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Black rod lances tight ass hardcore and russian
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Our anniversary fell on a Thursday this year, my husband decided we would celebrate 2 days later on Saturday. Dave told me he had big plans for a special night for me.

He wasn't always the best at planning such a special night, so expections were decidedly limited. When the day came, he told me it was going to be a dressed up affair. We didn't go out very often, and to have a chance to dress up like this was a good sign. He had suggested early that Saturday morning that I should go shopping for something new to wear, I didn't need to be asked twice.

What time I spent by myself shopping was actually fairly relaxing, no husband watching the clock, no kids, no one pressuring me. For a time it was quite nice, I found a strapless, clingy, sort of thing to wear, I thought was revealing enough to be sexy, but certainly long enough not to feel trampy. I told Jess because our anniversary fell on Thursday this year we were going to push it to Saturday to allow better time for celebration.

Truth was I had something special planned and it couldn't be done on a Thursday. I found out about a special restaurant that accommodates special requests. It was one of the 'secret' restaurants this city is somewhat famous for. The kind of place that if you don't know it exists, you won't find it. The mystery is supposed to make it exclusive or something. Seems like just part of the hype to me, hyping without actually seeming like you are - it's a millennial thing I guess.

I told her we were going to be going more formal than a normal dinner date would be, and suggested maybe she would like to go buy something new. It didn't take much pressure to get her to accept. I offered to take care of the kids while she was gone and offer her a relaxing day out. It seemed to help, when she returned she was happier and more relaxed then I had seen her in sometime now. So I got dressed for the evening, the new ten boys and one girl xxxx storys really did look good.

I was quite pleased with it, hopefully this wouldn't be the last time I got to wear it. I did myself up, put on the nice earrings that I knew Dave liked, put on the perfume that we both like, and got ready to go out for the evening. When I got downstairs, Dave made some flattering gesture about how nice he thought I looked, he was nice that way, but I don't think he truly had thought about me that way for a long time.

So we said goodbye to the children, gave the last instructions to our babysitter, Xev bellringer staying after class made sure that she knew how to get ahold of us should anything arise, make sure all the bases were covered, all details that the mom has to do cause dad's surely don't think of them.

I waited downstairs patiently for her. She has always been the stereo typical 'take too long to get ready' kind of woman, and it never really bothered me. The babysitter, Terry, had arrived, I had given her all the information about where we would be, how to get ahold of us, both of our cell phone numbers, she knew where the doctors after hours number was. I showed her where dinner for the kids was, I showed her the ample amount of snack foods for her to enjoy while we're gone.

Most importantly, make sure she knew how to access Netflix. When Jess came down, she was a beautiful sight to behold, she had always been gorgeous in my eyes, but she looked particularly stunning tonight. She went about her task of telling the babysitter, again, how to get ahold of us, where the emergency numbers were, etc. Our babysitter had worked with us before, many times, so she just went along as if she hadn't been told 5 minutes before.

A couple of kisses on the download story bokeb christina bella sama pinokinya later for our 3 and 5 year old, and I was out the door with my wife on my arm. It was a somewhat chilly night for a city that doesn't get cold. The air as we left the house caught me a little off guard, but we were soon in the car and it was warm. As we drove downtown, David had been very mysterious about where we were going tonight.

I hadn't really asked the too much, the surprise was kind of part of the adventure I guess, at least that's the way he made it seem. A fairly lengthy drive ended in a neighborhood that I would not normally frequent. Not a criminal laiden intercity sort of thing, more industrial warehouse. Dave seemed to be pearing here in there, like he knew what he was looking for but hadn't seen it yet.

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Soon he made an abrupt turn into an ally, and a quick parking job, and supposedly we were there. Now I'm all for surprises and adventures, but this was a little different. We're in a warehouse alley, little lighting, very few people around, a few parked cars the only thing to make the whole episode seem real.

Dave got out and promptly came around to my side of the car and opened my door, and with a galant gesture took my hand as I exited the car, he was doing his best to pull out the stops here. As we left the house the air was crisp and clean, something this area is not known for.

As we made it into the car, and we left the driveway, Jess didn't seem to be into the whole mystery of this. All I had told her was we were going out to dinner, dress up nicer than we normally do, and the rest I have left a mystery. It was a fairly long drive down to our destination in the middle of the warehouse district. Apparently odd external ambience added more to what was inside. Again I found it more cliche in some ways then not, but hey, it's what the place did.

I'd only been here once, to make arrangements, and that was in the daylight, so at night it was a little more difficult to find. It took me a couple of times, I did my best not to seem lost for that couple minutes I actually was, and then found the alley I needed and drove in. If you had been coming here for the first time at night, you would have been surely tempted to keep driving, the only hint that there was anything in the area, was smattering chubby asian tugging masseuse gives handjob bodysliding and sexmassage of upscale cars parked in the alley.

I parked, got out, and scurred around the car, opening Jess's door and offering my hand to help her out. The drive down here had done nothing to hurt how beautiful she was tonight, and I told her so. A bit more flattery from Dave, and we were soon walking away from the car toward an extremely non descript black door that merely held three brass numbers on it. As we walked it did seem decidedly deserted, even for this part of town. Virtually no street traffic in a city that revels in it's love for cars, there was absolutely no foot traffic, the only people we could see were us.

We approach the door, and in another decidedly peculiar twist, there was no2 doorknob or handle. Dave seemed to know what he was doing, walked up and knocked twice on the door. Moments later, the door opened a few inches. Dave said reservations for 2, and that the door swung open, on a fairly young gentleman in a rather nice suit. As his demenor changed from bouncer to host, he said "oh yes sir, we've been expecting you," and with that we walked in.

It seems somehow anticlimatic to just simply walk in after all this build up, but that's what we did. The restaurant was fantastically warm compared to the air outside, as we walked down a narrow hallway we entered what was the main dining room, with yards of white linen covering tables, and a large display of tropical plants arranged on one near the center. The dance floor, off center in the room, and several patrons already filled the room, we were seated at the last open table.

So as we walked down the small alleyway, it was definitely level of creepy above coming here in the daytime. It was, as the movies would say "too quiet", no moving cars, no people, you couldn't even hear airplanes flying overhead. As instructed, I approached the door, knocked twice, and waited a moment for the host. As he open the door a few inches to investigate, I told him we had reservations for 2, at this his attitude quickly changed from being a rough doorman, to a caring host.

"Yes we have been expecting you," he said as he opened the door wide. I held Jess's hand as she took the one step up, and I followed into the hallway, it was a little balmy in the restaurant, but I suppose that would be nice.

We walked down a long dark paneled hallway that opened up into a central dining room. It was appointed like any other upscale restaurant you've been to, there appeared to be maybe 20 to 30 other patrons in the room already sitting at the tables.

We were apparently the last to arrive. It was an interesting crowd when you looked around, reasonably young, all 20s and exclusive all we do is oiled fuck, these were not your typical hipster of the day, these were what would the bad TV shows call power couples. These are important people, who have important jobs, important businesses, vice presidents who would be future presidents of corporations, CEO of start ups that would probably be multi millionaires within the year.

as we were seated at the last table, it seemed like a good setting.

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"Well this is all very mysterious" I said softly "I can't wait eat," I told him "I haven't had anything since breakfast." He agreed, commenting how he had heard the food here was fabulous. I asked after a few minutes when they might bring the menu. Dave told me there was no menu. My quizicle look caused him to continue, and he explained that they assess each person upon entry, and would prepare something special for that person.

Soon the waitress brought wine to the table, 2 bottles, a dry white for me, and a red of some variety for Dave. Our waitress was a tall redhead, standing nearly 6'2" in her shoes. Her pale skin indicated the hair was natural. 'I'd let her do me.' came the naughty thought in my head, I blushed slighly. As we waited we talked, we didn't get out alone very often, and often the conversation would swing back around to children.

We both did our best to not dwell on the subject on one of the few nights we had aloan. Our meals came, mine, was a pork loin medallions in a rosemary cream sauce it was absolutely to die for, I'll be honest, I didn't pay much attention to what was on Dave's plate. I attacked my own with gastronomic abandon. I'm not sure if it was because I was just that hungry, or because it was just that good, I would have to guess a combination of the two came into play.

We sat and talked for awhile, I was still infatuated with this woman I married 10 years ago, and she looked beautiful sitting across the table from me. She seemed a little impatient at first, she was very hungry and was looking forward to the menu. I explained that this restaurant had no menus, they would bring us what they felt would best suit us. She looked very puzzled at me for a moment, but the wine came shortly afterwards, and that seemed to set her mood a little better.

Our waitress brought Jess white wine of some variety, mine was a dark Merlot that was not the best sipping wine, but I assume it would pair well with the food that would soon come, and I was right. When our meals arrived, Jess had something sliced up small in discs in a cream sauce on her plate, which apparently was delicious by the way she attacked it.

Mine however was a bit on the simple side, a large slice of beef cooked perfectly, some basic roasted vegetables on the side, and I will say they clearly assessed me perfectly. The thick piece of steak went beautifully with the wine, and I soon looked just as happy eating my meal as Jess did on the other side of the table eating hers. Dinner was over the plates had been cleared, desert had come, desert had gone, and I will say the meal was as perfect as could possibly be.

After dinner drinks had arrived, and disappeared, and arrived again. It was this point I realized a whole bottle of wine and two of whatever these were they had served me, had left me.

oh let's go with happy, very happy. Dave reached over to my hand and asked if I would like to dance. I don't know if it was at that point the music started, or if it was at that point I first noticed it, but I agreed. Dave normally hated dancing, so was an opportunity I was not going to pass up. He took me on to the dance floor, we were the only ones. I will admit I was self-conscious at first, but soon we were dancing and I'd forgotten about everyone around us. Several songs came and went, and we continue to dance on the dance floor.

After all the dinner plates had been removed, and desert had been finished, we sat drinking some after dinner cocktails. They never bothered telling you what you were eating or drinking at this place, even the labels from the wine had been removed. I guess keeping it a secret is part of the mystery of the restaurant.

I was certainly feeling excellent at this point in the evening. I reached over and held Jess's hand for a moment, and asked her if she would dance with me. She said yes in a rather eager fashion, rising even before I did, and we made our way to the dance floor.

I am a horrible dancer, but I did my best for her that evening, and we danced through several songs. As we got more comfortable being on the dance floor alone, things seem to just flow better, and things would get interesting now.

As we danced, the outside world seemed to fade away, it was just the two of us on the dance floor. He tried very hard, he was almost entertaining in his awkwardness. I knew he didn't enjoy dancing, so I also knew all the effort he put into this was just for me, and I appreciated it. As we danced to a slow song, in his hand holding me firmly in the small of my back, he slowly, not unnoticed, had worked it down to the point that it was clearly now on my butt, and not my back.

A visceral charge passed through me, knowing there were other people in the room watching. As we continue to dance, his hand grew more bold, and soon I found his hand cupping under one cheek, squeezing and caressing. And while I didn't mind, I told him he should probably wait to do that. Just as I said this our waitress walked by.

"It's okay to do that here," she said just above a whisper "it's accepted, and in fact, expected." and with that she gave me a subtle wink and continue walking away. Well we danced, I grew bold in the environment, and before too many minutes, my right hand migrated from the small of her back, and it found I new perch squirrely on her splendid ass.

She seems startled at first, but quickly she not only accepted the advance, but seemed to enjoy it. In a further pushing of the fates, I eventually reach down further, and cupped and cradled her left cheek. This went for a moment or two, I could tell she did enjoy it, but she told me I probably should not do that here, nudgeing my hands up a little.

It was about the this time our waitress had walked by, she told Jess that it was okay and kept going. This emboldened me even further, and I reached back down and grabbed her even more aggressively, pulling her into me. She looked up at me, dark smoldering eyes that didn't always read as easily as they should.

I couldn't quite tell what was in them at this moment, and then she kissed me, and I pulled her tighter into me, pulling her hips hard into me. My right hand told me this dress didn't allow the use of underwear.

After our waitress had left, Dave took the opportunity to grab me, and hold my ass even tighter to him. I looked up at him not knowing at first what to think or what to say, so I did what seem to come natural, in this case I kissed him.

The kiss lasted a good long time, and as we kissed he fondled me even more firmly than before. I can feel his hand caressing and probing me, this dress was too tight to tolerate panty lines, so my bear hip allowed all the feeling to come through.

The dress being thin and shear made every touch that much more enticing. People around the restaurant watching made it and absolute thrill. He pulled me in tighter to him, and I sex monkey and girl xxxfree story com feel a growing erection pushing in to me below my naval.

The excitement of all this was leaving my head swimming, it felt like a dream. Feeling his excitement I begin to slide myself back and forth across his growing erection, just a few inches each way, in rhythm with the music, as we continue to kiss on the middle of the dance floor. Soon after I started, he brought both hands down cradling my ass and pulling it into him, massaging, caressing, probing.

She really started to get into it, she was going back and forth against me, I already started growing hard and this certainly added to it. Before I knew what seachniza wife sex story kerala, I planted both hands firmly on her ass and and was giving it all I could. We continue to kiss, I continue to fondle her. Eventually the kiss broke, but my hands didn't move, neither did her small undulations against me stop.

As she pulled away from me, eyes open, and she looked around the room, she seemed the gasp and momentarily pause, and I looked around to see why, although I had a pretty good idea.

I looked around the room at the 15 or so other couples who had started dinner with us, some siting at their tables staring at the two on the dance floor. A couple of younger couples reality kings sushi gets so does the delivery involved in some activities of their own at their table.

I felt a release in my body, almost like the milk let down I used to feel when I was nursing, only this from my loins, it felt like a rush of wetness between my legs, it was an interesting feeling, it was like immediate sexual readiness. It was gorgeous and slim teen gets banged hard brunette cumshot anything I have ever felt before. My legs grew weak, the music had stopped, we were no longer dancing but we were still moving against each other.

I felt one of his hands move off my butt, disappointed at first, but then I felt his hand up my side and begin to cradle my breasts through the dress, my nipples poked predominantly through the front of this soft material, even through the strapless bra I wore underneath.

He massaged and ran one fingertip, and then another over my nipple, and then giving it a gentle pinch. I looked around, and every eye was upon us, I noticed our waitress standing in the corner, her eyes were glued on our activity. I slowly worked my left hand up her side, her hands had moved to around my neck so I brought it from her butt, to her hip, up her side and on to her breast, in one smooth motion.

She let out a small gasp when I hit the lesbian client fingers wet pussy of masseuse hard nipple on the front of her breast. I gently caress each one, giving the hardness of each a soft tug as she let out a small moan.

She looked around the room, at all the people watching her. My right hand came off her ass, it moved up her back, up through the small of her back, up over the soft silky material of her dress, to wear the dress ended, I slowly found the end of the zipper and begin to bring it down.

I heard as much as felt the zipper start to come down in the back of my dress. I was startled to say the very least.

I pulled back slightly, pulling my arms down a bit from around his neck, my upper arms clamping the sides of the dress to my body.

He continued to fondle one breast as the end the zipper continued to come down. I was speechless, and barely able to catch my breath, as soon the zipper had road past the small of my back, finding it's stopping point approximately halfway down the crack of my ass. The only thing that kept the dress up at this point was my arms holding it to my sides, as the back hung wide open. "It's okay" he whispered, "it's okay, let it go." And with that I put my arms back around his neck, closed my eyes, and kissed him deeply as the dress silently fell to the floor.

The only thing I had on at that point was very shear strapless bra that Dave made short sharing a lusty and tough cock momsandteens threesome of.

Moments later, wearing only thigh high stockings and my shoes, I was exposed for the entire room. Dave's erection pulsed in my abdomen.

I open my eyes enough to look around the room, I received several appreciating nods, which made my face slightly red. Our waitress, who still stood in the corner watching, gave me a wink and cupped her own breasts as she watched. As the dress slid down her body it exposed the woman and the flash that I have loved for all these years. I could hear several of the guests in the room give there approval as her body became exposed for all to see.

I quickly undid the back of her bra as it joined her dress on the lively anal drilling for two asian beautiful chicks. As we stood there, the two of us alone in the middle of the dance floor, a group of people looked on showing considerable interest. I continued to massage her breast and my hand had return to her beautiful ass. With nothing to imped me, I ran my hand up and down the cleft in the middle that led to the most wonderful of places, she put up no faint of resistance, she enjoyed the attention, she enjoyed the exposure.

As my hand came far enough down the crack of her ass I could feel the tiny pink bud of her anus, followed by the delicate lips of her pussy, and the wetness gave no doubt as to what she was feeling.

As we slowly end our embrace, Dave turns me and takes me by the hand, and we started to walk toward the table which previously held the tropical plant arrangement, my other hand was then taken to my start.

I looked to see our waitress, who had shed her blouse and skirt, now wearing only a black bra and the garter belt that held up her long black stockings. As we walk slowly, I briefly saw all the other patrons watching us, sending a small shiver down my spine in delight, I closed my eyes and let them lead me. As we got to the table, a small step appeared and I stepped up, and they turned me around and I sat down the table.

It was soft and warm, not really a table at all, and I laid back, my arms laying out above my head, opening myself to whatever would happen next.

A pair of lips and a gentle tongue begin to manipulating one of my erect nipples, shortly after this another pair of lips latched to the other. They gently caresed and nursed on my breast for several moments. There was something about having two people on me at once, it didn't just add to the sensation, it multiplied it. I could feel the heat growing in my body.

As I turned Jess and took her hand, we walked toward the prepared table as our waitress joined me. We each took her hand and lead her to the pedastle. We sat her down, and without prompting she laid back. She seemed to expose herself like a buffet to us. She was happy the let us have our way with her. I found my way quickly do her left breast, where I gently caressed it, and licked it, and sucked it, in a gentle manner. As our waitress shared my wife with me, tenderly manipulating her other breasts, I was as turned on as I have ever been in my life.

Jess let out a gasp as our waitresses lips touched her nipple for the first time, and then along soft moan followed it up. After a few moments my hand worked it's way down her body, down her stomach, passing her navel, finding the top of her furry patch.

But as I continue down through it, when my hand reached the top of her labia, searching for her special spot, I could feel another hand was already there, expertly working it.

So as the two of them continued to work my chest with artist like efficiency, I felt a hand part my thighs, moving up from my knee. With an expert touch and swift gentleness, this hand found and parted of my labia, and seemingly all at the same time begin to caress my clit.

Moving quickly, but not seemingly rushing, this hand went to work and it felt fantastic. I could hear murmuring all around me as the patrons staired on.

I felt the second hand start working its way down, soon joining the first. It move past the first and began to probe the soft wetness below it. I opened my legs wider, exposing all of myself for everyone. As my legs came open the voices around me intensified with approval, and a few flattering coments.

It was almost as if I can feel the eyes moving over me. When my legs came apart, the first hand begin to move more quickly on my clitoris, and the second hand begin to probe me more deeply, I could feel the heat building between my legs, I could feel a loss of control coming. While I continued to suckle from her breast and prod fingers inside her wetness, she spread herself wide for us.

I continued my efforts and soon I could feel the heat building inside of her, I could feel the quivering, I could sense the build up. As her sensation were clearly building, I removed one digit from the soft wet spot I was working, and dropped it down to her small pink bud that rested right below, and with a slow insertion, she seemed to envelope it.

This was the last stimulation she needed, I could feel her anus start to convulse and contract, I could feel the heat building between her legs, soon her hips were bouncing up and down off the table as a cry of ecstasy emanated from her body, it slowly switched to a moan, and then she came to rest.

As the orgasms excited I could feel eyes watching me, I could hear converstations indistinctly going on around me, as my body started to relax. Both mouths came off of my breasts, both hands removed themselves from my lips, and with my eyes still closed, I could hear some rustling.

I open my eyes to see Dave sliding me to the edge of this table, bringing my hips right to the edge, he was fully undressed now. I look down at him slowly working his way up between my legs, guided the head of his hardness between my lips and in one long thrust was fully inside of me. I was so wet it slid in easily. I could hear a few noises from the attendees as I layed my head back, and close my eyes again. Dave began to slowly work me over, as two soft hands caressed my chest, pinching my nipples gently between rounds of needing and massaging, her hands seem to fit perfectly over me.

Moments later his trusting had become faster and harder, his erection filled me completely, his pelvis bumping into me providing new sensations, I can feel something building inside of me. I could feel my breast tingling as the two hands reaching, caressing, squeezing, pinching, and the trusting became more and more rapid, firmer, harder, my hips begin to trust uncontrollably as a second orgasm moved through me.

I cried out loudly not even trying to muffle the sounds, if I was to be the center of this show, I would give them a show. I never had an orgasm from regular sex like that before, it was always hand manipulation or oral sex that did it for me, this was the first. As my trusting became quicker, she seem to be enjoying this a great deal, or great deal more than she does on a normal basis.

Soon her hips begin to rock uncontrollably against me, I could somehow feel the heat building, and the wetness increasing, as a second orgasm moved through her. She cried out loudly, and then continued to moan until the feeling had past, a moment later and I was achieving my desired outcome, a few more long thrusts deep into her, and I had expelled everything possible. She lay there spent and exhausted as I slowly pulled myself from her, sliding her back slightly on the table to support her legs.

I had barely gotten out of the way from between her legs when our tall redheaded waitress replaced me. She seemed to dive at her like it was her last meal.

She began to lick and suck, she spent considerable time, but she wasn't concentrating on a specific area. She would lick her from top to bottom, both sides up and down, the moaning that came from Jess said she was clearly enjoying it. I moved to the side to watch the straight red hair of our waitress, held back in its proper ponytail, bouncing up and down between my wife's legs.

Licking with a feverish abandon, Jess brought her right leg up holding it behind the waitresses head, holding her in place. Mear seconds later, her left leg came up behind the young waitresse's head, and both legs held her in tightly, as Jess had her third orgasm of this short evening, her hips thrust wildly into the air as she cried out.

I could tell Dave had reached his orgasm shortly after I did, squirting deep inside me, his hips ground against mine. Just afterwards, he pulled out, and I was pushed and pulled back onto the table so only my knees hung from the end. I layed there for a short moment catching my breath, before I felt our beautiful waitresses had come between my legs. She seemed to attack me with careful and gentle consideration, balanced by an eager lust. She licked me up and down, going all the way from just above my ass, (I wish she would go all the way there) to the top of my clit, back and forth, over and over again.

I could feel Dave's seed flowing from me as I was cleaned and stimulated. I don't know if I'd ever completely come down from my last orgasm, but this next one came fast and hard. I brought one and then both legs up behind this sweet young things head, I pulled her hard into my cunt, controlling her, pulling her in to me, making her eat me, as another orgasm swept through me.

I felt my legs go limp, and my body when still. As our waitress pulled herself away, I saw most of the couples in the restaurant were engaged some form of foreplay, and some measure of undress. A couple nearby to where Jess lay rose from their table. This was an attractive young couple.

She had a very athletic body, with small pert breasts that we're currently exposed, as both were completely naked. He was taller and lean, and carried himself well. They walked over to Jess. Silently the woman leaned over the table and placed the nipple from one of her breasts in Jess's mouth. She was apprehensive for a second, but then begin to roll the nipple under her tongue, and then engulfed most of her small tit in to her mouth.

Gently the woman put herself in a position so she could do the same for Jess, they each nursed off each other. The man with his tall erection positioned himself between her legs, and after a slow kind insertion, begin to rapidly thrust into Jess. Jess let out a moan around the small breast in her mouth. She opened her legs wider, giving him better access to her best parts.

She brought one hand up kindly behind the woman's head, supporting in a caring manner. A few minutes later his motions became wild and frantic as he grunted few times, thrusting extra deep, he came in her. As he did, Jess brought her hips up tighter into his, taking all she could. After he pulled out, the woman wasted little time, she climbed up on the table with Jess, and continue down until her head was where she wanted, between her legs.

Straddling Jess in a 69 position like she had never been in before, shoplyter hot teen caught stealing and offered cock woman, with her dark hair, went to work on my wifes extremely wet pussy. She licked from the top, all the way down to her ass in one long stroke.

She began working at a feverish pace, alternating between sucking at her clit, and tounging deep into her pussy. Back and forth she went, over and over, Jess seemed to be in an almost euphoric state as she laid there. As this new man worked at me, and soon came to his finish, I was as psychologically turned on as I have ever been in my life.

I lay there, exposed, as David watched me, as another man fucked me, while this woman and i suck on each other's tits. After he came, he pulled out from between my legs, and she went down and began to lap at me. Her pussy rested right above me, a very small dark patch of hair positioned at the top of puffy labia.

I had never been with a woman before tonight, but I decided I was going to play the game the best I could.

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I brought my head up and gave a tentative, almost scared lick, just down one side of her split. Then another on the other side.

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It was smooth, I could smell her her musky sexual fragrance, it encouraged me even further. I brought my head up again, and in one long stroke I went from the very top of her slit, as far as I could. I could feel her wetness on her lips, on my tongue, soft and warm and wet.

I gently licked back and forth, unable to match the ferocity with which she went at me. A moment or two later she was slowly peeling herself from my body, leaving me on the table for the room to see. I could feel a small wet puddle forming near my ass.

The next couple to make their way to the dance floor, and to Jess, was a tall well built man, with a firm jaw, that clearly spent too many hours in the gym. She walked up with an equaly nice body, long blonde hair that flowed almost to her waist, beautiful round breasts that needed no bra, and a slightly darker blonde bush that indicated the hair was natural.

Much as the last couple had, he walked up, erection in hand, and wasted little time with preliminaries, as he inserted himself in, and begin to work her. The woman this time began by giving Jess a kiss. This seemed to catch her off guard, as her eyes opened large for a moment, befor half closing and enjoying the moment with her.

After this, the woman then climbed onto the table with her, but instead of turning around, she faced Jess and squated over her face. She didn't lower herself all the way down, she maintained position above her, and begin rubbing up and down on her own clit feverishly. The next thing I knew I was being screwed again, and in a bit more forcefull manor. This time I brought my legs up and parted them as a pair of lips met mine. Shock, acceptance, and then energetic return. She pulled herself from me and climbed on the table with me, and then a furry blonde pussy came down toward my face.

She began to rub herself with almost the same fanetic pace her partner was doing me with. I was enjoying this, I let out a small moan and so did she, as she looked down at me, I brought my head up and ran my tongue along her parted blonde fur. I could taste her wetness as it matted the hair around her vagina. I licked, savoring the fluid as it slowly escaped her. After she moved her hand from her own clitoris she brought herself down so I could replace it with my tongue.

I begin to gently lick up and down, she seemed close to an orgasm, but before she finished, he began to thrust longer and harder in me, and shot his load inside of me with a grunt. He pulled out leaving me splayed open and dripping. She promptly moved from the top the table and made her way around in between my legs, there she begin what had now become the routine. She licked and ate me up and down, tongue deep inside me, and then sucking my clit for a moment, before going back and coming hardcore amy gives a sexy blowjob in the kitchen pornstar brunette me again.

Glamorous pornstar assfucked deeply pornstars and fetish next time she came back on my clit was too much for me to handle, I begin to rock and cry out in another orgasm, this one seem to practically tear through my body.

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I could hear the audience, with their approving compliments, as I came down and this young blonde woman left me. As I stood aside watching Jess enjoy herself, our long legged waitress had rejoin to me.

I sat down at our table, as the waitress knelt in front of me, and began a very pleasant blowjob. This didn't seem designed to reach any finale, more just stimulation any a re-erection. After the long blonde haired woman had left Jess's pussy in a quivering state, Jess looked over at me and saw the waitress going down, without a word she seemed to find this appealing and nodded her approval.

As the next couple rose to go join her, this couple following the mantra of the others, he went quickly to Jess's oozing pussy that required no extra lubrication, and she began at the other end. This time the woman made no pretense as she climbed immediately on top and sat her pussy down on Jess's face. Jess was getting more comfortable with this and went immediately at chicks pound guys anal with oversized strap dildos and squirt load. As he was trusting his hard member in and out, Jess used the rhythm to lick at her clit.

This woman didn't last very long. Things were starting to merge together and blur together to me. I looked over at one point and saw Dave and what seemed to be our waitresses head bouncing in his lap, but soon I was distracted buy a pounding in my pussy as a new man came and begin to work me. Then my eyes open to a completely bald pair of pussy lips dropping onto my face, gently but firmly.

I was getting far more comfortable with this and went to work in short order, lapping at her clit, licking at her juices on her fat pussy lips, tasting her, enjoying it, enjoying her. I strongly tongued her clit, it felt like pea under her skin, hard and sensitive. Her hips begin to rock, and she squealed a high pitched, almost girl like squeal, as her hips thrust into me. More fluid seem to escape from her as I lapped at her pussy.

As she came, so did the stranger between my legs, and just as they had before, she moved down to eat my pussy when he was finished. Our leggy waitress led me by the hand back out to Jess. I could see Jess's pussy was a mess, her dark brown hair was mated with several loads of cum her own fluids. My escort lowered the table somehow, and then crawled on to it with Jess, re doing their 69 from before. She dove in to her pussy with similar eagerness as before, but this time Jess was just as eager.

Jess had her feet on the table, still wearing the tall heels that dug in to the soft surface, the tan nylon that covered her shapely legs spread wide for her new friend. While our waitress had her knees under her, the black of her stockings highlighting the long curving lines of her legs. She pulled her face out of Jess's pussy and turned to me, her face shinny with moisture in the dim light, then she simply patted her ass as encouragement. I looked down, seeing her bald, puffy pussy spread on top of my wife's face, and needed no more instructions.

She went back to eating Jess and I moved in behind her, Jess reached around and parted her for me, and I inserted my cock slowly in her cunt. She was tight, and wet, and it felt like young love again. My wife's eyes grew big with excitement as I entered her. I was more interests in fucking this woman than loving her, and started thrusting hard right away, Jess kept licking, maybe even faster than before.

It was hard to tell if my wife was having an orgasm or not at this point, she was at a consistently high level of erotic excitement that was almost like she was having one long orgasm that lasted the last 30 minutes. Mine however was more defined. This tight hot pussy didn't let me last long at all, and I blew my load in this redheaded girl, her pussy siphoned every drop. I was happy this young girl came back, she was the hottest piece in the room, and now that I was comfortable eating pussy, I wanted hers.

As she delved in to me, I lavished her cunt lips with kisses, she tasted like a musky strawberry. She paused, and then I could see Dave moving in on her, I reached around her satinylegs as best I could, and spread her lips wide for my husband, while I continued to press the tip of my tongue against her hard nub of a clit. One thrust and his dick was gone inside her, I felt more than heard her gasp.

His pumping started hard right away, I could see her labia spread wide and tight around his member, and a few minutes later, he sprayed a load inside her. He continued to go slowly in and out for a minute, then removed himself, his half hard cock hitting my forehead as it left. This was my busty dark haired milf gets pussy filled from behind to double my efforts, and as I did, my girl pushed up in to a sitting position on my face.

I could see Dave's cum start to escape her, I opened mouth, and covered her hole, working my tongue in and out, I felt her squeeze, forcing more of his seed in to me.

I am not one to swallow cum, but what came out of her pussy tasted like ambrosia, and i sucked her clean. When i cleaned all i could from her, i went back to her clit, and soon had her moaning, then panting, then she screamed out with such orgasmic abandon I was jealous. As she came, a small stream emanated from her, it only lasted a second or two, but it was enough to make my face wet, and put a salty taste in my mouth.

As I stepped back, Jess continued to eat our waitress until she had a loud and wet orgasm. The rest of the night went quickly, and the details got xxx story sex stories 2019 bf cvs xxxii fuzzy, every couple in the room took their turn at Jess, I couldn't even guess the number of orgasms she had, it was many.

Eventually the combination of sexual exhaustion and those fantastic cocktails left me without some memories. I wasn't worried about us getting home, as car service was prearranged with the deal. I woke up in my own bed the next morning, feeling exceptional. In didn't want this redheaded lovely to leave me, but she was replaced by a new pair, and then another, and another, and I lost count.

I came so many times I lost count, I know I took 13 loads in my cunt, and one in my ass before I lost count of that, The Asian lesbians couple was interesting, the older one rubbed her pussy against mine till I came, as I ate her companions bald pussy.

Interesting because I don't think she shaved our waxed, I think she was that young. I lost consciousness at some point, I think while I was being fucked, and woke to a new couple doing me. I was in and out from that point on.

I woke up for good back in my own bed, dressed as I was on the table, meaning only in my thigh highs. My pussy ached, but not in an entirely bad way, it was a night would never forget. I had come to a couple of conclusions, first off, I liked eating pussy, I was decidedly not a lesbian, I still like dick more, but I would be eating pussy again, and soon I hoped. Second, bald pussy is best.

I rolled over to Dave and through my arm over him, and was hit with two questions, would we ever do that again? And why was Terry, our babysitter, in bed between us?