Peculiar sweeties bang the biggest belt cocks and spray jizz everywhere

Peculiar sweeties bang the biggest belt cocks and spray jizz everywhere
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Troy smiled to himself in his car on his way to work thinking about his morning. This morning had been great because he and his wife of nine years, Shari had fucked like wild rabbits. Troy eased onto the freeway in his luxuriously sleek, black sports car while replaying the sexy events of the morning.

Troy had awakened to the feeling of warmth around the head of his dick. With his eyes closed,h he played with Shari's hair as she sucked only the head of his dick while using her hands to stroke his length.

Shari was great at sucking dick, she could have any man curling his toes and screaming his tonsils out in less oops i swallowed and i cant stop scene anarchy a minute.

Troy was close to doing just that as Shari sucked more of his shaft into her mouth. The perfect hostess lela star lifted his head to see his beautiful African queen with all of his 9 inch shaft swallowed into her throat.

He loved seeing his wife like this, and as if he willed her, she looked up at him as she slid his member from her mouth, sucking the whole way. When she reached the tip his dick came out of her mouth with a loud pop. Shari smiled and said "good morning baby," very sweetly before flicking her tongue over his smooth head.

"Good morning " Troy barely managed to rasp out. Shari sucked on him some more, getting him wet with her spit. Troy tightened his grip in her hair and pumped his hips to meet those soft lips, aching for release. Shari stopped abruptly and crawled up his body to straddle his hips.Troy caressed her tight nipples through her thin night shirtas she positioned his dick to enter her pussy.

Shari through her head back as she guided him into her warm, wet paradise. She felt like heaven tightly gripping him, her pussy pulsing and begging for more of his dick. Troy lifted her silk night shirt off of her so he could suck on her ripe 36C breasts. Shari panted as she finally sank all the way down on his member, rolling her hips and stimulating her clit with the friction of his dick. Troy moved from one nipple to the other, paying equal attention. Biting and sucking on it while he moved his hands to circle Shari's waist.

He gripped her ass to lift her off of his member and drove into her again. "Ohhhh yesss baby," she said. Position session with a slut hardcore and blowjob put her hands on his shoulders to help the next powerful thrust.

Troy gripped her ass cheeks firmly and pounded his dick into his wife. He stopped sucking her nipples for fear that he may rip one off her breasts as a result of his viscous fucking. Shari bounced wildly on his dick slamming her fat ass onto his balls again and again. "Come on baby. Fuck this dick good," Troy said, slapping that juicy ebony ass again for emphasis.

Shari threw her head back and moaned her release. As her pussy spasms around his dick flips her unto her back and positions her knees over his shoulders. He begins to slam into her, going deep and stroking that pussy good. Shari continues to moan and thrash beneath him as she begins web cam dirty talk paying rent the hard way ascent to yet another climax.

With his hands on either side of her head, Troy pumps his dick in and out of her gorgeous pussy. He looks down at his thick dick coming out of herp pussy wet with his and her juices combined, clinging to the smooth skin of his dick, then slamming back in until he grinds against that slick pearl at the apex of her thick thighs. "FUCK YES SHARI!! TAKE THIS DICK GIRL! JUST LIKE THAT, FUCKING JUST LIKE THAT!!" Shari grabbed his ass, digging her nails in as she screamed her release, "OHHH YES BABY.

ICUMMING ALL OVER THIS BIG DICK! YES!" Troy continued to pump his dick as his wife gushed all over him. Her cream seeped out around his dicoverflowing onto their gold, silk sheets. Troystiffened and emptied himself dehis wife.

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Before pulling out he rolled his hips, sending shivers through Shari. He kissed her passionately, letting his tongue stroke hers as he caressed her sweat slicked body. As he pulled back to look into her beautiful brown eyes, he stroked her face and smiled at her. Shari smiled back and tapped his ass playfully, "you'd better get up so you're not late to work," she said.

As Troy opened his mouth to respond, his alarm clock went off, signaling the truth in Shari's words. He had a full day ahead of him and he two sexy babes get fucked in the dorm be late. He groaned and grudgingly pulled himself out of his bed to walk into the bathroom to take a shower. Shari slapped the alarm off and reset it for her to get up for work that evening.

Shari was a nurse at the local hospital and she worked the overnight, or 3 rd shift. Troy begins to prepare the water for his shower and calls out to Shari, "you want to join me and finish where we left off?" Shari laughs and says, "hell yes! But its not goingto happen because you'll be late." I shmy head and laugh because she's right once again and step into the shower.

Troy pulls himself back to the pesent as he parks his car in the garage attached to the office building he owns with his partner, Joseph Gregory. They've been partners for 7 years of a very successful marketing and PR firm. Troy walked into the building and directly to the elevators. Once on the floor he shared only with Joseph and their two personal assistants, Troy unlocked his office door and strode around to his desk.

He paged his secretary, Ada and asked her to come to his office when she was able. Less than two minutes later, she strode in carrying to very fragrant cups of coffee with a large notepad tucked under her arm. " Good morning Mr. James. How are you this morning?" Ada sat his cup in front of him and hers on his desk close to her usual seat across from him. "I'm great Ms. Sanders," Troy smiled as he watched her get settled in her chair. This was a game they played every morning.

Troy and Ada have been fucking for 8 months now, but they feel the last names add a bit of erotic edge to their already scandalous affair.

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ADA decided to tease him a bit. She crossed her legs and played with the hem of her royal blue skirt. Unlike Shari, Ada was very aware of her sex appeal and used it as a part of her charm very often. Troy loosed the tie he had donned earlier that morning, it was getting pretty warm.

Even though his office was vast and very stylishly decorated thanks to his wife, he could only focus on the large breasts begging for attention under Ada's white blouse and navy blue blazer.

Her white and navy designed heel bounced with her foot as she tempted him to come across the desk separating the two if them and give them what they both wanted. A nice hard fuck. Troy cleared his throat, "come here Ada," he said. She smiled, knowing she had won and obediently walked around his massive desk. Troy watched her intently, the way her flared hips swayed beneath the fabric of her skirt, the way her large breasts bounced and juggled, and the way those eyes stared at him.

Troy swiveled his chair around so that the back was against the desk as she made her way to stand before him. "Yes Mr. James?" She asked sweetly while standing with her hands on her hips. "Would you be so kind as to suck my dick, Ms. Sanders?" I was stroking my dick inside my pants waiting for her approval. After a few seconds of an internal war with herself, Ada sunk to her knees and pulled his dick out of his already unzipped trousers. "Mmmmmmmmmm, yes," Troy moaned as she slowly stroked him.

She licked him good, refusing to suck him just yet. Oh how he loved the games they played with one another. "Suck it, Ms. Sanders," he said sternly. "Yes sir, Mr. James," she said. She then deep throated his dick without hesitation.

"Ahhhh fuck," Troy moaned as his dick stroked the channel of her throat. She i came in your mom vvictoria valentino literally swallowedh his dick. Despite his previous sex episode with his wife that morning, his balls were starting to draw up in ant anticipation of a quick release. Troy filled his hands with her hair as she gagged herself with his dick.

"That's right, choke on this dick girl. Ohhhhh yea, just like that." Ada slurped him and played with his balls until he shot his hit cum down her throat.

Ada moaned and licked her lips after his dick softened and fell out of her mouth. "That was good, but its my turn now, baby," Ada said as she displayed her pussy to him as she lay back on the floor, hiking up her skirt and moving a wet thong to the side.

She placed her heels on the carpeted floor and stroked her pretty pussy, bucking her hips against her fingers. Troy watched for a few minutes before he crawled between her legs.

She slapped away her fingers and stared at her juices flowing out of her. He stuck his tongue out to lick a drop of cum from her lips and she bucked her hips, trying to get more. He waited until she had relaxed and licked her from her sexy asshole to the hidden white pearl at the top of her pussy.

Troy licked her again the same way and Ada grabbed his shoulders and began to scratch him, pleading with him to give her more. "Please, Mr. James. I'm so close." Troy smiled because he loved to hear her beg for it. "What was that, Ms.

Sanders?" He asked. "Make me come, Mr. James. Please," she begged again. That's all the incentive he needed. Troy dove into her pussy with wild abandon, sucking and slurping on her clit. Ada felt like her body was on fire as Troy assaulted her pussy. She gripped his head and used her heels to grind her pussy into his face, trying to get closer to that talented tongue.

"Ohhhhh fuck yea, Mr. James," she said, "eat this pussy." She was so close to her orgasm he could feel the sensations starting all over her body. Troy slid two fingers into her pussy and Ada came apart instantly.

"Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaa!!" She groaned as she rode the waves of her release. Troy licked her pussy dry and pulled his fingers from her hole. "Damn you taste good," he said.

He kissed her puckered rosebud and said, ' I wish I had time to fuck this beautiful hole right here." "Yea, me too. But we have to catch our flight and we don't have much time before take off." Ada said as she slid her thong and skirt back in place Troy and Ada were just finishing their clothes when there was a quick knock at the door. Joseph stuck his head in, " hey guys," he said, "the car leaves in ten minutes." " Alright man, we will be right down," Troy replied.

They made it down to anallllb mainconcept avc aac internet hd p plus car where the driver was loading their luggage into the trunk of the limo. They climbed in and greeted Carlynn, Joseph's assistant. She and Joseph were reviewing notes for the meeting they were all attending a few hours after touchdown.

The driver closed the trunk and got behind the wheel of the car. "Hey Mr. Rose," Joseph called to the driver they've employed for the last 4 years, " could you let the divider up? We don't want any distractions or to distract you on our way to the airport." "Sure thing, sir," Mr.

Rose replied. He let the divider slide up between them. At that moment, everyone in the car knew it was about to get steamy.