18 yet old mama bhanji sex really

18 yet old mama bhanji sex really
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My wife and I recently were talking about dick size. She said she didn't understand why guys were so hung up on size. "Size doesn't really matter" she said. I said, really guys weren't the ones hung up on the size of a cock, but it was the women who were fascinated with it.

I said "the women not hung up on size are the one's that haven't had a really big dick yet." "What do you mean?" she said. I said, "Angelique if you ever had a bigger dick, you would probably go nuts." "I think you're plenty big enough for me baby, she said with a smile." "Why do you think that black guys cocks are bigger than white guys cocks?" Sounding really intrigued.

You must understand, my wife was extremely conservative. Just getting her in this conversation gave me hope of seeing her with a monster big black cock shoved up in her pussy real damn soon. "When Darrell comes over after while ask him." Darrell is a close black friend of ours. He has always wanted to fuck Angelique and we all knew it.

"Ask him what?" she said. "Ask him if black guys cocks are bigger than white guys cocks." hot babe massaged by sexy skilled masseuse yea, come right out and ask him that bullshit?" "Then let's get on the internet and find out." "Go on the Internet?

I'm not going on the Internet to look at that damn dirty stuff!" "Fine" I said. After a minute… "What all's on there anyway?" she said with a look about her. "Just come on and let's see" I said. Course we looked, and she saw some of the cocks out there and I think she got a little turned on to say the very damn least.

That night was the best fuck we ever had! While I was fucking her from behind, I leaned down and whispered, "Darrell sure sexxnxx blacked big tits storyscom been staring at you a lot more here lately baby, ya know what i mean?" "He has?" she said.

He really has, he always has, I wanted her to know he was checking her out and see exactly what her reaction was going to be. "He loves to see you in those real tight fitting jeans, he just watches you walk by with that big rounded ass swishing from side to side. He always stares at the outline of your huge camel toe pussy whenever you stand in front of him, but there is no way to hide that part of your body baby?" She just giggled, well hell no there isn't!

"I love it when you wear tight fitting clothes when he comes over, I know you notice him watching you, hell you'd have to be fucking blind not to see it." "What tight clothes?"she asked. "You haven't noticed?" I said. She said "Yea I noticed, i guess." When she said that I came long and hard as hell in her pussy. I grabbed her hips and sank my dick as deep as I could in her.

The thought of her thinking of Darrell looking at her huge pussy lips was all I could handle. The next evening she was horny as hell again.

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She wore tight jeans and kept walking in front of me. She has a nice ass in jeans, so I have a hard time not noticing her, especially with that massive camel toe shes got. My little white dick is not large by any means, it's a modest 7 ¾ inches long. My wife Angelique has a rather large pussy, and some really huge pussy lips, actually they're the biggest God Damn pussy lips I have ever seen!

I can put my cock in and four fingers at the same time and that still does almost nothing to fill her huge pussy hole up! She just swallows my cock with ease every time. That night, she started feeling my cock through my jeans "why don't you show me what Darrell would do if I did this to him baby." This blew my mind.

Angelique pulled my dick out and started to suck it hard all the way up to my balls. This is very unusual for her. We normally have to start foreplay before she would do something like that. She was on her hands and knees still sucking my cock and rubbing my balls. She looked so good with her big tight ass in the air waiting for another dick to enter her.

I reached under and unfastened her jeans and she helped me push her jeans and panties off. I started finger fucking her with two fingers and said "you like being fucked from behind while you suck cock don't you baby?" She moaned "mmmmm hummmmmm." Finally, I said, "Darrell wants to fuck you!" After I said it, she opened her legs even wider right then!

So I fucked her with four fingers from each hand without any resistance at all. She came immediately too, and several times back to back. Then I came in her mouth for the first time; she licked it up like there was no tomorrow. The next weekend, Darrell came over; he wanted to know were Angelique was. "Sure would make my day to watch her walking around here," he said. Just then, my wife came home from shopping. She came in wearing these really tight fitting jeans too.

You could clearly see the huge outline of her enormous camel toe between her thighs, she was pulling her jeans tighter when she walked into the room too. She brought us both another beer and sat on my lap; her pussy was facing Darrell now. I was thinking, "she is really enjoying this shit." The way she was sitting, her jeans were pulled up tighter than ever.

Her pussy was clearly outlined now more than it ever was before. She said "don't you boys get drunk and get any crazy ass ideas, yall hear me." "Wow, what a bizarre comment coming from her." It about made me cum in my pants. Darrell's eyes got huge, he reached over and touched her thigh and said, "don't take away our fun, please girl!" I got a new dress today; you guys want to see it on me?

"Course we do, do you need help changing" Darrell said. "No thanks I think I can manage for now, ya smartass. Why don't you guys get the cards out and let's play a few games." "I get to pick the game," Darrell said. "That's fine" Angelique said. My dick was getting harder and harder. "So what do you think." This dress was mom and an silipng bad rom as hell, and tight too.

She wasn't wearing a bra either. "You look great honey" I said, wondering what she was doing. Was I getting jealous? This is what I have been dreaming of, right? "Wow, very damn sexy girl" Darrell said.

"Come inside, I have another outfit to show yall, then we can play." "Let me get a picture to take home first" Darrell said. He had his camera with him. That really turned Angelique on big time too. Her nipples began to show quick as hell right there.

We played cards for about an hour when Angelique said "I just keep damn losing." Darrell said, "let's play one raunchy banging session with a hot teen game, winner take all.

Whoever wins gets to name the next game I never wanted to lose a hand so badly in my life. Course Angelique and I lost. Angelique said, "okay what do we have to do?" "Let's go inside "Darrell said.

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"You, not we have to get up on the bed and do exactly what I say now girl. He can watch" Darrell said. "And just what will that be" Angelique said.

"Get up on the bed and lay on your back." She was a little hesitant, but she did as he asked anyway. "Do you mind if I do as Darrell asks honey?" "Well Hell No, he won didn't he, you aint got no choice." "Okay." "Take off your top and lift your knees way up in the air" Darrell said. He then pushed her legs apart a lot wider. This was turning Angelique on like she never had been turned on in her whole damn life, she began to rub her stomach and breasts without even thinking about it.

Darrell said "oh yea baby girl, that's it baby." Darrell started to rub the inside of Angelique's thighs. It was obvious she got very excited when he touched her there. To see another mans hands on my wife's thighs made me a little mad, but I realized my dick was growing very excited.

I don't think I would have gotten so excited, but his were black, and very large. Darrell, put a couple of fingers inside of her stretch pants and said "take these damn things off very slowly." She did. Angelique has great looking thighs, and a nice firm ass too. Darrell again started to rub the backs of her thighs. He pulled her panties up tight against her huge pussy mound.

With his fingers on her thighs, he pushed his thumb against the outside of her huge pussy lips. It made Angelique quiver and slightly buck back against Darrell's thumb before she even knew what had happened. The whole time this was going on, Darrell was looking at Angelique and Angelique was looking directly back into Darrell's eyes as if to say "fuck me hard baby!" The same eyes she had given me just a few nights before. When Darrell got up to take his pants off, Angelique was laying in wait, her pants were now around her ankles.

Her lying there with her panties tight against her pussy mound, the folds of her thighs where her legs met her torso made her look sexier than ever. Darrell told Angelique to take everything off but her bra and panties and get on her knees facing the headboard right then! I looked back at Darrell and his clothes were off except for his tiny underwear.

By the outline of his massive cock, it was evident, he had an extremely fucking big cock well over 12 or 13 inches long and was ready to fuck her damn pussy very damn good and hard here tonight.

Angelique looked back, staring at the bulge wrapping around his samantha hayes in st paddys pussy pounding under his underwear and I saw the lust in her face. Darrell got up on the bed, grabbed her by her hips, and slowly began to rub his hard core cock up and down her slit and ass all over it. She said "your cock is so fucking huge, God Damn it", she then came violently for him again.

She tried to get up, but Darrell said, "I want you to spread your leg's further apart a lot more than they are now so that I can get my big black cock up inside your tight white pussy right now girl!" Angelique immediately did as nice girls in lingerie having oil group action said and spread her legs wider for him without any questions at all.

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It turned me on to know that in a few moments, Angelique's pussy would be spread and bursting with thick black cock stretching it to the fullest its ever been. Darrell went up to Angelique's spread open legs and pulled back her panties. I could see the juice beginning to slide down her puffy pussy lips very damn clearly now. Darrell bent down and when he looked at her huge pussy he said, God Damn it bitch you have got the fucking biggest damn set of pussy lips I've ever seen on a woman in my life, hell I could tie your lips in a damn knot as he began to lick Angelique's pussy like he was gona eat it for dinner!

My throat was dry and all I could do was stare at what was happening to my bitch right in front of me. I could see her back beginning to arch up, I knew she was about to cum again for him. Then Darrell put his thumb into Angelique's asshole. She came right away as damn soon as his thumb entered her asshole! She couldn't hold it back even if she wanted to with his expert touch.

This is the first time Angelique has been entered in her ass and she didn't seem to even notice it at all either.

Angelique started to get up, but Darrell said "don't you dare go anywhere ya fat ass white bitch." I went up next to Angelique and she said, "do you care if Darrell fucks me baby? I want his big black cock inside me as damn deep as it will go." "You look so good in that outfit. Darrell is hotter than ever; his cock is the size of my forearm baby do you fuckin realize that? "I can't wait to see his big black cock ram in and out of your damn pussy hole" I said.

"Oh I've been dreaming of Darrell fucking me for a long time. I'm sorry I never told you baby" Darrell said "lay on your stomach and rub your pussy with your legs tight together." Angelique reached under and began rubbing her pussy from outside her panties. Then after about 10 or 12 minutes of watching her play with her pussy like this, Darrell came over and said "take off those panties and put on this red thong now" He must have went through her panty drawer.

Just as soon as she put it on, and got back up on her hands and knees, he roughly pulled the thong to the side and then just rammed his big black cock deep inside Angelique's huge pussy walls before she even realized what had happened to her!

She let out this fucking loud ass blood curdling scream, that would have woke the fucking dead as he sank that cock deeper and deeper in her big pussy all up inside her belly! Then big titty latina fuck for some cash she finally stopped screaming a few minutes later, she began to really moan and groan and buck wildly as hell for him as he hammered the fucking hell out of her damn huge pussy like he wanted to fuck it!

Angelique's pussy just rolled with Darrell's thick cock going deeper and deeper in it with each forward thrust he made into her. I have never filled her pussy like it was being filled at that moment. He had his hands on both sides of her hips ramming his black cock in and out like a mad dog.

Darrell lay on the bed next to Angelique with his dick in his hand pointing it straight up. His jenna foxx bfs step mom wants a threesome looked like it would reach well into her upper stomach easy as hell. "ride my damn big cock you fat bitch" Darrell said" Angelique quickly climbed on top and had to almost stand completely up to get the head started into her cunt opening.

Angelique's pussy lips would fold in and out with every thrust of Darrell's cock folding up inside her pussy as he went up I her and unfolding as he pulled back out of her.

Darrell laid Angelique on her side, got in behind her, raised her leg up high as hell and began fucking her so that I could get a good view of his massive meat going in and out of my wife's pussy, he said go ahead and get a close up view if ya want to I don't mind man hell I mean I am fucking your wife in the first place. His dick was all the way up to his balls now, all monster 14 long hard inches of it!!

Darrell kept saying "oh fuck yea baby, your husband is getting a good view of his wife taking my big black cock all up in her huge pussy." "Oh yea, keep fucking me deeper, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh, yessss, yessss… she begged him. Angelique reached around Darrell's arm and her thigh and pulled her leg up even higher so that Darrell's massive black cock could be seen even better going in and out of her tight cunt like it was doing.

It looked like he was going to split her in half each time he went all the way up in her.

Once again Darrell pushed Angelique up to enter her from behind. His pressure was building I could tell. He said "your wife is a good fuck, one damn good cunt by all means. All that moaning is making me ready to cum. Get ready baby, get readyyyyy…" They had been fucking for well over an hour now, but Angelique's pussy was still wet as hell. She was beginning to really stretch, her pussy lips were now open wide as hell, much wider than ever before. Darrell pushed Angelique's big tits to the bed and began ramming her wildly.

He was saying "oh yea baby, oh yea baby, oh yea baby" Angelique was moaning "oh god, oh god, oh god, your cock is so big, oh fuck me deeperrrr baby." Darrell came and he came hard as hell deep inside her belly.

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Darrell rammed his cock so deep that Angelique could only open her mouth, nothing would come out cause he knocked all her breath out of her. Darrell grabbed her sholders and continued to fuck her until he almost pushed her off the damn bed. When Darrell finally withdrew his massive black meat, Angelique rolled onto her back and rubbed Darrell's cum that was gushing from her cunt onto her body all over her tits and belly.

She put two fingers of come in her mouth and said "that was the best huge cock fucking I ever had baby." Angelique and Darrell have not fucked since this story. But our sex life has gone out of this world. We have not mentioned it since, but we will have another encounter, very soon!!

Angelique also got knocked up that night and now he milks her huge tits every time he comes over to fuck her, which is now 5 or 6 times every week…