease shed never intentionally hurt anyone.

"Did you really? I thought you hated me because I got a new one and you didn't" As she was saying all this she seemed to return to her bubbly old self, however since she started bouncing up and down my eyes couldn't help but get drawn to her huge boobs and the way the jiggled when she moved. My breath caught slightly as I realised I could see her hard nipples through her white tank top, it's like they were waving to say hello craving attention.

I forced my eyes up to hers and tried to rush her blonde beauty summer day blows hung messenger as my dick was soon pulsating and felt like any second my cock was going to blow without me even touching it!

"Well err yea I picked it and everything, well don't you have homework to do? Because I'm sure busy thanks for checking on me bye!" And with that I slammed the door shut and ran into my bathroom and grabbed a towel just as my cum shot out of my cock at record speed, Jesus I thought, she has a greater effect on me than I thought I'm gunna have to be real careful when I'm around her. "So that's what a guy Cumming looks like, I never thought there would be so much!" Ice ran through my veins as I slowly clocked on that my sister was leaning nonchalantly against my bathroom doorframe and that I could not have shut the door properly behind me as I slammed it in her face moments before.

I turned slowly to look at her my expression terrified. My shorts were around my ankles and I've never felt so caught and exposed in my whole entire life. "Hannah." I started but she cut me off with a giggle. "Don't look so scared, I won't tell" she moved her hair away from her face slightly.

"I came rushing back in after you because I thought something was wrong, I didn't mean to intrude, but can I ask you a question?" "Hang on" I said pulling my shorts up so I was covered up. I wasn't prepared for her to be asking questions at all but in the end I thought questions were better than her screaming in disgust and running away. I made a mental note that I was glad that mom and dad were at work all day. "Ok what is it you want to know" I said apprehensively. I pinched myself, even though my younger sister had just caught me jacking off into a towel, looking at her toned legs and stomach and the curve of her ass made my cock twitch.

"Well I just wondered did you cum because of me?" as she said this a coy smile began to play around her lips, shit! I didn't expect her to be so direct! Do I be honest or lie through my teeth? I was leaning towards the lie through my teeth part when that smile stirred something inside me, it felt like hope? How strange. So I decided to own up. "Hannah I don't want you to get wierded out but I want to be honest with you. Yes you did make me cum.

You grown into such a gorgeous young woman that I just can't ignore you anymore. I promise I will never hurt you. Can you please forgive me for being a sick pervert?" I held my breath for what felt like forever. She was my annoying sister but I loved her dearly and hoped this wouldn't break our friendship. There was a naughty glint in her eye as she said "that depends" "On what?" I replied desperately, at this point I would do anything to make it right.

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"Follow me" she said as she led the way out of my room and into her own "Can I show you some things I bought recently?" she pushed me onto the edge of her bed as I sat nervous. "Sure ok" I didn't know what she was going to do but my guesses would've been nowhere near to what she actually did.

She opened her wardrobe and pulled out a large box an opened it and showed it to me. OH MY GOD!! If I didn't have so much restraint I would've cummed again right there in my shorts! Lying inside the box looking very non threatening were my dreams come true!

She had nipple clamps, masks, bed restraints, gags you name she had it! I began to splutter not knowing what to do or say and I was desperately trying to hide my painful erection.

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She put the box on the floor and walked over to me, she pressed her swollen breasts against my chest and whispered "its ok harry I know you love me, I love you too I always have. I'm just as kinky as you I think it runs in the family. I bought all those things for you knowing you'd love it after id taken a quick browse on your computer and found all your porn sites, mmmmm they were so hot I got so wet by some of them I think I leaked on your chair!" she giggled as she ran her teeth over my earlobe her hot breath on my neck.

I literally did not know what to say. I cannot believe that my knockout sister bought all that stuff for me and she feels the same way! This was too good to be true, as much as I wanted to free my bulging cock and ram it down her conquering a taut fuck hole hardcore and blowjob, I waited for her to make the next move just in case.

Hannah pushed me back onto the bed as she started to strip slowly for me. She pulled off her tank top revealing the most perfect pair of tits I had ever seen. Her large boobs were huge indeed but there was absolutely no sag to them, their magnificence was complimented by a pair of the most luscious tan nipples.

I had the urge to latch onto one of them but I fought it back determined to enjoy my show. She giggled a little as she saw my wide eyed expression. Next she hooked her fingers into her shorts and panties and very slowly pushed them down her legs, I started to sweat at the thought of seeing her naked ass and pussy!

As her clothes lowered her tantalising trimmed pussy came into view. Now I'm not a fan of totally shaved but I like it neat and Hannah's was perfect. Shed styled her pubes into a strip. It looked like an arrow pointed to what would become my favourite place in the world. I looked her up and down, she was the absolute perfection and I couldn't but gaze in wonder "What do you think" she whispered huskily as she turned all the way round for me showing me her juicy ass.

It wasn't quite bubble butt, but it was sure getting there! "You look stunning" I whispered wanting her to know more than ever that she was beautiful. "Thanks" she sighed giving me this look that I couldn't quite decipher. "Well go on the take your clothes off! I think it's unfair how you're getting the main meal and I'm only getting the menu!" she laughed at her little joke and even I snickered as bit. I was nervous at first of the thought of being naked with her, but suddenly I thought she's already seen my cock so what the hell!

I pulled off my shirt and looked at her; she licked her lips as she eyed my muscles up.

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I grinned slightly, thankful that I had taken to working out all those years ago. I whipped my shorts of in a hurry, no sense prolonging the inevitable. As I turned around my cock proudly on show (I'm a respectable 8.5 inches so I'm not shy!) I was not prepared for the sight before me, as id been undressing my dear sister had decided to slip her finger into her dripping pussy and play.

I was dumbfounded. This is so hot! Shed clearly got herself worked up and as I looked her over her only command was "lick my pussy".

Well always happy to help I dove between her legs and smelled her aroma her sweetness and I thought id died and gone to heaven, her pussy was perfect and I could see her clit winking at me saying hello, so thought not to be rude that I'd say hello! The tip of my tongue brushed against my sister's clit and she shivered all over at my touch.

Jeez she tasted better than she smelled! If there was any food that tasted as good as this id be having it for breakfast lunch and dinner!

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I sucked on her swollen outer lips feeling her shift above me; she gripped my hair and pulled my face in to her heaven. By her breathing I could tell that she'd gotten herself into quite a state!

I was licking and sucking her pussy over and over but the one place I hadn't ventured was her leaking love tunnel and she knew it. "Oh god harry baby stop huge boobs beautiful babe siri big boobs and pornstar me! I want you tongue in me so bad!" not one to disappoint a damsel in distress I stuck my tongue in her entrance as far as it would go.

More of her delicious nectar dripped onto my tongue and I moaned. This seemed to send her over the edge as she started bucking her hips. "Stop harry stop. I don't want to cum like this I need that fat cock inside me right now!" I was looking to get a blowjob but I was just as turned on right now as her that I just didn't care.

"On all fours I grunted" stroking my dick ready for her penetration. She did as I asked and displayed her pretty pink pussy to me. "Fuck your whore" she said and that was it, I slammed into her pussy with fervour not caring whether I hurt her at that point, to be honest I didn't care about anything at that point except my cock in her pussy.

I started pounding her as hard as I could, making sure every time I went in that I bottomed out. Hannah loved this she started screaming at me "OH YES HARRY FUCK MY TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY!" I fucked her harder than anyone id done before her tits bouncing wildly as the bed crashed against the wall.

I couldn't believe the sensations I was feeling as her vice like pussy was wrapped around my cock. I knew that I couldn't last for much longer. "Play with yourself your dirty whore" I growled. She was my whore now that was it I would have her when I wanted. She started screaming and bucking "I'm Cumming harry oh baby OOO ARGHH FUCK!" her pussy clamped down Hard on me and it sent me over the edge "Hannah baby!" my cock exploded inside her like a waterfall filling up her womb. She sagged underneath a smile on her face.

As my I pounded my last strokes of my dripping cock into my tight willing sister, I was starting to feel glad she caught me jacking off or maybe this would never of happened. I collapsed on the bed next to her my cock slipping out of her pussy and our combined juices running onto her covers. She cuddled up to me and I pulled her perfect ass milf kendra lust gangbang "I'm your little whore now harry and next time we can use all of my new toys" I smiled in anticipation Comment if you want part two!