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I'm sure most of you by now know I've really done it with my mother, and experienced and intercourse and an orgasm inside her, but I feel it's the time to give an update since new things have happened since then.

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It has happened several times again, and we have really learned to make love to each other. We also talk much more now, not just about this, but about various topics.

Our new closeness has helped in that. It actually happened again pretty soon after the first time, but that moment felt too personal to share immediately.

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Now that some time has passed I feel I can talk about it. I said: "I want to make love to you again, mom" and kissed her. She took my hand and led me to the bedroom. I think I mentioned my mom might not have been that attractive to someone else. There was that sagginess hanging skin which was apparent when she was naked, and her bush was dark and thick and scruffy. Yet as you might know or at least guess from my writing, I couldn't stop thinking about it after the first time.

The second time was a simple missionary, but the beginning was more awkward than it could have been because of my lack of experience. When I was on top of mom and inside her, it became a lot easier. I came inside her, and it was just as good as the last time.

I know she felt something too, because I could sense her reactions and I felt her hips move. It took a few more tries weeks later until mom unquestionably had an orgasm, and I think that is the best moment of my life. Nowadays we have been trying most of the usual positions, but reverse cowgirl has become been my favorite when I am with my mother because in that I can best feel the movements of her birth-giving hips, and it is also good for ejaculating deep into the womb and returning there in an orgasm reminiscent of the beginning of my life.

It also helps if the mother can achieve a cervical orgasm at the right time, because orgasms like that open the cervix and make the womb more receptible for the ejaculations. My mother can usually achieve it in this position, but some say doggy style is better for them. You may want to try that too, assuming you are in a situation where you can do so with your mom, because I can guarantee these will be the best orgasms you will ever experience.

You might wonder if anyone has noticed anything is going on, but in my position it's unlikely. I'm an adult so I have my own life, it's not like I live with my mom. We don't make love all the time, but that only makes it more special when it happens. I guess I have started visiting her more often than before, but relatives and such probably only think that's the proper thing to do. And in case you were wondering, yes mom knows I'm posting these things.

I had to tell her since it wouldn't have felt proper to write more without her permission. She says the cervical orgasm thing has especially helped her and that it's good advice. That probably made me the proudest I've ever flirty lesbians fill up their big asses with whipped cream and blast it out about writing.

I'm not always so sure about all these things. There has already been more than enough information I'm comfortable about sharing, but there's a word count to fill so I guess I'll just tell you some of my opinions.

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First you might be surprised that I say this after what you have read, but it's not really a good idea to have sex with your relatives. This whole thing has just been pure luck, it could have gone much worse, and no doubt usually does. The parent making the advance can be even worse, since parents often have kind of an authority status even to adults.

That can be misused, and no doubt most people thinking about incest would agree with in me that taking advantage of someone is flat out wrong, not to mention actual rape, which a situation like that can easily turn into.

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One thing I find interesting, however, is how many people fantasize about incest even if they would never admit it openly because of the stigma that comes with it. I felt weird when I first started posting stories, but by now I've seen that literally hundreds of thousands of people read them, and if I write about anything else than incest, the amount of readers won't even reach a tenth of that. So the whole thing is a bit absurd, there's a huge amount of people who are into this, but no-one is ever allowed to say it out loud.

I certainly hope at least fictional depictions become more acceptable, since everything else would be just pretention.

Another thing that kind of annoys me on a personal level is that regardless of these hundreds of thousands of readers, it's impossible for me to make a living as a writer.

Stuff like this can't even be sold in many places, see that thing about pretention again, and even if it was, people wouldn't buy it. I have tried writing other things in many genres, but those never find any readers. It would be amazing to be a real writer and forget about regular jobs, but that's just not going to happen.

About writing in general, I'm not a fan of any kind of taboos or censorship in writing. I recently read a book which was much nastier than anything that has been posted here in any category, and it was a properly printed work which is sold in shops.

In that sense I feel some of these sites have rules which feel strangely restrictive, but naturally the founders have their reasons for those and I respect them. People often ask why I don't write more, but what I said here should explain that.

It's hard to find the time in addition to having job, and naturally the situation gets worse if that is wasted on a story which is not even accepted anywhere. Luckily that hasn't happened often, but it's also one reason why my stories are badly edited. I know there are errors, but I don't feel the time I would have to use to fix them would be worth it, or I simply don't even have that time available at all.

Regardless, I always return to writing sooner or later, because I feel it helps me in many ways, as I'm sure sexy african babe with a big ass takes a big black cock can understand after reading this.