Teen savors harsh fucking hardcore and blowjob

Teen savors harsh fucking hardcore and blowjob
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Alright this is my first post so I thought I would start out with a true story, I keep names secret in case, yada yada, also this is the story of my friends girl cheating on him so we cant have this get out ;) So it was the night of may fifth and my father decided he wanted to throw a little party for the occasion, we are not Mexican, he just thought it would be fun. He invited a lot of people from the office and I was sure it would just be pretty lame. I complained about how I would have nothing to do so he said I could invite some friends.

I invited three friends over, all of whom I have known since the beginning of high school, my best friend Don came, so did my friend Nick and his girlfriend Lyn.

Now Nick and Lyn had been together since I meet them four years ago. Anyways the night went of and it was fun and all but being the only younger ones there we kept together.

Don and Nick went to get a drink from the cooler and see if they could get away with it, in the mean time Lyn and I were just chilling on the couch. I would usually flirt with her when no one was around just for the fun of it being as how she was a taken women.

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This time instead of getting mad or playfully hitting me she flirted back, she has does this from time to time but it was all in harmless fun. I made some crude joke about having ten minutes if she was down to get down and instead of the usual eye rolling she said "oh sure why not".

I started laughing and I noticed Don and nick had not been very successful. Don wanted to keep trying though so he stayed outside for a bit longer. However when Nick started to walk back in Lyn grabbed my hand and told me to follow her before Nick saw us leave.

I thought it would be funny to mess with Nick a little so I played along.

we quickly ran up the stairs and dashed into my room. Just as I had hoped I heard Nick running behind us thinking he was being left out of something interesting, not quite suspicious of anything per say. I heard him down the hall and he was getting closer to my room, I turned to Lyn and laughed. "Oh man he is going to find us, I guess we lost this round of hid and seek huh?".

She grinned and pulled my by my hand into my bathroom "not quite" she whispered in my ear and she closed the door and locked it. Of course we kept the light off seeing as how my room was dark and the bathroom would give it away.

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I heard him walk into my room and tried to contain my laughing. Lyn stood right behind me and as it was dark she was pressing up on my back to keep herself from loosing me. It was pitch black so the only way we could tell where the other was was by that contact. I was about to say this was fun enough and we should just jump out and surprise him when she had another idea. out of no where I felt something grab me between my legs from behind. I nearly yelped but she had her other hand around my mouth already.

She sunby leone xxx full story in my ear "shhh you wouldnt want Nick to hear you would you?" I shook my head no, so she released her hold on my mouth. I was turning my head so I could protest but before I could say anything I felt her hand slide up my stomach and dive quickly down my pants and thats when I felt her smooth tiny cold hand grab hold of my dick.

She started pumping up and and down. I started to feel all tingly and my knees felt weak. She just kept pumping and i put my hands on the wall in front of me as she pulled herself closer to me.

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I could feel her hard nipples through her shirt move around my back as she kept jacking me off. I was huffing and trying to hold in my moans.

By now Nick left my room and surely went back to see what Don was up to. I on the other hand was about to come. I didnt want to but I warned her because I did not want to come in my pants and try to join the rest of the party after. "Lyn, you gotta stop, Im about to blow my load" Right after I said that she turned me around so my back on against the wall and she pulled my pants down in one quick movement. I heard some rustling and then there it was again, there was that nice soft hand stroking me off but I knew I was not going to make it much linger.

At least she took my pants off for me. The next thing I know my dick is warm. Really warm, and it feels euphoric.

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After the warmth there was a wetness to it, I cant believe it but she was sucking me off. It felt magical. She bobbed her head up and down my dick and swirled her tongue around my head and I was at a loss for thoughts let alone words.

Suddenly I felt it coming and I dont know what came over me but I grabbed her head and pushed myself just a little bit deeper and started to come. As I did I thrusted myself a little deeper with each shot. By the time I was done I pulled out and heard almost a popping sound. Next sound was her gasping for breath and lightly laughing to herself. I guess she was pleased, thats always good.

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Before I could thank her for what ever in gods name possessed her to do that she said to get my pants up and hurry downstairs before she left. After a moment or two I made it down to the rest of them. Nick was not too happy "really mature, hide and seek?" Lyn looked up to him and said "Dont be a sore looser babe" and kissed him, really deeply. Don made a face and said "dont you hate when they do that?" I just smiled and laighed to myself knowing where that tongue of hers was and what he was certainly getting a taste of.

" We have to do this again some time you guys huh?" I said to everyone getting cheers back from everyone and I looked and Lyn and got a wink before she went back to kissing Nick. Thank you I hope you liked the story. Please do comment and let me know what you think. I hope to be writing a lot more and if you wanted something in particular done you can message me and I might run with it.

Thanks again, please leave constructive comments. =D