Wet pussy is ready for hot fuck

Wet pussy is ready for hot fuck
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I got a message from Kylie asking me if I wanted to join her and a group of her friends for dinner one Saturday night and having nothing better to do I agreed. I used to work with Kylie before she moved on to a better paying job elsewhere.

She was late 20's, with red hair, a great body from hours spent in the gym, B cup breasts and a great ass, that I'd admired as often as I could. She told me where they were going to meet and I let her know I'd see her there. On my arrival at the restaurant, I was greeted by Kylie, wearing a back-less dress with a plunging neckline, showing a glimpse of breast, who introduced me to a group of about 20 people, all friends and family of Kylie.

After being introduced to every one, I grabbed a drink and a seat, and joined the conversation and dinner. After a while I noticed that Kylie's boyfriend wasn't there. "Hey Kylie, where's your other half?" "His gone away for the weekend with his mates" she replied, and I thought nothing more of it After dinner and a number of drinks later, we decided to move onto a night club and those that weren't coming with us, stayed behind to finish their drinks or said their goodbyes carla cox and mckenzie banks on extreme trio the rest of us.

We entered the night club, found some seats and got more drinks. As the night wore on, we all got up to dance, the drinks became shots and as the slow songs came on to indicate the night was nearly over, I realised that Kylie and I were the last ones there. She dragged me up to dance with her to the slow songs, which I didn't have a problem with. She wrapped her arms around my neck as mine wrapped around her waist and she snuggled in closer.

I could feel her breasts against my chest and I'm sure she could feel my cock against her as well. After a couple of songs, we decided to get our stuff and leave to avoid the rush for cabs. As we left the warmth of the club, she shivered and grabbed my arm, entwining her arm in mine. " God it's freezing out here" she said " Oh yeah it is, can't wait to get into a cab" We didn't have to wait long and we both jumped into the cab and left. The idea was that I'd be dropped off first, then the cab would take Kylie home.

When we got to my place, I paid the cabbie and hopped out to find Kylie had got out the other side and the cab had taken off. " Hey you got any alcohol at your place?" Kylie asked "Sure" I replied "Good, cause I don't want to go home yet, and I feel like a few more drinks" she said "OK then come huge gapes anal russian teen fisting helena moeller went up to my place and while I got the drinks ready, Kylie went and freshened up.

Kylie came out and asked for some music, so I put some on and we drank our drinks. After a while Kylie got up and started dancing to the music that was on. "Do you know what tonight was?" Kylie asked after a while "No, what?" I replied "It was my boyfriends birthday today, and you know what he's done?" she continued "He's gone away with his mates to the Gold Coast for a boy's weekend, a weekend of drinking and gambling.

Knowing his mates they're probably picking up girls as well, I know his mates always do" "I'm sure he wouldn't do that to you" I answered, she'd had a bit to drink so I thought the alcohol was starting to affect her. " Yes he would, when I rang him earlier a girl answered and said couldn't come to the phone he was taking care of a sticky situation and hung up.

I know he's fucking some bitch with his mates. He knew about tonight but left piss drinking sluts kitana lure kendra star enjoy wild anal orgy sluts dp ed couldn't believe that he'd up and leave her like that if he knew about the dinner " What an idiot!" I said "Yep and after all the trouble I went to for him, he pisses off with his mates to fuck sluts" "Well that's his loss" I replied "The dinner was great, everyone seemed to have a good time" "I'm not talking about the dinner" she said "I spent the day getting ready for him, he's always asking me to shave for him, so I thought as a birthday present I'd shave for him.

He knew and he still left" she ranted. Next thing I know the she's reached behind her back and the dress dropped to the floor. She was now completely naked, and, true to her word completely shaved as well. "Now if you were him would you leave knowing this is what you would have?" she asked " Definitely not" I replied, as my cock grew in my pants.

"Yeah, what would you do?" she asked with a glint in her eye "Why don't you come and show me?" "You sure you want to do this?" "Yep" she answered " Come and get it, I was going to let him fuck me any and every way he wanted, I was prepared to be his fuck toy for the weekend, but he's off with his mates, and I've been horny all day thinking about it" "OK, but are you sure?" "Yep come and show me what you'd do" So with that I walked over to her and kissed her on the lips.

"Then firstly I'd kiss you like that" I said Next I started kissing her neck, moving to her left shoulder I continued kissing her neck and shoulders until I was standing behind her, kissing and nibbling on her neck and ears. My cock was hard, rubbing against her ass, as my arms went around and cupped both breasts, lightly pinching the nipples. She started sighing and arching her neck, pushing her ass against my hard cock.

"Now what would you do?" she asked "Well firstly I'd have to check how good a job you did" I said, as my right hand trailed down from her breast, across her stomach, down to her bare snatch. I started rubbing between her legs. "Mmmm that's nice and smooth" I said as my finger part the lips of her pussy, finding her cunt very wet, I soaked my finger in her juices and then found her clit with my finger. "Then I'd rub your pussy and make you cum" I whispered in her ear, as I did that with my finger.

I started to nibble and tongue her ear, and was rewarded with a sigh "Oh God, that feels good" she sighed, as her hand made it's way to my cock, which she started to rub it. She then turned slightly, and kissed me on the lips, and as I continued to play with her pussy, her hands undid my jeans and she started rubbing my cock.

She then turned back around and ground her bare ass against my cock. "You like the feel of my cock against your ass?" I asked " Hmmm, it feels real nice" she purred, then she started to grind harder and moaning louder. "I'm cumming, oh God I'm gonna cum, don't stop" I kept going there's no way I was going to stop. She kept writhing against me until her orgasm finished. I kept my arms around her and put my finger to her lips. "Suck my finger" I told her "Taste your juices on my finger" Kylie opened her mouth and took my finger in her mouth, tasting her cunt juices on my finger.

When she had cleaned my finger of her juices I turned her around and kissed her, sliding my tongue into her mouth, holding her close and grabbing her ass. As we kissed, her hand slid down and started rubbing my cock. "Get on your knees, I want you to suck my cock" "With pleasure" she purred. Kylie started kissing my neck, unbuttoning my shirt and kissing my chest on the way down to her knees, I stepped out of my pants.

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She then started licking along the length of my cock, from my balls up to the head and down again, until she had covered all of it with her saliva, as she came to the head of my cock one last time, she then engulfed it in her mouth and took all of it into her mouth, straight down to the base, where she held it for a few moments and started swirling her tongue all around my cock, which felt absolutely great. My hands went to the back of her head as her head came back off my cock.

Her mouth came off my cock and she started jacking me off, kissing it softly, she looked up at me " Like me sucking your cock?" she asked "Yes, most definitley" I replied as my hands on the back of her head forced her back onto my cock, which she hungrily shoved back in her mouth, sucking me deep into her throat. While she was sucking my cock, I noticed that her right hand had gone between her the best overwatch sex sombra sucked big cock play free, playing with pussy.

" Mmmm your mouth feels real good around my cock. You feeling how smooth your pussy is?" I asked " You like how smooth you feel? You still gonna be my fuck toy? Hmmm let me do whatever I want?" Kylie answered me with a moan from deep in her throat which vibrated around my cock, setting me off.

I forced her head all the way onto my cock and exploded down her throat, holding her there until she had swallowed every drop of cum that I gave her, sucking me dry. When she finished I let gop off her head and she started kissing my cock again.

"Like that did you?" I asked "Oh my God yes, I loved the taste of you" "Lay down" I told her She laid down on her back and spread her legs wide in offering to me. I joined her on the floor and starting at her feet, I started kissing and sweet milf strokes drivers hard cock pov her legs as I slowly made my way up to her pussy as her hands started playing with her tits, pinching and tweaking her nipples, making them stand out.

As I finally reached pussy, I started to tease her, kissing and licking everywhere except directly on her pussy, she arched her back trying to get my mouth on her wet cunt, but I resisted for a while, working her into a frenzy, finally I lightly licked along her pussy lips, again and again I did this, each time licking her cunt firmer and closer than the last, by this time she was dripping and very very tasty.

She had her legs as far apart as she could get them for me and I opened up her pussy and dove my tongue straight into her open pussy as far as I could get it, smearing all of her pussy juices onto my face. I then ran my tongue up and found her clit which I took into my mouth, sucking and licking it, this made her arch her back even more and I felt her hands in my hair holding me where I was, attacking her clit with my tongue.

"Don't stop, oh God don't stop, I'm gonna cum all over your face" I thought to myself "there's no way I'm gonna stop" I love eating pussy.

I continued eating and slid first 1, then another finger into her pussy, which was soaking wet from my tongue work. This sent her over the edge and she started bucking and moaning wildly as she spasmed over my face and her cunt grippped my fingers in it's velvet grip. By now my cock had gotten hard again and I started kissing her belly making my way up her body, when I got to her tits, I took her right breast in my mouth and started to suck on her nipple, while I took the left in my hand and began playing with it.

"Fuck me" Kylie panted as I continued to work on her breasts, "Fuck me now" She took my mouth off her tit and started kissing me all over the face, tasting her juices japanese slut yui ayana got fucked on the sofa uncensored my face, my cock started rubbing against her cunt and clit, driving her wild, writhing under me.

She opened her legs further and as soon as I did my cock slid straight into her soaking wet pussy. " Ohh that feels good" Kylie moaned as my cock slid all the way into her cunt. "It feels so good, your pussy is so wet, I'm gonna fuck you every which way before you leave here" I whispered in her ear. I drove my cock into her cunt and held it in her for a few seconds, then slowly moved out until the only thing inside her was the head of my cock, each time I slid back into her I would go quicker and harder, making her arch her back more, her arms encircled me and we started kissing, our tongues entwining in each others mouths as we started to really fuck each other with animal lust.

As I continued thrusting my cock into her, my hands went from her shoulders down her back and grabbed onto her ass, as I started pumping harder and harder into her, Kylie started digging her nails into my back, scratching me over and over.

I started rubbing her asshole with my finger, which was wet with her cum, sticking just the tip of my finger in her ass, she started moaning again, and I knew she was about to cum, as was I too. I rammed my cock as far into her cunt as I could and held her firmly as I began to shoot wave after wave of cum into Kylie's drenched pussy, and this set off Kylie, who dug her nails further into my back, scratching along the entire length of my back as she orgasmed over my cock, that was still buried to the hilt in her cunt.

To Be Continued.