Mom dad tempted to cheat by teen babysitter

Mom dad tempted to cheat by teen babysitter
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It was the happiest day of my life our wedding day. My name's Derick I'm 22 with dark brown hair, I have reddish brown eyes (Yes they're natural) "Your eyes complete your personality." Mark always says that, though I never know what he means by that. Oh Mark is my "hubby to be" (Yes we're gay if you didn't notice yet). The wedding isn't what I'm most excited about, it's our honeymoon and I'm still a virgin. Let's hope it goes well&hellip. "Hurry up!

You're going to be late for your own wedding Derick!" My sister yelled banging on my bedroom door. I was busy checking my bag to make sure I have everything. Mark said we're staying at a 5 star-hotel in Paris. I'm super nervous Interview porn movie with swissmodel stella 22y tube porn been with Mark for 2 years and we never had sex once, yeah we kissed a bunch of times but never anywhere passes that. I told Mark I'm not having sex till I was married he understood and took it as a challenge.

"That's it I'm coming in decent or not!" My sister busted in my room like swat. "Oh you're dressed but what's taking you so long?" she said. "I'm just double-checking to make sure I didn't forget anything." I answered. "Why?

You don't need all those clothes. Mark is just going to rip them off of you every chance he gets." She giggled. "No he wouldn't." I was blushing because she was right. "Anyway, let's go we have 30 minutes to get to the church." She said grabbing my suitcase.

"Alright" I said fixing my tie and rushing out the door to the limo. "Today's the big day!" my sister said smiling. "Yeah can't wait" I said as the limo pulled off the side walk. We arrived at the church in 20 minutes my entire family was outside ready to go in, the limo pulled up behind the church and my sister and I went in through the back.

"Are you ready?" the pastor said.

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"More than I'll ever be." I heard the music play and I knew it was time to walk down the aisle. My sister went to sit with mom. "You ready?" My brother asked. "Yeah" I said. We walked down the aisle I saw my family taking pictures, some crying, others with disapproving looks. But I didn't care; all I was focused on was Mark.

His light brown hair looked perfect, he looked amazing in his tuxedo, and his smile made his deep blue eyes light up. I stood facing him, lost in his eyes the only thing I heard was cum covered face of a hot asian may now kiss your husband." He creased my face so gently and kissed me, our tongues around each other exploring each other's mouths like it was our first time.

I knew the kiss was getting long because the pastor said "You'll have more of that on your honeymoon." I could hear laughter filled the church. We pulled away from each other and looked at the family smiling.

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As we walked down the aisle I heard "Congrats you two!" or "Good luck." We got in the limo (Yes, we changed clothes) "Are you ready for our honeymoon baby?" Mark said calmly. "Yeah" I said trying to hide the nervousness. He pulled me close and kissed me softly. "Don't worry I know it's your first time, I'll take my time to make sure you'll enjoy every second of it." He whispered. I was getting really warm from his words.

He moved his hand down to my chest and started playing with my left nipple. He circled around it and twisted & pulled it. I started moaning, he pulled a little harder and I moaned a little louder. "You love pain I see." He said, then proceeded to kiss and bite my neck trying to get me to beg got more. I felt my dick harden in my pants "I hope Mark doesn't notice" I thought to myself. "You're hard Derick." Mark said rubbing his hand on my bulge.

"I can't wait till we get to the hotel." He italian harlot gets her wet cunt hammered pornstars and creampie in my ear biting and kissing it. "We're here sir" the limo driver said. I rushed out the car getting my bags from the trunk hoping my boner would go away before we got on the plane. "Here's your seat sir" The flight attendant said.

"You got us first class?" I said. "Anything for my baby" He said kissing my neck & grabbing my ass. I felt my dick stand to attention again. "We should sit" I said trying to change the subject. "Yeah" he said pulling me on him and sitting on his lap.

He rubbed his hand over my jeans I tried to hold in my moaning. "We're alone, let it out. Go ahead and moan" he whispered in my ear; kissing it. "Why did I bother bringing clothes?" I slide my panties slowly down my round ass joi. He brought his mouth down to my nipple this time the right one.

He twisted & pulled the left. He ran his tongue over my shirt where my nipple was. I moaned softly, he put his hand over my bulge again my instincts kicked in and I started to hump his hand.

"You're very horny huh baby" Mark said bringing his lips to mine. He kissed me softly then harder shoving his tongue in my mouth. The way he dominated me made me harder. "I want you now" He moaned. "Wait till we get to the hotel.

You can have me all you want till death do us part." I said softly. "Till death do us part" he whispered kissing me passionately, I felt all the air being sucked out of my lungs.

"Attention all passengers we will be leaving the run way in 5 minutes please fasten your seats belts and enjoy the ride." I managed to get my top half to my chair but he was holding on to my legs with dear life. "Let go I need to get in my seat I sit right next to you!" I yelled. "I know but I wouldn't be able to do this…" Mark said softly and proceeded to unzip my pants exposing my dick in my boxers and licked the opening to them.

"God the feels good." I thought pushing the opening closer to his tongue. "Just one more time baby please" I said softly. "Wait till we get to the hotel" he said with a teasing grin.

He let go of my legs and I hurried into my seat.

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I struggled zipping my pants back because I was still rock hard. "You're 25 and you're acting like you're 18" I said. "I can't play around with my husband?" He questioned. "You can just not when people can hear and/or see us. Indecent exposure is against the law." I said. "Alright, fine." He said "But" (he leaned in closer) "When we get to our destination we aren't leaving that room till it's time for us to go back." He whispered. I instantly turned red; my dick that started going down was hard again.

"Attention, passengers we're now leaving the runway now." I strapped myself in and fell asleep. I dreamt about Mark and me making love in the airplane's bathroom. I felt a rush of pleasure cause through my body I thought it was just a dream.

I woke up and I was exhausted. I saw Mark's arm under the blanket I was under. I lifted the blanket and saw my cum all over Mark's hand and he kept jacking me off. "M…" I moaned "Shush" He whispered putting his tongue in my mouth. "This feels so good" I moaned. "I said we couldn't do this here." I groaned moving my body to each stroke.

"You said as long as no one sees or hears, I have a blanket over us and I keeping you quiet now sit back and enjoy" he whispered kissing me to quiet my moans. After I came again, Mark helped me clean up and shoved slim raven haired hottie rides a long member lingerie and cumshot dick back into my pants and waited for him to fall asleep first. We landed in Paris around 9 o'clock p.m. we got in another limo to the hotel. "20 minutes till the hotel" Mark said grinning.

My hearts never beat so hard in my life. "I can't wait to try the food there I heard it's amazing" I said. "I can't wait to try something but it's not food" He said rubbing my arm.

"His hands are so warm" I thought. "We're at your destination sirs" The driver said. When we got to our room it was beautiful but I rushed to the bathroom and locked the door. I called my sister. "Hello?" She said. "Hey sis we made it, we're at the hotel" I said. "That's good but you're supposed to be with Mark right now begging for mercy" She laughed. "Anna!" I said surprised.

"It's true! Have fun I'll see you in a week!" She said and hung up.

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"Derick, I'm going down stairs for a minute I'll be back" Mark said behind the door. "Ok" I replied and I heard the door open and close. I unlocked the bathroom door and looked around to make sure he was gone.

"This going to happen eventually might as well" I said out loud. I took off all my clothes and put on one of mark's button down shirts. I only buttoned a few though, (it fit really loose on me) I lit a few candles that was near the bed that came with the room and I cut off the lights. I sat in the center of the bed waiting for Mark. 2 minutes later I heard Mark opening the door my heart started beating so loud & hard. "Derick I'm b…" he looked shocked.

"Welcome back" I whispered softly. He didn't say a word he just walked closer to the bed and pulled me closer to him. "You have no idea how much this turns me on" he whispered.

"Show me" I whispered. I was rock hard it made his shirt look like a tent. He kissed me roughly almost devouring me completely his dominance made my dick throb. Mark pulled away from me and took his shirt & pants off. He creased my face softly and kissed me. He unbuttoned the shirt that covered me and exposed my naked body.

He bit & kissed my neck and travelled lowered down to my nipples. He licked both of them and started paying more attention to the left one. He bit down on it and pulled I moaned so loud, the pain felt so good. He pulled and twisted the right nipple with his fingers. "Mark…" I moaned "shush, the fun is just beginning babe." He said seductively. He flipped me on my stomach using both his hands to abuse my nipples, I was moaning so loud.

"It feels so good" I whispered. Mark pulled out lube, I knew what was next. (Or so I thought) "Not yet baby I'm not going to rush we have all night brunette precious gets her knees dirty and creamed week." I wanted him now and he's just playing with my body.

I got up and laid on top of him, I kissed him passionately as my hands explored his body. I babe cock sucks a big black cock off his boxers and slowly stroked him.

I pulled away from his mouth and wrapped my lips around his dick. I moved my tongue on his shaft he was moaning so loud. "Baby stop I'm going to cum if you keep going" he groaned. He tried pulling me off but I held his arm down. I moved my hand faster on his dick I could hear him fighting not to cum. "Baby cum in my mouth then destroy my ass, I want my husband inside me." I said seductively. I shoved his dick back in my mouth, sucking and running my tongue on his shaft.

He sat up and slapped his dick on my face; I grabbed it and put it back in my mouth. He thrusted in and out of my mouth, I finally felt his cum fill my mouth and I swallowed some and left the rest in my mouth for an later event. I sat up on the bed and spread my legs for him. Mark put lube all over his hand and searched for my asshole; he found it in 30 seconds. He rubbed his now slippery finger around my asshole. I moaned moving my body trying to get his finger inside.

I got on all fours and he shoved his finger in moving in and out faster. He pulled his finger out and lubed his dick up. He wiped his hands on the shirt and pulled on my nipple as slowly entered me.

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The combination of pain & pleasure was unbearable "Mark!" I groaned out of breath. "Harder baby" I moaned "You like when I hurt you baby?" He said. "Yes" I groaned holding in my screams of pleasure. The pleasure was so intense I came all over the sheets; I then felt a warm sensation in my ass I knew Mark came inside me.

I wanted to stay like that forever. Mark pulled out of me and held me in his arms. He kissed me, I still had some of his cum in my mouth we exchanged it our mouth.

"This man is mine for I've never been so happy." I thought as we drifted to sleep.