Blonde teen gets handled in the woods

Blonde teen gets handled in the woods
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You probably want to read Chapter one first. The first chapter does not have much sex in it but certainly introduces the main characters to you. All the different names for the main character, like Girt, Tiguaak, Bhavishya or master, is with a purpose. I'm not sorry this might be confusing. The Eleventh Elven Elevation Chapter 2 Interlude "Are you as excited as I am Alex? Feeding month again. Finally." "No, I am not.

Feeding is draining. I"d rather be in the mines, getting my strength back." "Feeding month? Draining? Nude sitting sessions in a comfy chair for 12 hours a day for the duration of a month? Draining? You don't have to do anything Alex. It is us girls doing all the work. On our knees. You don't have to do anything besides getting a hardon.

There is no reward for us girls. When us girls do a good job we have to call for The Queen, and she finishes the job." "Haha Cindy, you said the same last time we had a feeding month together. What was it, 12 years ago?" "Yeeah, about that long I guess, Alex." "At least you like working with me.

And having you do the sucking is a bonus, I"ll admit you that Cindy. Of all girls here I think you have the nicest pair of tits. Are you lactating already?" "I don't know. Here, have a try." Cindy offered her right teat to Alex. He sucked it contentedly. "Hmm, yes. Wonderful. It is flowing already.

Now give me the other. Oh, yeah. This stuff is great. I love your African descend. I can imagine it tastes like chocolate. My dear Cindy, this is nectar for the gods." "Me African? You are a funny guy. But I can see my milk is a potent aphrodisiac. Wow, some erection you are sporting. Hallelujah. Feeling divine already Alex? Can I start sucking your dick? It looks yummy." "No Cindy, please wait until we have to.

Once the queen has finished me off a few times I will wish to be in the mines." "You have not heard the new rule have you?" "What new rule Cindy?" "There were some runaways the past year. The sucking regime has been adjusted to two ejaculations a day instead of perpetual trials.

And the queen is sick again." "Again? She was sick 65 years ago too. I remember that. She did not come for cum for three weeks. And that last week she only came for cum a few times." "It has been said the Queen has not eaten once last month. It is far worse than last time and again in the north. The one 65 years ago was not strong enough and this one is." "How do you know this one is strong enough?" "The comment of the Queen, before she passed out was; "Compare him with the one 65 years ago.

It is as if we are looking into the sun instead of true anal petite jane wilde has her ass stretched wide a dying candle." "You know the rules Alex. The Queen is sick. Fancy to follow the filling rules You want to knock me up?" "You want to get pregnant and live one life above the ground Sex xxx mom sex com

That lad asks her to show some

Instead of eternality down here? You want me to father a child with you?" "Yes Alex, if anyone. I would like it to be you." "100 years with you Cindy. If that is not temptation, there is none. Spread your legs girl. I have got some sowing to do." "No, in all of my years of service I never have sucked a guy to the end.

I want a taste of it." "Cindy, there is no guarantee I can get you pregnant so we should not waste anything. Besides, once you are expecting you can suck me to your heart's content. Spread your legs girl, I have got some babymakers coming for you." The precum was oozing out of Alex's dick and he could just ram his pole into Cindy easily. Cindy rode onto her cloud immediately and this first fuck in two hundred years for Alex made him come with Cindy right away as well. "Oohh Alex, unghnmm.

I can feel it, ungnhmm, oohh, ungnhmm, oohh, unghnm. Here Alex, put your hand here. Can you feel it? The warmth? Oohh, Alex, thank you, oohh, Alex, fill me up anytime. Oooohhhnghnmm mannnn, this is good." "If this was not some good fucking, I don't know what is.

Damn girl, you rock. But I will not love you until you are pregnant. If I don't get you knocked up this month our ticket out of here is not valid. I'm not going to love someone I will not be seeing another 12 years." That was the moment the coordinator chose to bother us with his administrative protocols and rules; "Cindy!

Alex! Could not you wait for 10 minutes for the Queen to be announced sick officially, rutting on a rumor, you pair of rabbits! Oh. I'm sorry Cindy. Oh my, you're glowing. I think Alex hit the right spot. Let me taste you……&hellip.Yes Cindy, Xxx sex chori chori story, congratulations.

Have a party together. Come see me in my office tomorrow. I will make sure I have everything ready for your life above. Oh, how wonderful, the Queen will be thrilled." ********************* ****************** The Eleventh Elven Elevation Chapter 2 "Boys, girls, attention please, and that includes you as well Mr. Adakai. Where are you with your thoughts. I do not have time for dreamers in my class. One would think you are twelve years old instead of eighteen." "I'm trying to reach the First Elevation sir.

Is not that what this class is about, Elevation. That's what my schedule says it is sir. Tuesday, third period, Elevation." I heard the class laugh at me making my comment. Perhaps there were some smiles but I doubted that. I did not consider my classmates smart enough to understand I was serious this time and apart from that I also did not think I had that many friends in this class.

As a matter of fact, I did not have many friends at all. I liked everybody and treated all people accordingly. It just happened people did not give the same treatment back to me. Ever since I spotted I was the odd one out I know subconsciously that I was not able to endear anybody to my personality.

Apart from Vicky Goodrich that is. By accident the prettiest girl in class. No, the prettiest girl in school. Vicky Goodrich. My proof I already had reached a lot of Elevations. Mr. Frye left me in my thoughts of Vicky coming to my house yesterday, chauffeured by her father. He droned on about the Tenth Elevation having occurred in the year AD1111. It was unbelievable to miakhalifa sitting on big cocks with big tits facing forward compilation someone came up with this nonsense.

I really did not understand these Elvish teachings or comprehend a single theory of these degenerated Elves about correlating our Elvish powers with the Gregorian Calendar. I was convinced all Eleven Elevations to be embedded in the Elves themselves. The problem was nobody in Juneau apart from Amaqjuaq agreed with me. People did not see the power of Elves even when it showed them right in their face. Everyone was waiting for the year AD11,111. The year that according to the prophecies the Eleventh Elevation would occur.

We only had to wait 9,000 years and it would happen. That is what all Elves believed. I did not. I had practiced ten Elevations on myself and on Vicky Goodrich.

I just had to reach the Eleventh to complete myself. Finally, the bell rang. I wanted to leave the classroom but Mr. Frye addressed me saying; "Mister A.dakai, please follow me to the principle." "Yes, sir." I saw Vicky's disappointment.

I know she had plans for me this break. For sure she did not anticipate me talking to her father during lunch instead of talking with her. Mr. Frye opened the door to the principle's office after two knocks.

He did not wait for an answer, so this happening was premeditated and stood separate from whatever happened in Mr. Frye's class today. I entered the room and saw the whole board present. All nine members, Mr. Goodrich and Mr. Frye sitting in a circle and me standing in the middle. Eleven Elves. Now, this was some serious shit. I immediately went into the First Elevation and scanned their faces. I was the only one.

With Elves in my back, I choose to be focused on what I called Dimension Control. Nobody could harm me physically because my physical presence was out of sync with reality, only my image and my senses present in the room. "Mister Adakai, you have had enough warnings to withhold yourself from your heresies to our beliefs. Without a further trial, we banish you from our community here in Juneau.

You are forbidden to have any contact with any Elf from our community and you will be escorted to the airport by Ms. Cuch and Mr. Merculief. You will receive a ticket to Seattle, Washington State, and from there you will be free to make a life for yourself.

Do not ever come back. Beware and behold Mr. Adakai, you are banished from the Alaskan Elvish Community. You are to remain here in this room until transportation has arrived.

Is there anything you have to say for yourself Mr. Adakai?" He got me there. I was utterly confused. Yesterday he gave his credit card to his daughter and ordered her to buy a completely new wardrobe and after she saved multiple stores from possible lesbea young tight teen gets her mouth covered in sweet pussy juices he brought her to my house to have her cherry popped.

We only 69-ed, but still, we could have fucked. And then today, he banishes me from the Elven community. Today he had me deported to Seattle. Me? Why? The moment I would start to speak my Dimension Control would fade if not disappear completely, so I wanted to say as little as possible like 'No Sir', but I was also eager to at least say goodbye to Vicky.

I chose the latter, I chose to trust him, stepped out of Dimension Control and said, "I would like to say goodbye to your daughter Vicky sir. I understand you want to punish me for my beliefs and I think Vicky can cope with the situation when we can have a proper goodbye, sir." I immediately went back into Dimension Control and heard Mr. Goodrich say, "I love my daughter Mr. Adakai and I know it would pain her if she would never see you again without a proper goodbye.

Seeing Vicky for a last time will be granted to you but you will have to say your goodbyes in this room with all of us present and refrain yourself from your heresy." I went out Dimension Control again and said, "Thank you sir", and went back in. Not a single reason to forget correct protocol. Mr. Frye left the room and came back with Vicky not five minutes later.

I really wanted to hug Vicky and I know she would panic when she could see me but not feel me so I dropped Dimension Control to the lowest possible level and raised Empathy to the highest possible level.

Not Now I would know when someone in the room got angry and sexy pretty attractive babe ass fucked hardcore and bondage accordingly. I suspect Mr. Frye told Vicky what was going on in the room because she flew into my arms, crying. I was happy not being forced to talk and just hugged and caressed her. I suddenly knew my love for Vicky was real but would never be able to express it to Vicky.

I dropped everything to make sure I could raise Thought Plant and directed << I do not love Girt >> into Vicky's mind and anchored the command to trigger tomorrow. Hell, that was painful. To realize you love someone and at the same moment shoot down the love for you in that same person. Damned, be them all. I did not have one kind thought left for none of horny doctor sucks and squeezes kenna tits. Suddenly I also thought I cursed them all in my anger with Thought Plant fully raised.

I dropped it and hoped for the best. Nothing to be done about it. Mrs. Cuch spoke, "We have to leave. Our transport has arrived." Before I was escorted out of the room I had the presence of mind to raise Dimension Control again.

We left the room. A convict between his executioners. During my walk of shame around all people on the school grounds. I felt being hit by their mentally projected eggs, tomatoes and other rotten vegetables thrown at me. If only they knew they were doing it. We had reached the parking lot when some of my fellow elves decided to throw rocks of various sizes. It was good for Ms. Round ass milf anal raw video grips cop plowing a deadbeat dad, me and Mr.

Merculief they were really bad with their aim. I saw a limousine parked for us. I was already entering the car when I saw a big white rock appear in from of me and roll under the driver's seat. My executioners missed the happening but I was certain the people outside could not have missed the white rock going through my black jacket without effect.

A pity I would never hear the end of it. Now came the hard part. A good thing I practiced a lot with Dimension Control. I needed it fully but not so much that I would sink into my seat. I practiced this a lot on my tree in the forest. The difference here, my tree was hardwood and the chair was leather. Good for me I got it right from the first try.

I think big titted pregnant sluts sharing a good fuck after lunch trees and leather chairs are both biological matter. "Am I permitted to engage you in conversation my dear board members?" It was Mr. Merculief to have my hopes torpedoed to the endless depths, fueling my hate for these people, "No, ye devil shall not engage us into parley." Oh boy, he just might be the boss in this deadly game.

His use of 'ye' and 'parley' made me more afraid than ever. I also realized I should have sunk into the car seat when I started my 'parley'. I forgot to step out of Dimension Control before talking, but I kept the ability completely. Time for more experimentation. I wondered. Could I maybe Open The Door and actually do something while having a lower Elevation active.

I touched my inner self, projected a leaf and seated myself on it. I was astonished this worked. I wanted to pump my fists with this achievement. I wanted to call the Juneau Bureau of Elven Matters to let them know I had reached The Eleventh Elven Elevation. No can do. None of the mentioned above. I was banished. I was to not ever initiate contact with whatever Elvish entity in Juneau again. Oh dear me.

I was basically denied being an Elf and perhaps being the only Elf really being an Elf. I was not jealous of me. "What are you gloating about Mr. Akadai?" "Things that got me banished from Juneau Mr. Merculief." I really wished they did not see me gloating I could now also talk with one lower Elevation and two higher Elevations active. I also really wished my aura would not start to radiate having reached The Eleventh Elevation.

The double EE. Calm down, calm down. Easy boy. Easy. I took some deep breaths. And I took some more. Yes, I was also sitting still on my leaf. I decided to open the door and let myself sink through its upper layers. I merged with the leaf"s cells. I became the oxygen the leaf created out of carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. I made myself being exhaled from the leaf and floated into the head of Ms. Cuch searching for this rudimentary pearl of Elvishness like I had found in Vicky's head.

Yes, there it was. Like Vicky, she would have been able to have access to at least lower levels if only she would believe and look for it. Just like Vicky and any other Elf, Ms. Cuch only was able to recognize other Elves. I now knew they were a mere empty shell compared to their potential. I sensed Mr. Merculief was staring at me. He knew I was doing something. He just did not know what I was doing. "What are ye doing, ye foul beast?" I kept my presence in Ms.

Cuch's head but also floated into Mr. Merculief's head. Not a moment too soon. His pearl of elfishness resonated with mine. His pearl became conscious. I did not know what to do so I retracted my pearl into myself, radiating it out of my eyes like the sun. I had done it before I realized what I did.

Now Ms. Cuch was looking at me with astonishment. I reconnected with myself in her head and saw her pearl like it was before. She was astonished because she saw my aura radiating. She was not afraid of me. She saw me like&hellip.

Like&hellip. I was the leader of her pack. She thought of herself of being my bitch. A bitch in heat. Ms. Cuch had aroused herself because she was in my presence. Good lord. I had things to do, I had things to learn. I had so many things to learn.

"Ms. Cuch" "Yes, master." "Master?" "Yes, master." "Why am I your master?" "Because I chose you to be my master, master. You gave me the option when you showed me your light." "I did not know being your master was an option for you. How could you choose it?" "I could not choose you for mofos sexy latina babe gets fucked in tent my master, master. I could choose to love you in servitude or not love you in servitude.

In fact, I choose to love you a long time ago when you were still very young but with promising strength. Mr. Merculief and I were hoping you would find your strength and thrall us." "This master thing, to what extent must I think about being your master?" "The same as how you relate to Alasie master. We all love you." My eyes flew to Mr. Merculief. "Yes master, I chose to love you a long time ago as well.

We volunteered for this task. We chose to love you so you would not be burdened with thralls making demands." "Task?" "Yes, master. Both Mr. Merculief and I are to accompany you on board of the plane and fly with you to Seattle. We are to assist you in building an identity, we are supposed to help you make your way in Seattle master. We are to help you in finding the right Elventh path you are following." "What do you mean Ms. Cuch? Amaqjuaq did not tell me any of this." "My most important task is to deflect your horny young mind from innocent civilians to me, together with Alasie and Vicky." "How old are you Ms.

Cuch?" "I am now 31 years old master." In what ways are you supposed to deflect my horny young mind from innocent civilians, Ms. Cuch?" "I will happily do anything you ask me to master. I can undress for you. I can undress you.

I can raise my horniness by rubbing my tits or rub my fingers in my cunt. I can raise your horniness by jacking you off.

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I can kiss you. I can suck your dick. You can fuck my mouth, you can fuck my cut. Master, I can do for you whatever you tell me to do. I can offer you my ass, it is yours to spank it, sir, or fuck it. My ass is yours. I am totally yours for that matter. I will be whatever you want. If necessary I will be your toilet sir." "Haha, lol", said Mr. Merculief, "I think we can be his toilet even if it is not necessary." "Ms.

Cuch, did you just pull back your shoulder to press your tits to the front of your dress?" "Yes master, I did. Do my tits please you master?" "You are such a slut, Ms. Cuch." "Yes, master. Only for you master." "Open your blouse, Ms. Cuch." Slowly Ms. Cuch opened her blouse and revealed a wonderful pair of tits encased in a sexy bra with a clasp on the front.

Somehow I did not think the Juneau Bureau picked any volunteer to maybe become my thrall later in their life. On whatever auction, those tits would sell! "Come sit at my feet Ms. Cuch and let me touch you." "Yes master, I'd be happy to master." Ms. Cuch laid her head in my crotch and gave me access to her tits.

I ravaged them without really knowing what to do. Once in a while, her head moved because my cock twitched. The twitching got her moaning so I thought I was not doing that bad. Oh, so much to learn, so much to do. Life is hard and there was life starting in my pants. I entered Mr. Merculiefs mind and it occurred to me he now saw me as his leader as much as Ms.

Cuch was." "Mr. Merculief?" "Yes, sir." Life was going to be good. But what was I to do with a male thrall? I had to sort that out later. Slutty girl plays with one eyed monster after getting it inside of twat. "Mr. Merculief, how good are you at sucking dick?" "Never performed sir. But I had my fair share.

I know what I like. Want me to give it a try sir?" "Not at the moment, thank you Mr. Merculief, I almost already have someone attached.

Oh, driver?" "Yes, sir?" "How long to the airport?" "128 minutes sir." "Ms. Cuch" "Yes master." "Would you mind to suck my dick?" "No master. It is my pleasure master." With interest I admired my Ms. Cuch opening my trousers and to my surprise expertly fished my dick out. I now intended for me to have a not so hard a life as my dick was now. Ms. Cuch took him all i guess im gonna fuck him jorani james at a gloryhole way into her throat, making him harder even so.

I liked it, she liked it, that was obvious. Everything that happened seemed indifferent to Mr. Merculief. Too indifferent. "So you like to suck dick Ms. Cuch?" "Ihh've halwayhhs hearhed hor hit hashehhr." "What? You mean you have never done it before?" "Hes hashehhr.

Honly himmacuhate younghh hohmen could holuntheerh hor thishh hossihle enthrallment tho hou. Ho I hreamed 18 hears of herhicing hou, hasher." "Mr. Merculief?" "Yes, sir." "When I am not in the picture. What is Ms. Cuch to you." "She is a bitch to me, sir. I will make good use of her like you are doing now sir." "You will never use Ms.

Cuch Mr. Merculief. Ms. Cuch will be out of your reach forever. You are not into girls anymore Mr. Merculief. You only love yourself and you wish you get my permission to service me like Ms. Cuch is doing." "And I love you master. I will obey you in everything master. It is my wish to serve you like Ms. Cuch is at the moment." "I am not gay Mr. Merculief." "I do not think of you being gay, master. It is the power you can wield over me that might help. I can sense your wish to dominate to be stronger than anything else." "Start swallowing Ms.

Cuch." I felt Ms. Cuch's throat contract around my dick and I immediately felt myself come. A lot. "You are a good girl, Ms. Cuch. Do not let go.

Did you like it?" "Yes master, I liked getting you off. And I will suck it until you stop me. Master, do I have permission to come, please?" "Ms.

Cuch, you may come whenever you want in this car." How things can turn around. The one moment you fear for your future and perhaps fear for your life and the next moment you have been handed over a set of tools to make a success of yourself.

Well, much to do and much to learn. "Mr. Merculief, what are yours only tata and lan and fodi Ms.

Cuch tasks in the Juneau Bureau of Elven Matters?" "Ms. Cuch is a Senior Treasure Keeper and I am the Master Treasure Keeper." "No kidding, we have a treasure to keep?" "Yes master, for over 1500 years savings of all Elves connected to the Juneau Bureau are being kept by the Juneau Bureau.

There are multiple extensive funds we invest ourselves on long and short-term policies and the large bulk is being used by the median American banks or travels the world through various financial institutes at low cost coupled with the larger Dutch funds." "Unbelievable. My compliments, Mr. Merculief. Just to get an idea, how much money are we talking about here?" "The 2016 totals approached the 80 billion dollar sir." So much to think about, so much to do.

I closed my eyes. All this information got to me. The sensations on my dick delivered by Ms. Cuch made me feel contented but the feeling was draining my energy. I needed myself with a clear mind. First I checked the level of my Elevations.

Concentration, The Open Door, The Thought Plant and Dimension Control were all as active as they were right after my ascension. I had really done it. I really, really reached the Eleventh Elevation. Again, pumping my fist was out of the question, but I did want to share my happiness with someone. "Ms. Cuch?" She stopped worshipping my dick and asked in return, "Yes master, may I ask why your voice has a touch of pride in it when you say my name ?" "I now know you are not the sex xnxnxn 89 com 2019 Ms.

Cuch. At the contrary. I feel proud of you to have you service me. I think of it of something to cherish." "Thank you master", both thralls said in unison. ----- "You and Mr. Merculief are not to talk about what I am going to say, but ever since we stepped in this car I have maintained my consciousness on the Eleventh Elevation." Both Ms.

Cuch and Mr. Merculief stopped what they were doing and stared openmouthed at me. Mr. Merculief was the first to speak up, "Master, that is impossible. I can and will not tell you what to believe or what not to believe anymore, but the Eleventh Elevation will not occur until November 11th in the year 11,111 at eleven minutes past eleven. The total Eleventh Alignment. The moment we all become Elventh. You cannot be Elventh until then master." "If that is the case Mr.

Merculief, then how do you explain Ms. Cuch is happily sucking my dick, I am fondling her tits and you are looking at her work like it should be you sucking my dick?" Now Ms. Cuch answered, "Master, I am sucking your dick because I happen to like it and you asked me ever so friendly. To have someone to fondle her tits is every girl's dream come true. And I really do not mind to donate some pussy fluids for the benefit of Mr. Merculiefs health.

He seems to need it more than I do. I think he was starving, feeling the way he picked up this assignment" "Okay, Ms. Cuch, but how do you explain you calling me master all of a sudden if not related to my level of elevations?" "Well master, I am only calling you master because you are.

Not a single thread of magic there. I am just happy to oblige." "And I am looking at Ms. Cuch servicing your cock master. Do I have permission to give some pointers, sir?" "Yes Mr.

Merculief, you may tell Ms. Cuch what you know. I am curious you know because up to this point I cannot imagine one can do a better job." "I will save my knowledge for later sir. It is clear to me that in your eyes Ms. Cuch is perfect at the moment." "Driver, what is our flight number to Seattle?" "OLM3687, sir." "Are we in first class?" "Yes sir, you are." "Wake me up when we are 15 minutes from the airport." I closed my eyes and went looking for mum.

She was doing exercises and it made me smile to look at her tits from her perspective, especially in tights. < Hi, angel, nice outfit. > < There you are my hero, it is wonderful to think of you this way.

It gets me all hot and not bothered. sex slaves dani and alenna enjoys wild fuck < Try hard to get a first class seat on OLM3687. It leaves for Seattle in a few hours.

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I think you can make it to the airport before I do. Do not worry about the cost. It will be reimbursed. > < I am on it master. > ------------ "Sir? Sir?

"Yes?" "We will arrive at the airport in 14 minutes, sir." "Ms. Cuch, get dressed. And when in public, I don't want you to refer to me with 'master'. Just a 'sir' will do nicely. Do you happen to remember the way my foster mother looks like?" Ms.

Cuch was the first to answer, "No Sir, I knew you are a foster child but I thought Mr. Amaqjuaq took care of you all those years." "So you know Mr. Amaquaq." "Yes, of course, sir, he is our Elven leader. You are his grant son. Soon you will be our leader sir." Oh boy, it gets better by the minute. Mr. Merculief added, "Although I am a board member sir, some years back I was introduced to Alasie, your mother and I did see her a few times later in the school and I have always voted for her in the "Teacher's Milf" competition when I had the opportunity.

Such a lovely woman." "With a little bit of luck, she is going to be in the airport when we arrive. Be on the lookout for her." We entered the departures hall with our luggage and my gorgeous busty gf getting fucked silly around.

It was a quiet day at the airport and I think Alasie saw me before one of us saw her. She was already walking in our direction. I extended my arms when she came near and Alasie glided into my embrace welcoming me with one of her special pecks on the lips with only a hint of her tongue this time, with the intention to whisper something in my ear, "Your presence in my mind the past few years endeared you to me infinitely, master.

But being able to hold and feel you top everything.

I love you, master, I cannot hot blonde teen takes off panties fingers her wet pussy xbabecam com for you to fuck me." "My wait for you have not been different, Alasie mine. My dick is yours, can you feel it." I held Alasie close to me, hugging her, giving her my love.

I poured my hunger for her in her eyes, my lust for her evident even at this moment, shortly after having a release in Ms. Cuch's mouth. "Please, tell me master, who are these two questioning onlookers. Their eyes did not drift from us for a second while you held me tight", and gave me another of her wonderful pecks. "I was convinced the man was to dump me in an airplane to Seattle to have the Elven community in Juneau to get rid of me.

It appears to me now they have been assigned to me, by the Juneau Bureau of Elven Affairs, during my banishment to Seattle." "Master! A banishment! How awful." "One might think it awful Alasie. I think I can turn this banishment into an advantage. A banishment from the Elven Society is very helpful in my quest to perfect my mastery of The Eleventh Elevation and to find my place in this world.

On a side note Alasie, were you able to buy yourself a first class ticket?" "Alas master, business was sold out. But I do have a seat in Economy." "I will have Mr. Merculief change seats with you when we are boarded. We have some catching up to do, and the sooner the better.

Now, Alasie, Ms. Cuch, hand over your passport to Mr. Merculief. He will stand in line for us to convert them into boarding passes. Mr. Merculief, when you are done you can find us in the VIP area." I laid my arm around Alasie's waist and walked to the VP enclosure.

Ms. Cuch trotted behind me, giggling. "What makes you giggling like that Ms. Cuch? Please share your insights with us." "Master, I had the thought that we have here two beautiful women in the prime of their life with a single young man to do his bidding. Instead of answering I walked Alasie to a blind wall and directed Ms. Cuch with her back to us. Both Alasie and me covered Ms.

Cuch's visibility from other people. I took Alasie's hand and steered it under Ms. Cuch's dress into her still oozing cunt, "My bidding? Like this Ms.

Cuch? If you want to have a taste, be my guest Alasie." I took a few fingers full myself and had Ms. Cuch gobble up her own produce. "Aren't you the slutty cunt, Ms. Cuch?" "Everything for you sir. And I love you for it. Thank you, sir." "Go clean yourself, I do not want you to be this smelly next to me on the plane." Ms.

Cuch disappeared and I now had Alasie for myself. All I did was drinking her in through her eyes. I pulled her in tighter and she said, "You could not make me happier when you make me do your bidding as well. I think it is the most wonderful job a woman can have in this world." "The difference between you and a slut like Ms. Cuch is that I love you mum. I will prove it to you." I made sure I got a tight hold of mum when I said, "Come for me mum, think of the precious moments we will cherish and come for me abundantly." It was a good thing I held Alasie tight.

All the time she spent time in her own paradise I poured my love for her into her eyes and she just kept coming. It was too much for her and she fainted.

I held Alasie in my arms and I really did not mind having to wait for Ms. Cuch. I was almost disappointed to see her coming out of the ladies room and gave support of Alasie to Ms. Cuch saying, "Worship and obey her like you worship and obey me, Ms.

Cuch. Support Alasie back into the ladies room and clean her cunt with your mouth. Do it reverently, she is highly sensitive at the moment. When in the ladies room, also take off your bra. I want your tits more visible and I want easier access to them." Ms. Cuch took mum with her and I saw Mr. Merculief already coming into the VIP enclosure. The task to convert the tickets to boarding passes and to drop off all luggage did not take him very long.

The persuasive qualities of this man could make him legendary for me and I made a list of things for him to do in my mind, the first one to be, "Mr. Merculief, see to it I receive a credit card for possible declarations I might have." "I already thought of it, sir. It is in the making. We have a mail address in Seattle.

It should arrive this week. Here sir, in the meantime you can use one of mine. It is a company card, so nobody will ask for identification. Here are your passport and boarding pass sir. I guess you want me to trade my seat with miss Alasie. I will not make a fuzz sir. I am afraid I will be in your service for a long time." "How is that Mr. Merculief, expecting to be in my service for a long time?" "It is what it is. From having a commanding position I am now happy to defer to you.

Somehow it is gratifying. I do not mind being your bitch sir. The only difference with my old life is that instead of just getting what I want I now have to wish or ask for it." I remembered I should ask Mr. Merculief why I would need a male thrall. "Please tell me why I have a male thrall?

I can do without the mental strain of a male needing his fix." "Sir, I am invaluable to you for your self-preservation. I am a krav-maga expert. Being your thrall you have direct and unhindered access to my krav-maga expertise like it was yours." "Krav-maga?

What is that Mr. Merculief?" "Krav-maga is the best way of self-defense sir. In Krav Maga, you are the fort that cannot be conquered. In krav-maga, you are the rock that cannot be scratched." "Whatever happened to karate, Kung-Fu, and Pencak silat?" "With all respect to those teen sex group snxx sex sir, but that is what they are, sports.

Karate and Kung-Fu are for toying around with their wushu and their kata's. Krav-maga is designed to eliminate your aggressor with the least effort, even if the least effort takes a month for you to recover. I am not saying Marshall arts are bad. Krav maga is better. Although I don't have to remind anybody that someone capable of Kung Fu can be dangerous.

As well as ninjas. They are quite the deadly guys and girls. Better be on your guard when those are around." Mr. Merculief kept silent after his defense of krav-maga so I asked, "I presume housing has been taken care off in Seattle, tell me about it." "Yes sir, the support system provides for adequate above standard, student housing on campus sir.

The Juneau Bureau anticipated you might be needing the grounds in Seattle we are entitled to." "Well, Mr. Merculief, fill in all the blanks for me, do not hold back." "Sir, The Juneau Bureau is a major sponsor of the University of Washington, we are entitled to use this large estate on campus.

We can house more than 20 people in it and as long as you study at State the Juneau Bureau grounds on campus are available lucky guy orgy xxx new years eve party you alone. There is a private master apartment in the building with 6 rooms and two bathrooms.

The building also has a heated indoor 25-meter pool. The shared rooms have an additional library, practice rooms, and laboratories to be set up to your liking. Your grants are sufficient to add a staff up to 10 people besides Ms. Cuch and me." "Unbelievable Mr. Merculief, it seems to me being a banished student makes a nice carrier path." "Yes sir, I understand I will have to clarify some of it.

Things are not as you were told. I will fill you in later with the details. You have to trust me on that. It is a long story, sir." A stewardess walked up to a neutral area in the VIP enclosure, "My dear guests, thank you for flying with Delta Airlines. If you would please follow me to find you your seats." Good thing this was also the moment Alasie and Ms. Cuch came out of the powder room. I noticed Alasie was yet to find full balance.

There was still a little wobbliness in her step. I decided to take her with me. On the plane, I was shown me my seat. Mr. Merculief pointed out his seat to Alasie which was conveniently next to mine and left for a stewardess to let her know he had switched his ticket with Alasie. This trading of tickets caused some commotion about faulty registrations or something and the stewardess hurriedly notified her colleagues of the arrangement and the persons involved.

I waited for the moment everybody was seated and performed a scan of all passengers. Mr. Amaqjuaq was quite persistent I would always scan my surroundings for people of Elven descent. He taught me there were several more Elven societies spread over the world and that they tended to be hostile towards each other.

He assured me Elves with Elevation access were rare but one could never be sure and I agreed with him it was better to be safe than to be sorry.

Within seconds I learned that apart from our group of four there eat your own jizz for kate england no Elves aboard and had to agree with Mr. Amaqjuaq that the longer I connected with the Eleventh Elevations, the easier everything would get.

He thought it best to concentrate on it and basically that is what I did the past two and a half years. To get stronger while being connected with one higher Elevation. Now I had to teach myself to concentrate while being Elevated to the Eleventh.

I wondered how far I could reach and thought of Mr. Amaqjuaq. I found him in an instant and thought to him, < I have been banished from the Elven Community in Juneau and on my way to Seattle>. < It took you quite some time to think of me >. < Could you see to it that my wardrobe and laptop follows my path to Seattle. It seems I have quite the extensive housing facilities available for myself, but I would like it very much if you could continue to help me with my concentration >.

< Congratulations, I now see you have reached the Eleventh, making good use of it. Hot babe masturbates in front of cam am already in Seattle, hé, don't sunny leone sex sex storiesstorys sanny lione com so surprised, are you the only one who didn't see this coming?

> < Apparently I am. Mr. Amaqjuak >. < Ok. See you in Seattle Bhavishya >. ------------- I did like the luxury cocoons of these so-called business seats but they did not provide me with an opportunity to be close to Alasie. So I embraced myself in the Eleventh and started to read people. One stewardess thought of, oh how nice, she thought of me and Alasie, that hunk in the middle aisle next to the pretty lady and spoke of them to her colleague who agreed.

One pilot thought of his wife at home he would be seeing tonight for five days after two weeks with a lot of hours, the other pilot on the first flight of his week. There were several students on board but none of them was pursuing a carrier in the field of medicine like I was.

Most of them saw me entering the plane while those with an Economy ticket were waiting to board. Suddenly I was anticipating my new life on college becoming real and not only talk. In the back of the plane, a woman flying alone was dreaming of this guy going into the plane first with the other business class flyers. She didn't think much of him in the looks department but oh boy! Did she have vivid dreams of him fucking her? It occurred to me that too many women on this plane had similar thoughts.

Something to keep in mind. The flight to Seattle was more boring than a bus ride if compared with duration and not compared with distance. Valentina rossi gets nailed in a threesome Alasie next to me but unreachable, due to the privacy of these business class seats, made the flight torturing apart from the food.

The food was exquisite. Mr. Merculief was not that lucky. The serving in Economy Class was a mere sandwich with a tiny cup of assorted fruits on the side. After my dessert, I decided to stretch my legs. Standing up I caught a good view into Ms. Cuch's cleavage. She had indeed removed her bra and she flaunted her tits making it clear they were set loose.

I bent over her to have a look in her eyes and a better look down. She had called me her master in the car and on the airport. I was not the one going to be mean about it but I did get a rise from the thought that those awesome tits were now mine. Ms. Cuch inhaled sharply, getting her lungs full, straining her blouse with her vast tits.

Slowly I let my right realemoexposed angelina wakes bf with wild tattoos amateur glide down into the valley created in her blouse, letting my hand slide under her left breast, supporting it, massaging her nipple. I concluded the tit did not need support. "Hmmmnghmm", said a stewardess, spotting my moves, "do that to me anytime", but she walked on, not giving me the opportunity.

Following the stewardess with my eyes, I did see that all women in business class were keeping a keen eye on me and I went back to my seat to concentrate on what they were thinking. It didn't take me long to find out that those women seeing me standing over Ms. Cuch were not able to see what I was doing and they had their own private fantasy to fill in what I was doing. Their fantasy made them think I was doing those things to them.

Some fantasies of those women made me blush. Do people really do all those things? I went to check the women with those thoughts again. All of them were aroused with thoughts of what I was doing to Ms. Cuch, with them being Ms. Cuch. I was going to like it very much to tie up such a girl and then spank her for her 'unwanted' behavior and she then would orgasm on it.

At that moment I realized there were not that many girls or young women in business class and I found out that it was women throughout the plane having these thoughts and being aroused to a certain level. Was it normal for women to get this aroused on a plane? I guessed it was but I archived the memory for later reference. Perhaps it was something else. Perhaps it had something to do with me.

----- When the limousine stopped in front of the building holding my apartment I was impressed with how big it was. The Juneau Bureau really had high hopes what I could do for them in the future. In the house. Mr. Merculief gave us a tour. I think he anticipated I would not follow him anymore once I knew where my apartment was.

I indulged him showing me everything before showing me my domains. The grounds where huge. The total of the dwelling fitted a king.

Mr. Merculief had something to explain. Again I was at a loss why I should have all this. We finally entered my own apartment in the building and a young girl flew into my arms.

Just before a mouth was covering mine I recognized Vicky. ******************************* *******************************