Cute chubby sex story xxx

Cute chubby sex story xxx
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"Meat Man" is a work of adult fiction and contains sexually explicit material that some may find offensive. It is meant for persons over the age of 18 and is not suitable for children.

All characters contained within are purely fictional, any similarity of any character, event or place to any actual person, event or place, is purely coincidental. This story takes place in the fantasy world where disease and unwanted pregnancy are not an issue. In the real world they are very real threats and you should always protect yourself.

The author does not condone or advocate the behavior described in this story. Just because I made it up, doesn't necessarily mean I agree with it. The author reserves all rights to this work. It may be freely distributed, posted and archived electronically only in its entirety including all header material.

It may not be sold in whole or in any part, or as part of an electronic document, printed material, voice recording or any other manner without proper copyright clearances being obtained from the author.

Chapter One: The Part Where I Put Them Under My Control I love eating pussy. I don't mean that I like it in the way most men say that they like it, usually because of what generally follows; I mean that I like it because I find it succulent, delicious, jake in brasil vs claudia orgasmo brutal by eldoctorlecter tube porn arousing. If you were to give me a choice between the most expensive, meticulously prepared steak or a fresh hot pussy, I'd take the pussy every time.

Luckily, I have two things that give me certain advantages in pursuit of my favorite culinary delight. The first advantage is my job. I work for my uncle. Everyone in my extended family does in some way or another. He makes the best sausage in the world but it is only available in northern California, and it is always in high demand. That is because he grinds up a secret mix of different cuts from different animals (so secret we get the whole animals and cut them up ourselves) and adds an even more secret blend of herbs and spices (many of which we grow ourselves).

My great grandfather, a botanist, a chemical engineer and a sheer genius, developed the secret blends.

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He had an almost intuitive ability to divine how different items react with one another on a chemical level. This ability helped him develop an assortment of differing meats and ordinary everyday herbs and spices (along with, perhaps, one or two that aren't so ordinary) that not only made the sausage taste like heaven, but also made it just slightly addictive. Meaning once you've had enough of it, you will develop a mild craving for it.

No messy withdrawal or anything, but you will find yourself seeking it out—one of the secrets to our success. The big boys don't know about the addictive properties, but have still been after the particulars for years; being a family only business does have advantages when it comes to corporate espionage.

In fact, anyone coming into our valley who isn't family, whether they are spies or not, aren't made very welcome. Just ask my other uncle—the sheriff. What makes this an advantage to me is that I am the delivery truck driver of an extremely popular item—making camera man plays with a hot blonde critical x very popular. I can decide how much sausage each restaurant, grocery store or deli gets and since the quantity of the pretty sweetie gapes spread twat and gets deflorated defloration virginity we can make depends upon some hard to get special ingredients, there are times that our product is in short supply.

At those times, the retailers that keep me happy get the goods. But, the real advantage is that I travel all over this part of the state, meeting new people all the time and, if the need arises, opportunities to use my second advantage. The second advantage is a certain binary drug that was also developed in secret by my great grandfather. The first part can actually function as a stand-alone drug. It induces a slightly hallucinatory euphoric intoxication along with a highly suggestible and agreeable state of mind.

The only problem is that it does nothing to the subject's memory. When the drug wears off they remember everything—thus the necessity of the second component. That drug works in synergy with the first and, as long as it is consumed by the subject while they are still feeling the effects of the first drug, eliminates any danger of them remembering and then talking about what happened to them while under the influence of the first part of the drug.

Now, I'm not a troll or anything, in fact most women find me attractive so I don't always have to use the second advantage. In fact I only use it sparingly since I have some pretty regular pani nikalta wsexciy story sex stories download calls along my route and using it does carry some significant risk.

But it's always nice to know its there if I want to tame a woman just too lovely to pass up. You may be wondering what brought about this moment of introspection. It might be that a bit of expository rumination was needed at this early stage of my tale, but it was most likely due to the awesome classic blue mustang that had just pulled into the parking lot of the diner where I had just completed my final delivery for the day. Before you think me a bigger pervert than I actually am, it wasn't the car that had me thinking sexual thoughts.

While I do appreciate such nice examples of the American Muscle Car, it was the three young beauties who had gotten out of it that caused me to turn and go back into the diner. The fact that the car had out of state plates was a happy coincidence—that meant they weren't from around here, which would help limit any risks. The only complication I could think of was that I had never tried three at once before, and one important aspect of using the drug was to keep your eye on the subject at all times in order to cut off any spontaneous return to independent thought—but it was all three or none and they were simply too gorgeous to pass up.

The thought of the three tight juicy pussies hidden behind the faded cut off blue jeans made my mouth water and my cock twitch with anticipation. "Well, that was fast." Quipped the slim brown haired waitress upon seeing my return. "Did you finally realize you weren't tipping eno." Her eyes shifted to look past me into the parking lot.

"Oh, I see." She said with a grin, "you're a dog—you know that, right?" "Yes, in fact I do know it and I hope you're not going to cock block me with that damned 'neglected wife' routine." Chuckling, but not saying anything, she turned back to her cleaning. Janey and I had a thing, but it wasn't frequent or exclusive.

The last thing I needed was her playing silly games. I made my way back to the stool I had so recently vacated. The young ladies entered and sat at a table by the door. There was a slim blonde, a voluptuous red head and petite hottie with jet-black hair. They were well groomed which made it more likely that their pussies were fresh and clean.

I was seated at the end of the counter and when Janey passed me on her way to greet the new arrivals, I stopped her.

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"Janey, would you mind topping off my coffee real quick?" She gave me a conspiratorial wink, which relieved my concern about her hijinks, "You got it, honey." She set down the water and menus, as I knew she would. I was a regular and considering the product I delivered she knew her boss wanted me kept happy, which probably played a small role in our 'thing.' But the three newcomers with out of state plates were obviously one-time customers—they could wait.

She took my cup down to the other end of the counter where the large coffee urn was. While her back was to me I slipped the vial of the potent liquid drug from my shirt pocket and carefully transferred a small amount into each drinking glass.

By the time she returned the minor clouding had dissipated and the drug was floating colorlessly on top of the water.

It was important that it not be mixed in because it wasn't entirely tasteless. Folks usually thought it was just bad tasting water and this way, even if they only took one drink, it would be almost pure drug and they would easily be taken past the point of no return.

It was much less conspicuous in a flavored drink or in food but it was harder to doctor those types of items in a place like this. Janey unknowingly delivered the tainted water to my three victims. A large mirror covered the wall behind the counter. Products and appliances obscured most of it, but I was able to shift my position in order to watch my three lovelies while I sipped my coffee.

They were behaving much as you would expect early twenty something girls to behave. Their hushed conversation was punctuated by sporadic outbursts of giggling. I watched as the first one, the pretty blonde brought her glass to her lips and took a long drink only to pull it away and grimace as the odd flavor registered with her taste buds.

She whispered something to her two friends and, of course, they had to try theirs as well with similar reactions. There was more giggling as I faintly heard the words 'boondocks,' 'well' and 'hicks' being quietly bandied about.

It usually took about fifteen to twenty minutes and this time was no exception. As soon as the meiga gordinha de oacuteculos testando seus limitesbbwdp began to die out I moved to the table. Their eyes were drawn to me. There was a just a hint of glassiness to their gazes. "You don't mind me joining you." I kept my voice low, but smiled cheerfully.

"My name is Lee. You will smile, greet me amicably, and tell me your names." The drug was working as it always did. There was just a little hesitation to their actions, not enough to be generally apparent but it would be noticeable to those who knew them so I tried not to use it anywhere that might be an issue.

Most of the hesitation or grogginess disappears once the subject understands his or her instructions. "I'm Jenny," said the blond beauty to my right coming to life. She was probably a little over five feet tall with tight, round ass, a narrow waist and apple-sized tits. Her low cut white tank top revealed a nice amount of cleavage. The top matched her lovely cornflower blue eyes and looked delicious against her tanned skin.

Her shiny blonde hair fell in silky smooth locks down to the middle of her back, I liked the 'no bangs' look anyway and she had no problem pulling it off. "This is Paula." she added indicating the tall red haired honey with green eyes and a well endowed, yet perfectly proportioned physique wrapped in a tight pink t-shirt with yellow butterflies flitting about upon it. Her eyes had an erotic almond shape to them that was nicely enhanced by the dark red hair that flowed thickly across her shoulders in loose waves.

"And that's Lori." She finished waving her hand in the direction of the petite raven-haired beauty clad in a soft plaid button down shirt with the tails tied just under her chest. She probably didn't even reach five feet and even though her tits were no bigger than Jenny's her thin waist and tiny body made them look bigger, since her shirt wasn't buttoned, just tied, there was a fair amount of cleavage on display with her as well.

Her hair fell down to her shoulder blades clothed hottie sucks cock pornstars and big dick soft waves; so black it shimmered in the florescent lighting. She had been the one who first caught my eye. Don't get me wrong, the other girls were smoking hot too, but this tiny brown eyed, olive skinned beauty was the one I had to have. I happily accepted the presence of the other two, but without this one, I may not have been so tempted to try subjugating three.

I felt a familiar stirring in my nether regions and couldn't wait to get these three honeys alone. But if we all got up and left now it would look a bit odd. The drug was effective for about six hours so there was no hurry and therefore, no reason to make anyone suspicious. At the same time, I saw no reason to drag out the preliminaries so I decided to order for them—picking something I knew would be about the quickest thing on the menu.

"Janey!" I called, "bring each of these young ladies a chicken salad sandwich, side of chips, pickle spears and a medium Pepsi. Put it on my bill." Then in a lower voice, "you should express your appreciation for my kind gesture." "Thank you so much!" Gushed Paula. "That is so nice of you." Echoed Lori.

"You really don't have to do that, thank you." Said Jenny sincerely, placing her hand on mine. The conversation was informative though anyone close enough to listen might have mistaken it for an interrogation. I would ask for specific information and they would give it to me. We kept our voices down and I continually reminded them to appear cheerful and friendly.

That is how I found out that they had been driving up the coast, beginning at San Diego and intending to finish up in Seattle. When Janey arrived with their food I instructed them to eat up and I sat back to admire what I was by now considering my own private smorgasbord. Any one of them would be a head turner in whatever venue they might appear, but together the effect was breathtaking.

And soon they would all be tangled up with me in a big ball of naked fun. When they were finished I paid the bill and then ushered my new friends out to my truck.

"You will get in the truck and sit quietly until we reach our destination." They complied quickly, Paula getting in first, which put her next to me, followed by Jenny with Lori at the window.

I started the truck and began the forty-five minute drive to my house. I could have had one of them follow me in their mustang, but I never liked taking that risk. The drug simply eroded far too much independent thought for something as complicated as driving. As I drove, the full ripe breasts seated next to me kept diverting my attention.

Temptation finally won out and I reached across with my left hand touching Paula's left tit. She slapped my hand and spouted a slightly foggy protest. "You. shouldn't do that." She tried to give me a stern gaze but was so stoned she couldn't hold it.

"Why" I caught myself. I almost asked her 'why not?' which could have spelled the end of my fun. When members of my family are first given access to the drug, they are taught not to ask questions of those under the influence of the drug. Questions invited thought, independent thought, not a good thing when one is trying to subdue that person's free will. I don't use the drug all that often so when I do it is always a challenge to refrain from phrasing anything like a question.

Even following up a command with a rhetorical question such as, 'oral pretty milfs taking care of fat dicks is a very wonderful thing, wouldn't you agree?' can end in disaster. But I'm pretty quick on my feet and without missing a beat I continued, ".why it's a perfectly natural thing for a man to touch a woman's breast. It is pleasurable for the woman as well as the man.

In fact, all three of you find it desirable and even a little exciting for someone like me to appreciate your breasts." The other two girls nodded as I talked, sitting up a bit straighter in their seats and pushing out their own ripe bosoms.

They were responding to the drug and my directions just fine, but Paula regarded me with a confused look, as though she knew something wasn't quite right, but she just couldn't put her finger on it.

"You do have beautiful breasts, Paula. You don't mind that I touch them." I reached under my right arm again and placed my hand on her tit, giving it a gentle squeeze. "See, that feels just wonderful for you." I suppressed the urge to add 'doesn't it?' and continued to knead her soft tit. She wore no bra and as I talked her up I could feel the nipple growing.

"The way I fondle your breast is very pleasurable and you are getting excited." She moaned softly in response to my suggestions. The other girls were now watching my hand on Paula's tit.

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Their eyes widened when I pinched her nipple through the cloth of her t-shirt. Even through their fugue they knew how good that must have felt—Paula's sharp intake of breath confirmed it. I took the steering wheel with my left hand and reached over Paula to spend several lust filled minutes exploring the resilient flesh beneath the shirts of Jenny and Lori. Their sighs and moans indicated they enjoyed it as thoroughly as Paula had. All the groping had aroused me and my cock was straining painfully against my pants.

I had originally intended to wait until I got home before I started anything; distracted driving is a good way to attract the unwanted attention of the authorities. But these girls were so damned gorgeous I threw caution to the wind.

Being careful to avoid any hint of a question, "I know that all three of you are thinking about my cock and how good it can make you feel.

You know, deep down inside you that my cock will make you feel better than any other cock you have ever encountered" Their eyes began to take short journeys to my crotch, my cock twitched and Lori gasped. "Paula is especially wondering how it tastes." "I. I don't. think it would taste all that good." Ventured Paula. Oops, I let Paula 'wonder.' "Well, Paula, you have stopped wondering because you now know that it actually has a delightful flavor which you are eager to taste." Her big green eyes now stared openly at my bulging crotch.

Her tongue peeked out sexily as she slowly licked her lips. She reached down slowly, her fingers lightly brushing my denim covered hard on. I reached over her and slid my hand inside Jenny's tank top, palming her firm breast. Paula's intoxication was making it hard for her to figure out my belt buckle.

Her fumbling merely heightened my anticipation and by the time she had the button and zipper conquered it was a rock hard cock that she was tenderly caressing. Fondling wasn't what she wanted to do, however—I had seen to that. Slowly, deliberately, almost reluctantly, she brought her mouth down to engulf my throbbing member. "Now you see that it's very delicious and you want as much of it as you can get." "Mmm." She replied, her tentative ministrations gaining a bit more enthusiasm.

"In fact, the more you can fit into your mouth the better it tastes." She didn't reply this time, her mouth was far too busy. Her new enthusiasm was about all her now eager efforts had to offer though. I guessed that she didn't enjoy oral sex since it appeared that she hadn't had very much, if any, practice.

I wasn't all that disappointed, however, since it was good enough to naughty nerdy babe takes in a fat cock hardcore camfree enjoyable, especially with my hand full of Jenny's tit, and, moreover, I didn't want to cum yet. Lori was looking a bit like the odd man out.

"Lori, Jenny needs more attention, you should caress the inside of her thighs and do your best to tease and massage her pussy. You will find that giving pleasure to her will be pleasing to you." Lori complied, of course, her eyes taking on a lustful gleam as she tickled and caressed Jenny's thighs and massaged her pussy through the cutoffs. Jenny's ragged breath revealed that she must have had some skill "Jenny, since you are enjoying both a breast and a pussy massage, you need to give a little back.

You should do for Lori the same thing she is doing for you." Feeling very excited already, Jenny's head whipped around and her eyes locked with Lori's as her fingers began traveling over Lori's smooth olive skin.

Both of their asses were squirming around in the seat and they seemed to be engaged in some sort of high energy erotic staring contest. Placing both hands back on the wheel I worked on making it back to the safety of our valley and listened to sis and brhot sex stories frenzied moans as I enjoyed the stimulation provided by Paula's inexperienced yet enthusiastic mouth.

It took about thirty-five minutes before my truck passed into the safety of my family's valley. There was no danger from the authorities here. My three sex kittens could expect no assistance from either my Sheriff uncle or any of my cousin deputies—the only deputies my uncle allowed to work teen girl with big boobs only for you masturbate fingering part of the county.

Everyone in the family knew about, and had access to our great grandfather's drug. I guess you could say that being part of a close knit extended family good at keeping secrets is a third advantage. As we neared my house, I had Paula stop sucking me off and told Jenny and Lori to take a break, they had each had one or two orgasms and appeared to need a few minutes breather before the main event. I tucked my cock back into my pants.

"Once inside, the three of you will work as a team to undress me, then you will strip." I ordered as I turned into my driveway. The refrigerated delivery van wouldn't fit into my attached garage so I pulled along side it, onto the gravel spread there for just that purpose. From there it was a short walk to the back door and the work of a few seconds to kick off my shoes and usher the three beauties inside.

They had already had their instructions as soon as we were in the living room the girls surrounded me, caressing and massaging me as they worked on removing my clothes.

Paula pressed her large soft tits against my back and reached around to unbutton my shirt. As each button was undone, jenny caressed the newly exposed skin of my chest.

Lori stood to my right unfastening my belt and pants. She let them drop to the floor just as Paula pulled my shirt down my arms. Jenny grabbed my shorts and tugged them to the floor so I could step out of them. I stood naked, stiff cock waving in front of me, watching the girls. Jenny pulled her tank top off, shaking her head to allow her silky blond locks to fall straight, Lori undid the knot of her shirt, shrugged it off and Paula peeled off her t-shirt. Five seconds later there were three pairs of cut-offs and three pairs of dainty panties lying on the floor.

I beauteous teenie doxy swallows his whole pounder back to sit on the couch and start the show. "I want to lick a pussy. You each want me to lick your pussy. The thought of me licking your pussy is already causing your pussies to get wet.

You each want desperately to be the first one I lick so you will each try to entice me to lick your pussy first by dancing erotically for me." I leaned over and turned on the stereo. The room filled with the throbbing beat of Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick.

They undulated seductively to the beat. I couldn't help but noticed what seemed to be some rigidity and reluctance in Paula, nothing to worry too much about but I did prefer a little more enthusiasm.

Before I could think about that too much, my eyes were drawn past the lovely slender Jenny, to the petite Lori. Such a tiny body, such wonderful curves, such a gorgeous face, so unbelievably hot and not a trace of reluctance. Her lithe figure and small round ass practically guaranteed a hot tight little pussy.

Her catlike grace and slinky gyrations practically guaranteed she knew how to use that hot tight little pussy. She would be first. I beckoned her with a wave of my hand and she sat on the sofa next to me. The other girls looked on with envy. Before Therealworkout cute asian teen fucks friend after workout could begin with Lori, however, I had to give them their instructions or they would just keep dancing.

"While I eat out Lori, you two will caress my body, paying particular attention to my thighs, ass and chest areas. You will fondle and gently massage my balls but will not touch my cock." With that I slid off the couch, coming to my knees in front of the raven-haired beauty.

Her dark eyes smoldered with lust as she spread her legs and I knew I was right about her. Her little hairless pussy looked barely big enough for my finger. I wondered if my cock was going to fit. I bent down and with the first lick—slowly up the short length of her slit—I was in heaven.

The soft juicy pink flesh was warm and wonderful. Round and round I licked, from one inner thigh to the other I tasted her in her entirety and loved every smooth square millimeter. She began to squirm and moan. My cock was pulsing in time to my heartbeat and almost dribbling pre-cum.

I had a delicate hand gently manipulating each of my nipples and one hand was massaging my buttocks and lower back with the fourth hand caressing my inner thighs, stopping frequently to lightly knead and fondle my balls. But I didn't let that distract me. My attention was on Lori's sweet pussy.

I pulled her lips apart with my fingers euro hottie gets her wet pussy hammered cumshot blonde lay my tongue flat against the exposed pinkness.

I began making little circles, which drew a gasp from her, and after several minutes, when her squirms had graduated to light thrashing and her moans had become almost shouts joy; I drove my tongue as deeply into her as I could. The hot soft meat of her pussy throbbed and pulsed around my tongue as she came.

The way her little snatch sucked at my tongue I knew that this was the pussy I would eventually cum inside of; I didn't see how I couldn't. I kept my tongue in contact with her dripping pussy until she had ridden her orgasm for all it was worth. I slowly backed away watching her until she opened her eyes and smiled at me with gratitude.

"That was amazing, Lee. Thank you." "It was my pleasure, believe me. But now you should make room for the next lucky girl." She quickly moved off the couch. And the other girls waited to see who would be next. "Okay, Jenny, it's your turn." The slim blonde slid into position and though her blue eyes were slightly fogged by the drug there was eagerness in them.

She had witnessed Lori's pleasure and anticipated the same pleasant experience. As I prepared for my second course, Lori climbed on my back. Though she brice bardot is fucking hot especially since shes a dancer doggystyle hardcore next to nothing, I could feel the heat of her pussy on my upper ass and the warmth of her body all over my back. She reached around and began to gently caress my chest and deftly manipulate my nipples.

Paula took up the massage of my legs and balls, this time keeping one hand constantly on my sensitive sack. My cock was so hard I could have pounded nails with it. Real sleeping sister fukeng brother pussy wasn't valentina latina amateur blowjob cowgirl homemade pov hairless.

She had kept a small patch; just enough to prove her stunning blonde hair was natural. She wasn't quite as small as Lori, but she was going to be plenty tight. I dove in with gusto and she tasted wonderful as well. As a connoisseur of such things I could taste a slight difference between the two, but it wasn't by much. I spread her hot slick lips and slowly busty blonde hottie has her pussy plowed fetish gonzo my tongue up and down while intermittently sucking her swollen clit into my mouth just to hear her squeal.

Her smooth tones calves caressed my shoulders as she writhed in pleasure. She was just as responsive as Lori and it wasn't long before my skilful ministrations had her shaking and coming.

Of course it helped that I kept reminding her how good it felt. The girls shifted again. This time the amazingly voluptuous Paula reclined before me with Jenny kneeling on my left and Lori on my right. Their hands were running all over me but still spending quality time fondling my testicles.

The pre-cum was almost squirting out of my cock by now I was so horny. Paula hadn't spread her legs and despite the arousal apparent on her face, there was still a trace of reluctance. I massaged her thighs, swimming in her exotic green eyes. "You feel very excited right now, Paula. You want me to touch your pussy because you know how good it will feel.

All you have to do is listen to your friends, Jenny, Lori, tell her how much she will enjoy it. "Oh, Paula," gushed Jenny, "you'll love it. You have to let him eat you." "It was the best I ever felt," chimed in Lori, "go for it—its great." "Spread your legs for me, Paula." She couldn't have refused for long anyway.

She slowly let her knees fall apart. The internal turmoil she was experiencing was obvious. I saw that while her snatch had a bit more hair than either of her friends it was still trimmed well away from her lovely pussy.

I took a quick sampling lick and found it marvelous. She didn't have the same reaction as the other girls—she was still hesitant. After a bit more exploration I discovered the reason behind her unwillingness.

Paula was a virgin! My already painfully hard cock swelled just a little bit more. I covered her entire pussy with my mouth. Using my upper lip to stroke her clit, I massaged her hymen with my tongue. Her reluctance began to melt away and she allowed herself to feel the excitement building up as I licked and sucked her fresh pink flesh. Gradually she began shifting her hips to give my tongue better access to her dripping, inviolate, slit.

I alternated between sucking part of her pussy into my mouth and forming small circles with a flattened tongue. Her movements became more frenzied and her voice acquired that combination of pleasure and desperation that comes with a slow pending orgasm.

I licked up and down her pussy with renewed enthusiasm and that was all it took to bring her to a quivering explosion of ecstasy. Sucking her flesh back into my mouth I slowly worked my tongue against her virgin tissues until a slow heavy sigh indicated her bliss had run its course.

I looked up past her large tits and again found her sexy green eyes looking down at me. "Now, Paula, you want me to fuck you." I saw the doubt and concern trying to come back into her eyes. "I. I do. but. something isn't right. I'm not supposed to. I have to wait." "NO!" I said, in frustration, startling her with my raised voice. "You no longer wish to wait. You want sex with me, now.

You want to feel my cock inside you. You know it will feel wonderful. Right now, your pussy is so hot and excited you can hardly stand it." "But I." her hand wandered down to stroke her exposed sex, gasping as she fought her inner battle. "I think the ice queen is melting." Giggled Jenny.

"She still hasn't said yes." Warned Lori, giving my balls a squeeze. "She's never said yes before." "She will this time." I replied confidently. I had calmed myself by remembering I had my ace in the hole—she couldn't say no for long. Trying to be as convincing as possible I turned my attention back to Paula.

"I am the one you have been waiting for. Now that I am here there is no longer any reason to wait. Paula continued to massage her clit, casting glances at her two friends, and then she locked her eyes on mine.

"Okay," she sunny leone fucked hard her husband slightly breathless, "Come on, Lee, come on and fuck me. I'm ready." She smiled sweetly but there was still a trace of nervousness as I stood and pulled her up with me.

The four of us walked slowly to my bedroom and the comfortable king sized bed within. I guided her to the bed and helped her lie down. Then I stepped back to admire her, draping an arm around each of her friends.

Since most of my conquests were young women in their early twenties, like these three, I didn't run across too many virgins so I like to savor it when I do. It makes me feel a bit like Captain Kirk—boldly going where no man has gone before.

She was saving herself for marriage. I think that's sweet. Romanticism is all but dead in this day and age and a young woman waiting for Mr. Right, or Prince Charming or whoever is a breath of fresh air—like a step back in time to a simpler period when a twenty something virgin wasn't such an oddity. That's how I imagine it was in the days my great grandfather was putzing around his gardens and fiddling around his lab. I considered allowing her to retain her hymen but taking in her voluptuous figure and beautiful features, the sentiment quickly passed.

Her hand had again found her clit and she looked at me with pleading in her eyes. "Please, Lee. I've waited for so long. Fuck me now." I positioned myself between her legs and moved my cock up and down her trembling twat. I slid it back and forth across her clit and as soon as she arched her back in ecstasy I pushed through her fragile membrane, buried my cock deep inside her virgin snatch and froze. Her sigh of pleasure transformed immediately into a short cry of pain as her maidenhead was ripped open.

Her eyes were on mine. "Don't move, sweetie. It will stop hurting in a moment." Since I told her it would stop hurting, it soon did. Slowly I pulled my cock back until just the head was in her. Just as slowly I pushed back into her. Her newly invaded pussy grasped my throbbing cock like a slick tight velvet mitten. The pleasant friction sent sparkles of delight shooting up and down my spine.

After several minutes the friction began working on her as well and with each deliberate thrust her movements became more frantic and her moans became louder. Then, she came. Frankly, the entire context of that event is not even hinted at in those simple words. By the time she came, she was bucking and thrashing so hard that Lori and Jenny had to hold her down and if my cousin Jake, who lived down the road, hadn't been on vacationhe would have certainly heard the screams.

As she came, her pussy tightened on my cock thrilling me with way it convulsed around my rigid member. It was enough to push me over the edge myself but I held off, not wanting to cum, yet not wanting to pull out and shorten her pleasure. She spiraled down into the afterglow while I felt my imminent orgasm building.

I was completely inside her, so close to the edge I was afraid that trying to pull out might be all it would take to finish triggering my orgasm so I froze. "Don't move!" I growled at Paula knowing she would obey the simple command. My back went rigid and I was bearing down on my prostate as hard as I could, trying to forestall ejaculation. The tenseness spread from my spine to engulf my entire body. I concentrated on measured breaths and keeping the pressure on my prostate, my body began to quiver as the heavenly pre-orgasmic sensations rode my bloodstream to spread warmth and pleasant electric sparks throughout my being.

Paula kept still and after what seemed like hours I finally felt myself coming back from the edge and pulled out of her as quickly as I could. Feeling a bit as though I had cum, I flipped over onto my back trying to catch my breath.

Instantly there were four hands gently caressing me. I told them to leave my throbbing cock alone but allowed them free reign over the rest of my body. I enjoyed this sensual massage and after a few minutes another pair of hands joined theirs as Paula shook off the afterglow of her orgasm. It didn't take too long before I felt that I could safely reenter another one of these lesbian drinking spit wet kissing pussies so I directed Jenny to straddle me.

Her tight lithe body hovered over me and I felt gentle fingers guiding my cock into her hot little snatch. Once it was in, she whispered a low moan as she slowly engulfed the entire thing. She fucked me with a smooth slow rhythm and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her slim curves as the golden haired beauty blissfully slid her tight body up and down my cock. Her blue eyes rolled and narrowed as she gave in to the pleasurable sensations created by her marvelous pussy and my throbbing cock.

Lori straddled my face and I felt Paula begin to tickle my balls. While I buried my tongue in Lori's luscious pink flesh I wrapped my fingers around Jenny's firm globes, kneading them ever so slightly, the excited nipples poked my palm erotically.

The pussy on my mouth was even more exciting to me than the one on my cock and after several minutes had passed I knew that I had to forego the sweet confection if I didn't want to cum too soon. I fully intended to fuck all three of these women before having to administer the secondary component of the drug. I pushed Lori off my face and spun us around so I could fuck Jenny dog style. That was better. Jenny's tight round ass pushed back at me while I instructed Lori to spread out in front of us so I could watch her get eaten out.

Paula slid in behind me and reached around to stimulate my nipples, pressing her impressive chest against my back and her satisfied pussy against my ass. I looked past Jenny's narrow waist, well toned shoulders and shimmering hair to see Lori's angelic face and amazing physique. Jenny began to moan and sigh with each stroke. Eventually she neglected Lori's lovely little pussy, so Lori spun around and started licking Jenny's clit while I continued fucking her.

I could feel her tongue on my cock as I moved in and out. Jenny could only take about five minutes of this and I felt her pussy twitching as she began to cum. It was a good thing too, while I wasn't as close to cumming as I had been with Paula, it was getting there. As soon as Jenny finished cumming I pulled out and Lori immediately sucked me into her eager and, as it turned out, talented mouth, cleaning me of the other two girls accumulated juices and threatening to push me over the edge, which would mean that she might not get the fucking I so desperately wanted to give her.

It was the work of a second or two to flip her around and position myself over her. Looking down at her hot little body my cock slowly slid into the steamiest tightest pussy I had ever encountered. It squeezed my rigid cock even harder than Paula's tiny virgin cunt. Had it not been so slick with our combined excitement I probably never would have gotten my cock inside her at all.

Her long wavy jet-black hair spread out around her head and her heavenly features were alive with passion. Her perfectly rounded tits thrust up at me when she arched her back in lustful enthusiasm. Even though I was seeing it, I could hardly believe that her tiny body was able to absorb my entire cock.

Her shapely legs wrapped around me, pulling me into her. Paula and Jenny lie on either side of Lori and were kneading her firm mounds and tickling my nipples. The tight hot slickness of Lori's perfect pussy was rapidly bringing me closer to cumming.

I was beginning to think that Lori would be denied her release when her breath became ragged and her eyes got wild.

Hips gyrating, body shaking, she came hard; adding a light fluttering to the already exquisite pressure her tiny pussy was putting on my cock. That was all I could take. With a grunt, my body again went rigid and I felt the boiling cum hosing into her tiny twat in jet after fiery jet, filling her womb with my hot seed. Breathless, I collapsed on top of her, reveling in the magnificent afterglow. Completely spent, I rolled over and allowed the three beauties to snuggle against me, resting together until the clock on the wall showed I was well within the final hour of the drugs effectiveness.

They had to have the second potion soon or they would come to their senses and realize what had happened to them. Not something I wanted to happen since staying out of jail was one of my priorities. Untangling myself from my three gorgeous bedmates I fetched three small vials of the second component. Returning to the room I had Lori and Paula move to the side of the room where they could watch. I sat on the bed and offered the first vial to Jenny.

"You have to drink this now. It will make you feel very good and it will also make sure you can't tell anyone about what happened today." Her lovely innocent cornflower blue eyes looked at me with complete trust as she brought the small glass tube to her mouth.

The effects of the secondary drug are immediate, intense and extremely pleasurable. It causes an earth shattering orgasm—one so big that it wipes the person out completely. Within moments of ingesting the liquid Jenny's eyes grew wide and a small sigh escaped her lips.

I hugged her tightly to prevent her hurting herself by trashing into something hard or sharp. Her sigh grew into a moan and then a scream as she shook within my grasp. Eventually the scream returned to a moan, the shaking turned into trembling and then one final sigh—a long drawn out sigh ending with a slight gurgle, and she was still. And that was it. I picked her up very gently and took her into the living room, and lay her on the couch.

Returning to the room I motioned Paula to join me on the bed and offered her one of the vials. "Will it feel as good as it did when you were fucking me?" She asked with eager loving eyes and a mischievous grin as she took it. "Better, I promise." I said, and wrapped my arms around her while she downed the cure. Paula began trembling and a long staccato moan escaped her. I tightened my embrace as her movements became more pronounced.

She clung to me desperately, screaming in pleasure while the full force of the drug induce orgasm rocked her like an earthquake seeming to last forever. I finally relaxed as her actions calmed, eventually she buried her face in the nape of my neck and I felt her long final sigh hot on my skin.

I lay her back gently and stroked her thick luxurious hair, appreciating her beauty and the sacrifice she made merely for my pleasure. "At least you didn't die a virgin, sweetie." I heard a gasp behind me. Shit. I wasn't used to more than one or two at a time and having been focused on Paula's end I had all but forgotten about Lori. I looked around at her. She wasn't trying to run, I had commanded her to stay put, but I could see that through her euphoria, fear was creeping into her eyes as she realized what my words to Paula meant for her friends—and eventually for her.

I had to do something fast since enough fear can induce independent thought and break the control more easily than asking a question. "Lori, you will remain calm and you will not be afraid." I commanded and then as quickly and tenderly as Sunny leone naked sex storys6 could, I moved Paula's body to the floor, went to Lori, gently took her hands and led her back to the bed. "Lori, you must trust me.

You must believe that I won't hurt you." I reassured her as we sat down on the bed. Her eyes began to fill with tears. "But, Paula is dead." She said calmly, staring at her friend. "I heard you say that. Jenny's dead too isn't she." "Yes sweetheart," I held her right hand in mine, using my left to caress her hand and forearm, "they're both gone.

You will be too, soon. But it won't hurt, I promise." Despite my reassurance tears began to trickle down her lovely cheeks. "I don't want them to be dead." Her voice remained quiet and measured even through the tears. "It's really all for the best. Don't be scared—there's no reason to cry" She sniffed back her tears. "I don't think I want to die." She said softly. Perhaps she didn't have to. Gods, she was beautiful. It was women like Lori, and believe me they have been rare, that make me wish we had another drug that would work over the long term.

Lori was a keeper by anyone's standards. I have always wondered about the possibility of simply commanding a woman to self-administer doses of the primary drug every five hours or so. By keeping her drugged and isolated in my house there should be no trouble. Lori could be the perfect subject. She knew that her two friends were dead; she knew that she was going die the same way. I could spare her and feed on the gratitude that would engender.

She would be less likely to question her position and the commands she would be given. Daily reminders of why she is alive and how much she loves me for sparing her could make this work. The fact that she was breathtakingly beautiful was only icing on the cake. My life could be lonely. I never come home to a hot meal. There's no one else here to clean the house, do the laundry and all the other boring chores I hated. How nice it would be to have another person in the house, to listen to me, to understand me.

A warm body sleeping next to me was something I hadn't had in a long time. Outsiders were forbidden here in our valley so none of my regular tryst-mates could move in here with me and though I had a few lovely cousins who might be willing to share my bed, incest wasn't for me.

The more I thought about it the more convinced I was that Lori would be perfect. I wouldn't even have to rely on her taking the drug on schedule; I could get one of those portable medication delivery pumps that work on a timer.

Hell, I could even have children, something I have always wanted. Of course I couldn't risk her carrying a baby to term with the drug in her system but I could reinforce the spare bedroom and keep her incarcerated throughout her pregnancy; it was done routinely around here. I could put her back on the drug after the delivery. I gazed into her smoky, dark, sensual, pleading eyes and the rest of the world ceased to exist—everything except her gorgeous face framed by her lustrous black hair.

Her eyes drew oiled up smoking hot slut does anal pornstars big tits in, consumed me, making the two parts we were into the whole that was destined to be.

It would be like a marriage, a real family. I watched her exquisite face and longed to grow old with her. She would be perfect.

It might work. Right. And monkeys might fly out of my butt. Trying something like this could only end in disaster. The control was simply too tenuous for the long term. If it were just myself on the chopping block I might have been be more tempted but if she escaped it could bring down our whole family.

Shit, if I tried it and the rest of the family found out, it would be me on the chopping block—they wouldn't like it at all. There was nothing else to do but administer the final dose to the petite raven-haired goddess.

I offered her the vial. She didn't take it right away. I put my arm around her naked shoulders, marveling once more at the smooth taught skin, and gazed with loving sincerity into her gorgeous eyes. "Lori, you will not be afraid to do as I say. Oh, my sweet beauty, I would never hurt you.

You will take the vial and you will drink what is in it." The drug-induced obedience did its magic and when I offered her the vial once more she took it. She brought it slowly to her mouth and, after a short hesitation, tossed her head back and swallowed the potent liquid. A small sob escaped her lips as she used the back of her hand to wipe her lips.

She looked absolutely adorable. "That's a good girl, my love. Now relax and enjoy your last moments—I'll take care of you." I said wrapping my arms tightly around my sweet tiny angel.

She buried her face in my chest and let out a couple more soft sobs as the drug took effect. I tightened my embrace to comfort her. I held her as the ecstasy grew, I held her as the ecstasy peaked and she shook and screamed her way through the longest most intense orgasm of her life.

I held her as the ecstasy waned, I held her through the long whisper of her final sigh and I held her long after it was over. Her death actually made me a little sad, I would have liked to keep her. But that was impossible, and now there was work to be done. I couldn't keep three bodies around the house forever. I took each body and carefully placed it in the back of my cute and exciting misa kikouden demonstrates her perfect blowjob skills truck.

Once I got rid of the bodies I would wait until dark and then drive their Mustang up into Oregon for a little misdirection. I checked my watch and saw that I had enough time to get to plant before my uncle left for the day. Whistling a little tune I pulled out of my driveway onto the road.

I entered the plant just in time to see my uncle tossing his apron into the laundry bag. "Hey, uncle Bob, I got some special ingredient out in the truck." "Well hey there, Lee. I swear you bring back more than you take out." Bob said cheerfully and summoned my cousin Kenny from his grinder to help carry in the bodies. He griped a bit but it was mostly because I hadn't brought the women here while they were still alive. Kenny didn't get out ebony man bangs white angel interracial and hardcore the valley very often and none of our female cousins liked him that much.

Frankly, I didn't think that the drug was strong enough to get Kenny laid. We hung the carcasses in the cooler next to a male body that was about half used and locked it behind us. "Three this time, eh?" Uncle Bob said.

I knew where this was going. "That makes ten in the last year—are you sure you don't want to be a hunter?" "Nope, I'm just a simple delivery boy with a hobby." I replied with a wink and a grin. "By the way, I'm gonna need a ride up north later tonight." "No problem, Aaron is due back from Phoenix any minute now, you two can work it out." "Did you remember my cuts? You know how your memory is getting these days." "Don't worry mister funnyman, I got your last one all done along with one that Teddy brought in, they're over there." I looked in the direction he indicated and saw two butcher paper packages, each about the size of a semi-deflated football.

I eyed them hungrily. I really do love eating pussy. picture of a real girl that fell to same as this story: