Pornstar sunni leoni studidown load

Pornstar sunni leoni studidown load
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At age thirteen, I got myself on the birth control pill as soon as possible after I lost my virginity.

Patrick, my sixteen year old boyfriend, was insatiable. He always wanted to fuck me when we were together anywhere and he loved cumming inside of my pussy.

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I loved it all the time too, I felt like I was always on, always ready to go whenever he wanted sex and I gave it to him. I spread my legs and let him fuck me. About a few months after we started having sex, we continued spending a lot of time in his bedroom alone together with his door shut and locked.

Only big dildos can please this beauty one time his dog, Rocky, stayed inside his room with us while we were naked and fooling around. Rocky was a healthy adult German Shepherd Patrick's family didn't have neutered. Patrick didn't think a man's dog should be neutered and he always got whatever he wanted. It seemed like Rocky was always in heat. Sometimes when I went over there he would start humping my leg and I would have to kick him away.

Well, Rocky was licking himself by the door and it looked like his cock was getting hard. Patrick turned to me and said, "You know it would be so hot to see you and Rocky do stuff." "What?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Yeah, you could suck his dick or let him fuck you. I bet that would look awesome." "You don't think that's kind of sick?" Patrick laughed. "I saw some porn online where this girl in Japan did this live sex show with a dog and these guys were watching. The dog fucked her and came inside her pussy and everything. It made me think of you and Rocky." Oddly enough I felt aroused at the thought of sucking on Rocky's cock. I stared at it for a minute.

It looked big and inviting. I started to wonder what it would be like to let him fuck me. oily cali carter bangs with her hung personal yoga trainer you serious?" I asked him. "Yeah, Vivian. I jerked off and came at the part where the dog pulled out of her cunt and his cum dripped out. I bet you would look way hotter than she did. Come on, for me. Would you do it for me?" "OK." I said. "What do I do?" "See if he'll let you suck his cock." I got up and walked over to Rocky and got on my knees beside him.

He was still licking his dick. I could see that it was engorged purple and red. I slowly reached my hands out to touch the knob and he seemed to like it. I leaned my head down and put my mouth over the dog's cock and began sucking on it. It was really slimy to handle it and I could feel his body shaking as he lay there on the carpeted floor panting.

It tasted salty. I couldn't help but feel so turned on, the heat rose in my cunt and I felt juices flowing out and down my inner thigh. "God, Viv, you look so good.

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That's my pussy whore." Patrick mother forced on son sex slowly stroked his own cock watching me suck off his dog.

"Let him fuck you," Patrick said. "Get on your hands and knees and let him mount you." I obeyed Patrick and got on my hands and knees on the carpet. I just stay there naked while Rocky got up and walked around me sniffing my ass and pussy.

I could see him down between my legs upside down while I waited for him to do something. I saw his big stiff cock bounce around a little as he began pawing on my back trying to mount me. The heat between the dog and me felt so strong. There I was my tight wet cunt in the air for the dog to fuck and he was climbing up on my back and shoving his dick into my glistening hole.

When Rocky finally pushed his cock in me it felt so good.

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"Damn, Vivian, you look so good letting him fuck you like that. Man, you look just like an Asian whore letting a dog fuck her in one of those pornos." I let him drill his big canine member into my pussy.

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He was a dog, so he just kept ramming his whole dick in and out of me. I couldn't stop moaning and panting it felt amazing. Later Patrick told me it looked really hot watching it move in and out between my pussy lips like that. He liked seeing his dog's cock disappear into my cunt like that.

Rocky's knob felt so big inside of me, pounding into my tight pussy like that. I couldn't stop saying, "Oooohhhh," every time he pumped his purple cock into me. At one point he slipped out of me because he was thrusting so wildly and all this liquid just squirted everywhere from his dick. I remember when he went to mount me again, I could feel that precum from his knob dripping down and all over my thighs.

I stayed like that the whole time and let Patrick's dog fuck me doggy-style. I felt so dirty letting this animal ravage me like that. But I was getting off so hard with every plunge of this my litter sister watch me fuck her boyfriend dick inside my warm velvety fold. When he bucked his hips wildly against me ramming his cock hard inside my pussy, I felt the knob swell and his cock thicken inside of me.

"Oh, Patrick, he's going to cum in me!" I cried. "Let him, you fucking cunt!" he ordered. And it was like flood gates were opened, the dog's seed shot out into me filling me up with warm canine cum. As he buried his cock all the way releasing his hot semen inside of me, I couldn't help but orgasm once more on the dog's dick squirting my juices out onto his shaft. I tightened my hole around the dog's fuck pole and held him there for a second savoring the sensation of him penetrating deep within me.

My cunt was so sensitive and the feeling was overwhelming. When Rocky pulled out of me I felt his cum pour out. It streamed down my thighs. "Vivian, oh god, Vivian come here and suck me off, I'm going to cum," Patrick ordered me. I quickly got up and went over to Patrick and began sucking his cock.

I didn't have my mouth on the head of his cock for more than a second when he started to cum. I felt the warm liquid fill my mouth and I swallowed it. Some of Patrick's cum dripped out my chicks getting mouth fucking in group orgy and down my chin.

"Oh my god, Vivian, my Asian cunt, that was fucking awesome." Patrick slapped my ass. "I can't believe you just let him fuck you like that. God, you have no idea how good you looked with my dog's cum dripping out of your little cunt like that. Did you like that?

Huh? Did you like that, baby?" "If you like it, I like it." I said afraid to be totally honest about my feelings with him. I secretly loved it so much. It made me feel so dirty and sexy letting his dog fuck me like that. It was even hotter that Patrick watched me.

He was right.

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When I felt his dog's hot seed inside my cunt like that I knew it wouldn't be the last time I let an animal fuck me like that.