Seachniza wife sex story kerala

Seachniza wife sex story kerala
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A bitch's fall episode e (renamed to Megan's education 1) As he felt his dick grow hard from his sister's love, john noted that the bus had begun to fill.

Most of the early pickups sat in front, oblivious to the goings on in the back. John didn't really care, most of them were kids by his standard (sexual standard that is). But that soon changed. The bus stopped in front of a housing complex, and stewie the geek got on. He looked a ebony hottie slurping on a white schlong tired, like he was up all night, and half collapsed onto the seat in front of John.

He seemed not to have noticed megan, busy with John's dick. Soon, he seemed to be dozing off. John was half inclined to wake him up, but decided to wait. The poor guy would be recharged too, John's plan needed energy. John now shifted megan to his right, such that she was between the window and him. He didn't want people seeing her before he wanted them to.

The bus was now filling up fast. Soon people would come come to the back seat, he'd better prepare. As megan kept sucking, he whispered instructions, which he assumed her bobbing head understood.

Just as he finished the prep, he saw mark the basketball captain climb on. It was time. He gave the signal. And shouted 'harder bitch, make me cum'. The whole bus turned, and john could tell harry checking the rear view mirror. John now grabbed megan and hoisted her up, her face slick with precum and dried pussy juice.

Almost in a trance, megan moved into the aisle. She ran her hands down her body, cupping her breasts as,they went down. With a slutty look which she never knew she had, megan slowly began gyrating around a pole, rocking sideways each time the bus turned. At John's signal, she blew a kiss to the stunned crowd, mark standing like a statue two feet from her.

Then she slowly and carefully removed her top, raising her hands over her head as her boobs became visible.

She knew this pulled them up, and for some reason, she wanted to look like a slut, a real one. She now cupped her breasts firmly, digging her thumbs into her nipples till they hurt.

Her hands began to squeeze her own breasts, pushing them together and pulling them up, making sure the bus was glued to her striptease. Next she began to slowly push the skirt down, revealing her well used cunt as she licked her lips and pouted at the crowd.

Skirt off, she raised her toned leg to a seat, spreading her cunt lips wide, showing the bus what her insides looked like, what she had on offer for any male interested. She then took two fingers and began to fuck herself, enjoying her exhibition as she became aroused by her own actions.

She could see it's effect on the bus. Many boys were rubbing their pants, and a few girls looked lusty, including the nerdy duo.

Somehow, Megan felt happy at this, especially as she saw John smiling at her from the side. She now began to fuck herself violently, using the bus' motion to create a rythm.

Another finger joined, the three touching her clit as they came in and out. she began to moan, her nipples hard and her pussy forming a puddle horny teen gets her dream black monster cock the floor. Her breathing grew rapid, as she dimly noted the boys close in on her, unable to hold back. She saw mark, her rapist, approach with an evil smile. He reached out. She felt a cool hand on her nipple, and went over the edge.

The force of it pushed her to her knees, making her fall forward, her pussy gushing leaking a wet trail behind her. She fell upon mark shoes, unknowingly kissing them as she lost herself in climax. Mark could hardly believe what he saw.

His fucktoy from last evening lay curled at his feet, apparently kissing his feet, as her brother clapped her performance. Speaking of performance, did he really see what he thought he did? Yesterday she was raped, sure, but she'd resisted, fought even when drugged. Now she lay like a sex slave at his feet, having performed better than most cunts, though it was clear the method was her own. Mark came out of his reverie when john called out 'Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Megan.

Yes, of the bitch brigade, now my personal sex toy. ' Even John had not thought he'd say this. He wasn't exactly the stud type, but what better way to present the new megan, than to PRESENT her to the world.

Megan, meanwhile, found herself staring at nike shoes while her orgasm faded. She went over what she'd done. She couldn't believe it, so she blinked. The shoes remained, the cum remained, and now she could hear her brother present her to the bus. It was real. She'd actually done a striptease. Why? To please john, her mind replied. Somewhere in her mind, the old prudish voice spoke "you've been used and now exhibited.

You should die of shame" she knew the voice was right. But hadn't she wanted to please john? To prove she was better than trish.

That she could do whatever trish could, to win her brother's love? For the first time, the "slut" voice sounded more reasonable. But the "bitch" voice wouldn't let go. It started screaming abuses as she was hoisted up overwatch porn dva x lucio super fuck big dick her hair. She stood, to see mark's dick poking out at her.

Rock hard. For a moment she hesitated. She loved her brother, yes, but this wasn't him. Would she be used by anybody?

"Bitch, you forgot something. You're a slave, and as long as,your master wants, you can be anybody's slut" the prude voice spoke. Mark began pushing his pole inside, enjoying the warmth of teen cunt early in the morning. Megan watched as it went in, and her female hormones took over. She noticed the others form a line behind him, as he began to fuck her violently. She was doing this for her brother, she told herself, unsure why this gave her solace. But it didn't last long.

Soon, trish s stoo turned up, and she promptly went to John's lap. The two voices in her head now collided, compounding her misery. She'd hoped to be atleast appreciated by her brother as she was fucked, but he didn't even seem to care. He was lost in trish soon, as boy after boy unloaded jism into her snatch.

She wasn't even worth the attention of her brother, her master. He'd let her out to graze, bored of her as he found the girl he liked better. She felt even more worthless than a trash whore, atleast they got the attention they wanted. By the time Megan's thoughts had reached this point, the line had considerably thinned, and ended once a muscular black guy finished facefucking her. John threw her the clothes and left, not even bothering to take her, as trish was wrapped in his arms.

Before debarking, he spoke to harry, who was now drinking his rum, his morning duty over. The bus door closed. Megan had never been late in a group of college teens got a real cock that they deserve life, so she hurriedly dressed and ran to the door. Only she didn't get a hand to the handle, a bigger hand pulled her back. It was harry.

Megan guessed this was what they'd discussed. He cooly pulled off her clothes, and took her to the guard cabin naked.

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It was right behind the main gate, and she saw students pouring in. Her heart began to beat faster. Harry knocked on the door, and a burly man called sam came out. He was the watchman, rumour was he'd once fucked a coed in the ass, she needed a surgery before she could poop again.

Sam looked pleasantly surprised as harry explained the situation. They talked in hushed voices and then burst into laughter. Megan got a bad feeling in her cumfilled stomach about their plans. She was right. As the start of college neared, the crowd thickened, most too worried about getting in to notice the girl between the two men. Sam now got a chair, and sat down, such that he was sideways to the main driveway. Harry got two beers, and then, both stripped off their jeans and underwear.

Megan fervently hoped nobody would notice her, as she saw her classmates and juniors hurry to class. She'd have been jessica simpson gets fucked by her sister ashley of them once in a while, but she guessed those days were past. Megan felt sam grab her hips and pull her slowly down to his cock. Before she could see how big it was, harry had grabbed her brown hair and was pushing his 9" down her throat.

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But the main pain came from the pussy. The rumours had been right. Sam was big. 12" and as much thick. He was proud of it, having knocked up his sister at 14. She'd been bleeding for a week. Luckily for megan, the extensive rape she'd undergone had stretched her pussy.

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She could accommodate him, but barely. She felt impaled and stretched, her walls crying out of agony as made her take more and more in. Finally, she could tell he was satisfied, as she finally found herself sitting on his lap and not stuck on his dick. But respite for slaves was fleeting, as she was fast learning. He began to push in and out, making her yelp everytime she was impaled, her pussy opening a little bit with every stroke.

Harry was in his own world. He'd a,penchant for bikini babes, and had got a calendar of them put up in the bus every year. Till megan complained to the bus in charge about inappropriate visual content on the bus walls. Poor harry had to remove it to keep his job. Well, it was payback now, "inappropriate" cunts deserved this appropriate treatment. He wondered if he could make his own porn calendar now, with megan as the star. Megan felt every muscle of her body cry out as she was both pulled forward and pushed down.

Her cunt muscles seemed to hurt badly, and she wondered if they were torn. It wouldn't do for a whore to lose the tools of her trade.

Her mouth too was getting filled till the dickhead went down her gullet. She fappy com brother and sister constantly choking, which had the benefit of keeping her quiet, her screams being muffled by a cock. As she got a,little used though, she became aware that the sex was attracting attention. Many boys had stopped to watch, and she could see one guy fondling his gf as they kissed.

Did they know already that her diktat was over ? That there would be no more perv hunting rounds? Ofcourse they knew, the chief agent of morality was being used in front of them, the pictures on fb were correct after all.

Megan hadn't expected this humiliation. The previous ones had been still restricted, but this was totally open. People who had never seen or known her now saw her, and knew her only as a whore. All her life she'd emphasized her feminity, in an activists avatar. Now it was being advertised, in a whore show.

She'd never be megan again to anybody, nobody would remember her efforts,she was and would always be known as a whore. The guys began cheering as the guys approached orgasm. Megan wasn't the first cunt theyd had together, so they were well synchronized. To megan, it only meant that she was in an endless cycle of being pulled forward and down, back and up, then forward .

she lost count of the number of times, but then nobody was concerned. They were just seeing every pervert s nightmare go through her own, and were loving every moment of it. Suddenly a countdown started, and she could tell it was the cum countdown, as the fucking grew rougher and sam grabbed her tits as,handles, mashing them and pulling them as he made her ride on his dick.

Megan felt she couldn't take the pain anymore. Her eyes, already leaking from humiliation, now flowed from pain. Just then, she felt herself pushed down and forward roughly, and cum erupted into two of her orifices simultaneously. The Cummings were greeted by claps and cheers, and the couple began to fuck, unable to take it any longer. Megan was pushed off, and fell to the ground.

Harry handed her the clothes. She had barely put them on, when she felt the crowd close in behind her. Megan's sex education was far from over.

[To be continued to part 2 ]