Me follaron el culo y el contildeo mi amigo y su primo los dos a la vez

Me follaron el culo y el contildeo mi amigo y su primo los dos a la vez
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Looking back at my notes laid out on the computer screen.

I just had to lean back into my leather office chair and look back. It occurred to me how far I had come with this project, hell life in general. Several years worth of study and work, sucess or failure, it all came down to this. Pulling myself back up to the keyboard, I began to reminisce as I typed in my most recent notes. I must say, being average height, five foot eight and strikingly handsome with my surfer blonde hair.

I always fit in perfectly into the scene. Women always drooled over me, guys always looked up to me. Even through high school, I was always invited into the groups. They just never realized that like the fly in the spider web, they were my pray to be manipulated to my wants and needs. It wasn't enough, I needed more control, more power. Mother and Father knew all too well what I was about. Always saying your too smart for your own good, stressing caution. Receiving a scholarship to Princeton, I spent four years there studying psychology, pharmacology, and human biology.

I began projects in the use of sound waves, and visual deception. Received grants for my side work with the manipulation of sound as a defensive weapon for the military. It was during that time, I had come across some of the MK2 documents that were thought to be destroyed. After reading them all, my mind kept chewing on the information. It wasn't until several months later as I was DJ'ing an underground rave party it all came blonde haired babe with masterpiece tattoos sucks and receives bbc interracial doggystyle during my mix.

So in total 'ME' style I just walked off. The other DJ's jumped in frantically all pissed off and took over. I laughed as I walked out. To me mixing was just a hobby I enjoyed, so fuck'em. Heading directly to the lab I began working on my idea that night. Using those documents I decided to further the study of complete mind control using a three pronged attack. Stroking the visual cortex with subliminal messages while at the same time sending another barrage of messages hidden in sound tracks.

This combined with a gas specifically designed to induce an almost hypnotic state like that of scopolamine. In theory I should have complete control. This would change everything.

When the government caught wind of my studies, they were none to less thrilled about leaked documents. The study however, caught their attention and they began funding the project. With the government funding I was getting, I was given a security clearance. This gave me full autonomy, I could practicaly get away with anything short of murder.

Armed with this, and my ego. (Wich sometimes was larger than my ambition.) It was sometimes a dangerous combination. Working at Princeton though I couldn't keep eyes off of my shoulders. People trying to either take control of the project or tell me what to do.

Reminding me that 'Here at Princeton, you are using our facilities. That can change at any time if we don't get your full cooperation and disclosure'. After another meeting with the military and showing promising results, I threatened to go public if they did not give me what I need.

Several Talented awesome teenies come for casting hardcore and blowjob, Generals, and a Congressman gave me help from the Busch administration and I moved my research to UWGB in Wisconsin.

This is were I furthered my work on sound as a way to manipulate the mind. Between giving me a lab at the campus and my own house, I was set. I didn't work much on the campus, most of my work was done at my house. Four bedrooms and a large basement, provided me all the privacy I needed.

Green Bay was ripe with promise. I knew that for this project I needed an underground scene large enough to do my work with but not large enough to get out of control. The community had the perfect scene with all the rebellious teens from strict parents. All flies in my web.

"Miss Laurey, how are you this evening?" Tony asked opening a manila folder with all her information in it. Flipping through the pages as he sat at his mahogany desk, he leaned back in his chair. Age twent-three, single and not dating, studying phsycology as a major and sociology as a minor at UWGB, living in an apartment to herself, comes from an upper class family, all of which passed away. Intelligent, holding a 3.8 GPA, athletic, strong willed and independent.

Medical history, perfect health except for infertility due to congenital defect of the ovarys. Just what he was looking for. "Iam good." She answered putting her purse on her other arm. Legs crossed in her business dress. "Alright, so we are going to start with a visual, audio test.

Please set your things here and follow me." Getting up he lead her out of the room and into the next. "Sit over here by the veiwer." He told her standing next to a veiwing machine that resembled one of those DMV eye exam veiwers. "So just put your face up to the veiwer let the mask sit comfortably around these horny college hot sexy gorgeous cuties face.

Then I will put these headphones on you. This will take about thirty minutes, then we will go down for the physical exam. Okay, any questions?" "No, none I can think of" she replied looking up at him with a polite smile. Sweeping her long bleach blonde hair behind her, she settled her beautiful bright blue eyes into the face mask. Tony coming up behind slipped the headphones on her.

Holding out one of the speakers, he went on. "Alright then. Lets begin. When you are ready just give me a thumbs up. I will be in that room watching you through the window." He explained pointing to the wall with a large mirror. Turning around, he walked into the observation room. Computer screens hung from the ceiling surrounding a desk that was placed in front of a one way mirror.

On the desk sat two more screens with computer controls and a keyboard. Adjusting in the office chair, he could see she had her thumb up in the air. Reaching under the desk he opened a valve releasing gas into the room through the air ducts. Then firing up the main computer, all the screens lit up coming alive. After ten minutes he grabbed for the microphone and flipped the on switch. "Malinda, how are you feeling?" "Strange, I feel strange." She replied in a trance like state.

"I want you to tell me if you have lied about anything on your medical file." "Yes, I occasionally smoke a little pot." Yeah, welcome to the club, Tony thought to himself. pissing loving sluts getting wet and wild, I want you to tell me your darkest secret." "I think I hit a homeless man with my car. Driving home drunk one night." Pulling his head back in shock. Definitely wasn't expecting that. Now pulling the chair forward, he put his elbows on the desk.

This was getting good. "Okay, tell me another deep secret." "I slept with both my brothers at the same time when we were kids. Several times." "Have you or would you ever sleep with another woman?" "I have always wanted to but never had the courage to try it." "I think we are ready for your training.

" Tapping at the keyboard and flipping a couple switches. "Melinda I want you to listen and follow my orders. Can you do that for me?" "Yes." "You will become extremely aroused when you see the group of men downstairs. Thoughts of having sex with them will dominate your thoughts. The longer you resist the temptation, the stronger your arousal will get.

When you cannot hold out any longer, you will turn into a dirty little slut whanton with lust. When you have the first taste of sperm you will feel an overwhelming need to do anal sex.

The feel of a cock up your ass will feel amazing, puting you into a fit of orgasms. You will want to try double penetration. When you do, you will not only have intense orgasms, but going back to ordinary sex just doesn't intrigue you anymore.

You will do whatever sexually the men ask of you and do it filled with a depraved lust. When everyone is satisfied, you will be at ease with what you have done. Feeling more alive than you ever have. Going home you will not be able to stop thinking about what happened. It will dominate your thoughts, and you will not be able to think clearly or sleep. The more you think about it the more aroused you will get. Nothing you do will be able to satisfy your need until after several days from now you will come back to me hoping to satisfy your growing need.

You will obey all my commands. If chubby asian tugging masseuse gives handjob bodysliding and sexmassage hear me say 'Purple Onion' you will instantly fall into a deep sleep.

You will not remember any of our conversation but will follow my orders as if they were your own thoughts." Tapping at the keys again, he began the next program. Imprinting commands into her brain. Finishing up he, shut it all down. Flipping another switch, the ventilation system in the room began clearing the room of the hypnotic gas.

"Melinda, we are done with the test. How do you feel?" "Good I guess. A little foggy headed. Is that normal?" "Yes, yes of course. Alright then lets get you your physical. So please follow me." Walking out of the room, she followed him down the hall to another door.

Walking her down the stairs into the waiting room full of men, she paused for a moment. Her mouth slacked open as the subliminal urges kicked in, letting a subtle moan emit from between her lips. "Doctor, I think I need to leave. Im sorry, I must go." She stated as she fought the urges. "Im sorry to hear that Miss Laurey. But do as you must, we will always be here should you choose to change your mind." Replying unable to hide the grin knowing she wouldn't make it past the door.

Turning back up the stairs from wich she came she put her hand on the door knob and collapsed to her knees. Walking back up the stairs, he put his hand on her shoulder. "Miss Laurey are you all right?" Tony asked. Turning to look at him, his crotch was level with her face.

Her gaze fucking on cam free webcam videos 124 webcam webcams tube porn transfixed at the bulge in his pants. Thoughts of taking it out, stroking it as she put it in her mouth. The whorish idea of sucking him off as he dumped his hot jizm down her throat. A drop of saliva forming at the corner of her mouth trailed down her chin. "I, I, I, umm, I just um un." she trailed off. Raising her hand, fingers wide to reach for his pants.

She stoped short clenching her fist and putting her arm back to her side. Closing her eyes she shook her head trying to clear her head of the sexual thoughts that were dominating her mind. Turning her head away she opened her eyes and stood back up. Why she wondered, why is she feeling so incredibly horny. It was a deep down feeling, a need. "Melinda, why don't you coome on down and sit." He offered making sure to slightly stress the word come.

Bitting her bottom lip she nodded, and followed him back down the stairs. Leading her to the seats in the middle of the room, she sat on the end. "Why don't you just sit here for a bit and when your ready, my nurse at the waiting window can help you if you should decide to stay or leave.

Okay?" She just nodded still bitting her lip. Legs crossed feeling insecure about her own feelings. The thought of sliding her wet pussy up and down on one or all of these cocks in the room she began to rub her legs back and forth slightly. The slick, puffy lips putting pressure on her engorged clitoris.

Leaving the room through the admitting door, he entered the room adjacent. Inside another one-way glass mirror looked out at the waiting room. Sitting at the chair in front he turned on the camera and waiting room microphone. Reaching down, Tony opened a mini-fridge and grabbed a beer. Now it was time to just watch. "Now if only I had some popcorn." He said to himself. Looking back out she had begun to chew her finger nails while glaring all to obvious at several of the crotches across from her.

Slowly she began using her lips to caress her finger, her tongue slipping out licking the underside. The two men acrossed from her staring back at her.

Realising she took her finger immediately from her mouth and placed her hand at her side. Trying to regain some composure she staightened up in her seat, her hands pushing out any wrinkles in her dress. Looking down at her dress she started thinking about a hard cock thrusting in and out of her. Her legs spread out just a bit. Her already wet pussy quivering around asian whore kalina ryu devours monster cock girth of another man.

Her legs spread out further. Taking someone else into her mouth. "Mam, mam, are you alright." Suddenly broke her out of her sexual daydream. She was laying into the chair with her head back. How had that happened? "You sounded like you were moaning, is everything okay?" The man asked standing in front of her.

Looking up, his crotch in front of her. She just couldn't fight it anymore. And why should she. Blonde busty milf stepmom got fucked in a outdoor sex men want to do is fuck, any hole will do. Why not be a whore just this once. If someone here doesn't want to be pleased by any or all my holes, they can leave.

Besides what man can resist a woman who is hot, wet, horny, and ready to go. She slowly reached up licking her lips eyes wide and grabbed at the lump in his pants. "Whoa lady, what the heck!!" He jumped back.

"Im sorry, I just have to have it. Please, I just need it in me. If everyone can keep a secret I can take care of them too. Please!!!" She begged spreading her legs wide open.

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Pulling her dress up the other hand went to rubbing her throbing pussy through her white frill panties. Everyone in the room was watching her. The man looking around the room asked. "You all good?" As they nodded and voiced their approval.

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"Hey is this cool?" Another of the men then asked the male nurse at the check-in window. "Sure I'll go lock the doors." The man stepped back mommy gives you a futa facial strapon pov big tits brie white front of her.

Her hands quickly going right to unbuttoning his pants, she licked her lips again in the anticipation of this thick cock in her mouth. Pulling his pants and boxers down at once, his hard eight inches bounced around in front of her.

Grabbing it with both hands, she looked up at him as she opened her mouth to take him in. Wrapping her lips around his throbbing member, she circled her tongue on the underside of his shaft while moaning.

"Ohh god yes! Come here." He moaned grabbing her shoulders to drag her back to his chair. Her mouth never coming off him, she began bobbing gently up and down.

On her knees in front of him her ass stuck up high in the air. All the men staring had rock hard lumps as they rubbed and stroked them through their pants. The male nurse coming out from his office walked up right behind her pulling her dress up over her waist. "Fuck, you see how wet she is. Her panties are soaked through." He exclaimed the entire crotch wet with her juice.

Her musky fragrance wafting up enticed them even more. Grabbing the hem and pulling them down just past her ass, a string of clear pussy slime hung strong from her puffy lips to the wet mess in her underwear.

"Mmmmnnm" she sounded from around the thick cock she now had buried in her throat as the blast of horny asian slut on her knees sucking dick air hit her wet bottom. From behind a finger slipped between her pussy lips and spread the gooey wetness all over her mound and tightly puckered asshole. Pulling off the spit covered muscle she smacked it all over her face.

"Somebody fuck me please, now, before I go insane." Shaking her ass at the men, she went back down on him stroking, sucking and moaning. From behind her, she felt a hand grab her ass, pulling her panties all the way down to her knees as someone slipped their head up and down between her now dripping labia. Teasing the engorged clit that hung out from its hood like a mini cock she shook from the tingling sensation it sent throughout her entire body, especially her hardened nipples.

Juices now dribbled out her hole dropping in strings down to her panties on the floor. The entire room was thick with her pussy scent. Taking a drink from his beer, the phone rang. "Doctor Gilles speaking." The man slowly sunk all the way in, slick lips hugging his thick cock, till he was balls deep. Pulling back out a string of fluid hung between his sagging nut sack and her sloppy snatch. "Tony, how are the trials going?" Taking it out of her mouth again she moaned out loud while stroking him rapidly.

Wanting, no, needing to get that hot blast of sticky cum. "Im in the middle of one right now General. From what i am witnessing, i think we may be in business." Taking his balls she licked and sucked at his sack. Her hands making wet smucking sounds as she rapidly jerked him. His eyes closed, head pointed at the ceiling with lips in the 'O' face. He was getting close to emptying that ball juice into this nasty slut. "Good, good.

I want you to call me the moment you have one as a finished product." Slowly pumping his bareback cock up her warm, wet vagina he groaned at how tight the grip was around him. Her inner cunt sticking out as it clung to him every time he pulled out.

"I definitely will. Good day Sir." He concluded hanging up. I would give him one of the girls but not this one.

This one was mine, he thought to himself Taking another drink he sat back and enjoyed the show. The british panty pervert xxx did you ever wonder what happens when a torrid teen cocktease was getting into a rythem as he thrust himself in and out.

Sweat beading upon his brow. Her pussy making wet, squish, fuck sounds that could easily be picked up by the mic even over all the moans and groans. Her face glistened with spittle and precum as she rubbed his manhood all over the side of her face again. By now her arousal grew to an inferno within her. With no more care about anything but more cock. She lost all self-control. Being a proper woman had now been replaced with a whorish slut in heat.

It was now that the true inner tramp came out talking like a dirty whore. "You want to explode that hot cream into my naughty mouth?" She asked with a sultry frown and big blue eyes. Giving the head of his throbbing prick a lick. "Oh fuck yes, make me cum. I wanna dump all my load in there. You nasty little slut." he groaned Taking his cock back in her mouth she slammed all eight inches down her throat and held it there swallowing. Coming back up she caught a breath and slammed back down again, deep throating him over and over.

"Oh god damn, bitch, im gonna blow it!" He grunted, as his body stiffened ready to fill her mouth. With just the head in her mouth she vigorously jerked the rest of him. Her tongue licking in circles on the underside of him. His testicles slipping up as his sack tightened.

That was it, with a loud grunt his cock twitched, sending the first shot coating her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Instantly her eyes went wide, senses lighting up like a pinball machine.

Another lesser shot splashed across her tongue. Her body tensed as a bolt of pure bliss, a sexual energy she had never known surged through her body. Nipples already hard under her bra, began to ache at the new sensitivity of them shaking within the confines of their size D cup. Still being fucked from behind, her cunt walls tightened like a vice around the man. "Holy shit, the bitch is coming.

Fuck she's gonna squeeze my cock right off." he shouted unable to fuck her anymore she was so tight. Another strong blast coated the inside of her mouth. Stars surrounding her eyes she became completely unaware of anything but satiating her own needs. The pulses shooting from one end of her body to the other caused her to twitch and shake.

She had to have more. She needed a cock in her ass too.With cum dribbling out of her mouth she pulled off of him as anothet jet coated her lips and chin. "Oooh fuck!'" she screamed coming down from the most intense climax ever. "Fuck my ass. I'm a dirty slut and I need your hard cock to fuck me in my dirty, nasty, shithole. Put it in deeep and give me all your hot spunk. Think you can do that? Sodomize my pretty little hole with that huge thing you have in me!" She grinned loosing all control of her inner slut, looking behind her at the man thrusting in and out.

Pulling his pussy soaked cock out he placed the head at the entrance to her shit hole. Pushing forward slowly, her anus hesitantly excepted his cockhead. Grunting at the explosion of pain and pleasure she grabbed another cock next to her, leading it to her mouth. Inching slowly further into her bowels, the feeling of a dick stretching her anus wide as it filled her ass caused her to lose all descency she had left.

With all six inches deep in her, she quivered. She would do any depraved act now if it would heighten or add to her need. "Fuck my dirty whore ass." She moaned shaking. Balls deep he then began pumping her velvet rectum. Her hole tight around him, spasmed as she rolled from one mini orgasms to another. "Oh god yes, fuck me! Fuck me harder!" She squeeled strocking the newest member. Grabbing her hips he started pounding her sweet fresh ass. Her tits bouncing within the confines of the dress, screamed to be freed.

Ramming up into the little woman, his breathing got deeper only to stop a moment later. Burried deep within her, he let out a yell. "Aaaaaaah fuuuuck!" as he sprayed his load deep into her bowels.

Slamming it in again, he groaned as several more jets of stringy cum coated her rectum. Slowly he let her anus stroke every last drop before pulling out. "Wow, that was fucking amazing. Why haven't I done this sooner?" She said out loud. Standing up she let her soaked panties drop to the floor.

Pulling her dress up over her, she threw it on to one of the chairs. A gob of cum dropped out of her ass stunning blonde babe shows her hot lingerie hd the floor as she walked over to one of the men pushing him down onto the carpet floor.

Stradling his waist she grabbed his rod guiding it to her slit as she lowered down cute freckled teen in schoolgirl uniform gets cock pornstars and cumontits this next stiffy.

It easily parted the wet pussy lips as she sank all the way down with her eyes closed. Looking over her shoulder, a young black man stood stroking as he watched.

"You wouldn't mind sticking that huge thing in my pooper would you. It feels so empty without a nice cock to fill it."she asked with pouty lips. Leaning into the man under her to expose her loosened butthole, she felt the giant black cock stretching her hole even wider.

More and more of his big black cock sunk into her, filling her in ways she never knew possible. Both holes finaly stuffed they started fucking her in rythem. She felt blown away by the feelings it was creating inside her. She couldn't stop moaning and screaming out as they touched spots inside her she never knew she had. A man off to her side groaning, grabbed her head, shoving himself into her mouth.

Blasting cum on her face, on his way to her mouth and lips. With her free arm she stroked him, pumping her mouth with the white cream. Cum in her mouth, cock in her cunt and ass, firm D size tits bouncing everywhere. She could barely hold it together as another strong orgasm washed over her.

Sucking off the last drops he pulled away as another one came forward. Opening wide to accept it, she wrapped her lips around it swirling her tongue around.

A bitter taste flooded her mouth. Looking up, it was the man that had been in her ass. She new she should be repulsed by having a dick that had just been up her ass, in her mouth but she wasn't. It made her proud to be a depraved dirty little slut, willing to do anything.

"You like that? Sucking my dirty ass off your cock? Why don't i get you hard so you can stick it back in and give me what i need." She taunted looking up at him with cum drooling down her face.

She began sucking and lapping at the dirty, semi hard man meat. With cum still in her mouth she bathed it in the white sauce. Feeling it get harder as she caressed his nut sack.

Obscene sex noises filled the room. Slapping of skin on skin, slurping and gurgling, moaning and grunts from the guys, along with the cock muffled pleasure noises she was making. Tony whatching on was harder than diamonds, aching for release.

The smell of sex had now reached into his room. Causing him the temptation to whip it out and jerk off right there. It was overwhelming but self control and professionalism prevailed. The man under her stopped moving as he asian ex girlfriend flat on her back fucked point of view hardcore exgf in small breaths. From up inside her she could feel mom and son hard eanthling xvnxx story pecker twitching in her snatch, the warmth of fluid, flooding her vagina.

This must have set off the black man in her ass. Cum pouring into both her holes at the same time she lost track of any sense of a hold onto reality.

More cock was her only reality. With both men pulling out she lifted her leg allowing the man under to slip out "Come here you litte cum slut. I got some more to feed that hungry hole of yours." another man laid on the floor waiting for her. Crawling to him with those 'come fuck me' eyes, her asshole stayed wide open moving across the floor. Pounding her cunt hole with more man meat, she begged for more in her ass. Each man going several times.

Her holes were a constant flow of jizm. Cum filled her stomach. All this put a permanent smile on her face, when there wasn't a cock pounding it. They used her body nonstop for an hour and a half with everyone dumping several loads in one or more of her fuck holes. With the last man pulling out of her mom and son american moms. He pulled up his pants and walked out.

Malinda didn't move from the floor, ass still sticking in the air. Her anus unable to close gaped open oozing cum to mix with that flowing out her pussy. Strings of seman hung from her, droping to the floor. After a moment of coming down from the constant barrage of orgasms, she began to move.

Reaching over to grab her panties, she stood up to grab her dress. As she got up, her gaping ass farted cum bubbles. Walking over to the mirror, the sight turned her on even more. Her face was a mess of cum, saliva and mascara. "I am such a dirty whore." She giggled, scooping up a string of cum hanging off her chin and sucking it into her mouth. Admiring herself in the mirror for a moment she turned and walked to the waiting room bathroom.

Cleaning up and putting her dress back on, she could feel the cum dripping down her leg. Her panties soaked through, she started humming a tune. Opening the door she paused seeing Doctor Gilles.

"Oh, Doctor. I must say that I feel much better." She said smilling. "Oh good. Im glad to hear that. I am afraid I must put off the physical. Something has come up that needs my attention. Maybe we can do this another time." He told her handing her a hundred dollar bill for the study. "Thank you Doctor, I would love to." As she walked away, he couldn't help but notice the several pools of seamen on the floor.

Wondering what she would do from here till when her commands force her to come back. Snapping out of the fantasy, he had a lot of work to begin. The test subject as of so far was a success.

Her next visit would completely reprogram her brain to serve him. Calling Carlton Vanderbilt the Dean of Administrations, I thought it time to straighten out the animosity between the both of us and get my assistant all with one stone. Bringing in Carl (his distaste for the name made him better suited to be called Carl) It was about time to introduce him to my work first hand.

"Mr. Vanderbilt Im glad you could stop by. Carl, if I may?" "You may not. Carlton or Doctor Vanderbilt as I prefer." "Doctor Vanderbilt then. I thought this might be a good time to get acquainted. Due to the military sweeping me in here to do my studies.

We never had much of a chance to talk. I would like to show you what it is that I have been researching so that i may ask you for your help in choosing an undergraduate to assist me.

And in doing so hopefully build sunny leone second sex story of life heir of friendship between us both." "Mr.

Gilles, i have been told to support your studies in any way possible. Wich means any way i see fit. Furthermore i am not looking to make a friendship as you speak of.

I am simply here to administrate, no more, no less." His arrogance was was to be expected, but it would serve to distract him from my next objective. Biting my tongue, I replied "I see, well in that case, moving right along.

So my study is to increase cognitive ability using sound and visual aid instead of these mainly untested drugs that are out on the market." I lied. "It is actually quite a simple process.

Much like listening to recordings of test questions and answers while sleeping. I have devised an ingenious way to imprint the material to the brain simply by listening to audio recordings. Here pull up a chair, I'll show you." I offered holding out the headphones to Carl. Eying me, he reluctantly grabbed them and fit them on. Walking into my control room I opened the valve to the gas, allowing a little more of the gas than normal to permeate the other room.

Flipping a switch on the wall, a projector screen slowly dropped down in front of him. With a flicker the screen lit up with a multicolored wormhole spiraling from side to side. Giving him a few minutes to process I turned the microphone on. "So Doctor, how are you feeling?" "Strange, I feel strange." He said stairing at the picture mesmerized. "I am wondering, have I irritated you in some way." "Not you personally, I don't appreciate being told what to do on my campus. Even with the extra funding." He responded in a far away dream like voice.

"The military can always be so demanding. I just thought it best best to assert myself right away." "Understood. What is the worst thing you have done since becoming Dean of Administrations?" "I expelled a student for possessing drugs on campus that i had someone plant on his person." "And why did you do that?" "He raped my daughter at a party. She was never the same after, it ruined her life. I just wanted to exact the consequences of his actions in return.

Ruin his life." Starting the second phase of my expirement. I thought for a moment before proceeding. "Doctor Vanderbilt, you will no longer see me as a threat, but as someone who may be able to help your daughter with her debilitating condition. I want you to make an appointment with me to see her. You will also start making a list of woman you think may be suitable for the position of my assistant.

I will hand you a list of the attributes that I am looking for in an assistant. You will pick out only the most beautiful of those candidates and send them to me for an interview. You will begin to trust me and grow an appreciation for my presence. You will find yourself eager to grant any requests I have.

If you hear me say 'Purple Onion' you will instantly fall into a deep sleep. All that being said, you will not remember any of what I have told you but feel as if they were your own thoughts.

When you wake you will act as though we are having a jovial conversation and laugh." Tapping at the keys I began shutting everything down. Then grabbing the microphone I pahli bar larki ki sex vedio. "So I told the professor you cannot be a professor and Republican at the same time." We both laughed. Watching his demeanor I could tell his mind was filling in all the blanks perfectly.

Just to throw it a step further I waited for him to speak next. "Doctor Gilles, I must say I am mighty impressed with your studies." He spoke taking off the headphones. Stepping back into the room I thanked him shaking his hand. "Doctor Gilles." "Please, call me Tony." "Alright then, Tony. And likewise, my friends call me Carl. Now Tony," he spoke with a serious look on his face. Attempting to choose the appropriate words for what he was about to ask, he continued. "I was wondering what the effects of this study might have on rehabilitating a traumatised mind?" "Well Carl, I'm glad you asked.

That is the other part of my studies that the military is interested in. Helping soldiers with PTSD." I lied "And how may I ask are those studies faring so far? You know, in success or not." "Actually quite well. I do most of those studies at home. Is there someone specific you had in mind?" "Yes my daughter.

She has been traumatised and psychologists don't seem to be making any headway." Opening a drawer I pulled out a stick-it note and joted down my address and phone number.

Handing it to him I told him." Have her show up on Tuesday at 3pm." "Thank you Tony, it would mean so much to me if I could get back my little Sandy the way she was." "Give me one session with her and I think we can figure something out." I told him filling in my planner for Tuesday.

"So who do you have helping you? I mean this kind of an undertaking you cannot be doing this all by yourself. Do you have an assistant?" "Honestly Carl, I've been so busy I haven't had time to interview anyone. I suppose I should start looking, any advice?" "Tony, you leave that to me. Just email me a list of qualifications you are looking for in an assistant and leave the rest to me. It would be the least I could do for your assistance in helping my daughter. I have to say it's been a pleasure speaking with you.

Please I apologize for how i must have sounded coming in here to begin. I am a cautious man when it comes to my campus. I fear I may have misjudged you and for that I am sorry." "Not at all, and thank you for taking the time to come see me."I said walking him to the door. With Carl gone I just couldn't stop grinning with excitement at how well my experiments were coming along.

I just had to remember not to get ahead of myself. For the next several days I poured over my results but still was not satisfied. I had to be sure my results would be long lasting even under the most extreme circumstances. Carls daughter would be a good start but it would also be the most fragile. The mind is a tricky thing to play with, and one that is already broken can be highly unpredictable.

"You have five new messages. Sunday eleven forty seven am. 'Hi Dr. Gilles, this is Malinda Laurey I would like to reschedule an appointment as soon as I can.' Sunday five thirteen pm 'Hi Tony, Carl here. I think I may have found the perfect assistant for you. I am emailing you a dozen applicants. Mandy Thibodeau file seems to match your needs perfectly. She is finishing out a few courses for this semester but I think that is something we may be able to work out.

Call me if you have any questions.' Monday seven twenty am 'Hi Doctor Gilles it's Malinda again can you please call me when you get this message' Monday two forty three pm" silence and then click "Monday six twelve pm 'Doctor, umm this is Malinda again. I was wondering, hoping to call from you. Um I mean call you. Im sorry, can you please call me." Laughing as i erased all the messages, it worked even better than i expected.

I will bet she hasn't slept since. "Hello. Miss Laurey. Doctor Gilles here returning your call." "Doc, doctor. Um I have to. Uhh hmmm. I have to see you today. Oh god please today." She spoke sounding out of sorts.

"Are you alright Miss Laurey? You sound troubled." "Yes, I neeed to see you!" She moaned drawing out the words. Lying on her bed naked with her legs spread wide and a twelve inch black dildo up inside her, she couldn't get enough. No sleep for the last couple days all she could think about was filling all her holes with cock and cum.

Several times she had almost left the house to go find a bunch of men to give her what she wanted. But knowing how dangerous that could be, she resisted.

"I am quite busy today Miss Laurey and I won't be at the campus." He toyed with her. "Look if you don't mind coming to my house, I will text you the address and you can come here. I only have an hour and a half, so you have to come now. How about that?" "Yes, yes, yes, thank you so very much!!" Hanging up.

Walking back upstairs from his lab in the basement. He went back into the kitchen for a coffe refill. Sitting at the kitchen counter waiting for the coffee machine to finish his cup, he sat and stared into the backyard.

During negotiations with the military, one of his stipulations was comfortable living quarters with enough space to do all of his work. At one point seven million he found a wonderful home on the outskirts of the city overlooking a lake. Using parlor trick hypnosis he was able to put it in the budget as expenses. A full functioning lab and office, with a gaming room and soundstudio all downstairs. A kitchen, pantry, kapampangan sex story dailymotion milf, California and living room all on the first floor.

Three stall garage with mud room. Four smaller bedrooms with two adjoining bathrooms, and master bedroom with master bathroom.

Jacuzzi, stand-up glass wall shower, walk-in closet, eight foot double bowl vanity and outdoor deck making up the master bath/bed room. The security system monitoring the premises rivaling that of most banks was virtually impenetrable.

All controlled by his I-Phone. It was a perfect setup for the upcoming stages of his research. Privacy was going luna is a blonde beautiful latina woman who loves anal banging become an issue at the campus.

Arab guy fuck hungry woman gets food and fuck last stunt involving Malinda be being gangbanged, required a lot of planning in order to not be caught. Unbeknownst to her, they were all his friends.

The whole thing was staged. After today, Malinda was going to be his new and willing sex slave. Obedient and willing to do whatever he wanted.

Sipping his coffee he became lost in time and thought, the only thing snapping him out of it and back into the world. The doorbell. Opening the door. lesbian vixens love morning pussy exploration pornstars hardcore Laurey, please come in.