Sweet youthful amazing gal licked by pold man oldvsyoung and hardcore

Sweet youthful amazing gal licked by pold man oldvsyoung and hardcore
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When I was reaching puberty I was kind of a trouble maker. Just small shit around the neighborhood, but enough to be threatened with Military School by my parents. One summer they had decided to take a weeklong trip to Las Vegas and hired a woman to care for my 2 younger sisters and me.

The woman, Kathy, arrived on the appointed day and I took one look and my jaw hit the floor.

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She was in her late 20's, stood about 5'10', brunette, with largehips,narrow waist, and tits that were trying to burst through her tight sweater. My parents made the intoductions and told Kathy that I had been raising hell and if I caused her one problemshe was to call them.

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They would return,pay her for the full week ,and my ass would be grass. And with that, they left. Kathy looked at me smugly, then walked away smiling as she went to get settled into her room. We had a swimming pool and as the day got hotter, Kathy decided to swim and sunbath.

I happened to notice her from my bedroom window and drooled at the sight. She had on a skimpy bikini that barely contained her huge tits. I was posessed. I had to see them! Later that night she told us to go to bed and my sisters and I retired to our respective bedrooms.

I couldn't get her body out of my mind, so I snuck out of my bedroom window in my p.j.'s and crept outside to the window in her bedroom. She was in the shower, so I patiently waited. Soon she came in, wrapped in a towel and stood in front of a large mirror. She then dropped the towel and exposed her black hairy bush and huge tits. Her aereolas were as big around as a tennisball, topped with thick protruding nipples. She started to play with one of them while rubbing her hand on her cunt.

About this time she seemed to remember the window with the curtains open and quickly looked my direction. I jerked back, not knowing if she saw me, and snuck back to my room. When I climbed through the window, there she was, dressed in a bathrobe. She was several inches taller than me and glared down before saying "You little fucker. I'm calling your parents!" That scared the hell out of me, so I followed her into the family room, apologizing profusely.

She sat on the couch next to the i found all the womens jeans you were hiding joi girl next door domination and glared at me while I stammered excuses.

I told her I had been captivated with her breasts after seeing her in the bikini and just wanted to see them bare. I was sorry (and at that point I truly was). She told me me to take off my pajamas so I could see what it felt like to have to have people staring at me.

My dick never has been big (5 inches hard) and at the time it was really tiny. I begged her not to make me do that, so she started to reach for the phone. I quickly stripped off the p.j.'s and stood there in my jocky shorts, embarassed and humiliated. "Get the panty's off!" She demanded. I did, and in my agitated state, my dick had shrunk up into a tiny little nub, trying to hide.

She leaned forward, laughing, and said "You pathetic little shit. My clit's bigger than that. You better have a good tongue, boy, because you'll get laughed out of every bed you get into." And then she ordered me onto my knees in front of her. "O.K., dickless, you want to see my tits and you don't want me to call your parents, so it's going to cost you. How do you suppose you can repay me?" I meekly replied that she got to look at me. "Look at what? There's not a fucking thing there!

No, you're going to suck. Your going to suck whatever I put in front of your face. You will learn some manners by the time I'm through." And with that, she turned around, hiked up the bathrobe to her hips and presented her large, tan lined butt cheeks to my face. They were firm and muscular. "We'll start with you kissing and licking my ass cheeks." With her prompting I kissed and licked all over.

Then she ordered me to run my tongue up and down her crack. Spreading her cheeks, she told me to lick her asshole. I tenativly licked it and she adorable teenie is fucking so well hardcore blowjob " No, dickless, tongue fuck it!" And with that, her sphincter muscles loosened and my tongue slid easily into her ass.

She seemed to enjoy this as she moaned and was breathing hard. After some time of this, she dropped the robe, turned around and looked down at me. My dick had come to life and had reached it's full 3 inches. She touched it with her foot and laughed again. "You wanted to see my tits and you shall. With your face buried in my cunt, looking up at them. But first I need to piss. Get in the bathroom!" She ordered me into the shower and told me to get back on my knees.

She then stepped in,stood in front of me, and spread open the lower half of the belted bath robe. There I was, face to face, with her black haired, bushy pussy.

She spread her large cunt lips and at the top was a large nub,at least the size of the first joint on my thumb. "That's my clit and your going to keep it happy" she said. It was, indeed, bigger that my dick in it's shriveled state. "Now, as part of your punishment, you are going to drink my piss. All of it. And you are going to thank me when you are done." And with that she stepped forward, towering over me, and pushed my mouth into her bushy cunt.

"Look me in the eyes. When your mouth is full, blink. I will stop, you will swallow. Understand?" I nodded and holding my head she let loose with a torrent of piss. I almost gagged, but new better. I quickly blinked my eyes and she cut off the flow of amazing busty milf and sexy teen enjoys a fantastic threesome action deepthroat and hardcore. "Swallow!" she said.

Then she repeated the same scenario, staring into my eyes as I was sucked into her animalistic power. After about four mouthfuls of piss, she was done and told me to lick and suck all the remaing piss from her cunt.

Then she pushed my head raunchy orgy session with fantastic sex bombs, straddled it and told me to push my hairy head into her cunt which she rubbed back and forth. She was using my head for toilet paper! She stepped back and told me to kiss her cunt as I thanked her for her gift. I licked and kissed and repeatedly thanked her. We went back to the couch. She walked, I crawled. As she sat down, she spread the lower half of the robe, parted her legs and pointed at her cunt.

I new what was expected of me. I crawled over and put my face in her snatch. With that she untied the robe and opened it up, allowing her beautiful tits to fall out. "There." she said, "As long as you make my cunt feel good you can look at my tits." They were laying on her chest and seemed to be staring at me. First she had me suck on her massive clit. "You will probably never see a bigger one.

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None of the men I've been with ever have." she said. I sucked and licked for all I was worth and soon her powerful legs wrapped around my neck and her hands pushed my head harder into her.

As she came I thought I would pass out from being crushed. My little dick was spasming and I thought I would come right there. She roughly pushed my head back as her eyes closed and she returned to earth.

She looked me in the eye and said that there was one more orgasm she wanted. The last one was clitoral, the next was vaginal. But before we could go there she needed to relax and come down.So with that, she spread out on the carpet, laying on her stomach and told me to lick her asshole somemore.

I began to tongue fuck her ass, as taught, for about twenty minutes while she sighed and pushed her ass into my face. Finally she was ready.

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She looked at my hard little dick, weeping pre-cum, and said she would devon anal is the best medicine my virginty so I would never forget her (she was right about that!). She had me lay on my back you jizz brazilian mature and girl sex sat on my chest.

She looked at me with those huge tits and stuck a nipple in my mouth. "You suck on that while I talk". She said that she would fuck my puny cock but I would suck whatever mess I made out her. I would then give her another orgasm but, she warned, she was a squirter. That meant that she came like a cock ,only more, and it was similar to my pre-cum. She touched the end of my dick and got the sticky fluid on her finger, placing it in my mouth.

"I't's similar to that" She said. "You will drink it down. I don't want it on the carpet." She also advised me that I was expected to suck her off atleast once a day for the remainder of her stay.Or suck her cunt when she had to pee. "Agreed?" She said. Who was I to argue? She moved back and slid my dick into her big gash. She laughed and said she couldn't feel a fucking thing so if I could, make it fast and come. About 3 strokes was all it took for me and my virginity was gone.

She smirked and cralwed over to a large chair, resting her upper body on it with her knees on the floor. "Get over here!" she demanded. I crawled over and laid on my back between her legs. She lowered her cunt onto my mouth and I felt it squeeze and my come oozed into my mouth. "Now tongue fuck my cunt" she said. I could feel her pussy muscle sucking my tongue as she gyrated on my face. "Deeper!" she demand and I forced my toungue as far as it could go.

"Atleast your tongue is longer than your dick" she said as her pussy muscles contracted, her back arched, and a stream of female hot mom step real mom exploded into my mouth and kept shooting with every contraction while I furiously swallowed. At last it was over and she sat back with her full weight on my face, lost somewhere. I couldn't breath as I let out muffled screams looking up itno her face until she looked down smiling.

She lifted up enough for me to take one quick breath and said " I could smother you." Smiling, she climbed off and said "But then I wouldn't have a tongue to fuck." She stood before me, hands on hips, and had me lick all the sticky mess from her crotch. She said "Get the fuck back to your room." as she retired to hers. Authors Note: The above story is true and I did my best to remember the dialogue as it happened, 20 some years ago.

The experience left an idelible impact on me and there has been no repeating it. I did take her advice and am very talented with my tongue. Some women like that better anyway. I would like to hear from women who had a similar experience from some incorrigable little shit like I was. There was no way to shorten the story and tell it, so if you have a short attention span.tough shit