Glamorous pornstar assfucked deeply pornstars and fetish

Glamorous pornstar assfucked deeply pornstars and fetish
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Who am I? I'm Matthew, a 25 year old popular math teacher at St Sunny leone first time porn storys high school in England.

This high school differs itself from other schools: it's a girl only school, meaning all the students are girls. Let me tell you a bit more about myself. I'm standing at 6'1, meaning that I'm quite tall.

I've got short dark blond hair which is folded backwards with gel and my hair is even shorter at the sides. I don't possess any kind of tattoos, neither piercings. I'm somewhat tanned, but not a lot, and for my age I'm average muscular.

That's me basically. Private lesson Today isn't a special day at all for me, it's just like normal: I teach a group of girls math for fifty minutes long, and then I need to switch classrooms, and in the next room, there is a new group of girls which needs to be teached math. I teach eight different classes Math, and the other classes are provided by a coworker, named Ethan. Combined there are 14 classes.

The third lesson I gave that day was to class 5x. Class 5x includes 23 girls, all between the age 18 and 21. The class itself isn't very special, it's just like all the others. But there is a girl in class 5x which is different from all the other students.

Her xev bellringer staying after class is Charlene. Charlene has bright blond hair, which is straight and usually in a nicely done ponytail.

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She has blue eyes and a pale skin. She's quite short, she's just 4'11. She's quite slim, but not too skinny either, just right. Her cup B boobs perfectly fit her figure. Her ass, also fits her figure: it's small. But it is firm. When Charlene is wearing something which exposes her arms, you can see very small blonde hairs everywhere, which really looks nice on her. She was one of the youngest students, she turned 18 only a few days ago. Her best friend is Hannah. Charlene wasn't the smartest student, she often needed help, but eventually she knew how to solve the math problems.

She's not the most outgoing person in the world, but she neither is shy. She loves to giggle and laugh, making jokes which most of the time were funny. Charlene in one word described would be 'cute'. The third lesson started, and all the students were in time. I was dressed in dark jeans and a brighter short sleeved shirt. I started to explain the new paragraph, answered some quistions in the meantime and when I finished explaining where the new paragraph is all about, I walked around the class, answering quistions about problems students found when trying to solve two petite sisters and one horny stepdad math problems.

Time passed and at this moment, the fifty minutes long math lesson is done. But before all the girls can pack their stuff and leave I say "Alright, this was the lesson for today, homework for the day after tomorrow is to make excersizes 26 until 30, and have a nice day further". When I walk back to my desk I suddenly remember I forgot to say one thing: "By the way, Charlene, I want you to visit my office after school". Charlene looks up quistioning, she probably doesn't know why.

"No, you haven't done anything wrong, or a bad mark or so, it's about something else" I add on. She shrudges and together with the rest of class 5x she goes to her next lesson. And so do I, 5y is waiting for me. Before I realized it, the last and final lesson I had to give today is over. I grab my stuff and I went to my office. There I grabbed a file and opened it, in it where all the tests 5y had made, and I started to check them.

But after a few minutes there was a knock on the door. "Come in" I say and look up from the tests. By hearing her voice I knew it was Charlene. She's wearing skinny jeans combined with a tank top, which show a bit of her cleavage.

Further she's, like usually, wearing her pink converse shoes and her hair is in a ponytail again. "Why am I here?" Charlene asked as she closed the door behind her and look around my office, before staring in my eyes. "Don't worry, I'll explain, take a seat, I don't care where" I tell Charlene and then I lean back in my chair.

Charlene smiles at me and answers "Hmm, where shall I sit, on the chair, the table, or your lap" and she giggles. She saw that a smile appeared on my face. I lightly tap the table "Let's do crazy, sit on the table" I say to her and after Charlene sat down on the table towards me I continued "You've no clue why I asked you to come here, let me explain it to you." I quickly take a break "As you know, your class, 5x, exists out of 23 students.

But in my opinion I think it's too much. I think smaller classes are better, since I can give more attention to each individual student. The best of course would be private lessons. But this is only a theory I have, Charlene. And I want to find out if it's true.

But to do that, I need someone who I can give private lessons to, and since you usually don't get a A+, I thaught, maybe you would be kind enough to help me out?" I ask. Charlene looks at me, her eyes widen and then I can see she's thinking about it. "So it's a win-win situation, I get better grades, and you know if you're right?" she asks.

"Yes, that's basically it. So, make your choice, do you want to teen double dildo doggy sly stepmom catches a fox me, or not?" I ask "Ofcourse I want to! But where will these private lessons be?" Charlene wonders. "I can go to your house, or you can come to my house, whatever you'd watch as these cute year old beautiful cuties hardcore massage I answer "Well, I got a brother, and he usually turns his music very loud, making it harder for me to concentrate, so I'd prefer at your place, sir?" "Then it's at my place.

My adress is Kingstreet 24, which isn't far away from you, is it? Maybe 10 minutes on your bike?" I ask. "Yeah, around 10 minutes, sir, so when do we start?" she asks. "Tonight, at 7 o'clock, I expect you to be at my place. Is that fine with you, Charlene?" I ask as I lean forward, over the table.

"Uhm, well, I can't tonight, but tomorrow evening I can?" Charlene replys. "Sure, then I'll see you tomorrow, same time" I answer. "Okay, sir, see you then" she answers and gets up, she walks towards the door of the office, opens it but then she hears "Wait" from me and she turns around to me. "Make sure you wear something nice tomorrow evening" I say and wink to her.

She smiles at me and goes through the door, I look after her and eventually she dissapears between all the other students. I continue to check the tests and after a hour I went home. Everything from then on was just like any other day again, normal. Until it was almost 7 o'clock the next evening. I look at the digital clock, which displays 18:55.

In 5 minutes she should arrive. When I look outside the window, I notice it's raining. I'm sitting on the couch in the livingroom, watching a comedy show on my flat screen. I hear the doorbel, and look at the timmer, 18:59, I got up and I made my way towards my front door. I'm wearing the same clothes as yesterday. I opened the door with a big swing and watched to the little girl infront of me, she was soaked. "Come in, Charlene, I'm sorry for the weather" I say and look behind her, it's raining heavily.

I then close the door and notice what she's dressed in: short shorts, which aren't too short, and a crop top which reveals a reasonable amount of cleavage and you could also see her belly. Charlene shakes her head as she walks in, quickly kicking out her pink converse shoes. "Can I change sir, please?" she asks. From top to toe, she's completely soaked, her clothes drenched. "Of course you can, Charlene, you can do whatever you like to do, you may even take a shower." I answer and look at her, I feel bad for her, she had to go through this bad weather just for a private lesson.

"Please show me the way, but I don't have anything to wear, these are the only clothes I have, and they're wet" Charlene mumbles as she follows me towards the bathroom. I switch the lights on and reply "You can borrow clothes from me, just pick anything you want out that closet there" I say and point to the closet with my finger. "I will leave you, so you can shower and change, sounds good?" I ask, she nods in response and I walk out of the bathroom, close the door behind me and walk downstairs, and sit back down on the couch.

Ten minutes later I hear the bathroom door open and I look behind me, Charlene walks down the stairs, wearing a oversized shirt of mine and small white socks. "Am I allowed to wear this? I couldn't find anything else sir, I'm sorry" she says quietly as she slowly walks towards me. I can see her nipples softly pushing against the fabric. "It's fine, I said, do whatever you want, where do you want to study?" I ask her.

"Thanks, sir, and on the couch is fine, or on the bed?" She asks cindy jays gets mouth and pussy filled by cock and stands still infront of me. I get up from the sofa and softly hug her "I'm going to put your wet clothes in the dryer, and then I'll join you in the bed" I say and softly rub her back through the shirt.

Charlene hugs me back, but tightly. She rests her head against my chest and whispers "Thank you, sir". After some time she lets go and makes her way up the stairs, towards my bedroom. I follow her up the stairs, but then I go to the bathroom, and grab her wet clothes. I walk towards the dryer, and put the clothes inone by one, first her top, then the shorts, her socks, her bra and before I put her panties in the dryer I quickly sniff them. They smell delicious. I then turn on the dryer and make my way to the master bedroom.

When Charlene found the bedroom, she quickly went under the sheets, it was much warmer there.

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She smiles at me as I walk inside, with the math books in my hand. I sit on the edge of the bed and ask "Do you have it cold?". She nods yes to me and then I say "Remember you could sit anywhere you wanted, maybe my lap is warmer". She eagerly nods yes and quickly gets out of the bed, sitting down on my lap, I barely feel she's on top of me, she barely weights anything. I put one arm around her waist, holding her, while with the other hand I place the book at her lap.

She arches her neck backwards and looks up to me, a huge smile on her face "Thank you, sir" and she kisses the bottum of my chin. Then she uses her hand to pull the shirt up, so she's sitting with her bare ass on my lap. She then holds my arm which is wrapped around her waist. I look down at her as she kisses my chin, and I softly rubbed her waist with my thumb. She reacted by softly rubbing her bottums against my lap.

I knew she would cause a erection, and be able to feel it. And after a minute I felt my size groing semi hard under her. I open the math book at the right page.

She continues to rub her tiny ass against me, shaking her ass on my lap, and when she felt my erection, she didn't stopped, but continued. She giggled and looked up at me and then asked "Could I receive a different class from you?" She asks, and when I look at her quistioning she adds on "Uhm, sexual, classes?". She said the last part quietly. My eyes widen as I smile down at her "Alright, I'll teach you how to be a good girl at the private lessons, and math at school, is that fine with you?" I ask and lay the math book aside.

"Yes, please, I would love that, sir. Just tell me what to do" She pleades and again arches her neck to be able to look up at me. The huge smile on her face grew to a bigger one.

"Alright, let's start. If you want to be a good girl right now, you should drop down through your knees, and remove the shirt you borrowed." I command as I lift her up by her armpits and I put her down infront of the bed, on the floor. She pulls her lower legs in so she lands on her knees, and then without hesetation removes my oversized shirt. She giggles and looks up to me, straight in my eyes. "That's a good girl, now I want you to place your hands behind your back, and keep them there" I say as I look over her nude body.

A beautiful chest size, a slim but well toned body, and below it I noticed amateur girlfriend getting rammed hard hd version perfectly shaved herself. "Yes, sir, I'll" she answers and quickly places her hands behind her back, looking down her own body to see how she looks, before she stares with her bright blue eyes in my dark soul.

I lean forwards and rub with my thumb over her cheek, and then her lips. I put some pressure on her lips, until my thumb slides into her mouth. "Suck on it, like it's a lollypop" I say and feel my thumb being pulled further inside her tiny mouth. With my other hand I reach far down, towards her knees and spread them, and when they're nicely spread I move upwards with my hand, towards her chest.

I grab her left breast and softly squeeze it. She moans as a response and sucks as hard as she can on my thumb, my thumb is completely inside her, her tongue rubbing against it while she sucks. She obeys my orders i love a dildo in my ass watch part on suzcamcom good: her hands haven't moved.

I slowly but steady pull my thumb of her mouth, and trail down her body, I start moistening small penis ass boobs fucking nipples with her own spit, spreading the spit around the nipple, and then her other nipple. "Tell me, Charlene, beauty, are you still a virgin?" I ask.

Charlene looks down her own body, to see my fingers playing with her nipples. She can feel that they harden, it feels strange, but good at the same time. "Yes, sir, I am" she answers.

I slow down with moistening her breasts, thinking about what I shall do with her. But I've made up my mind, and know horny teen pressley carter needs a drill what I want. I let her beautiful breasts go, and unzip my jeans, I then quickly expose my large member towards her. "Play with your new lollipop" She looks at it, her eyes wide open, and her mouth slowly opens as well.

She moves her hands to touch it, but then remembers they were supposed to stay behind her back. She crawls closer and rubs her cheeks against my cock, her pretty face looks quite small now. She touches it with her lips, planting small kisses everywhere, on the top, and on the shaft. She eventually pulls her tongue out, licking the sides, the shaft. At first she licks it slow, but quickly picking up speed, she enjoys how it tastes.

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She then moves to the top, kisses agains the tip, then she's pushing harder and harder against it, until the tip slides in her mouth, forcing it wide open. "Deeper" I command with a low voice as I reach forwards, and grab her hair, I then push her head towards my crotch, forcing my hole length inside her mouth, but I'm still semihard. I still need to go grow to my full size, and I do so, but in her throat I'm growing, going deeper and deeper. Feeling her throat pulsing around my cock, trying to spit it out feels great for me, she's gagging so hard.

My hole cock get's moistened by her savila. I eventually change from semi hard to fully erect, being at the biggest size I can be. Gosh what if she knew how deep I'm inside her throat, what if she could see a huge bulge forming by her neck. She was just playing with it, and now my cock is buried deep inside her throat, leaving no space for her to breath. She's gagging on it, while suffocating from it.

Her cheeks become red, and then bright red. But it doesn't stop by her cheeks, her hole face turns red. She looks up at me, her eyes watering and her first tear rolls down her cheek. And then the second, which is quickly followed by the third.

Thirty seconds long she's gagging, and as she gets desperate from air, she moves her hand to push herself off me. I notice she's resisting, Italian vintage porn dirty and unfaithful wives might be a beautiful young girl, but she definetely still could use some training. But just like the math problems, I'll have to help her through. My reaction to her action is slapping her cheek, hard, with my flat hand, while with the other I keep myself inside of her.

I know she needs air, I know she's desperate for it. I also know she won't get it, since I'm getting close to cumming. Charlene feels that she's getting less aware every second of what's going on. She tries to push herself of my with all her force, but she simply isn't strong enough. She's crying a waterfall, and I feel that she get's tired after 40 seconds, her arms push less hard, her head doesn't try to pull back as hard as at the start.

And after a few more seconds, she isn't resisting anymore, her hands slowly fall down. She was looking up at me, crying, but then suddenly her eyes shut.

I think it took atleast fifty seconds before my sweet student lost control and felt in a deep sleep. But those fifty seconds were just enough to pleasure me enough so I could cum.

And I did cummed, a huge load of thick, juicy white semen got injected directly in her throat, quickly going down towards her stomach. I think I'd never moaned this loud. Sadly for her, she couldn't experience it. When I finish cumming, I decide it's enough for now, and finally let her pull back. I zip my jeans back up and I cary Charlene downstairs, towards the livingroom. I grab a blanket and a beer, and sit down on the couch. I place super petite teen adria rae is furnish with enough cock down on my lap, she's facing me.

Her legs either side of me, and I pull the sheet around her. I hold her lower back, but quickly find myself having one hand on her ass cheeks, and the other on her upper back, holding her hair. She's resting against me now, I together with the sheet hold her warm. Charlene wakes up, and opens her eyes slowly, but she quickly closes them again.

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She needs to adjust to the the light. When adjusted, she looks around and looks up at me, placing her chin at my chest. She can feel that she's sitting on my lap, and that's she's still naked. She also feels a sharp pain in the back of her throat, and in her mouth she tastes something she hadn't tasted before.

"What happened?" she whispers. I smile and look down at her, before I look to the clock, it's 10 o'clock at the moment.

"You passed out, and you were for the first time in your life, a very good girl. So be proud at that" I answer and softly kiss her on her lips. Her lips are just as soft as the rest of her skin, very smooth. "I think it's around time for you to go home, it's midnight in two hours" I say. Charlene sighs and looks to the side, out the same window I looked through at seven o'clock. "Sir? Do you remember you said that I could do whatever I wanted? Maybe I may sleep here, since I don't want to get wet again" she softly says.

She then looks up to me again, her face turns into a begging face expression. "Of course you can, baby girl. In half a hour I'll go to bed, and then you'll sleep with me. And then tomorrow we get up at seven and we'll go to school at eight. I got a special suprise for you for tomorrow anyway." I answer and rub her ass and her hair softly for a while. She relaxes again, but after a minute she get's up "I need to tell my mom, I'll say that I'll sleepover by Hannah" she says and rubs her eyes, before making her way towards the bathroom, where she left her phone.

"That's fine, and after you did that, you can go to the bedroom, I'll join you very soon" I say and smile at her, watching as she leaves with the sheet wrapped around her short body. I look back to the TV and wait a few minutes, before turning the TV off, switching all the lights off and going upstairs.

As soon as she got upstairs, she went to the bathroom, she quickly texted her mom and then she walked towards the masterbedroom, where she changed her sheet for the sheets of the bed, which are thicker and warmer. She than goes through her phone, answering all the messages she received from her friends and groupschats.

When I get to the bathroom, I notice she's already gone. I change into a fresh pair of boxers, and just boxers, before walking into the bedroom. I notice she's on her phone and suddenly I got a idea of what else I could do with my student.

"Evening" I say as I climb into the bed next to her and lay comfortable. After she'd been on her phone for a few minutes, she pretty much answered all her messages and turned her phone off, beforecuddling me from the side, one arm and one leg of her going over my body.

"Goodnight, Sir, 18 school xxxxx story sex stories ful 20198 thank you for everything" she whispers and closes her eyes. I wrap my arm around her, keeping her tightly against me and answer to her "Goodnight, sweetie" and I close my eyes. I then think about all the things I could do tomorrow.

And after some time, with such thaughts, I felt asleep. The night is a cold night, but luckily me and Charlene have each others, so we can keep eachother warm. The next morning, at seven in the morning the alarm rings, waking us both up at the same time. "Morning hun". "Goodmorning, sir" she says as she slowly gets up, sitting down on the bed, before turning to me. She smiles down at me and kisses my cheek.

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She then climbs on top of me and lays down at my chest, and after a few minutes she says "But we should really get up now if we want to make it in time, sir" I agree to her and answer xxx very big girls boor, you can go to the shower, and do your hair and makeup and all that stuff. Then you'll go downstairs and pull on your shorts and top, and your underwear" I tell her and she nods. She gets up and out of the bed, and goes to the shower.

When she left I call after her "And make a ponytail!". I lay down for another minute before I get up myself. I go to a closet in the bedroom and open it, I grab dark jeans and a white blouse, and head downstairs. I grab a glass and fill it with water, I then quickly drink the glass, and refill it, then drink it, and I keep doing until I've drinked atleast four glasses of water. I then make breakfast, for me and her, I prepare sandwiches. When I'm almost finished with the sandwiches, she walks in.

Charlene did exactly as I asked: she pulled the same clothes on as yesterday, and then she went to the bathroom, she remembers, she of course didn't bringed anything with her yesterday, so no make up. But she does make her ponytail. Then she walks towards the kitchen, insecure that I find her less pretty since she doesn't have any make up on now.

"You look great, I've prepared sandwiches for you as breakfast and I'm also making your lunch for school. I want you to go get your phone for me and then come adorable teen uses a dick hard dick girlfriend homemade here" I tell her and I start eating up my lunch quickly.

I grab her sandwiches and break them in a lot of small pieces. I then grab a bowl and put the sandwiches in the bowl. I fill another bowl with milk, and place them down on the floor. She quickly runs up the stairs and finds her phone, she respons to a few messages and ignore the others, before she runs down the stairs towards me, with her phone.

She doesn't feel insecured anymore, the third word I said to her made that feeling go away. She hands me over her phone and when I asked "What's the password" she quickly entered it. After I got her phone unlocked I told her "Go eat breakfast, on all fours, ass in the air towards me" I say and point with my finger to the bowl. When she starts eating her breakfast, I look at her phone and go to Snapchat, and I send myself a friend requist. I put her phone on the kitchen table and grab my own from my pocket, I accept the friend requist.

I then shut down my own phone and put it in my pocket again. She looks at me confused, she has no idea why I need her phone, but she does know that she needs to eat dinner. She drops down on all fours and crawls towards the bowls, then she lowers her head and starts eating. The sandwiches were gone quickly, but licking up the milk takes quite a while.

As she licks up the milk, I noticed that from the amount of water I drinked I needed to go to the toilet badly. But before I went to the toilet I quickly grabbed something which was on the small table in the livingroom. I then went to the toilet, and a few minutes later I returned.

I finish preparing her lunch and I lay it on the table: a bottle to drink, sandwiches to eat and a small coockie to eat. While I was preparing lunch and enjoying the view I had on her young ass, she finished her bowl of milk and got up on her feet again. She looks at what's displayed on the table and then smiles "Thank you, sir" she says and than looks to the bottle, and lift it's up. It's color is dark yellow/orange.

"What is this?" She asks. "That's that special suprise I was talking about. If you get used to it, you'll love the flavor it has. You can't buy that in the shop, that's why it's special, it's from me" I answer to her. I then look at the clock and pack my bags "Well, you have to go in a few minutes, Charlene.

But before you go I got to tell you a few thins, alright?" I ask "I'm very curious now how it tastes" she answers and then nods yes. She follows my lead and grabs all the stuff she needs to bring along: her phone, her keys and her lunch. "When you get home, you'll pull on thigh high socks, and then you'll go to school like that, and yes, you may put on some make up when you get home. Then, just like any other day, you'll go to school.

But every evening and morning from this evening on, you'll go to Snapchat and send me a sexy picture of you, this may be where you're naked, or dressed exposingly. And I expect that you drink that bottle empty. But except from all that, it's another normal day, understood, Charlene?" I ask her, and she nods yes. She looks at my hand and she recognizes the handsign I make and she comes closer. I tell her to open her mouth and as she opens it, she receives spit from me.

Then she recognizes the next handsign as well, and and she walks to the door "Goodbye, sir" and then as she steps out the door she feels a sharp pain on her left bum. I couldn't resist to slap that tiny ass of her before she left. I followed her outside, but instead of going to her bike, I went to my car and drove off towards school.

She got on her bike and waved at me as I left, and she went to her house. She putted on some makeup and then she pulled on the socks, she thaught I would like the color pink. That day, sadly enough, she didn't had Math. But tomorrow she does. Yesterday was the last day ever Charlene was dressed in skinny jeans and a tank top. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: All characters are fictional, and this isn't a true story neither based on a true story.

This is only part 1, and more parts will be coming soon if you guys like the story. I haven't started part 2 yet, but every tip and advice is welcome! I used to roleplay a lot on Omegle, but searching for the right girl usually took days, and when I found her, it usually stayed short term. I'm looking for girls under 25 (Or older girls who're willing to play as younger) to roleplay longterm with on Chatzy.

The roleplay can freaky babes get their cunts plowed by plumbers pornstars group sex about anything. If you'd love to roleplay with me, please send a private message!