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A Ghostly Haunting Chapter Four by Simon Fear The time was 2:15 AM. The living room of the old Selmer Place was pitch black as was the rest of the house. The only light within the house came from the 45 inch screen T.V.

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that the Logan Family owned. The soft blue screen glowed, the movie that had been in the DVD player was over. Mrs. Logan saniy levon xxx pron story her daughter Ashley had fallen asleep on the hide-a-way bed/couch. They were still only clad in their towels, but Ashley's towel had come open during the night but tossing and turning.

Her luscious forming b-cup titties were exposed as she layed on her side. Her bare ass was up against her mom stomach. Mrs. Logan was laying behind Ashley on her side as well, with her right arm draped over Ashley her hand resting softly on Ashley's soft belly. Mrs. Logan's towel had come undone at the top and her bare right c-cup tit was pressed firmly against Ashley's back.

As both mom and daughter slept something on four legs and big passed in front of the blue screen causing the light to flicker against Mrs. Logan' face. Mrs. Logan's eyes fluttered open and she yawned as she stretched her arm up and then arched her back, making her spine pop. As she sat up she was a little confused at first at where she was, then she heard her daughter slightly snore, and then it dawned on her. They had fallen asleep halfway through the movie.

She looked at the glowing number on the clock on the wall and saw that the time was 2:19 AM. "Wow", she thought I must have been extremely tired. She realized that her tits were exposed so she readjusted her towel and then got out of bed.

Mrs. Logan looked down at her beautiful naked daughter and walked around to her side and leaned over to kiss her on the cheek, with her hand resting lightly on Ashley's side. She felt the warm softness of her daughters skin then quickly withdrew her hand and then pulled the sheet that had been kicked down to the foot of the bed and covered her daughter.

She remembered earlier when she had an orgasm thinking of her daughter and it filled her with shamed. She decided she needed a drink so she quietly walked past the T.V.

when the automaeted timer on the T.V. shut itself off, putting Mrs. Logan in solid pitch black. The sudden darkness made Mrs. Logan gasp then calming continued her way to the kitchen which was down the hall. She had flipped on the light when the bulb flash and popping noise from the bulb was issued and the light went back out. "Damn bulb," she whispered, "Well I guess light bulbs need to be added to the list for things to buy later on." She walked on over to the fridge on open the door.

The light from inside and put out a small glow in the kitchen. She reached in and grabbed a can of Dr. Pepper and popped the tab open. As she started drinking the soda she heard something scamper across the kitchen floor, and a dark shape ran right on the edge of the of the soft circle light coming from the fridge light.

Mrs. Logan let out a small scream and almost dropped the can of soda. She opened the door of the fridge wider trying to put light into the kitchen but the light being so weak only showed out about a couple feet. She then heard some squirting breast milk in a little milk jar scampering on the far end of the kitchen, which sounded like and animals claw nails scraping the tiled floor as it ran. "Damn it," she muttered, thee most beautiful dick sucking ig gaiagraphy what we need, rats invading our home, and from the sound of it, it must be a big one." She remembered then that Ashley had been scared earlier in her room claiming something had been in there with her.

"It must have been a rat up there," she thought, "While I'm in town I'll stop by the exterminator and have them come out." She reflected on her evening with her daughter, having good fun, splashing each other with water, talking and watching a movie together.

They had not done that in a long time, and it made her happy to know that maybe she could pull their relationship close again as when Ashley was younger.

Mrs. Logan drank some more of her soda, when she realized she needed to pee. The bathroom downstairs was located at the far end of the kitchen where she had heard the rat scampering about. She thought about just going up to her room, but then the urge to pee came on hard and she decided what the hell, besides she really didnt want to go up to the third floor in the dark in this creepy house.

She walked to far end of the kitchen but as she passed the counter something snagged on her towel almost pulling off. She grabbed a hold and tugged, but could not dislodge the towel from whatever had snagged.

She started reaching the towel to try and find out if there was a nail sticking out of the counter, when she felt a little pee try to force it's way out of her bladder. She clamped her hand on her pussy to try to hold the pee in, and felt a little dribble out against her palm. "Damn it," she muttered. She let her towel fall away from her body as she hurried to the bathroom.

If she had continued to feel for the end of the towel that was snagged she would have found what felt like fingers instead of metal nail. She open the door and flipped on the switch, then closing the door, she sat down on the toilet and let her pee flowing from her bladder as she heard splash in the water in the toilet. As she continued peeing she started relaxing as the pressure eased off her bladder. Mrs. Logan leaned back as her bladder continued to release itself.

"Damn I really needed to go." As the sound of her pee hitting the toilet water the bulb in the bathroom suddenly blew out, throwing her in pitch black. She leaned forward and strained against her bladder to force the pee inside her out faster.

She kept straining till she wore out but her bladder continued to flow. "Shit I have never peed this long before. She relaxed again as the pee continued to flow from her. Suddenly she heard the door knob jiggle and then something thump against the other side of the door.

"Ashley hun, I'm in here, I'll be done in a minute then you can use the bathroom if you need to." She waited for a response but heard nothing, "Baby are you still there?" Pause, nothing. "Ashley honey are you out there?" Still no reply. Mrs. Logan leaned back again as her bladder still continue to empty itself when the door knob jiggled again and then something scrape on the floor outside the bathroom and then a thump against the door.

"Ashley what are you doing?" Still nothing. Mrs. Logan started to get upset, in a stern voice she said, "Ashley stop this right now, this is not funny, I'm having problems in here and I don't need you scaring me." Nothing. "Ashley answer me." Mrs. Logan had had enough with peeing for what seemed like forever so she qlenched the flow of pee stopping, but the urge of a full bladder hit her 10 times harder than before, and the burning sensation that you get when you stop in mid pee filled her pussy, but much stronger than usual and she was forced to release her pee again, which eased the pressure again.

"Damn this is impossible to pee for this long." She tried qlenching the flow again but was yet again met which with the strong burning sensation and pressure of a full bladder that she was forced to release the pee once more.

"Ashley, I think something is wrong with me." Mrs. Logan did not get a response. Mrs. Logan began to realized that something was wrong with her as she still kept peeing. She yelled out, "Ashley answer me please!" Still nothing. Mrs.

Logan tried once more stopping the flow but the burning sensation and pressure was so strong, that she just could not hold it, and released again. But this time, the flow was not steady. It flew out of her bladder with such a strong force that her pee hole burning from the force of pee flowing out, and the water in the toilet splashed back up getting her leg and butt wet. Mrs. Logan screamed out, "Ashley I need you to call 911!!!" When she did not hear anything she screamed again, "Ashley please for God's sake answer me please!!!" Realizing that she was getting no where she knew she would have to get up and make for the phone and call and ambulance herself.

She got up as the pee continued to pour from her bladder running down her thighs and splattering on the floor at her feet. She cupped her hand over her pussy and put pressure but the pee just forced itself through her fingers as it flowed down her thighs.

She tried turning the handle and push against the door, but it wouldn't budge. She slammed her petite blonde pornstar lia lor blowjob and squirting on fan against the door, but only hurt herself as she kept on peeing, "ASHLEY PLEASE LET ME OUT, THIS IS SCARING ME!!!" She still didn't hear anything and she tried banging on the door and running into with all her might.

After several tries but only winding up with a bruised shoulder and side, Mrs. Logan sank down to the floor, sitting down as her pee flowed from her pussy pooling around her ass and legs, she began crying, "Ashley baby please let me out, please baby." Still sobbing she huddled against the door, continuing to pee herself. In the living room Ashley was laying on her back when she awoke to the sound of her mother screaming her name. She tried getting up but felt pressure on her wrists and legs holding her down.

She could the hands of someone on her wrist and knees pressing down on her legs. She could feel a body on top of her. She tried struggling up but did not have the strength of whoever was on top of her. She could not see anything in the pitch black but she could hear the person breathing, feel breath flow across her tits. Suddnely she felt a mouth enclose over her nipple as someone started sucking it. "Get off me perv! Let me go." Still the person kept on sucking on her nipple, and then move to the other one.

"Stop it let me go, please." The sucking started sending a tingling sensation deep down in her pussy. "No please stop it, let me go." Suddenly she felt what seemed liked an erect penis press against her thigh near her pussy. The man she now realized was starting to hump her leg, as he started sucking harder on her nipples, making them hurt.

"Stop it, your hurting me, get off." She tried struggling again, but was losing her strength. The man then moved his penis until it was pressed right up against her nether lips.

She could feel the head of his penis, slide through her slit as the guy moved his penis up and down, rubbing his head against her clit. Ashley felt her pussy started to get wet, and the pressing against her clit, was sending sensations through her as she involuntaraly moaned out, "UGGhhh, please don't mister whoever you are stop, let me and my mom go, please." The guy continued sucking hard on her nipples, making them hurt more.

Ashley screamed out, "MOM, MOM HELP ME, MOM." Ashley didn't hear anything and realized that the guy must have done something to her. Ashley began crying, "Please let me go, don't do this." The guy ignored as he continued to slide his dick through her now moist and slick pussy lips.

The pressure from the guy's dick moving across her clit was driving her crazy. "UGGhhhhh nooo please, HHmmmmm don't, UGGhhhhhh, please, aaaahhhh, ughhhh." Her body was betraying her as the sensations flowed through her, her juices flowing out of her pussy, her hips started thrusting up putting pressure against her clit from the guy's dick.

"UGGhhhh no please no, UGGGhhhh, aahhhh, stop please, I'm a. uggghh, a. aahhhh, virgin, uhhggg, slutty lesbian peaches are spreading and fisting anal holes she begged as tears flowed from her eyes as she realized that she was being raped. The guy ignoring her pleas, then moved his dick, and Ashley felt the head of his penis slide into her pussy.

The guy was big, and she was very tight, and it put pressure on her, making her squeal out. Ashley screamed out, "HEEELPP PLEASE SOMEONE HEEELLLPPP!!!" The guy slowly with drew his dick and then pushed forward again sliding more of his dick into her tight hole.

This was enough to drive Ashley over the edge, as she came, "AAAHHHHH I'mm cummminnngg, UGGGHhhhh, AAAHHHhh!!!" Her body thrust forward causing the guys dick to be shoved deeper into her wet hole, but then she clamped down as her orgasm hit her again, and she felt the guys dick press up against her hymen sending pain through her. "AAAAAAHHHHH," she screamed as slutty housewife penelope sky is getting nailed came, her juices squirting out around the guys dick, as she felt the sheets under ass get soaked up.

Finally her orgasm began to subside as her body slumped back against the bed. The guy held still for a minute, then withdrew his dick from her pussy. She felt empty now, and drained but then she felt his dick pressed against her nether lips again and the push past them as he tasting a moist japanese bawdy cleft stockings and hardcore her once. This time she knew, he would break her hymen, and rob her of her virginity. Mrs. Logan sitting on the bathroom, in the pitch black, her peeing still flowing out, soaking her ass and legs, she heard her daughter's scream.

"MOM, MOM HELP ME, MOM." Mrs. Logan jumped up, not caring any more that she was peeing herself, as she pounded on the door, screaming, "ASHLEY, ASHLEY ANSWER BABY WHATS HAPPENING?" Mrs. Logan began hitting the door the again, running into it, not feeling the pain in her arm and side, only knowing that something was wrong with her daughter. Mrs. Logan paused for a moment, "ASHLEY, ASNSWER ME BABY, ASHLEY!!!" Mrs. Logan put her ear to the door, as she heard what sounded like her daughter pleading, but she couldn't make it out through the door.

Mrs. Logan began running at the door again, hitting it with all her might, when she felt it budge a little bit. Mrs. Logan seeing a chance out, redoubled her efforts to force daughter gives daddy a handjob then fucks him the door when her daughter screamed again, "HEEELPP PLEASE SOMEONE HEEELLLPPP!!!" Mrs.

Logan ran against the door again as it pushed further out. Now there was an opening and Mrs. Logan tried to squeaze through. Skinny as she was, the open was till too small. Then she heard her daughter scream again, "AAAHHHHH I'mm cummminnngg, UGGGHhhhh, AAAHHHhh!!!" Mrs. Logan screamed at the top of lungs, "LEAVE HER ALONE YOU BASTARD, LEAVE MY BABY GIRL ALONE!!!" Mrs.

heard one more scream, brunette cutie learns to ride a big dick as Ashley came. Fearing for her daughter, and knowing that some pervert was raping her daughter, sent a surge of energy through her as adrenalin flowed through her, she ran at the door once more.

The force of impact sent the heavy wooden that was blocking the door, flying through the kitchen as it smashed against the table. Mrs. Logan flew through the door falling onto the kitchen floor. She staggered up and ran through the kitchen and then down the hall to the living room.

Ashley heard the racket and double blowjob for it guy she seduces sean to get his massive cock mom's screams as the guy's dick pressed against her hymen again pushing forward she felt pain flow into her pussy, as she felt it begin to rip. But just as the guy was about to break through her hymen she was suddenly free no longer being restrained.

She no longer felt the guy's dick inside her and the pain inside her was fading. Her mom came running into the room, as she flipped on the switch, flooding the living room with light, Ashley heard her mom say, "Please don't go out." But the light stayed on.

Ashley jumped off the bed and ran into her mother's arms as they embraced, both crying. "Are you ok baby, are you hurt, oh sweety I'm so sorry, so so so sorry." Mrs. Logan held onto her daughter as she felt her tears flowing against her ashley adams ashleys juicy tits breasts.

Ashley spoke up, "I'm ok now mom, I'm ok, I was so scared, he.he.he tried to have sex with me, al.almost too.took my virginity." Ashley continued to cry as her mom rubbed her hand across her hair, and then kissed her forehead, "It's ok sweety, it's ok I'm here now." Then realizing that there might still be danger, Mrs. Logan asked her daughter, "Where is sweety, where is that bastard?" Ashley looked up, "I don't know, he just disapeared right before you ran in.

Where were you, what happened." Mrs. Logan looked down at her daughter, "He had me blocked in the bathroom, and something was wrong with, I just could not stop peeing. She looked at the clock, nearly half an hour had passed, how could she have been peeing for that long. Then realized something, she was no longer peeing herself, and did not feel the urge to pee.

Mrs. looked around, "Shit he might still be in the house I didn't hear any doors open. It's not safe in here. Mrs. Logan pulled the sheet off the bed/couch and wrapped her daughter in it. Then grabbing Ashley's towel she wrapped herself in it. Taking Ashley's hand Mrs. Logan walked to the table by the door and peered around the corner. She then reached around and flipped on the hallway light. The two bulbs on either end of the hallway fill it with light.

Mrs. Logan knew that the guy wasn't in the kitchen cause she didn't pass him. She looked down to the other end where the doorway to the family room was at. The light was off in that room. There was no exit in that room. She knew that he had not gone upstairs because that was in the entry room across from the kitchen. And she knew he wasn't in the laundry room which had a back door because that was located at the far end of the living room and that door was still shut, and she had not heard it open or close.

She knew he had to be hiding in the family room, and might ran back out and try to attack them. Mrs. Logan closed the double doors and latched them and then picked up the phone and dialed 911.

A dispatcher picked up the phone, "911 Emergency hotline, what's your emergency?" Mrs. Logan was relieved to know that the phone line had not been disconnected. "This is Lisa Logan, at 421 Shadow Brook Lane, the old Selmer place. Some just tried raping my daughter." The dispatcher replied, "When did this happen?" "Just now, this guy was in here, had me locked in the bathroom and tried to rape my girl." "Oh dear, did you see him to get a description and do you know which direction he took off in?" Mrs.

Logan replied, "No he locked me after I was already in the bathroom, and.and I dont think he has left the house. I didn't hear any doors open, and I didn't passed him when I ran down the hallway.

The only room he could have run into with me seeing him is down the hall and it has no exit door in it. Mrs. Logan I'm sending a couple of police officers out there right away along with an ambulance. Are you in a safe room right now?" "Yes ma'am I locked the living room doors, but it is a flimsy latch, I don't know if it would hold if he decided to break in here. The only other door into here is from the utility room which has a back door, but its locked." "Mrs.

Logan do the door open in or out." "IN" "See if you can move something heavy against them. If you have to flee before the offices get there, go out the back door and towards the road, they'll be coming from the east. They will adentify themselves when they enter the house. But tell me is your front door locked?" "I.I don't know, it should be but if he came in through that it may not be, but if it is they have my permission to break it down, I'm not about to endager my daughter by walking out to let them in." "No you should not Mrs.

Logan, I will let them know, they should be arriving pretty soon." Mrs. Logan sighed, "Thank you, thank you so much." Mrs. Logan hung up the phone then turned to her daughter. "Ash do you think you could help me move the desk in front of these doors?" Ashley nodded, "Sure mom." Both mom and daughter pushed the heavy desk against the door, then both sat down on the bed/couch and held each other waiting for the police.

Within minutes they heard the sirens in the distance. Soon after they heard the gravel in the drive crunch as the patrol cars pulled in and then heard the officers try opening the front door. Suddenly they heard a blow to the front door and glass break in the small front window on the door, then another blow as wood splintered and the police forced entry. The officers ran to the living room door, and banged on it. "Mrs. Logan its the police can you open this door?" Mrs.

Logan and Ashley jumped off the bed and pushed the desk out." When she opened it she saw two officers standing there. She more running up the stairs. "Did you hear the guy leave, Mrs. Logan." She shook her head, and pointed to the family room down the hall, "I think he might be in there, because I ran from the kitchen and did not pass him. Both officers ran down the hallway as they drew their guns, and then proceeded into the room. Another officer approached them, "Mrs. Logan if you will, there is an ambulance outside to see to your daughter and yourself." Mrs.

Logan and Ashley walked with the officer outside. There the paramedics began to check Ashley as Mrs. Logan looked back the house. She saw all the lights on in the all floors and saw the shapes of the police officers as they passed by the curtained windows. She then looked at her driveway and sarayu malayalam film actress sex 4 police cars.

She was glad she could count and rely on the small town police dept. In the city it would have taken up to 30 minutes for anyone to show up and then only one or two officers. Finally the officer's radio who was with them came on, "All clear no one in here, we check all over, all the windows are locked from the inside and the back door is still locked." The officer keyed up his radio, "10-4", then he turned to Mrs.

Logan, "the paramedics will need to take your daughter to the emergency to do a rape test on her. You can go with her and then one of us will come by to get a statement. He then noticed that Mrs. Logan was only wearing a towel, "Um.you might want to get some clothing for you and your daughter." Mrs. Logan's face went went red, "I apologize I just didn't have time to get any before." The officer smiled, "No need to apologize ma'am, and if you want one the guys can go with you if you don't feel safe to go in by yourself." "Thank you so much, I don't think I could go in there by myself right now." The officer motioned to a younger officer who was coming out the house.

"Go with Mrs. Logan so she can get some clothes for her and her daughter," then turning back to Mrs. Logan, "I'll stay out with your daughter." Mrs. Logan smiled, "Thank you so much." Mrs. Logan and the officer then walked back into the house. The officer went in front of her as they went upstairs to the second floor.

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Mrs. Logan then went into Ashley's room and got a pair of panties and bra, t-shirt, jeans, pair of socks and shoes and put them Ashley's backpack.

Then following the officer upstairs again the stepped into her room. The officer looked around as Mrs. Logan grabbed a pair of jeans and button up shirt. She was about to disrobe when she realized the officer was in there. The office noticing this blushed and walked to do, "Do you want me to shut the door Miss?" Mrs. Logan shook her head, she did not want anything blocking her from protection.

The officer turned his back to her as he stood in the doorway. Mrs. turned her back to him and dropped her towel. She did not see the officer glance over his shoulder at her. His heart leapt into his throat as he saw her naked ass, and then she bent over to pick up her shirt. Damn he could see her pussy lips through her thigh. He felt his dick stir as he continued watching Mrs. Logan. She straightened up and slipped the shirt on and then started buttoning it.

The officer reached down with his hand and straightened his dick as it swelled in his pants. Mrs. Logan spoke up, "Thank you so much for getting here so quickly." The officer smiled, "not a problem ma'am, I'm pretty sure it was a terryifying thing for you." He kept watching her naked ass as he slowly rub his hardened dick through his pants. Mrs. Logan spoke as she buttoned her shirt, "It was horrible, I was trapped in the bathroom, couldnt get out, and I could hear my daughter screaming." She bent over and started pulling her socks on.

The officer could see her pussy peering from between her thighs and he rubbed his dick harder. Mrs. Logan then started pulling on her other sock, staying in the bent over position. The officer rubbed his dick harder feeling his orgasm building. "Well everything is secure, he wasn't in here, and we don't see how he did get in. We had to bust down your door." Mrs.

Logan then started pulling her jeans up straightening up. Just as the hem of her jeans got to the bottom half of her ass, the officer clamped down his dick as he felt his jizz begin squirting out, feeling it run down his dick down to his balls, he could feel it start to soak through his pants, as he held his breath to keep from grunting or moaning.

Mrs. Logan pulled her jeans on and then zipped them up. She slid her feet into her shoes and then grabbing the bag she said, "Ok I'm ready." The officer walked in front of her so she wouldn't see the wet spot in his pants. When they got outside, the officer who was watching sweeties pound fellas butt hole with oversized strapon dildos and ejaculate sperm her daughter spoke up, "Mrs.

Logan just real quickly, can you give any type of description of the perp?" Mrs. Logan shook her head, "No the lights in the kitchen and bathroom blew out so it was pitch black, and I for some reason I just couldn't stop peeing once I was in the bathroom.

Im so embarrassed that you guy had to the see the mess on the floor." Mrs. Logan stopped as she saw the puzzled look on his face, "What what's wrong." The officer looked back at the house and then back at Mrs. Logan, "Ma'am, I don't really know how to say this but, the kitchen light, and the bathroom light were turned on and shining brightly when we went in there.

Plus there was no urine on the bathroom floor. The only mess we saw was the slintered door frame where you broke out of the bathroom and the broken chair and busted table in the kitchen." Mrs. Logan stared in shock, "But the light popped and went out after I switched them on, and I know I was peeing because it was scaring the hell out of me when I couldn't stop.

Do you think I'm making this up?" The officer looked into her eyes, "I can tell your not lying Mrs. Logan. I can see it in your eyes, but some things dont add, and they probably won't, considering the history of this place." "What do you mean?" The officer looked away, "Why don't you go with your daughter to hospital ma'am and later on I will come by and try to explain somethings to you, swedish slavegirl vicky valkyries suspension bondage and hung spanking of redhea you probably won't believe." Mrs.

Logan nodded and stepped up into the ambulance and sat next to her daughter holding her hand. As the officers left the property with the ambulance no one saw the man standing at the window of Mrs. Logan's bedroom watching them. So close he was, the bitches, he would exact his revenge, they would be his. To Be Continued.