Oral pleasures and riding at a hot orgy

Oral pleasures and riding at a hot orgy
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Starting Over Chapter 3 Slowly I recovered from the wonderful climax that Nan and Judy had provided. It's difficult to articulate how I was feeling: warm, satisfied, cared for, virile, but most of all mellow.

Somehow Judy and Nan helped me get to the closest chair. As I seated myself, Judy headed for the kitchen to get wine glasses. Nan laid out in a recliner near me. This gave me my first opportunity to get a good look at my new friend. I guessed she is about 5ft 4in. She's trim with only a few extra pounds. Her black hair extends about half way down her back and is matched by a neatly trimmed hair around her vagina.

Nam has relatively small breasts that hang low on her chest. Her areoles are a dark brown in color and feature nipples that stand out almost an inch. Despite these sexy details, by far her best feature is her face. She has dark, almost black eyes and a huge smile, highlighted by very white teeth and beautiful full lips.

Oh those lips! As I thought about her, I remembered the exquisite feeling of those lips wrapped around my cock.

Nan is beautiful. She could be a magazine model. My increasingly horny thoughts of Nan were interrupted by Judy's approach. What an impressive vision she is, carrying three Waterford Chrystal wine goblets. Judy is about 5ft 10 in. She has muscular arms and legs. You can see at a glance that she is a natural as a masseuse.

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She has large, beautiful breasts that probably hang a little lower on her chest than they did 40 years ago, but gravity takes its toll on all of us. Her short blonde hair accents her blue eyes. Her smile is almost mesmerizing. Watching Judy cross the patio from the Kitchen to our table, I am struck at how confident she is.

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She is in charge. She is happy in her own skin. Nan was the first to speak. "Oh Judy, thanks so much for sharing! This is a fun evening." "No need to share. I brought plenty of wine!" Judy began to laugh uncontrollably. "She not talking about the wine. She talking about you!

Now lets get two of those bottles open.

Chardonnay for Nan. White Zen for you and me." I took this opportunity to excuse myself. I grabbed my kit bag and headed to the bathroom. I could tell that this evening wasn't over yet and that it would most likely be physically draining, so to speak. After a quick bio break, I washed the sweat off, splashed some cologne on my face and arms, and downed a couple of Viagra.

I rejoined the ladies on the patio. .Someone had poured two glasses of White Zin and a glass of Chardonnay. I handed out the wine and raised my glass.

"Ladies, here's to great friends and even mind blowing sex!" Judy chimed in, "It's not your mind I want to blow." We all laughed. The Viagra began to kick in and my cock jumped in anticipation. After some small talk and another glass of wine, Judy suggested that we adjourn to the hot tub. We agreed and Nan led the way. We all climbed into the Jacuzzi.

"Here Jack, sit between us." I did so and the two ladies cuddled up one on each side of me. As I settled into my seat I immediately felt four hands begin to caress various parts of my body.

Nam began to stroke one of my shoulders and pet my hardening cock.

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Thank God for Viagra! Judy had an arm around my neck and one stroking my thigh. Judy moved the mouth to my ear, "Do you like my choice of friends tonight? Nan is fascinated with your cock.

She can't take her eyes off of it. She really want's to fuck you. And I want to watch and help us all cum again." Nan moved her lips to my other ear, "Oh Jack, I'm so happy that Judy invited both of us here tonight. You have such a beautiful cock. I can't lucky guy creampies 2 times it alone. Please let me fuck you." That was a strange way to say it. I was expecting that I would carry her out of the hot tub. Lay her on her back on one of the sun chair recliners.

Hold her legs over her head and drive my cock deep into her cunt. What did this little minx have in mind?

"Oh Nan, you had me at hello." I quoted an old movie line I had heard somewhere. "And now you can have me any why you choose!" Judy and Nan each took one of my arms and eased me toward the hot tub stairs. The air felt cool after the tub. They led me to Judy's play area.

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This is an inflatable pad about 10 feet square off to the side of the pool. "Lay here Jack." They eased me down onto the pad, on my back. Nan crawled between my legs. By now my cock was rock hard (At least as hard as it gets!) Nan took it gently in her hands and began to slowly stroke it. She reached between her legs and scooped up some of her own fluid and brought it to my cock.

Then she moved up my body and positioned her dripping pussy over my cock. She positioned my cock so that it laid along her protruding pussy lips and she began to slide herself on my cock from base to tip. When she reached the tip, just when I expected to feel it slip into her warm slick tunnel, she stopped and returned toward the base. This was exquisite torture. I don't think I've ever been so ready to fuck in my entire life! I had lost sight of Judy while my mind concentrated on Nan's ministrations to my cock.

Then I felt her warmth at my head. She gently laid my head back on the pad and positioned herself with one leg on each side of my head. She began to massage my torso, moving her hands from my chest to my cock. When she got to my cock, I could feel her move her hand to Nan's clit and tweak it. Alice in wonderland an x rated musical fantasy time Judy contacted Nan's clit, Nam would moan, "Oh Judy, that feels so good.

Nan finally relented and on one of her approaches to the head of my cock, she moved just far enough for it to slip inside. Slowly she slid my cock into her pussy. "Oh Jack, I knew this would be good, but it is even better than I expected." The pleasure was overwhelming.

I wanted to thrust my cock into Nam faster and harder. I wanted to cum. I wanted to cum right now! When Nan felt my attempts to thrust faster and deeper, she admonished me, "No Jack!

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I said I wanted to fuck you. Just lay back and enjoy this. I'm in control." "Yes Jack! Let go. We are in control." sultry brunette dominating thick cock friend fucks his asshole hard anal With that Judy moved her pussy forward passed my eyes and nose and settled it on my mouth.

I extended my tongue and began to swab the inside of her pussy. Judy was dripping wet. I had never experienced anything like this before. I couldn't see anything. Judy's nether regions had my eyes completely blindfolded. Any sound was muffled by Judy's legs which had a firm grip on my head. I had difficulty getting enough air, although that just seem to intensify the experience.

I could smell Judy's intoxicating scent. I could feel her dripping wet slippery pussy. The overwhelming sensation that I felt was Nan's pussy slowly massaging my cock. She seemed to be able to tell whenever I was about to cum. She would slow down even more and wait till the urge subsided. I was approaching sensory overload. I felt like my skin was electrified.

I felt the hair on my body stand up. Oh my God! This is fucking fantastic! Judy must have leaned forward to make get closer to Nan, because she tilted her pelvis forward which brought her clit in contact with my lips. I wrapped my lips around it and sucked it as deep into my mouth as I could. I could tell that Judy enjoyed this by the way she tightened her legs and I think I heard her shriek.

The level of moaning increased as we all three neared our climaxes. Judy was the first to cum. She mashed her pussy down on my mouth even harder. Then she jumped off my body and turned around and began a series of deep French kisses. Now I could hear Nan! She was moaning and babbling about how good it was. She was still fucking me slowly And she was enjoying it tremendously. "Oh yes! Yes! Yessssssssssssss! Oh fuck this is so good!

Oh God I'm cummmmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg!" She tightened her pussy walls even tighter on my cock. I could feel my toes curl. My entire body flexed and tightened. And then it happened! I began to shoot. Involuntarily I yelled out, "Oh Fuck I'm cumming toooooooo. Yes! Yes! Oh fuck yesssssssssssss!" Spurt after spurt shot out of my cock and blasted into Nan's waiting pussy. Her insides became even wetter, if that was possible.

"Oh Nan, come lay beside me! I want to feel your body next to me." And so the evening ended. Judy on one side; Nan on the other; and an exhausted Jack in the middle. We cuddled and slept like that for hours. Thank you Judy! Friends with benefits is a fantastic concept!