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Nier automata b succubus rough fuck big dick animation pov play free
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The Book By Blueheatt ___I planned to take a nap in my recliner. I got comfortable and closed my eyes& to dreamland&hellip. ~~~~~~~~~~ &hellip.I noticed a blindfold being place on me…I smiled as I knew that my step-daughter was up to her old tricks&hellip.all of a sudden rope went around the chair&hellip.I couldn't move.

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Tape went over my mouth… Headphones went on, my feet were next. I couldn't hear or say a thing. Next thing I realize is the recliner is being put is the horizontal position. I feel a girl with her hand on my face, the tape is lifted… she is tongue kissing me&hellip.mmm…then from the other side a second girl is tongue kissing me and someone is undoing my pants. They are pulling them down&hellip.they are playing with my dick…oooo…I know that feeling…I feel the tongues of two girls being super nice to me& dick is growing bigger by the second.

They are going to mount me, first is the slimmer of the two&hellip.oooo&hellip.tight but snug as she drops down on me&hellip. She leans over and rest her head on my chest. I feel her breath on my neck…she moans I feel the vibration and hands on my shoulders…she kisses me out of breath&hellip.I'm out of breath…she licks my lips…she speeds up her hips…up comes her breathing. Her hands go around my neck&hellip.she huffing and puffing and I can hear some muffled moaning.

She is bouncing on me& thing I know she is squeezing my teen deepthroat big cock and cum on face real hard and moving all over me&hellip.then she stiffens up and shakes……I feel her relax……she tongue kissed me for a long time&hellip.

__She slowly climbs off of me and the other one climb on&hellip.she unbuttons my shirt…I feel two little tits rubbing across my front and a pair of nylon panties rub across my dick&hellip.then off came the panties and my dick started to enter her vagina.

She let a little at a time ease in her vagina&hellip.ohhhhh…that felt good. She bounced up and down and leaned over and kissed me&hellip. She moaned and sped up&hellip.she was hot. Soon she shook and tightened up and squeezed the cum out of me…"ohhhhhh&hellip.ohhhhhh Yesssss"&hellip.I could yell in her mouth…mmmm…she just kept kissing me…I was sure who the girls were and they're breath was labored.

They just kept on feeling me and one of them started sucking my dick&hellip.then two…then they turned around and stuck there pussy's in my face.

The one put her clit right on my tongue…mmmm…and started humping and moaning. The other one took my dick all the way down…and made some humming noise&hellip. I couldn't take any more and my cum came up and overflowed into their mouths…&hellip.I was sweating and jerking as I came and came in there mouths&hellip.ohhhhh…it was beautiful…they finished licking me…… and it was quiet&hellip.

------------------------------- We closed the dairy……we were breathing hard, we snuck the book back in the hiding place and went back to bed. Whew…the book really did it this time. &hellip. I'm Carol and she's Lisa. We found the book by accident. It has pictures of vaginas, dicks, and people doing it&hellip.all hand drawn.

Then it has stories&hellip.we like the stories. We first saw the pictures and they made us hot&hellip.whew…(we had to play with ourselves.) &hellip.We were under the covers when Lisa turned around…she put her pussy up next to my face. It was my first time to see a vagina close. I was curious as to what they looked like. She lift ted one leg and I got real close&hellip.I had the urge to lick it when she licked mine&hellip.ooooo&hellip.

…I got chills…I started to lick her clit and she pushed it right into my tongue. Mmmm…that was a thrill beyond words mom im a cock sucking whore guys at constrution site cumslut tube porn I kept it up.

We loved doing this …I felt her tits and she felt mine&hellip.soon she started breathing heavy as I felt her butt cheeks. She started holding my hair and pushing as my tongue went in deep. I was melting with the buzz I was getting& I felt her finger go into my vagina so I did the same.

Going in and out was heaven she moaned and I gasp&hellip.I got a rythum going between my finger and my tongue with she moaned too.

I started to push my vagina with the motion&hellip.this was the best way I found to get to get higher&hellip. I speeded up and she moaned louder…she and I moaned together until she cryed out…"Ohhhh!"…and she squirmed&hellip.oooo…I was right with her ."OOOhhhh"…I had never had a climax before…we both shook for 5 minutes…out of breath&hellip. &hellip.then peace&hellip.we turned&hellip.

and held each other and ran our fingers thru each others hair&hellip.we hesitated and soon we started a little kissing on the side of the face as we ran our hands over our tits&hellip.our fingers caressed our vaginas.

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She opened up her legs as I tongue kissed her…I grabbed her and felt her hair while pressing my lips more…'oh Lisa' &hellip.I gasping for breath.'I like this'…(rub your vagina against mine).

She tongue kissed me with passion and pushed her vagina up against mine&hellip.oooo…that felt so hot. 'I never realized what thrill it brings'…she said. &hellip.That was our first adventure into the "Book". The next time we got chance to get out the book, she begged me to go get it&hellip.I gladly got it and turned to the next story&hellip.we thought that it was my dads book&hellip.wrong& turned out to be my mom's book.

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In the back it was 'if found-return to', and my mom's name. This puts a whole new light on things. My mom was raised by my aunt. … The story deals with her aunt&hellip.

We don't know a lot about her but she loved her&hellip. Dear Diary: &hellip.I remember one night when I was awakened by moaning and talking and more moaning. I got up quietly and my aunt had left the door open just a crack and she was making the noise&hellip.she was in a scissor position with another lady, and they were rubbing their vagina's together&hellip.oh my&hellip.they were play fighting.

My aunt pulled her hair and they pushed and pulled…… they smiled as they were doing it. The other lady held her down and kissed her boobs.

It was hot there. They got in a kissing match and both were out of breath. Soon one of them pull out a double headed dildo. My aunt and her started putting it in her pussy. She held down the other lady's arms and teased her pussy. She fought it and finally put she put her vagina&hellip.

way up it the air. My aunt grabbed her butt cheeks and started kissing her vagina&hellip.the lady moaned and moaned. The dildo was sticking out of her pussy and next she put it in the lady's vagina. Now they started fucking&hellip.slow a first&hellip.

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&hellip.moaning, kissing, feeling and bouncing violently&hellip.the lady feeling all around aunt's body&hellip.then suddenly squeezed her and shook…I couldn't hear what they said …but the moaning continued for 5 more minutes&hellip.I went back to bed all horny and dazed… .I had an itch in my vagina and it wouldn't go away&hellip.the same itch I had when I got real excited.

I rubbed my vagina to relieve the itch and&hellip. ohhhhh that felt good&hellip.I kept it up getting closer to the entrance, the excitement was building more as I open up my legs…… We had to stop…&hellip. I teenie wird hart gefickt mit finger im arsch to get my breath and Lisa had her head in my lap gasping for air&hellip.she pull me down and lifted my nightie&hellip.I put the book down and lifted her night gown.

There was the real thing staring us in the face&hellip.side by side we begin kissing our vaginas &hellip.her tongue was long and she sucked my clit till I almost cried out&hellip.we held each others butts and massaged our tits&hellip.this was the hottest we had ever been. …We moaned and licked till our clits pushed into our tongues and&hellip.

then&hellip.they started to shake&hellip.we grabbed a hold where we could and worked out hips as fast as we could till we couldn't hold it back&hellip."Ohhhh my god" she said&hellip.I felt her pussy came to life and move like it never did before&hellip.she held my butt so tight I saw colors& she moved her hips back and forth&hellip.I licked as deep as I could, over & over… &hellip.we just had a dual climax&hellip.we kissed our vaginas to the point of euphoria…we kissed little kisses till we entered dreamland&hellip.

--------------------------- We put the book back…to be read another day…