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Deep gyno toys in her nasty hole hole tube porn
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Fbailey story number 341 I Knocked Up My Sister Too As I lay there after midnight in bed with my mother after we had sex I hugged her closely and said, "Mom I need to tell you something.

Please don't get mad. I knocked up Lisa too." Mom went right into shock. She didn't say a thing for almost a full minute and I couldn't hear her breathe either. Finally in a low voice mom asked, "When and how?" We were in the spoon position that we both liked so well after sex.

I held onto her lower breast and snuggled my cock into the crack of her ass. I said, "Well you know how it is having my birthday fall on Christmas.

When you offered me sex for my sixteenth birthday present it was fantastic. Well Lisa offered me sex too. You always make me wait until after you are sure that Lisa is asleep. Well Lisa doesn't make me wait. I can have her any time that I can catch her. You were so worried about missing your period two months ago that you didn't notice that Lisa had missed hers too. Then you bought those pregnancy testers and I had Lisa pee on the other one.

They were both positive." I let that sink in for a moment and then I continued, "Lisa is worried about you hating her and kinky brunette waking up her bf acid rain girls in school finding out that she is pregnant.

She is starting to get fat, her bras don't fit anymore, and she is afraid of you." Mom asked, "Does she know that you sleep with me and that you got me pregnant too?" I replied, "No Mom. I promised you that I wouldn't tell anyone." Mom asked, "Did you make Lisa that same promise?" I replied, "Yes, but I told Lisa that I would tell you when I found the right time.

So she knows that I'm going too." Conveniently the next day was Saturday and no one had anyplace to be. It was mid April mom and son xxxcom com Mom and Lisa were now three months pregnant and just starting to develop round bellies.

Lisa and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating some hot cereal when Mom walked in wearing just a bra that was a size or two too small and a pair of panties.

Mom turned sideways, ran her hands over her smooth rounded belly, and then said, "I hear that you are pregnant too. Show me." Lisa looked at me, then stood up and removed her robe. Lisa also had on a bra that was too tight and a pair of panties. Lisa stood sideways and ran her hands over her rounded belly too. After a moment of silence Mom started to laugh then she said, "So your horny brother knocked us both up, huh." Lisa looked at Mom, then she looked at me, and then she said, "You screwed Mom too?" Mom stepped in and said, "Slow down Lisa.

I didn't know about you either until after midnight this morning. It seems that we both offered him our bodies for his sixteenth birthday, it seems that we both enjoyed ourselves a little too much, and now it seems that we have a little problem to live with…or more precisely two little problems to live with." Lisa looked at Mom and said, "You're not mad at me then?" Mom patted her belly and smiled as she said, "How could I be." Mom started to make coffee but said, "I guess we should start watching what we eat, for the babies sakes." Lisa said, "It looks like we both need some new bras." Mom laughed and said, "Well lets go get some this morning.

How about we get a couple of those crazy T-shirts that say Baby On Board too." Lisa asked, "Should we advertise it? That we are pregnant I mean." Mom said, "Why not? It isn't as if we can keep it a secret much longer.

We don't have to tell them that your brother is the father of both our children." Then there was a pause followed by, "We need to make a double appointment with my doctor too." Then she looked me right in the babe zoey gets her pussy slammed hard by dustins big dick and said, "I think that you should go with us too." Lisa said, "Yeah. If we have to do it so do you." Mom said, "We also need to tell the doctor the truth.

There could be problems with children of incest." After breakfast we got dressed and I had to go bra shopping with the girls. Mom made it just as embarrassing as she could too. She held each one up for me to approve of, she made me go in the changing room with them, and then she made me take them to the cashier and pay for them myself.

As if that wasn't bad enough we went to a maternity shop to look at baby stuff. Mom made sure to tell the woman that they were both pregnant. Then they bought matching 'I'm Pregnant' T-shirts and wore them out over their new bras. As if that wasn't bad enough Lisa ran into three of the girls in her class. They noticed the T-shirt and all hell cut loose. Mom handled it every well and told the other girls that she was pregnant too and that if they knew what was good for them that they would get on some form of birth control and make the boy wear a condom too.

Lisa told the other girls that it had been an accident but that even older women get caught off guard too. When the girls asked who the father was Lisa said, "No one that you would know.

He isn't from around here." After Mom thought that I had been embarrassed enough, she and Lisa put their coats back on and we left the shopping mall. On the way home Mom told me that what I had gone through back there was nothing compared to what Lisa would be going through at school. She said that those three girls would tell the entire school about Lisa being pregnant before Monday morning. That was when reality hit me. I knocked up my sister too. I had gotten both of the women that I loved pregnant at about the same time.

I realized that they couldn't hide the fact that they were pregnant but that I could hide the fact that I was the father. I told Mom that I wanted to tell everyone that I was responsible and take some of the blame off them. She said that if I did, that we would all be in serious trouble with the police. Incest is frowned upon. She told me to keep my mouth shut and to let her and Lisa deal with it. At home the girls relaxed and turned me into their slave.

I got drinks, I got snacks, and I got to answer the phone. It was ringing off the hook. Every girl that Lisa knew was calling her to confirm the rumor that they had heard. Lisa told them all the same story, that she and her mother were both three months pregnant, that they were keeping the babies, and that they wouldn't know the fathers even if she told them who they were.

Then Lisa got a serious phone call from a girl that she just barely knew. She had heard that Lisa had been walking around the mall wearing a T-shirt telling everyone that she was pregnant.

Then she asked Lisa if she could come over, she needed someone to talk too. Sure she could. In about an hour a girl knocked on the door that I had seen a few times in school.

She was cute and I had admired her.

She introduced herself as Katie and said that Lisa was expecting her. I let her in and took her to the living room where Mom and Lisa had their feet up on the coffee table. Their shoes were off and they were still wearing their matching T-shirts. Katie looked around nervously and Mom sent me to the store to get her some Rocky Road ice cream.

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I knew there was some in the freezer because we had just bought it on the way home. I also knew that Mom was telling me to get lost so I put on my coat and left. I figured that I had better come back with the ice cream so I really did go to the store.

While I was gone Katie opened up to Mom and Lisa that she was pregnant, but that she couldn't tell anyone because the father was her brother. I guess that was when Mom told Katie that I was the father of Lisa's baby and that maybe the two girls should tell people that the other's brother is the father.

That way both of them will have a way of not telling on their own brothers. Then I came home and Mom filled me in on the plan. The first thing that came to my mind was…do I get to have sex with Katie. Mom laughed and told Katie that I always think with my little head like all men do. She laughed because her brother always wants sex too. Then Katie said that she wouldn't mind if I really wanted to have sex with her.

That way she wouldn't have to lie when her mother asked her who she had sex with. I told Katie that I thought that she was cute and that I really would like to have sex with her. Mom just laughed and suggested fat sex storiesher forced rape rape virgin daughter in forest we invite Katie's brother over to have sex with Lisa then for the same reason.

At that moment I felt a pang of jealousy. But since Lisa said tiny titted teen livia hardcore fucked tube porn it was all right with her and I was going to have sex with Katie anyway, I told her to go for it. Katie made the phone call and told her brother what was up and then she told us that he was on his way.

Mom then sent Katie and I up to my bedroom. Katie came willingly. I locked my bedroom door and got undressed first. My erection was up straight in anticipation. Katie really was shy but she did start to undress. She turned around to unbutton her top and take it off but then she turned back around so that I could see how much her breasts were swelled up in her tight bra. She stared at the floor the whole time. Then she turned around and lowered her jeans but that was a good thing because I got a great view of her ass in her panties as they stretched tightly across her buttocks.

Then she turned and let me look while she stared at the floor. I was seeing where this was going so I reached out and pulled Katie to me. I turned off my lamp and I kissed her like I kissed my mother and my sister…with slight pressure, with a little tongue, and with plenty of feeling. It worked and Katie melted in my embrace.

I reached behind her and unfastened her bra hook with easy. I left her bra crushed between us and started to lower her panties past her waist and to her hips. Katie stopped me and said, "You don't have to do this if you don't want too." I replied, "Katie making love to you right now is what I really want to do.

I have admired you in school a few times and to be honest I've thought about you while I was making love to my sister a few times too." Katie kissed me and then backed up a foot to let her bra fall from her swollen breasts. She slipped her thumbs into her panties and let them fall to the floor too. Naked and shy Katie got under my covers and invited me in. Making love to Katie was different than making love to Lisa or Mom, it was kind of romantic like between lovers.

I enjoyed running my fingers over her soft warm skin. I liked gently cupping her tender breasts and I liked kissing her. We kissed a lot while I explored her naked body. She busty chicks on pussy licking and dildo playing that she had given herself to her brother as a Christmas present.

I told her that my sister did too but in my case it was my sixteenth birthday too. When I felt ready I crawled down and licked her pussy. It tasted different than Mom or Lisa but it wasn't bad and I could tell that Katie was enjoying it. She said that her brother had never done that to her and I felt good about being the first one. I managed to give her an orgasm thanks to all of the lesson Mom had given me. Katie's brother had never given her an orgasm either. I smiled thinking that Lisa would have plenty to say to him.

She was not a girl to just let the boy cum and go…not my sister. He would have to work for it…as he should. Girls are not just a piece of ass to use and discard.

When I finally did slip my cock into Katie she was begging for it and she thoroughly enjoyed receiving it too…every inch of it. I took my time and slow fucked Katie. It was something that Mom had taught me to do.

It prolonged sex so that we could both enjoy it to the maximum. The long slow strokes followed by plenty of kissing was exactly what Katie needed to stimulate her mind as well as her body. Girls need that where boys are very physical. When the time came that I was ready to explode, Katie begged me to cum inside her.

I held her tightly in my arms, I forced myself all the way up inside her, and I started cumming. It was certainly one of my best performances and I was sure that Katie would be impressed too. I lay there in her for a couple more minutes before I pulled out, hugged her to me, and kissed her passionately as I told her that I loved her. I really did too. Even though I loved my mother and my sister very much this was a special kind of love. For the next half-hour we lay there together and talked about our future and that of our baby.

I had taken on the responsibility of being the father of her child. Mom was right I was growing up and taking responsibility for my actions. If I wasn't that baby's father I was sure that I would be her next baby's father. We finally took a shower together, dressed, and returned to Mom in the living room. Lisa was there with Mom alone. She said that they had sex, Lisa didn't like it, and sent him home to grow up.

She didn't want him pretending to be the father of her child either. He couldn't even start to satisfy a woman. Mom was laughing so hard that she peed her panties a little. Katie started laughing and told Lisa that she was right, that her brother couldn't fuck for shit. She confessed that she had no idea what sex was all about until I had just made love to her. She said that all her brother ever did was jerk off in her pussy and give her the mess to clean up.

Lisa giggled. Then Katie thanked Mom for letting me make love to her. Mom invited her to spend the night. She could tell her mother that Lisa had invited her to sleep over. When she called, her brother answered the phone and started to give her some shit.

Lisa took the phone and told him to pass the message on or else. Then she hung up on him. Mom ordered a sheet pizza and after it arrived she took off everything except her damp panties. Mom said that way she wouldn't get her clothes all dirty. Lisa and Katie removed their clothes too. I liked eating with three topless women so I stripped down to my underwear.

Sure enough Mom dropped some pizza sauce on her breast and asked me to clean it off. I licked mother puts her mouth on my cock breast and sucked her nipple into my mouth.

Lisa and Katie made sure to get some sauce on their breasts too. Just to be fair I removed my underwear and dropped some sauce on my cock. I stood up to show them and Katie was the one to come over to me, kneel on the floor before me, and to take it into her mouth.

She said that her brother had wanted her to suck his cock but she wouldn't…another first for me. Katie just knelt there and sucked and sucked to Lisa's delight. She wasn't giving me the feeling that I needed so Mom knelt down next to her and took over. Katie seemed surprise that my own mother would suck my cock. Mom gave Katie some instructions and the two of them traded off for a couple of minutes before Mom got back in her seat to keep eating.

Lisa got down next to Katie and the two of them did a great job. Lisa backed off so that I could cum in Katie's mouth and let her swallow it. Once we were back in our seats and eating the rest of the pizza, Katie questioned Mom about sucking my cock. Mom simply told her the truth, that I was the father of her baby too and that we have had all kinds of sex together.

Then Katie asked Mom what she meant by all kinds of sex. Well that started Katie's sex education class.

She couldn't believe that Mom and Lisa had let me try anal sex with both of them and that they practiced lesbian sex together too. All that Katie knew from her mother was that you just lay there and let the boy do what he wants to you until he stops. Her mother sure sounded strange to me. When Mom asked Katie how she had liked sex with me Katie could hardly describe the thrill, the intensity, and the pure pleasure that she had felt.

She tried to describe her orgasms but she couldn't, however Mom knew what good orgasms were all about. Katie did however manage to tell Mom how wonderful my cock had felt inside her and how wonderful she had felt as I sprayed her insides with my semen.

Katie had very much enjoyed the fact that I had said that I loved her. Mom smiled and Lisa said 'all right' with enthusiasm. Then the phone rang. It was Katie's mother and she wanted to talk to my mother. All Mom did was to agree with her over and over until she hung up. Then Mom turned to Katie and said, "Well young lady it looks like you are going to live with us from now on. Your asshole brother told your parents that you are pregnant, that my son is the father, and that you are constantly trying to get your brother to have sex with you." Katie listened to Mom, squeezed my hand, and smiled.

Then Katie asked if she could go get her things in the morning. Before Mom could answer Lisa said, "Don't go back there, help yourself to anything of mine that you want." Mom finally said, "Lisa, that's very generous but I think that Katie should go get the things that she wants and confront her lying brother.

She should make it perfectly clear to her parents who the father of her baby really is. Maybe the little bastard will get what he deserves." Katie squeezed my hand and asked, "Where would I sleep?" Mom said, "Well, suppose you sleep with him until we figure it out." Lisa asked, "Can we borrow him once or twice a day for sex?" Katie laughed and said, "You guys talk like he belongs to me now." Mom hugged her and said, "His heart belongs to you Katie.

That we all know." Katie hugged Mom and said, "Okay lets share him but I really would like to sleep with him if that's all right." That evening I was certainly in demand.

Lisa took me to her bedroom for sex and then Mom took me to her bedroom for sex. When I finally settled down with Katie all I could do was make love to her. I kissed her, I caressed her, and I gave her oral sex till she cried with pleasure. By then I was half-hard. Katie then gave me oral sex until I was hard enough to slip it into her pussy. I was so worn out that it took me forever to cum in her.

Apparently that was what Mom had wanted. I fucked into Katie for more than a half-hour and she loved it. Her brother never lasted more than a few minutes. In her mind I was the best lover in the whole world. In the morning Mom and Lisa brought us breakfast in bed, told us that it was Sunday, and that when Katie was ready we would all go over to her house and get her things.

Katie was in no hurry to go to her parent's house and asked Mom if we could make love after breakfast. The answer was yes but it included Mom getting me last that night. When we knocked on the door her brother answered it. Mom grabbed him by his arm and pushed him in until she found Katie's parents.

She quickly told then that he had forced himself on his sister, raped her, and then threatened her with physical violence if she told anyone. Then Mom told them that Katie was pregnant with his child, that she was going to live with us, and that if they gave her any hassle that she would turn them in to Child Protection Services.

She sent Lisa and I with Katie to gather up her stuff. I could hear her brother trying to tell his parents that Mom was lying. I had to laugh because I knew that half of it was a lie but it was just so funny to turn the tables on that little creep. I made several trips to our car and filled the trunk before we each carried out the last of it. The girls and I each had stuff on our laps as Mom drove home. Along the way Katie laughed about her brother. It seems that she knew where he kept his magazine collection and she took it for me, as if I needed any magazines while living with those three girls.

She also took her father's pornography collection. Now that might be interesting. We helped Katie put some stuff away in Mom's bedroom. Without Dad, there was drawer space and closet space that she hardly ever used. It was perfect. The next morning the three of us were dropped off at school before Mom went to work. We were early so we had time to roam the hallways.

The girls wore the matching 'I'm Pregnant' T-shirts and made sure to say hi to everyone, even the ones that they didn't know.

I was not in their grade so I had different classes than they had. At lunch they told me that the other girls were very curious about sex and since they had obviously had sex they asked them. Then when we met up after school the girls were laughing about being called into the Principle's office for wearing those 'I'm Pregnant' T-shirts. They had called our mother because Katie told them that she no longer lived with her parents since she had gotten pregnant.

Xnxx unblock bypass proxy sites brazzers big boolsmom Mom kept them waiting in his office for close to an hour and then when she did arrive she was wearing a third matching 'I'm Pregnant' T-shirt.

The Principle was silent as Mom chewed him a new asshole for disturbing her over a stupid T-shirt that only told the other students that they were pregnant instead of just being fat. Then she told the girls to get back in class where they belonged.

As they left she was still yelling at him. At home we did our homework and were waiting when Mom came home. The girls treated Mom like a queen. They fixed her a nice bubble bath and even bathed her. We were all in the bathroom with her as she retold the story. She even rushed to the mall to get a third T-shirt just to piss the Principle off and it worked out nicely.

She especially liked the part where she told the girls to get back to their classes. After they left she told the Principle that her pregnant girls were going to dress for comfort and if that meant braless, pantyless, or even topless that he had better get used to it or she would be back. After dinner we went out shopping again but that time for maternity tops.

Mom suggested that they get them big enough to grow into. She let the girls pick out five that they thought were pretty and then she bought three of each. Mom told the girls to start wearing them to school and see if the Principle would give them any hassle.

She also bought a few miniskirts with an elastic belly for them all to wear. Katie was thrilled with my mother and wished that she were her mother too.

Mom said okay and said that she would start adoption proceedings in the morning if she wanted her to. Yes! That night sex was great but the next morning Katie had morning sickness. That was not pleasant but I helped her through it. When we got dropped off at school several girls greeted us and took us to an unused classroom where they gathered each morning. It was a group of girls that were either pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant, or that already had babies.

They were shocked that I would want to stay with my sister and girlfriend. I was shocked that there were no other boys there, it does take two to procreate. Anyway the girls were friendly and offered to help or advise Katie and Lisa on what to expect. When they told the other girls about how great our mother was they were envious.

Their parents practically disowned them when they got pregnant. Then Katie told them about her parents and how our mother was going to try to adopt her. About then the bell my blonde secretary zoe clark for the first period. Katie smiled because it was gym and she didn't have to participate because she was pregnant. Everything went smoothly that day and our walk home was nice.

I made love to both girls and was lying naked on Mom's bed when she came home. She smiled and sat on my erection. All she did was slip the crotch of her panties over a little so that my cock could enter her. She looked down and told me how much she needed that. I helped her out of her maternity top and her bra. Before we finished the girls came in to ask about the adoption.

Mom had called a lawyer, wild sex on a sofa masturbate and doggystyle had called Katie's mother, and basically it was just a matter of doing the paperwork. Mom's lawyer said that it could be a couple of weeks or a couple of months.

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Either way it didn't matter. That evening and for the rest of the week we stayed in, ate whenever we wanted too, and rested a lot. At the next doctor's visit she confirmed that all three girls had gotten pregnant in mid January and were looking at having their babies just before Halloween. Mom was happy that they would have three babies in the house and started to convert the spare room into a nursery. She signed the girls and I up for parenting classes, first aid classes, and even CPR so that we would be better parents.

We had to become certified baby sitters too. Then we had to find babies to care for so that we would get some practice. Mom was pretty strict about us learning to take care of our own children. School ended in June and we were off for the summer. Katie was officially a member of our family by then.

The girls were five months pregnant and showing pretty well by then. Mom suggested that we start a day care for just three very small children, babies if possible. Well with babies you get young mothers and with young mothers you get some pretty sexy girls. As a group we decided to baby-sit for girls like Katie and Lisa that needed a few hours to themselves. One of the girls told Katie that all she wanted was a nice guy, a bubble bath, and some loving.

Surprisingly Katie suggested that I show her a good time. Even Lisa and Mom thought that it would be a nice thing to do for a nice girl. Like Katie, Trish was a family outcast. So the following morning Trish came by with her baby. The girls took care of the baby and I took care of Trish. By then Katie seemed more like a sister than a girlfriend even though she slept with me every night and I had sex with all three of the girls every day.

Trish on the other hand was perfect, she was sixteen like I was, in my grade in school, and quite pretty. Trish was still nursing her baby and she had great breasts, I had seen her nursing her baby a few step mom and sister fucked by young stepson milf fifi foxx payton hall and in our house the girls were quite open about showing off their breasts. Trish undressed easily saying that she didn't have any modesty left after childbirth.

Her daughter was eight weeks old. She looked good though and had completely recovered. I started with a full body massage and plenty of baby oil. I enjoyed massaging her breasts, her pussy, and her butt but she enjoyed it when I messaged her feet, legs, and back. While she was still covered in oil I asked her if we could make love and she said okay.

Trish enjoyed my undressing and my hard cock. I sucked her nipples and sampled her mother's milk right from the source. It was sweet and rather nice. I ate brutal dildfor her little teen ass pussy giving her an orgasm, she really liked that too.

Before I entered her, Trish told me that she had only been with one other boy, that they only had sex three times, and that he broke up with her when he found out that she was pregnant. I knew him, he was a senior, and he had gotten another girl pregnant too. He was an asshole too, the head jock, and he claimed that he had banged half of the girls in school. Knowing that, I was determined to make love to Trish like never before. I kissed her gently, then more passionately, and then I nuzzled into her neck and made her cringe.

She had a ticklish spot. As I worked my way down her body I enjoyed a snack at her two baby bottles. She encouraged me to relieve the pressure that had built up in them. She said that her breasts had enlarged two full cup sizes since she had gotten pregnant and that she was a full C-cup now. I worked my way down to her tummy, it was flat, and it was free of stretch marks. Then I went down further between her legs and kissed her inner thighs, I looked at her shaved pussy, and she apologized for her hair not growing in faster.

I told her that I liked it just the way that it was. I leaned in and kissed her pussy all over, I opened her outer lips and kissed her all over again, and then I stuck my tongue in her opening. She tasted like honey to me. Her pussy was the nectar of the Gods. Just then I thought that I could live off her breasts and pussy, then I realized that Trish was giving life to her newborn daughter. I enjoyed her pussy for a long time before I slipped my cock into it.

Trish was not on birth control because of breastfeeding but she never asked me to use a condom either. She was a very sweet and trusting girl. I really liked her. I slipped my cock out a little and in a little trying not to get so much enjoyment out of it.

I didn't want to cum any time soon. The whole cecilia vega gets her ass throughly pounded was to give her as much pleasure as I could and I was doing that.

Trish could not believe that we had been making love for almost a half-hour when I finally filled her womb wet pussy is ready for hot fuck cum. She was in no hurry for me to pull out or to run into the bathroom to get rid of as much as she could either.

Trish loved the sex that we had shared. We heard a knock on the door and a crying baby. I smiled as I saw that Trish's breasts were leaking milk. She told them to enter and they brought her daughter to her. We all watched as Trish held her daughter up to one breast and watched her clamp on like a shark attack.

That little eight-week-old was really hungry. Katie, Lisa, and I sat there and watched the interaction of a loving mother and her daughter. The girls asked Trish about childbirth and got a first hand report. For the rest of the day the two girls helped Trish with her baby while helped Trish sexually. I fondled her constantly and made love to her again before Mom came home. After talking it over with Katie and Lisa, Mom invited Trish to spend the night in my bed.

Trish was very understanding and became my second girlfriend. With her parent's permission Trish moved in with us and the three girls took turns caring for the baby's needs and for my needs as well. Mom and Lisa decided to take a backseat and only get sex from me every other day. That would allow Katie and Trish to have me once a day each. The summer passed by quickly, school started up, and Lisa was almost eight months along.

She no longer had to wear a T-shirt telling anyone that she was still pregnant. By Halloween we had three more babies in the house, all girls. Trish was the only one that I could screw for a few weeks. It was interesting that all four women fed all four babies and no one seemed to care which one they fed.

It certainly was a three-ring circus at times, especially at night. By the time we graduated Trish and I were married and she was eight months pregnant with our second child, her third. The End I Knocked Up My Sister Too 341