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The man had laid there for a while after the last of the four sisters left. Shaking his head he was still wondering why in the hell had he been chosen? Thinking back over the years, Bast hadn't really said anything to him in girls out west three australian lesbians licking assholes the visits she'd made to him.

Getting out of bed the man stumbled to the bathroom, there he just shook his head at all the symbols on his body. I really need to get a handle on this he thought. Scratching his head he noticed that his facial hair still hadn't grown any. Was it a by-product of all the power that had been infused in him, perhaps? He wasn't sure. After cleaning up, he searched his entire house for a pair of sunglasses, they weren't much but they might help. Then again he thought if Sekhmet had her way he'd be between the legs of every woman he even got near today.

A light laughter in his head alerted him to the fact that Sekhmet had heard. <For a human you have the most delicious ideas!> He heard her say. Sighing, the man knew that he'd have to curtail his stronger thoughts or they'd be picked up by one if not more of the goddesses.

'I need to find out what it is about me that have Bast and the others so interested in me, ' he thought. Grabbing a coat the man headed to his car. Still under the watchful eyes of his neighbor's daughter Tina and the lustful eyes of her mother Karen.

Heading out, the man went to the record division of city hall. They would have all the answers that he needed, well he hoped. Even if they didn't they could point him in the right direction. Walking in, the man was grateful that there was a man at the front desk. Waiting his turn the man was directed to a little used area of the records hall. Sighing, the man sat and started to go through what he thought was tons of computer files on families of the city.

He'd only been at it an hour before he started to find his ancestors. He knew that they had been here a very long time and was already back almost 180 years. Hmmm the man thought it appeared as if his family had tried to stay out of everything. Finally as far back as he could go he was about to sign off when a small bit of writing caught his eyes. It showed that his great, great, great, great grandfather had come from Greece!

What in the hell!? No one had told him anything about that. Plus the fact that no one of the family was left alive, save him.

Scratching his head he was at a dead end for now. 'Well, ' he thought, 'now that I have his name I can start on the records in Greece, though I might have to go there. Hmmm I could always ask one of the goddesses to take me though that would involve more sex.' A wide smile lit up his face as if that was a bad thing!

Arriving back home with no incident he had just walked back in when there was a small knock at his door. Opening the door he was startled a moment to see his neighbor Karen. She was standing there with a trance like look on her face. In a dull voice she said, "I was hoping you hadn't forgotten the agreement you made." With that she started to remove her clothes and advance upon the man. "I have been going crazy waiting for you I need this so bad!" She stated as she grabbed his now hardening member through his pants.

"Let's make you far more comfortable!" Quickly she removed the man's clothes and pushed the man to the floor. Panting even harder now, she took hold of his steel hard member. With a joyous sigh she held it as she sunk slowly down the length of him.

Resting but a moment, she began to pound herself harder and harder on his staff her breath coming quicker. "I thought you'd never come out!" She gasped out as her first orgasm took her. Three orgasms later the man was sweating bullets; it wasn't as easy as he thought it was holding legal age teenager licks shlong and drills twat. Finally the buildup was far too great and with a lusty roar he felt his seed blast into the woman's waiting vagina.

With an almost animalistic scream the woman had her fourth orgasm falling on his chest almost breathless. Still with a glazed like look in her eyes she kissed the man deeply and passionately. "Thank you," she whispered in his ear with what sounded like genuine gratitude.

Then almost as quickly as it had started the woman got up dressed and left. 'Damn, ' the man thought, 'I have to remember when I leave an order like that I have to carry it out.' Sighing, the man knew he didn't have a lot of time before he'd possibly have another visitor. Turning on his computer he started to research further into his family. He'd gotten perhaps back as far as the 1500's when he felt the familiar tiredness descend upon him. Shaking his head he figured he had maybe 30 minutes before he couldn't fight it any longer.

'I wonder who this time, ' he thought. I have to remember when they come back to ask, though with Bast he always seemed to be distracted.

Finally he had to go to the bedroom or pass out on the keyboard. 'Damn I was finally starting to get closer! I have to remember, ' he thought as the darkness took him. It seemed only a moment had passed when his eyes opened and he saw a female shape hear the window. "Bast?" The man said though as soon as teen school girls deepthroat below job 69 old said it knew he was wrong.

A thin smile crossed her lips and she shook her head. In an almost whispering voice she said, "No human I am Mut." Here she bowed to the man whose mouth was hanging open. What the hell was going on? They said only fami. "I take it you are a sister to Bast, Sekhmet, Hathor, Serket, Maat and Tefnut?" The man was incredulous, how damn many children did Ra have?

The new woman nodded then spoke again. "I am assuming that you have met all my sisters and half sisters? Yes I can see it; they all have marked you, I . OH! I see that Isis has also paid you a visit.

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Let me see human," Here Mut grabbed the man's manhood and scrotum and began to twist, pull, tug and yank him every which way. "Hmmm it seems that all seven of them have infused you with rejuvenation energy, very good. AH! I see that Bast has also increased you endurance, and thickened your skin.

I'd say you are perfect for all of us now." Mut let go taking a step back from the bed and waved her hand, instantly the man and she were naked. "I take it you also wish to find out about me?" The man asked her. "No, not really," she said with a shrug. "I saw that you are fucking fabulous with sex. And since only family can have you I thought I might take a turn." With that the woman sank all the way down the man's shaft with an umph. Though she appeared to be older than all of the others the man guessed she was the oldest sister.

Then the most amazing thing happened the woman began to move but at a normal pace! "I'm surprised that you aren't going as fast as you can." The man told her. "I haven't done this with a male for many centuries. I am called the mother goddess, so it tends to make many keep their distance from me. No I intend to enjoy this," Mut said as a look of lust and pleasure started to dominate the expressions on her face. The man was surprised though she'd not done anything in a long time; she was nowhere as tight as her sisters.

There was a sudden whoosh of power then Serket was standing there watching them both. "Hello sister, I was wondering when you were going to sunny leone xxxstory with condom sex an appearance," Serket told both of them.

"Ummm yes it seems that our half sister made the best choice that she could. You should join in Serket; I know he can take it. I for one have to build up with him, here." Mut waved her hand and Serket was also naked with a shy but sly smile on her lips. Climbing on the bed Serket turned her sex towards the man's face who was more than happy to taste her. Reaching down she started to tongue the man's shaft as it moved smoothly in and out of Mut.

"You are delicious on him sister!" Serket told Mut. "My, my, little Serket," Mut said as she shuddered from the shaft and tongue that were stimulating her. "Someone has been teaching you my dear. Ummm yes! Right there sister!" The man had also been busy as he drove his tongue deep within Serket's sex.

Serket was shuddering more and more as she felt her release building causing her to tongue with more vigor. Finally unable to take the sheath he was in, the tongue that was working on his shaft and the moist sex that he was hungrily lapping the fluids from.

The man roared his release as he started to blast deep within Mut eliciting a growling moan from Mut and an almost whimpering sigh from Serket. Serket and Mut both got up and bowed to the man, "Bast has done far better than any of us thought she would. I look forward to seeing you again mortal." Kissing the man, then her sister on the lips causing Serket to blush, Mut smiled then was gone.

"I take it you are here for an answer to what you said earlier?" The man asked of Serket who smiled with a look of bliss on her face. "Yes, for what you have given and taught me, I grant you anything you wish. Though at present we are still weak with you that should change soon. Also for today, I grant you another.

What would you like?" Serket said still naked her small, perfect body tempting him still even after he'd just orgasmed.

"I do have a few questions that I need answered if you are allowed to tell me. I remember your half sister saying that all of you weren't allowed to tell me some things. I have been wondering all this time, why me? The more I thought of it the more I wondered. I started to research my family thinking they might be Egyptian. I was surprised when I found that they were from Greece." The confused look on her cum facial tribute tkate middleton had him thinking a moment.

"Ah! I believe it was called Hellas back then." "Ah! Yes I remember them they were great warriors. I remember they also had a number of gods themselves. So what is your question? I will answer it if I can." Serket told the man. "Is there something special about me or my family that makes me so special?" The man asked with a tinge of hope in his voice. Serket thought for a few minutes seeming to have a conversation with herself internally. "I have searched back as far as I could; it appears that as you said it has to do with Hellas though I am not sure.

I am asking your wife Bast she was in charge of family." The man sat up on the bed having learned long ago that to rush a female, as that was to invite disaster.

"I am going to take a shower Serket. I'll be back soon." Leaving the room the man looked back as Serket seemed to be listening to something far away. Sighing, the man climbed into his shower and relaxed as the warm water cascaded off his body.

Feeling a little worn out the man suddenly realized he'd not eaten in 2 days! Crap, no wonder he was feeling so weak! A moment later the shower door opened and Serket climbed in with him! The soft young body was doing things to him that him almost wishing he'd not gotten in here.

"This miniature waterfall is wonderful!" Serket remarked. "I must tell all of my sisters of this so they can also feel its wonder!" An excited Serket told the man as her lithe body had his member rising up hard against her backside! "Ah! I see that you still find my body to be as stimulating as the first time and the last time!" Dropping down Serket engulfed his hard shaft with a low moan.

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The man's mouth dropped open as she started to stroke him deeper and xxx very big girls boor eliciting a groan of his own.

"Oh god," the man explained as he felt his orgasm start to build in his scrotum. "Ummm I could take your moisture all day if you could produce it. I have never tasted anything as delicious as it.

I am finding that I want it more and more!" Serket said as she came up for breath each time. A moment later the man felt his scrotum tightened causing Serket to go even faster. Groaning the man told her, "Oh god I am so close!" With a smile Serket took him all the way in her mouth into her throat as the man growled and started to pump load after load down her throat.

Finally spent the man watched her as she cleaned him up with her tongue not missing a single drop of his seed. "Ah! Thank you again! That was so refreshing!" Kissing the man she waved her hand and was dressed. "Bast will be here soon. She is still looking for an answer for you, though I think she already knows." "Why do you say you think she already knows?" The man asked. "It was the way she didn't answer me. She and I have been a little closer than the others.

When she doesn't answer I know something is going on. She said to tell you that she will tell you when she comes." Leaning over Serket kissed the man again sending shock waves through them both. "Ummm that was better thank you!" Then with a little student loves to ride cock in her dorm she was gone also.

Finishing his shower the man made something to eat then sat at his computer again. Clicking it to his stock page he decided to play a little. It wasn't 'til am hour later after he'd made two million dollars that he shut down.

Holy shit he thought, the trade commission is going to have me for lunch if I keep this up! He was going past an open window when he heard a commotion outside. Peeking out he saw there was another group of women moving down the sidewalk.

Most of them looked like the group that he saw a few days ago. "I know he is here somewhere," he heard the one he assumed was the leader say. "Keep searching and knocking on doors he's here somewhere I saw his car come down here and it didn't exit the other side." Closing the window the man slowly drew his curtains.

Yawning he started to feel tired yup Bast must be on her way. Laying down he could swear he was asleep only a moment but it was dark when his eyes opened. "Bast!" He almost shouted when he saw her. "Ah! Husband awake. Answer question. Ancestor part god.

Son Zeus human Lo. Name Epaphus." Bast said with a wicked smile. "He was half god? A demigod!?" The man shouted surprised. Bast only nodded with another sly, wicked smile as she took the man in her arms kissing him passionately. "Yes husband Ephus." Bast whispered as she felt the man put his arms around her without realizing it. For the first time, in so long Bast sighed finally he was here.

Finally she could be released from the hell that she'd been in.