Fresh hot ball cock juice in mouth smalltits and hardcore

Fresh hot ball cock juice in mouth smalltits and hardcore
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Ted Merriam waited in his car in the faculty parking lot, watching as the teachers, one by one, got into their cars and left the school. The last one to leave was Miss Hashitani, who finally appeared, walking a little unsteadily on her high heels.

The Principal's cock lurched in his pants as he watched the petite teacher in her short skirt, her pert ass twitching with every step. She didn't notice him watching her, but got into her red Miata, giving him a quick glimpse of her black panties, and drove away. Merriam grabbed his cock and squeezed it hard, moaning as he imagined sinking it into Miss Hashitani's delicious cunt.

Soon, he told himself, very soon. A moment later, Susan Ramsey walked up to his car and leaned down, resting her arms on the window. Mr. Merriam turned his head and was treated to the sight of Susan's budding breasts, plainly visible beneath her loose, low-cut top. She wasn't wearing a bra. "So, you looking for some fun, Mr. Merriam?" she asked, relishing her fantasy role of teenage hooker. Merriam continued to gaze at her youthful titties, trying to think of a clever reply.

"You read my mind," he said, finally. Susan reached down into the car and closed her fingers around the outline of his thick cock, and giggled tauntingly. "Hmmmm, is THAT what that is&hellip." "Jeezus!" said Ted.

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"Get in the car before we both get arrested!" Susan let go of him and walked around to the driver-side door, opening it and planting her cute ass on the seat. "Relax, Mr.

Merriam. There's nobody around. Why don't you just drive around for awhile?" Merriam stared at the nubile girl as she smiled at him, his brain flooded with images of his fuck session with her in his office. That had been sheer insanity, but now she was in his car and he could take her anywhere he wanted to.

He started the car, put it in gear and drove out of the lot. Susan half-turned to face him, leaning back against the door and the seat, her slim legs apart. He could see her wispy panties clinging to the folds of her young pussy, and he wondered if they were damp.

Susan reached down between her legs and slid her fingers beneath her panties, gently rubbing herself. "Did you like fucking me, Mr. Merriam?" said the scheming girl. "What do you think?" said Merriam, his cock aching in his slacks. "I think you did," said Susan, smiling. She reached under her skirt, hooked her thumbs in the sides of her panties, lifted her hips and slid them off. Then she leaned back again, her legs spread carelessly, the naked petals of her pussy clearly visible.

"I think you really like my little pussy." Merriam drove slowly, feeling the heat growing in the car. He reached over and turned on the air conditioning, then turned to Susan. "I love your sexy pussy, Susan. Play with it. Let me see you do it." Okay," said Susan, "but don't hit a tree or anything." She reached down and slowly parted the folds of her pussy, teasing her clit with her middle fingertip.

"If I do, it'll be your fault," said Merriam, fixing his gaze for a moment on the precocious young girl's cunt and imagining his cock embedded inside, then quickly forcing his eyes back to the road ahead. "Mmmmm, your dick is hard, Mr. Merriam," said Susan, sliding two fingers inside her wet pussy. "I can see it." "You're going to make lots of dicks hard in your life, Susan," said Merriam.

"So you'd better get used to it. And you better get used to doing something about it. Now get over here and suck on it." "Okay!" Susan sweet legal age teenager wants to be banged hardcore and blowjob and moved over toward him, reaching down to unfasten his belt and undo his pants. She'd never done this before, not in a car, anyway, where anyone might see her. The thought of it excited her and made her wet with anticipation.

After a moment, she succeeded in unzipping his pants, and he raised his hips to help her slide his pants and shorts down below his knees. His cock was sticking straight up. She leaned over in his lap, stuck out her tongue, and slowly slid it around the head of his penis, getting it wet.

He groaned as he steered through a series of turns on the way to a nearby town. Susan ovaled her lips and slid them down over the sensitive crown, and took him into her mouth. Although still fairly inexperienced, Susan big long black dick is up her ass ashley fires kristina rose rita rush jennifer white lexington stee learning some things about sucking men's cocks.

She carefully kept her teeth from touching it as she sucked it and caressed it with her tongue. Ted sighed as she sucked him, her mouth feeling like sheer heaven. After a few moments, Susan shifted her position, moving up onto her knees on the seat as they drove down a main street. Now she could suck him more comfortably, and her head began to bob as she bathed his cock with her saliva, fondling his balls with her fingers.

Her ass was upturned, and her naked, glistening pussy plainly visible under her too-short skirt to anyone who happened to pull up alongside and look in the right direction. As it happened, that person was a college student, going out to get a pizza with his girlfriend. "Jesus, look at that!" he said, staring right at Susan's wet, inviting pussy.

His girlfriend looked around him and saw what he was casting amateur fucking and sucking for cash. "Ohmygod, she's sucking his cock!" she giggled. "In broad daylight!" "No wonder insurance rates are going up," he said, his eyes fixed on Susan's beckoning cleft. "Well, keep your eyes on the road," said his girlfriend, snuggling up to him and reaching down to unzip his pants.

"She's giving me ideas." Susan, blithely unaware that she was being watched, nursed eagerly on the principal's big cock, slurping noisily. Suddenly, Ted groaned, unable to hold back the huge load of sperm that had been building up in his cock.

He grabbed her head and his hips lurched upward, and he unleashed a torrent of molten semen into Susan's welcoming mouth. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Susan's lips clung tightly to his spurting cock as he filled her mouth with his come, his cock flourishing again and again, her fingers caressing his balls, coaxing still more sperm from them.

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Finally, he was spent, and he eased to a stop at a red light. Susan carefully lifted her head, not wanting to lose any of his come. She sat up, letting his semen slide down her throat. Her fingertip traced her lower lip, collecting a glob of slippery cum there as she turned her head, and looked up at the truck driver waiting in the next lane.

He smiled down at her, winked, and gave her a thumbs up. She smiled and winked back, her lips still pearly with sperm. He wants to fuck me too, she thought, with sudden clarity. All men want to fuck me.

Ted was pulling his pants up, trying to keep from hitting any passing cars. "Damn, girl, I've got to get you somewhere where I can fuck you without the whole world seeing us!" Susan giggled again. "Yeah, there was a truck driver back there who seemed to have the same idea." "You can hang out at the truck stop some other night, Susan. Right now, you're mine." "Mmmm, that sounds like fun!" said Susan, tugging on the hem of her skirt.


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Merriam, there's something I thought I should tell you." "What's that," said Merriam, slowly recovering from the exquisite blowjob. "Well…ummmmmm& know why I was late getting to your car today?" "No. Why?" "Because I stayed late in Miss Hashitani's classroom. She asked David to stay after class, and I stayed behind and hid.

I just knew something was going on." "Go on…" said Mr. Merriam. "So…she fucked him. Right there on her desk. God, it was sooo hot! I was playing with my pussy while I watched them, and I came really hard!" "Jeezus! Did they see you?" "Well…I was coming to that, Mr. Merriam. I sort of let them see me." "Why did you do that?" said Ted, wondering just what this sexy little nymphette was up to.

She smiled at him. "Because I wanted to join them. Miss Hashitani is so sexy, I'll bet she could teach me lots of things. But there wasn't time. They were afraid of getting caught, and I two sexy babes get fucked in the dorm late for our&" "So, then what happened," said Merriam, his mind thinking of possible scenarios.

"Well, we all agreed to be at Miss Hashitani's place tomorrow night at seven. God, I can't wait, all three of us having sex!" "Hmmmmm&hellip.yes, that definitely has possibilities," said Ted.

"I think maybe I'll drop by there too. It's about time Miss Hashitani got put in her place." Susan gazed at the principal, her devious mind also considering possible scenarios. "You really want to fuck her, don't you, Mr. Merriam." "Almost as much as I want to fuck you, Susan." She giggled.

"I think that could be arranged. But there's just one thing." "What's that?" "I don't want Miss Hashitani to get into trouble. If she does&'re going to get in trouble too." "What do you mean by that?" said Ted, his eyes narrowing. "Oh, I think you know what I mean, Mr. Merriam," said Susan, smiling maliciously. "You fucked a 12-year-old girl, a student in your own school, in your office. A principal could get into big trouble doing things like that. I think from now on you would be smart to do whatever I want.

You can be at Miss Hashitani's tonight. In fact, I insist. And I won't tell her you're coming. As long as you stay cool, you'll have a good time." "So…you're blackmailing me," said the principal. "Well…I guess you could call it that.

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But listen, Mr. Merriam, I don't want to mess this whole thing up. I just want to have sex. Lots and lots of sex. So if everyone is cool, we'll all have fun, and nobody will have anything to worry about!" Merriam thought it over as he drove, and quickly realized he had no choice. This little Lolita sure had learned quick how to manipulate people. He shuddered to think what she would be like when she matured and REALLY understood the power that she wielded over men.

But, he figured, since there wasn't anything he could do about it now, he may as well play along and enjoy the ride. "Okay, Susan, it's a deal.

Miss Vr box sex stories x full sex stories keeps her job, but you help me fuck her tomorrow night. Does that pretty much cover it?" "You got it!" she said. By this time, Merriam had pulled into the parking lot of a secluded beach. The winter sun was already setting, and the beach was deserted. He parked the car where he figured he'd be able to see any other cars approaching, and got out of the car. "Are we going to do it here, Mr.

Merriam?" said Susan, getting out on the other side. "Uh-huh. I thought you might like to enjoy the view," he said, leading her around to the side of the hood. He gently pushed the pretty teenager forward and bent her over the warm hood, facing the beach and the crashing waves.

"Spread your legs." Obediently, she placed her legs a few feet apart. Her skirt was so short that the wet petals of her cunt were plainly visible. He pushed her skirt up toward her waist, fully exposing her delectable pussy and the tight little rosebud of her ass. Merriam knelt down, grabbing her ass cheeks with his hands, spreading her apart obscenely.

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Then he leaned forward and licked the entire length of her cleft, his tongue sliding along her tender labia and upward between her cheeks. He paused to wiggle his tongue against her asshole, and she sighed with pleasure. "Uhhhhhh, lick me there, Mr. Merriam. That feels soo nice." Ted licked her ass for awhile, stiffening his tongue and pressing it against the resistant, virginal opening.

Then he raised his head. "One of these days, Susan, I'm going to teach you how to take a man's cock up your ass. Would you like that?" "Ooooh, I dunno, Mr. Merriam, your cock might be too big to fit…" she said.

"You'd be surprised what your body can do, Susan," he replied, returning to his licking of her pussy, sliding his tongue between the petals, glancing off her clit. "Mmmmm&hellip.I'll think about it, Mr. Merriam. Do you want to fuck Miss Hashitani in the ass?" The casual way the young girl said it made Merriam's cock throb urgently.

"I want to fuck Miss Hashitani beautiful french girl fucked good in clinic you can fuck a woman, Susan," he said, immediately returning to licking her clit.

Ohhhh, Mr. Merriam, please, give it to me now…I'm all wet and ready!" Ted stood up and guided his throbbing member between her legs, sliding it up and down her cleft to moisten the flared head. Then, looking down and watching, he slowly sank his cock into her tight tunnel, naughty american mom sleeping porn story in sex stories he was completely inside her. "Uhhh, jeezus, I missed being inside that tight little pussy of yours," he moaned.

"Mmmmmm…your big cock feels so good in me!" breathed Susan, wiggling her ass from side to side. "Let's get your top off. I want to see your titties pressed against the hood." Susan straightened up a little and pulled her top over her head, giving her silky hair a shake. Quickly, she lowered herself to the hood again, her breasts pressed flat against the warm metal. "Fuck me, Mr. Merriam." He began to slowly thrust his cock in and out of her, looking down and watching, fascinated, at the way her pussy adhered to his cock each time he withdrew, as if trying to suck it back into her.

He began to back all the way out of her, until the head nestled between her labia, and then skewer it back into her, bumping her against the car. "Ohhhh god, I love to fuck!" squealed Susan, as he began thrusting harder into her in long strokes, his balls slapping against her tiny, tender clit. "Don't ever stop!" "Push back against me, Susan. Fuck yourself on my cock." He stood there motionless as Susan began to move back and forth, impaling her yearning pussy on his cock.

"Ohhhh, Mr. Merriam, I like doing it this way," she gasped, shoving back against him and burying his cock in her to the hilt. Each time, she wriggled against it, causing marvelous sensations along his embedded cock.

"It makes me feel so slutty." Ted could only stand to let her fuck back against him for just so long. Soon he leaned forward, rested his hand on the hood of the car beside her, and began to fuck her with harder, faster strokes of his pistoning cock. His flesh smacked against hers, making her ass cheeks quiver each time he drove forward. "Ohh, yeahhh, FUCK me!!" she screamed in her high-pitched, teenage soprano. Spurred on by her words, Merriam began to pound her relentlessly, jarring blowjob heroes of the storm first time charlotte cross gets the plumber to clean her pipes with each hard thrust.

She cried out with each jolt, her voice rising, both in volume and pitch, as she neared her climax. "Oh!…Uh!!…UHH!!…YES!!!!…OH!!!… OHH!!!! Merriam felt his own balls beginning to tingle, signaling his approaching orgasm.

He wanted to wait until he was sure she was coming before unleashing the torrent of sperm that had built up in his aching balls. "Let me feel you come on my cock, sweetie!" Susan screamed as her orgasm crashed over her like the waves she could see and hear in the distance.

"UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Her pussy spasmed violently around his cock, grabbing and squeezing it, as Merriam, too, went over the edge. His cum burst forth, flooding her with fast, hard pulses of sperm.

"OH, JEEZUS, I'M COMING!!" he groaned, loving the feeling of her pussy squeezing his cock so tightly as he came. Susan finally began to descend from the pinnacle of her climax, shivering and enjoying once again the warm, wet, slippery feeling of having her pussy filled with semen. She knew she'd never be able to get enough of that. "Gee, thanks, Mr. Merriam, that was super!" she said, wiggling her cute butt as his cock began to deflate inside her.

Merriam just gasped for air, come still oozing from his penis, suddenly afraid that he just might have helped unleash an uncontrollable, insatiable sex machine on an unsuspecting world.