Amazing brunette s in jeans aysha rouge and maria fiori

Amazing brunette s in jeans aysha rouge and maria fiori
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Alex was a 18-year-old boy who lived in the small town of Greensville, New Jersey. He had short brown hair and stood about 6'2".

He attended the town's only high school along with all his friends. His best friend, Marco, was a kid he had known since elementary school. Alex was an only child, but Marco had a sister named Clara who was 6-years-old when Alex first met her. Now as a junior in his high school, Alex still hung out with Marco from time-to-time. His sister was now 16, she had long blonde hair, dark brown eyes, a supple little body and a small butt.

One afternoon, Alex went over to Marco's house to hang out. They mostly talked about stuff and didn't do anything interesting.

This Friday there was going to be a party of sorts going on at some girl's place, so Marco and Alex were just idling about until then. "I'm gonna head downstairs." Alex said to Marco. Marco gave a tiny waving gesture in response and Alex made his way sexy latina sucks and rides a boner his friend's house.

He arrived in the kitchen where he found Clara standing by a kitchen counter, drinking a glass of water. "Hey, Clara." He said to her. "Hi, Alex!" She answered with a smile. "How're ya doin'?" Clara asked as Alex walked passed her. Alex propped up his elbows on the countertop behind Clara. He scanned her body and fixated particularly on the young girl's butt. She was a loose-fitting t-shirt and tight yoga pants. "I'm doing great, Clara." Alex responded.

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Alex stopped checking Clara out and got himself a glass and filled it up at the tap. Alex resumed watching Clara from behind while he drank. By now Clara had finished her water and turned around towards Alex. She was about 90% sure he had been checking her out, and didn't mind. Alex was a good-looking guy.

"That's nice~" Clara said. She took time to look at Alex's size now that she was facing him. He was a tall boy and had a decent build as well. Clara wondered what else was big about him. "How are you doing, Clara?" Alex asked confidently. "I feel great!" Clara smiled. "You look great." Alex complimented. Clara giggled a little bit at this and walked towards Alex. When she got up close to him, her head only reached up to his chest.

Clara looked up at Alex and he looked down at her. "You look nice too," she purred. Alex grinned. Clara's face looked very cute and her butt looked very nice romantic xxx hot american students girl Alex was beginning to feel a little bit aroused.

Alex thought about grabbing Clara by the waist, stripping her naked and fucking her brains out. His dick thrusting in and out of her pussy, making the girl scream and moan his name. Alex also imagined her mouth wrapped around his cock, and cumming down her throat. All this made Alex horny and his dick started stirring in his shorts. His erection grew and pressed against his shorts, forming a sizable tent.

Clara looked down at Alex's bulge and was in a stupor. "Wow!" Clara breathed. "You look really nice!" Alex's grin widened, and he gave Clara a playful slap on the ass. She jumped and gave a little squeak at this. "Would you like to see more of it?" Alex asked the girl. Clara's eyes widened. "Oh, yes please!" She cooed.

Clara led Alex to her room (which was downstairs) and once they were in, Clara copped a feel of Alex's member through his shorts.

Alex's cock was long and thick, and Clara loved the feel of it. The couple stood facing each other for a moment, then Alex removed his shorts and underwear. His freed, 7.5-inch cock pointed upwards. The shaft was already thick, but the tip was even more impressive. Some precum oozed out of it while Clara ogled at Alex's manhood. "Can I touch it?" Clara asked innocently. Alex gave her a go-ahead, and Clara got on her knees and put her hands on the boy's shaft.

She couldn't wrap her hand around Alex's length, but she could get around it with two hands. Clara began stroking Alex up and down the length of his cock. Alex let out a soft destiny dixon rides on sean lawless big cock as she did this.

Clara's small hands on his member felt incredible. "Does it feel good?" Clara asked. "It feels great." Alex said with a smirk. "Do you wanna put your mouth on it?" He grinned. Clara responded by kissing the tip of his cock. This made a drop of precum ooze out of the tip.

Clara was still stroking Alex and started to stroke a little faster. After a minute or two, Clara decided to try and give Alex a blowjob. She kept her hands at the base of his thick shaft, and slowly took the tip of his cock into her mouth.

Clara continued to descend onto Alex's manhood and got legal age teenager playgirl in hardcore massage and blowjob 5 inches down when she started to gag.

Clara began bobbing her head up and down most of Alex's cock while stroking the rest with her hands. The couple did this for a while and then Alex grabbed the back of Clara's head when she was as far down as she could go. Clara moaned in response. Alex's cock was mostly inside of her save for an extra 2-3 inches. Alex began pushing his cock down Clara's throat. She choked and gagged when he started, but still managed to take it in.

Alex pressed his hips into her face and lund kmota aur kala banane ka tarika cock went deep into Clara's throat.

Clara moaned, and gagged on his cock for a little bit, but then relaxed. Finally, Alex's entire cock was inside the small girl's throat. Clara had her hands around Alex's hips and slowly wrapped them around to his butt.

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Alex's butt was smooth and firm. Clara began bobbing her head up and down Alex's length very slowly. Clara had been blowing the boy for a little while when they heard Marco call. "Alex! It's time babe zoey gets her pussy slammed hard by dustins big dick the party!" "I'll follow you in a bit!" Alex responded while Clara kept blowing him.

The girl's pace had increased, and she was now bobbing up and down Alex's dick at a moderate pace. "Alright!" Marco called back nonchalantly. Some rustling could be heard, and then the sound of a door opening and closing.

Marco was gone. Alex had his hands behind his head and was enjoying the blowjob he was receiving. Clara increased her speed and was blowing the boy at a fast pace.

She brought her lips to the tip of his cock, and then slid them down the length of his shaft until she reached the base. Occasionally, Clara moaned onto Alex's cock, and the vibrations caused the boy to groan. Clara tried her best to look up at Alex with her deep, brown eyes as she sucked his cock, and Alex loved the look of her cute face as she did this.

The couple went at it for nearly 20 minutes when Alex felt the urge to see the rest of Clara's body. Alex grabbed the back of Clara's head and pulled his member out of her throat. Clara gasped and sat on her knees, looking up at Alex while panting.

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"You know, I'd like to see you naked." Alex flirted. Clara grinned in response and stood up. Alex took off his shirt and Clara did the same. Clara was a very small girl, even for her age, so she had very small breasts, so she did not wear a bra.

Her little pink nipples were erect from the excitement. Alex looked great without without any clothes on.

He was well-toned and had a nice shape to him. His muscles were clearly defined, and he was very large. Clara turned around teen gives blowjob in car aamirs delivery took off her yoga pants and panties. She gave Alex a good look at her butt and pussy when she did this. After she was done, Clara turned back around towards Alex.

"You look good!" Clara said with a blush. Alex thought Clara looked incredible. Her butt was perky, round and spotless and it looked perfect for fucking. "You look amazing! Have you ever fucked before?" Alex asked. "Umm…" Clara said with some hesitation.

"No…" Clara said nervously. "But I already broke my hymen while… playing, if that's what you were wondering." Clara finished, sheepishly.

Alex rested a hand on the girl's shoulder and told her not to worry. He motioned for Clara to bend over and put her hands on her bed. Clara complied, and Alex walked up behind her, his massive cock in his hand. With one hand, Alex took hold of Clara's waist and with his other, he guided the tip of his dick into Clara's pussy. He remained for a second at the entrance and them stabbed his head into her pussy with one swift motion. "AAAAAH!!" Clara screamed. The young girl took a second to recuperate and then nodded her sex com xxx saix story. Alex continued his entrance inside of Clara.

When he got halfway in, Clara began moaning. Once he was all the way in, Clara let out a loud moan. Alex began slowly thrusting in and out of Clara. This caused the girl to moan with every thrust. Sometimes, she let out little squeals as Alex thrusted his thick manhood inside of her pussy. After a while of doing this, Alex began increasing his speed and power. His thick cock slid in and out of Clara's pussy, nearly tearing it apart.

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Clara's pussy was very tight. Each of Alex's thrusts into the little girl caused her to squeal and it made a slapping sound against her butt.

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Ten minutes in, and Alex was moving in and out of Clara and a moderate speed and power. The young girl was squealing and moaning loudly with every thrust. "Alex—UNH!—you better—MMPH—finish soon because—AAH!—I invited some friends over—MM!—since you and Marco would be away." Clara moaned.

Alex grinned and started quickening his pace, making Clara moan more frequently. Alex could last a while longer, he thought and kept fucking the girl with no plans to cum. "Aww… Who says they can't join in?" Alex smirked as he increased his speed even more. Clara could hardly manage to speak, and she thought that if Alex didn't cum, she would anyways.

The couple went on fucking each other for only a couple minutes; Alex still thrusting with medium power but at a fast speed, and Clara still squealing at each thrust. Alex slapped Clara's ass roughly as he continued fucking her tight little pussy. "UNNNH!! I'm gonna—AAAAHHH!!—cum!!" Clara gasped. Alex continued at his pace, gradually bringing the little girl closer to orgasm. Alex held the girl by her hips as she bucked and reared on his cock.

Clara lasted no longer than a couple minutes before cumming. Eventually, Clara could not hold it in anymore, and the 16-year-old girl came under Alex's cock.

Clara screeched and moaned as she came. Her small body convulsed violently, and Alex softened and slowed his thrusts. As Clara's orgasm died down, she began moaning more quietly and Alex moaned with each of his soft thrusts. Clara's orgasm lasted about two minutes, and when she was done, Alex pulled out of her causing the girl to squeal.

"Holy fuck that was amazing!" Clara moaned as she turned and sat on her butt. The girl's skin was silky smooth and her round butt looked firm and perky. "Alright, Clara, I'm very close.

Come here and make me cum." Alex commanded.

Clara happily obliged. She scooted her ass forwards on the bed and started sucking Alex off. Clara rapidly rubbed her hands up and down Alex's length while her mouth engulfed his head. Clara's tongue swirled around his tip, making Alex moan.

"Ohh you feel so good…" Alex groaned. "Ohhh fuck…" Clara started moaning into Alex's cock, making him feel even better. She vintage tits lingerie xxx movies tube porn did this for a couple minutes, when Alex's gave a sudden yell, and shot his hot cum down the girl's throat.

Clara had Alex's head in her mouth, and her hands on his pelvis as the boy came. He shot wave after wave of cum down the girl's throat, and she swallowed it reflexively. Alex came for about 10 seconds when he finally stopped. He told Clara to milk every last drop of cum out of his dick with her tongue. Once she did, he pulled out of her. "Fuck that was amazing, Clara!" Clara smiled up at Alex.

"Yea it sure was." Clara kept looking up at Alex with her cute face, and Alex looked down at Clara. After a bit, Alex figured he'd better make his way to the party. He didn't want Marco getting suspicious. Alex thought that he might be spending a lot more time with Clara after the events of tonight…