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Xxx panm pnby story mp 3 download
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A few days later Hermione sat outside with Ginny, in the bright, warm sunshine. They were each doing their homework, and occasionally pausing to talk stacked teen creampie shi reeves brunette big tits this and that. Since revealing her little secret, Hermione had been spending the majority of her time with her red-headed friend. No longer having any reason to avoid her, she was happy to have a friend that she could confide in.

As much as Hermione still missed Ron and Harry, she wasn't willing to spend that much time around Lavender, and couldn't bring herself to lie to Harry. And so she stayed away from them both, sticking with her one female friend instead. It also was nice to be around someone so open and free. And the more time Hermione spent with Ginny, the more she realized just how adventurous Ginny was. Not only had she been with Michael Corner, but she had also been with Dean Thomas, Ernie MacMillan, and, to Hermione's great surprise, little Colin Creevey.

"It made a nice change from the other boys." Ginny had said. "He was sweet." Sweet wasn't exactly how she described the other three boys; saying one was clumsy, one was good but selfish, and the other was a sex god. She never specified which was which, and every time Hermione brought it up, Ginny would just smile and ask why she was so interested.

Hermione didn't need to ask to figure out who the "sex god" was. She knew exactly which jerk that described. The way Ginny spoke about Michael was strange. It was as if she saw him in a completely different light to Hermione, and anybody else who knew him. Often praising him, when he came up, Ginny would once again just smile as Hermione scoffed.

Ginny's praise did not change Hermione's mind on him. Michael was a creep, a delinquent, and didn't deserve to walk these coveted halls. He deserved to be sent to an all boys school, where his "talents" would be useless, and the only company he'd have were each of his palms. Hermione took every chance she could to belittle, and besmirch Michaels name, to the one person who seemed to praise him.

Ginny, like almost everything else her innocent friend did, found Hermione's rants amusing. Often not engaging, and dismissing Hermione's condemnation with a shrug and occasionally laughter.

She clearly had a much higher opinion of Michael than anyone else at Hogwarts, and it shocked Hermione, who listened to Ginny defend his every offence. "He tricked you into bed." "No, we had consensual sex." "He told everyone about sleeping with you." "No, he told his friends, just like I told you. His friends spread it around." "You can do so much better than him." "I know, but he's who I choose to be with right now." Every point had a counter-point and there was seemingly no way to get to Ginny.

No way to show her Michaels true evil. "Or, are you the one who has a flawed view of Michael?" Ginny would always respond when Hermione voiced her concerns about Ginny's stubbornness. And sitting there, outside in the beautiful day, this was racing through Hermione's head. She should be amateur shower-hidden cam tube porn her homework, or enjoying the weather, or at least not giving that creep the attention he required, but she was.

Not wanting to start an argument, or rather a scolding met with indifference, Hermione tried to distract herself with other things. "I think I'm going to go visit Hagrid later, care to join me?" Hermione asked Ginny.

"Sorry, I can't." Said Ginny, not looking up from her book. "I have plans tonight." "With who?" Hermione asked. Ginny looked up from her book, smiled, and shrugged. "Seriously?" Hermione asked, incredulous.

"You're seeing him?" "Don't say 'him' like he's you know who." Said Ginny. "He's a horny boy, not some dark wizard." "Ginny, you need to be careful." "No, you need to be careful. I need to enjoy my life." "Just listen for-" "No, Hermione, you listen." Hermione was quiet.

Ginny was never stern with her, and hearing her like this was a little startling. "How is it that I'm the one who keeps fucking Michael, and you're the one who's obsessed with him?" Said Ginny. "I'm no-" Hermione began.

"Yes, you are! And I'm tired of hearing about it, so either fuck him and see what the big deal is, or just keep it to yourself, because I'm done." And with that, Ginny got up and stormed off, having finally reached her limit.

Hermione sat there, watching Ginny go, feeling miserable. Ginny was her one friend at the moment, and she just chased her away. And funny one piece hentao1001funny one piece hentamp4 porn story pornflexorg worst part was that it wasn't from making a mistake, it was from simply being herself. Her overbearing self. Only a few days ago Hermione told herself that she would make a change, be more understanding and adventurous.

But what did that amount to so far? Nothing. Not a damn thing. Instead of enjoying a beautiful day with a friend, she was now simply seeing it out on her own.

Collecting her things and sighing heavily, Hermione trudged off in the direction Ginny left, determined to change. Promising herself. It took her only a few minutes to find Ginny, spotting her sitting on a bench on her own, down a deserted corridor. She was by a window, the bright sun making her glow.

Hermione tentatively walked up to her. Ginny heard her coming and glanced up, before looking back at her book. "I came here to get away from you." Said Ginny. "I know." Said Hermione, sitting beside Ginny. "I'm sorry." Ginny set down her quill. "You don't need to apologize, just don't be so judgemental, and don't act like you know more about guys than I do.

It makes you look stupid, and stupid doesn't look good on you." "Ok. I'll try to be more.

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openminded." "How?" "Um, I don't know." Said Hermione, not expecting that question. She was just figuring out how to be bold. She wasn't expecting a quiz. "I do." Said Ginny, and Hermione looked at her, puzzled. "Come hang out with me and Michael tonight." "W-what?!" Blanched Hermione, not expecting that either.

"C'mon, it'll be fun. You can see that he's not some evil genius." "Aren't you going to.?" "Oh yes, but we'll ditch you when that time comes." Joked Ginny. "C'mon, it'll be fun." Every fibre of Hermione's being wanted to say no. but that wouldn't be a good sign if she broke her promise 5 minutes in. "Fine." Said Hermione, taking baby steps toward her new resolution. "Good." Smiled Ginny.

"I think you'll have fun." - That evening Hermione found herself following Ginny down the seventh floor corridor.

Ginny had changed into a nice blue sundress, and Hermione was wearing the same outfit as earlier: a bright yellow t-shirt, with blue jeans. Wondering where they were meeting Michael, but not wanting to come off as mistrustful, Hermione followed suit. However, Hermione found out soon enough, as they didn't travel very far. Their destination was on the seventh floor, outside the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy.

Hermione immediately recognized where they were. "This is the entrance to the room of requirement." She said, looking at the blank wall where the magically concealed door would appear. "Yes, it is." Said Ginny, and she walked past the wall three times, and suddenly the door was visible.

Seeing the inquisitive look on Hermione's face, Ginny spoke. "I thought 'I need some place to relax and hang out.'" Hermione's unspoken question answered, they entered. Inside, the room was vast. There were comfortable looking chairs and couch's littering the outside, and in the middle was a large steaming bath. The bath was huge, capable of easily fitting twenty people.

However, it currently only had one occupant, who stood up to greet his company. "Evening ladies." Said Michael, standing up and moving towards them, water dripping off his body. Hermione half expected him to be naked, but was grateful that he was wearing bottoms. However, it looked more like underwear than a bathing suit. "Come on in, the waters great." He said. "Ginny!" Hermione said in a hushed tone. "You didn't say anything about needing a bathing suit." "I didn't know." Said Ginny, smiling.

"Thats part of the fun of the room. You think of something vague and it fills in the gaps. At least you're wearing underwear." "W-you're not wearing underwear?" Asked Hermione. "Nope." Said Ginny, removing her shoes. "Are you keeping on you-whoa!" Ginny removed her dress midway through Hermione's question, revealing her b-cup breasts, and hairless mound.

"How do I look?" Joked Ginny, before waltzing past Hermione and into the warm water. "I think you look great." Said Michael, as Ginny reached him. Hermione was a little disconcerted to see him lower into the water, his hands doing Merlin knows what. Standing there, fighting a desire to flee, Hermione deliberated about what to do. She was open to trying new things, but obviously Michael wanted this. He probably had the bath in mind when he first arrived, hoping to get the two girls in their underwear.

It absolutely wasn't left to chance, and by staying shed be playing into his hand. But that didn't mean anything. At least it shouldn't. She had more self control than that. So. what the hell. Her face red, Hermione started to undress. As soon as she removed her shirt, Ginny whooped, cheering her on. Hot blonde gives a really hot blowjob mavenhouse moments later, Hermione stood there, wearing a matching yellow bra and underwear. Feeling Michaels eyes on her body, Hermione quickly shielded it from view by hopping in the water.

The water was hot, but not unbearable. She sunk down to her shoulders, and kept her distance from the couple. "He doesn't bite." Said Ginny. "Unless you want me too." Michael winked at Hermione, who rolled her eyes. "Really?" Hermione said. "In front of Ginny?" "Why not, we're planning on-" "Michael, shut up." Ginny interrupted. Watching the pair of them suspiciously, Hermione remembered something from the other day.

Blonde housewife aimee addisons husband watches her get railed by a stud had a kept a secret from her. Ginny, who had been open about everything she had done with Michael, was keeping a secret. What could be so wrong that she needed to keep Hermione in the dark? Her mind drifting off, Hermione rose a little out of the water, the top of her cleavage shining in the dim light, for Michael to ogle.

Catching his eyes on her chest, Hermione threw him a filthy look and slunk back down in the water. The next twenty minutes went exactly how Hermione expected the night to go. They would talk, Ginny would playfully make fun of Hermione, and Michael would say something perverted. And of course, Michael ogled every inch of Hermione's exposed skin, and so she tried her best to keep in concealed beneath the soothing water. But as much as Hermione scolded him for his wandering eyes, she wasn't in a place to judge.

As soon as Ginny had gotten naked, Hermione was struggling to keep her own eyes to herself. Whenever Ginny looked away, Hermione stole glances at her friends light pink nipples, and tight ass. She didn't mean anything by it, she just wasn't used to this sort of thing. Even when Hermione shared Ginny's room at the Burrow, se still hadn't seen her nude, and Hermione was surprised by how mesmerized she was by her body.

Not in a sexual way, more in an admiration. Ginny had a great body, and Hermione was just appreciating it. At least, thats what she told herself. Hermione once again was lost in Ginny's nipple when she suddenly caught a piece of Ginny and Michaels hushed conversation. ".Why not her?" Michael was asking quietly, seeming insistent. "She'd never." Laughed Ginny, struggling to be quiet.

"'She'd never' what?" Asked Hermione, her attention drawn from Ginny's nipples. "What are you saying about me?" "Nothing." Said Ginny, wearing a wry smile. Hermione continued to stare into Ginny's eyes, hoping shed break under her gaze. But of course, Ginny didn't. "How about a game?" Suggested Michael. "What did you have in mind?" Asked Ginny.

"Truth or dare?" "I'd say that sounds boring, but with present company it could be pretty interesting." Ginny smiled, looking at Hermione. Michael turned to face Hermione. "Hermione?" She thought for a few seconds.

"Ok, but there has to be some ground rules." Said Hermione, immediately foreseeing a problem or two. "Fine. Like?" "You can't dare me to remove my clothes, or do anything sexual." Said Hermione. "Well, that basically ruins the game, but fine." "Who's first?" Asked Ginny, brightly. "Just a sec, I have a few rules of my own." "Such as?" Asked Hermione, incredulous.

"Nothing violent, and you can't dare me to leave." Michael smirked, as though he had just shut down Hermione's plan. "Fine. I'll go first." Hermione said, surprising herself. "Truth." Ginny rolled her eyes, and Michael chuckled. "What?" Asked Hermione. "Nothing." Said Michael. "Its just that of course you'd pick truth." "What, because I'm not as slutty as the two of you, I have to pick dare every time?" "No need to get upset." Said Ginny.

"Just making an observation. Now." Ginny stared at Hermione, thinking. Her smile widening, she clearly thought of a good question.

"Did you ever do anything with Krum?" "With Victor?" Hermione asked, surprised the question wasn't more vulgar. "We kissed and he-he touched my breasts." Ginny smirked at Michael, satisfied with the answer. "It was over my shirt." Hermione added, feeling it was important information.

"Hermione, you dirty girl." Ginny teased. "I'll go next. Dare." Hermione tried to think of a dare for Ginny to do, but was spared by Michael. "Sit on the ledge with your legs spread open." Hermione tutted, as Ginny immediately obliged, hoisting herself out of the bath.

Wiggling her toes, Ginny slowly spread her legs, giving the other two a show. Hermione watched as Ginny spread her smooth, wet legs, exposing her womanhood. Catching a glimpse of her friends vagina for the first time, Hermione felt herself drifting forward. Realizing what she was doing, she stopped herself, and looked away from between Ginny's legs. "Like what you see, Hermione?" Michael asked, spotting what Hermione had just done. "I-" Hermione began, blushing bright red.

She looked at Ginny, and their eyes met. Ginny was smiling slightly, her legs still spread. Unable to stop herself, Hermione's eyes darted down to Ginnys vagina, and quickly back up, meeting Ginny's eyes. "See, Ginny?" Said Michael. "Shes eager." "No." Said Ginny, her eyes still on Hermione. Michael shrugged, and Hermione felt like she was missing something. But right now she couldn't think completely straight.

Her eyes kept darting down between Ginny's lovely legs. Completely red, Hermione tried to avoid looking at Ginny altogether. "My turn." Said Michael. "Dare." Hermione immediately spoke up. "I dare you to put on a shirt." Michael smirked, and went over and grabbed his shirt. "Hermione, I don't think you get this game." Said Ginny, as Michael put his shirt on before hopping back in the water. "Anyways, its your turn." "Tr-" Hermione hesitated. "Dare." "There you go." Said Michael.

"Take off your bra." Said Ginny. "W-I said-" Hermione began. "You said Michael couldn't get you to remove your clothes. I'm not Michael." Hermione and Ginny stared at each other. Hermione glared, but Ginny had a twinkle in her eye. "You said you wanted to be more adventurous." Said Ginny. "And lets be honest, Michaels seen much more private parts than your tits." Ginny let that sink in as Hermione blushed and looked at Michael.

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He was looking at her expectantly. "Its true." He winked. Again feeling the need to flee, Hermione started to turn to leave. But she stopped. Standing there, midway between turning away from the other two, Hermione thought.

And all of her thoughts told her to leave, to get out of there as soon as possible. She could think of a dozen reasons why she should end this, but she was tired of thinking. Nothing truly terrible would happen. Its just skin. "Fuck it." Said Hermione, causing both Ginny and Michaels eyebrows to raise. And she reached behind and undid her bra. Removing the wet yellow bra, Hermione was still facing away from the pair of searching eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Hermione turned to face the others. As soon as she turned, both Michael and Ginny made no attempt to hide where they were looking. Both of them stared at Hermione's perky low c-cup breasts, capped off with dark pink nipples. "Satisfied?" Hermione asked, trying to sound more confident than she felt.

"For now." Said Michael, staring hungrily at Hermione's breasts. Hermione averted her gaze from Michael, and looked at Ginny, whose eyes met hers. "You've got amazing boobs, Hermione." Said Ginny, smiling at her.

"Thanks." Hermione said, feeling it was ok to look at Ginny's slightly smaller breasts. "Yours are beautiful as well." "Can we ask her now?" Asked Michael. "Michael!" Said Ginny, sounding unusually stern.

"Shes clearly into it." Michael argued back. "What're you two talking about?" Hermione asked suspiciously. "Well-" Ginny began slowly, clearly trying to think of a lie, but Michael had other plans. "Me and Ginny are looking for someone to have a threesome with." Michaels sentence hung in the air, and seemed to change the temperature of the room. Suddenly Hermione felt just how hot the water was.

"Um." Was all Hermione could muster, but her brain was going a mile a minute. A threesome? They wanted to have a threesome with her?!

Was Ginny attracted to her? How long had she been interested in women? Is that why she always looked at her like that, with that smile? Was Ginny just curious or was she actually bisexual? So many questions whirring through Hermione's head, one suddenly stuck out against all the others: did Ginny say no? Reflecting on the night, Michael clearly asked about Hermione and Ginny said no. Did she chuckle as well?

Did the thought of. being with her make Ginny laugh? "Truth." Said Ginny, seemingly trying to change the subject. Ginny's words brought Hermione down from the clouds and back to reality.

Hermione had been asking herself all kinds of questions, questions that she didn't have the answers to. However, Ginny did. Seeing Michael open his mouth, Hermione yelled "Stop!" Michael immediately closed his teen gets ed and perfect ass fucked hd xxx my dad always says that once you open the and smirked in that smug way he does.

"Ginny." Said Hermione, looking her friend in the eye. "Do you want to have sex with me?" Ginny opened her mouth to answer, but didn't, and amazingly, she blushed.

Her cheeks red, Ginny seemed to struggle to look Hermione in the eye. "Ginny?" Hermione asked again, softer this time.

Ginny's eyes met hers and now seemed unable to look away. "Yes." Ginny said, simply. And now Hermione had more questions. "Well, then why were you stopping Michael?" Hermione asked, unable to think of a reason. "Hermione, its you." Said Ginny. "If we asked, the answer would only be no." Hermione opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

Ginny wasn't wrong. Hermione knew she would've said no. But what she didn't know was why did Ginny not coming to her sting so much? "My turn?" Asked Michael. "Truth." Hermione waited for Ginny to ask a question, but she didn't. Ginny's eyes just kept darting between Hermione's eyes and breasts. The red head was clearly distracted. And so Hermione took it upon herself to ask a question. "Michael, why mom night sex xxx son you hate women?" Hermione asked scathingly.

"Hate women?!" Michael laughed. "Me?" Hermione nodded.

"I fucking love women." Laughed Michael. "Then why do you act the way you do, and trick women into sleeping with you?" "Trick women?

Hermione, for someone so smart, you sure can be stupid." Michael watched as that little sentence clearly left a mark, as Hermione flinched.

"I don't trick women." Michael continued. "Every girl I've been with knew what I wanted, I don't hide it. Sure, my approach is sometimes different, but I never lie about what I want. Well, maybe a little with Ms. Davies, but that was just a way to get to know her. To get close. Once I was close enough to seal the deal she knew who I was. And let me ask you, did I trick you into sucking my cock?

Into showing me your gorgeous pussy? No, I didn't. And I didn't trick Ginny either. I'm not some evil villain. If I was I could've gotten you a lot easier.

I could've just got you drunk, or used polyjuice potion to look like Weasley, or something. But I didn't." Michael stared into Hermione's eyes, seeing her brain working hard behind them. "It might be easier for you to pretend I tricked you into our fun time at the Hogs Head, but I didn't.

You made a decision. One that left you cumming, by the way. So, you're welcome." Hermione stared at him angrily. A little angry about him thinking she should be grateful, but mostly angry because he was right. And that meant that she was wrong. And Hermione hated being wrong.

"Ok." She said. "You're right. You're not evil. However, you're still a disgusting pervert." "No argument here." Smiled Michael, who stared at Hermione's breasts. "And for what its worth, my cock would have your hairy kitty purring." Hermione wore a look of mild disgust, but couldn't help but remember Michaels cock. Remembering how it stretched out her mouth, her overactive brain imagined it splitting her lower lips.

Thankful that her lower half was submerged in water, she felt a tingling between her legs. Beginning to feel horny, Hermione also felt adventurous. She thought about Michael and Ginny's proposal, surprisingly entertaining it. Thinking that she could explore it without necessarily going that far, Hermione was ready to throw caution to the wind. "Dare." Said Hermione.

"I dare you to kiss Ginny." Said Michael. "Michael, remember the rules." Said Ginny. "No, thats ok." Said Hermione, led by the tingling between her legs. "We can forget the rules." Hermione's eyes meeting Ginny's, she started to drift towards her through the steaming water, her wet nipples now sticking out sharply. As pretty blonde babe double stuffed by bbc reached her, she noticed fully how beautiful Ginny really was.

Hermione stood there, in the bath, between Ginny's spread legs. Her eyes slowly left Ginny's and looked over her naked body, from her breasts, to her spread pussy. Hermione had never thought about it before, but there was an undeniable beauty about women's bodies. Her eyes on Ginny's bald, spread pussy, there was a split second where she wished she was kissing her other lips.

She tore her eyes away from between Ginny's legs and back up to her eyes. "You ok with this?" Asked Hermione. "Am I?" Ginny chuckled, back to her cool confident self. "Is that supposed to be a joke?" Ginny slowly slid off the ledge and into the water. Hermione had been so close that their bodies touched as the red head descended, their breasts rubbing against one another's.

Hermione looked latina sits on a fat dick creampie and blonde Ginny's eyes and giggled, before leaning forward. The two friends lips met for the first time, as they tasted each other. Catching Hermione by surprise, Ginny's tongue slipped between her lips and swirled around hers. Hermione's tongue responded and their tongues swirled together.

Feeling bold and forgetting the small parameters of the dare, Hermione's hand touched Ginny's hip and her fingers drifted around, lightly caressing the top of Ginny's ass. Feeling this, Ginny took it further and slipped her hand underneath Hermione's underwear, grabbing a handful of Hermione's soft full cheek.

This caused Hermione to sigh into Ginny's mouth, and she pulled Ginny closer, their breasts connecting as they kissed. Finally finishing her dare and then some, Hermione's lips left Ginny's and they completely separated, and stood there looking at each other. They both started to giggle, and blush, Hermione much redder than Ginny. "I'm gonna break the rules even further and skip right back to Hermione." Said Michael.

"Say truth." Hermione looked at Michael and wasn't repulsed. Seeing him standing there, his cock clearly hard and pressing into his wet underwear, she felt excited.

She felt impulsive. "Truth." Said Hermione. "Do you want to have a threesome with us?" Asked Ginny, taking the question right out of Michaels mouth. "Yes." Said Hermione, not thinking, just acting. "Told you." Said Michael, looking at Ginny and walking towards the two girls. He reached Ginny and grabbed her ass, pulling her into him and kissing her. Hermione watched as the pair of them kissed, Michaels lips replacing Hermione's, tasting Ginny.

As Michaels hand massaged Ginny's ass, Hermione longed for a hand on hers. Not having to voice her opinion, Michael pulled his lips from Ginny's and turned to Hermione. He looked at her in a way that asked if she was still into this, and she took a step towards him, albeit hesitating slightly.

Her lips found his, and Michael managed his surprise well, kissing her back immediately. Delighted, Michael had finally gotten his tongue between the book worms lips. At least the lips on her head. He had relived the memory of licking the lips between her legs over and over. It was quite the spectacle, and he couldn't relive it without shooting plenty of cum, imagining it plastering Hermione's gorgeous face. It seemed like he wouldn't have to imagine it after tonight.

He'd have his own memories to revisit, stored forever. Michael grabbed Hermione's ass over her underwear, and squeezed it firmly. Feeling Hermione breath into him in surprised delight, he ran his hand down her legs, rubbing the inside of her thigh. Hermione's tongue danced with Michaels, something she never thought would happen. And then something else happened: Hermione found her hand rubbing against Michaels crotch, feeling his length through his wet underwear.

Her lips paused for a second, feeling the size of his member and suddenly that day in Hogsmeade flashed through her mind. She remembered the size, the weight, how warm it felt in her hand, and of course how it felt in her mouth, stretching her lips. Hermione's pussy quivered at the thought of him stretching her out and taking her virginity.

Her lips still connected raucous temptation for cute honey hardcore blowjob his, Hermione's hand slipped under his underwear and began caressing his soft, smooth balls.

Her fingers gently rubbed the sensitive area, as Michaels fingers found their way into her underwear. "You shaved." Michael said, removing his lips from hers, but his fingers continued to run over her slick folds.

"I didn't want to be caught off guard again." Said Hermione, letting out a soft moan as Michaels fingers dipped into her honeypot. "Well, I can't wait to see it." Said Michael, his digits slowly fucking Hermione's twat. "You and me both." Said Ginny, and she gently shoved Michael out of the way, so she could kiss her friend some more. Ginny's lips on Hermione's, Michael continued to finger Hermione with one hand, and started playing with her ass with the other.

He'd already spent so much time playing with Ginny's ass before, so he was going to take advantage of having access to Hermione's. With his fingers expertly manipulating her body, Hermione moaned into Ginny's mouth as they kissed, until she could no longer move her lips. Ginny stopped kissing Hermione when she stopped, and started to kiss down her friends neck, to her chest. Soon, her lips found Hermione's breast and kissed down to her nipple.

Taking Hermione's large dark pink nipple in her mouth, Ginny slowly sucked on it. It did the trick as Hermione pushed her chest towards Ginny, encouraging her.

"That feels so good." Said Hermione referring to both the fingers in her pussy, and the mouth around her nipple. However, Hermione felt a little awkward standing and wished they had a bed. Suddenly they all heard a loud strange sound, and looked around to see that a very large bed had seemingly dropped out of the ceiling. Hermione chuckled, her body no longer being pleasured. "Sorry, I just thought we needed something more comfortable." Said Hermione.

"Great idea." Said Michael, and the three of them walked over, removing their clothes as they did. Michael stared at Hermione as removed her underwear, and admired her clean shaven mound.

"Fuck, you're hot." Hermione couldn't help but smile at the compliment, even if it came from Michael. She wasn't deluded, she still knew who he was, but she had accepted it. She tried to look at it as her using him for pleasure, instead of the other way around. "Lay on the bed, Hermione." Said Ginny, standing there rubbing between her legs. Hermione obeyed, crawling on the bed, giving the two of them a great view of her ass.

Hermione laid down, holding herself up on her elbows. She saw the two pairs of eager eyes, and slowly opened her legs, blushing as she did. She was czech public agent anal fack to enjoy this.

Receiving a great view of Hermione's spread pussy, Ginny bit her lip, and Michael just said "mmmm." Michael started to move in, but Ginny stopped him. "You already got a taste." Said the bicurious redhead, and she crawled on the huge bed after Hermione, positioning herself between her friends legs.

Hermione watched Ginny, as she stared at her exposed vagina, her hands rubbing around her thighs. "Someones excited." Said Ginny, lowering herself and popping her ass in the air. Ginny smiled as she lowered her face, smelling Hermione's musky scent.

Hermione's eyes closed as Ginny's tongue found her pussy, pleasing her with long slow licks. "How do you like the taste?" Asked Michael, positioning himself behind Ginny, spreading her cheeks, and preparing to eat her out. "She tastes great." Said Ginny, between licks. "I see why you love eating pussy so much ungh!" Michaels tongue had found Ginny's twat and was licking away, and Ginny set off back to work. She was licking a moaning Hermione, and moaning as Michael licked her.

Michael, having already eaten Ginny out dozens of times, decided it was time to give Hermione another oral lesson. He gave Ginny one last big lick, and spanked her ass, before getting up and moving over to Hermione's head. She saw him coming and watched his cock bounce, knowing exactly what he wanted, and exactly what she'd like to do. Thankfully, they both had the same interests at the moment. Michael dropped to his knees, and his cock hung there above Hermione's head. She adjusted herself and sat up, his cock brushing against her lips.

Moaning, she smiled up at him, leaned over, and started sucking on his cockhead. Her tongue rubbing against the underside of his bellend, Michael reached down and played with her breasts. His thumb brushed over her hard nipple, as she sucked and savoured his cock.

She was much better than last time, probably feeling more comfortable with Ginny in the room to make sure things didn't get too crazy. That was foolish though. Ginny would, if anything, make things crazier.

Feeling more bold with every flick of her tongue, Hermione began to slide Michaels meat into her now stretching mouth. She cooed and moaned around his thick member, feeling Ginny's tongue against her clitoris.

Stretching her skills to her limits, Hermione tried to see how far she could take him, only to be surprised by how much she couldn't. Feeling it hard to breath with Michael filling her mouth, Hermione removed him, and began breathing heavily.

She looked up at Michael, who smiled down at her. Michael loved the look on Hermione's face, and loved the look of surprise she had when she realized she could only get half of him in her mouth. Finally something to shut up little miss goodie two shoes. A trail of hot brunette brooklyn gets fucked anal by her roommate dribbling down her chin, she wiped it up, and looked up at him defiantly, knowing the degrading thoughts running through his head.

"You look good with my cock in your mouth." Said Michael, twisting her nipple slightly. Hermione real amateur girlfriends enjoys their very first sextape and then moaned from Ginny's tongue. African man and american girl timing, she thought, as Michael continued to manipulate her nipple.

"Please don't ruin it by speaking." Said Hermione. "Fine, I'll just let you imagine what I'm thinking." And Michael pushed his cock into her cheek, wanting to be sucked some more.

Hermione was past the point of wanting to flee. Even now, as Michael purposefully degraded her, her mind was only on his cock and Ginny's tongue. Wondering if he did something to the water, she willfully took him back in her mouth and began bobbing her head on his cock. Michael groaned as he watched Hermione suck his cock, herself moaning, as Ginny tasted her juices.

Both feeling intense pleasure, they came to a silent agreement, it wasn't enough. As great as it felt, they needed to take it further. Tasting Michaels precum leaking onto her tongue, Hermione popped Michaels spit covered cock out of he mouth.

"That feels amazing Ginny, but I think I'm ready for the next part." Ginny looked up at Hermione, her tongue still licking away, and sucked Hermione's clit making her scream a little. Having finished dramatically, Ginny lifted her head out of Hermione's crotch, her juices on her chin, and smiled. "You're ready?" Ginny asked, wiping her face and licking her fingers. "I am." Said Hermione, feeling a pressure deep inside her that needed to be quelled.

Ginny left her comfortable spot between Hermione's legs and sat up by her head, allowing Michael to take replace her. Michael ran his finger along her wet slit, ensuring she was lubricated enough for his cock. He lined his thick cock up with her pussy, firmly rubbing himself against it, making her moan. Rubbing his head against her virgin hole, he looked at her, wanting to see her reaction.

"Is it gonna hurt?" Asked Hermione. "It might, but only for a little bit." Said Ginny, cupping Hermione's breast and kissing her shoulder. "Then it feels amazing." "Still want me to fuck you?" Asked Michael. He could've phrased it in a kinder manner, a way to put her at ease instead of feel slightly degraded, but then he wouldn't be Michael. Regardless, he didn't change her mind.

"Yes." Said Hermione, looking up at him and preparing herself. "Fuck me, Michael." Michael smiled hearing his name, and slowly pressed onto Hermione's tight slit.

She was certainly a tight fit, thought Michael, me vlam tinh voi con re phu de Hermione moaned as he slowly filled her up. Hermione felt only a slight discomfort as Michael filled her virgin pussy. Ginny having licked her for so long made her extremely wet, making it more pleasurable.

Feeling her pussy adjust to Michael's girth, she looked up into his eyes, seeing his delight. She felt slightly uncomfortable as he smiled down at her wickedly, having taken yet another Hogwarts students virginity.

Half his length inside Hermione, Michael slowly started to pull out, loving how snug her cunt was, gripping his cock. His cockhead nearly out, he pushed back in, filling her up a little faster this time. He continued like this, very slowly fucking Hermione, allowing her to adjust to him. Michael wanted this to last, and he wanted Hermione screaming his name, and never forgetting it. He loved the thought of his cock taking up space in her brain, and knowing that she'd be thinking about this later.

Reflecting on it, and touching herself. But in order for that he needed to fuck her, and fuck her good. And so, sensing that her tight pussy had adjusted enough, Michael started to fuck her at a steady rhythm.

Hermione moaned lightly as half his cock entered her at a quicker pace, and sighed as she felt her pussy empty. "Does it feel good?" Asked Ginny, rubbing Hermione's nipple between her thumb and index finger. She smiled at her friends reaction. Hermione moaned again, louder than before, and nodded. Her mouth hung open now, as Micheal steadily fucked her recently virgin pussy. Sensing that she was ready for it, Michael pushed a little further, going deeper inside the tight honor student.

He stared at her lovely face, his ego sated by the pleasure in her eyes and the sounds leaving her lips. Seeing her there, her cheeks rosy, and her eyes telling him harder, it had all been worth it.

This is why he was the way he was, because it worked. Nobody else had even come close to slipping their cocks inside this tight asses tight hole, and yet here he was, filling her up. His hands gripping her hips he started natural tits look gripping during sex naturaltits hardcore fuck her like he would any other woman. Like he fucked Ms. Davies a few days earlier, like he'd been fucking cool Ginny Weasley all year.

Just like them, she was his, giving herself to him completely. Looking into her eyes, she saw the thoughts in his head, she understood him, but she just looked like she wanted him to fuck her harder. By now Ginny was sucking on Hermione's nipples as Michaels cock pumped in and out.

Hermione's tasting a moist japanese bawdy cleft stockings and hardcore filled the room, accompanied by the slapping sound of skin on skin. Michaels tight little fuck toy was loving this, lost in the pleasure only his cock gave her. He grabbed Hermione's leg and placed it on his shoulder, and did the same with the other.

As he fucked her, he kissed her leg. Picking up his pace again, he felt her legs tighten around him, and pretty soon so did her pussy. Hermione began moaning and screaming louder than before, in pure ecstasy under Michael's pounding. His fat cock filling her up over and over gave the book worm her first orgasm. And it hit her hard. Her whole body tensed and she screamed loudly, as Michael felt her pussy spasm around his cock. "Oh my fucking god!" Hermione screamed as she came, squirting her juices on Michaels cock and abdomen.

Michael still slowly pumping in and out, Hermione's toes curled. "That was incredible!" She said breathing heavily. "Told you." Said Ginny, kissing Hermione's spring break fuck parties volume 2 and rubbing her own unfucked pussy.

"Its your turn." Said Hermione, a little embarrassed by how loud she was. She knew it must've really inflated Michaels already too large ego. "I've had my turn and then some." Replied Ginny. "I think you need to go for round two. You should sit on it." Hermione decided to be a little selfish and nodded. "Ok, that sounds hot." Said Hermione. Then she looked at Busty brunette wife veronica avluv fucks her ex husband. "Lay down." Michael smiled, removing his cock from his new favorite vagina, and took Hermione's legs off his shoulders.

Laying down, Hermione straddled him, his shaft pressing into her hungry pussy. Hermione thought this would make her feel more powerful and in charge, but somehow she felt even more filthy.

Before he was fucking her, but now she was pleasing him. She hoisted herself up and lined his cock up with her pussy. Before she put it in she looked at Michael, who had his hands behind his head, ready to watch Hermione bounce on him. He winked at her, and despite the look she gave back to him, she started to lower herself onto his fat cock.

"Oh, Merlin!" Hermione moaned, feeling his meat start to impale her. "You should try fuckfests amaze euro harlots very much hardcore groupsex for quidditch, Hermione." Said Michael.

"You look good on a broomstick." Unable to think of a comeback, because of the piece of meat stretching her out once again, Hermione stayed silent. Well, at least she didn't say any words. "Unnngh!" She moaned as she lowered herself onto him, and then started to slip him back out. Feeling him mostly fill her up, she wanted to test her limits and so she sunk as low as she could go. "Fuuuuck!" She screamed out, her mouth hanging wide open, and her eyes rolling back in her head.

She was completely full of Michaels cock. She raised herself with a groan through now gritted teeth, and began to fuck him. Hermione bouncing on his cock, Michael grabbed her breasts and squeezed them roughly. Hermione seemed to like the rough treatment as she continued to impale herself on Michaels fat dick. "Isn't this better than scowling at me." Said Michael, and he slapped her ass, making her squeal.

Loving the look of Hermione on his cock, but feeling this moment could still be better, Michael looked around for Ginny. "Sit on my face!" He said, and she happily obliged. Hermione's tight pussy bouncing on his cock, and Ginny's tight ass squishing into his face, Michael was in heaven.

This was his crowning achievement, and Roger could eat his heart out. Michaels tongue viscously attacked Ginny's wet pussy, as Hermione furiously rode him. The sounds filling the room were like animals in heat, as the two girls were moaning and screaming in nannyspy lonely dad seduces busty brunette nanny amia miley euphoria, as Michael grunted in pure bliss.

It didn't take long for Ginny to cum, her juices lapped up by Michaels tongue, as she screamed in pleasure. Michael gave her quivering cunt one last lick and Ginny hopped off, restoring Michaels spectacular view of Hermione's sweaty body. Staring at her perky breasts, Michael grabbed Hermione by the hips and started to fuck her, using both his arms to pull her toward him and thrusting up into her.

Once again Hermione was screaming loud indistinguishable words, and for the second time she came on Michaels cock, feeling pleasure unlike she had ever felt before. And now it was Michaels turn. He sat up, moving Hermione off of him, and stood. "On your knees." He commanded, furiously jerking his cock, and both girls took their respective places underneath him. Their mouths open and tongues outstretched, Michael bellowed and came, shooting rope after rope of cum onto Ginny and Hermione's gorgeous faces.

Both getting a little on their tongues, they each swallowed, Ginny getting hers down easier. Michael got every last drop milked from his cock, making sure it landed on Hermione's cheek.

"Fuck." He said, breathing heavily. "Who knew truth or dare could be so much fun?" The two girls sat there covered in cum, one of Hermione's eyes forced shut, and a big glob dripping off Ginny's nose. "See, wasn't that fun?" Asked Ginny, as she wiped the cum from Hermione's eye.

"Does he always cum on your face?" Asked Hermione, wiping some off of her cheek. "No, but just imagine how hard it would be to swallow all of that." And with that the three of them cleaned themselves up, and got dressed. Ginny felt a little guilty. Michael felt triumphant. And Hermione felt she had been adventurous enough for the year. - A few days later Harry walked the halls. For the first time in a while he was happy. Or better yet, exuberant.

Things were going well for him, extremely well. He sat in Hayleys class earlier unable to concentrate, but knowing that he'd get private lessons later, which was funny because they were far more distracting than the actual lessons. However, one thing weighed on his mind. Earlier that day, Hayley gave Harry a small smile in the middle of class, which he returned without a choice.

His face couldn't help but stretch into a smile. After she looked away he continued to stare and smile at her. Staring at her, he suddenly felt eyes on him and he had looked around. He caught Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas snickering together and watching him. Neither said anything as he looked at them quizzically, and they both burst out laughing when Hayley asked them to settle down.

Reflecting on it but not knowing what to think, Harry continued down the hallway. His mind full of Dean and Seamus's laughter, he suddenly heard some more snickering behind him. And sure enough, turning around, he saw a group of fifth year boys watching him and laughing.

"What they hell are you laughing at?" Asked Harry. "Nothing." Said one of the boys, still laughing. "Say, can I have a go at Professor Davies next?" And his friends burst out even louder. Harry felt his stomach plummet and he immediately took out his wand. "What the fuck did you say?" He asked, his wand pointed directly at the boy who spoke's throat.

"Hey, come on!" The boy said, him and his friends no longer laughing. "It was just a joke." "Why did you say it?" Harry asked through gritted teeth. "Because you watched Michael Corner fuck her." He said, watching Harry's wand apprehensively. "What the fuck did you say?" Harry repeated, but this time his voice sounded distant, and was filled with fear and anxiety. "How did you know about that?" The boys were silent. "How did you know?!" Harry innocent cutie sucks penis in pov and gets pink slit penetrated, causing nearby students to turn.

"I-I bought a memory." The boy said, panicking. "Fr-from Michael Corner. He's selling loads of them." Harry felt punched in the gut. He looked at the other boys. "And did any of you see these memories?" He asked, knowing the answer. "Everyones seem them." Said another boy. "Its all over the school." "Yeah." Said another. "We're just joking, ok? No hard feelings?" Harry lowered his wand and sprinted towards the Gryffindor common room. He reached it, and ran up to his room.

He grabbed the marauders map and opened it. "I solemnly swear I'm up to no fucking good." He said, his voice shaking with rage, and ready to hurt someone. He sold them. The fucking bastard sold them. He had duplicated his memories and made money selling his sexual exploits with Hayley.

This would ruin her, web cam dirty talk paying rent the hard way was no way this would stay with just the students.

No, it might take a day or two, but this would reach a teachers eyes or ears and she'd be sacked. Michael said he'd keep quiet and he lied. And he was going to pay. Finally spotting Michaels name on the map, his heart sunk.

It was surrounded by Professors McGonagal, Flitwick, and Snape, as well as a bunch of students. They already knew.

"Fuck!" He yelled, knowing he'd missed his chance to curse Michael into oblivion. Suddenly changing his idea, he searched for Hayleys name. A minute later he spotted it. She was in the owlery. He also spotted other professors moving about the castle.

Somehow he just knew that they were searching for her. He knew this wouldn't be a regular sacking. She wouldn't be allowed to say goodbye.

He needed to get there quick. Grabbing his firebolt, Harry threw open the window and flew out. The wind howling, and whipping around his hair, he found himself entering the owlery through a large window very soon after. "Hayley!" He called out, spotting her. "Harry?" She said, looking up and spotting him. "What on earth are you doing?" "You need to go." Harry said, landing beside her. "Harry-" "They're looking for you." "Harry-" "They're going to sack you!

They know about everything!" "Harry!" She yelled and he fell silent. "I know. Ok? I know." Harry looked at her, incredulous at how calm she was. "Why aren't you leaving then? They're not going to understand." "Understand what?" She smiled at him. "Harry, I had sexual relations with two students.

You're both of age, but its still inexcusable. No, I'm not fleeing. I did this to myself, and" she sighed deeply. "Its time to face the music." They both stared out the window of the owlery. Harry couldn't help but notice how beautiful the view was. The both also remembered that this was the first place that they had a real conversation. "I'm sorry." Said Harry, feeling partially responsible.

"Don't be." Said Hayley, smiling at him warmly, embracing her impending doom. "I'm not." Unable to think of the right words to say, Harry just remained silent and the two of them stood there in the owlery, holding each other, and awaiting their fate.

- Eventually the teachers checked the owlery and Hayley went without a fuss. Harry was forced to leave before her, the other teaches finding it inappropriate to allow them to descend together.

Fair enough. Less than and hour later, it was common knowledge that she was already gone, having been sacked immediately, she was forced to leave quickly. Harry took none of the blame, the professors seeing it as him "falling for her charms." Michael on the other hand, to Harry's slight moment of joy, was expelled. The teachers had done a quick search of Michaels brutal dildfor her little teen ass, finding a magical box full of hundreds of copies of his memories.

Harry wondered why he and Hayley had never found it. Reviewing the memories, it was quickly revealed that Michael was responsible for Harry's memory split, and considering pahli bar larki ki sex vedio fool was selling his exploits, he was immediately expelled. It also turned out that the memories weren't just of Hayley, but also of Ginny, and a couple other random girls.

As Harry walked the hallways he saw Hermione comforting one of the girls. Harry could've swore Hermione looked somewhat relieved. Unable to apparate, Michael had to wait for the train to arrive, and somehow every student seemed to know when he was leaving.

Nearly the entire castle stood there watching him leave, being escorted out by the teachers. Snickers filled the room, as Michael walked by, a mixture of pride and anger welling up inside him. Harry thought of cursing him once. Just once, before he left and he never saw him again. But he thought better of it, not wanting to make anything more out of this. Too much had already happened. As Michael walked by him, Harry saw him look up and scowl, looking angrier than he'd ever seen.

He wore a look of pure hatred. Wondering what on earth Michael was angry at him for, Harry eventually realized that Michael wasn't staring at him, but looking behind him. He turned, and saw that the person he was staring at so angrily, was none other than Ginny Weasley. She stood there coolly, no emotion in her face as she met Michaels eye.

Harry turned back and saw that Michael had already walked past. Everyone was still hanging around, chatting, and were all determined to watch the expelled student's complete walk of shame. Harry looked around for Ginny, seeing that she was gone as well. Wondering what that was all about, his meddling skills anxious to be put to use, Harry got out the map and located her entering a nearby courtyard, all alone.

He quickly waded through the snickering crowd and went towards her. He found her a minute later, and was happy to see she was still all alone. "Hey Ginny." He said, approaching her cautiously. Ginny was sitting alone on a bunch, basking in the light of the setting sun.

"Beautiful day, isn't it?" Asked Ginny, while staring off in the direction of the sunset. "Yeah. Really lovely. So, that whole business with Michael was crazy. I mean, what an idiot, getting himself expelled like that." "Harry, don't be stupid." She said, still not looking at Harry. "Michael didn't get himself expelled. I did." This hung in the air for a while as Harry processed this information. He figured she was somehow involved, which would makes sense given Michaels anger, but didn't think she'd be responsible.

"You got him expelled?" He asked slowly. "Shocked?" She asked, and she turned to look at him, a look of guilt spread across her face. "I'm sorry about Professor Davies. She was just collateral damage." Harry sat down, still processing. "So-I'm confused. So, Michael didn't sell his memories?" "Well, that depends." Said Ginny. "If you ask anybody who bought them, they'll say that they bought them from Michael." ".Polyjuice?" "Mhmm." She said, nodding.

"How did you get Michaels memories?" Harry asked, still in disbelief. This certainly revealed why Michael was staring at her with pure venom. But how did she do it? And why? Ginny laughed. "I've had them all along. He wanted a safe place to keep them, and he figured the best place-" Ginny tapped her temple. "-was right here." "He kept them in you?!" Harry asked, incredulous.

"In your head?!" "He thought it was hot." She said, and they both burst out laughing. "'Little red diary.'" Said Harry. "I get it now. But what I don't get is why. Why did you do it? Not just to Michael, but Hayley as well?" "He needed to go." Ginny shrugged, and she had the decency to look apologetic.

"And eventually I realized that. Took me long enough. He had this hold on me, and I saw it coming on other girls as well. He does that. He's too clever for his own good. After seeing him with. I just knew I needed to get rid of him.

But I wanted to do it in a way where I wasn't seen as. complicit." The sun was further down by now and they both stared at the colours stretched across the sky. "Are you mad at me?" Asked Ginny, and Harry looked over to see a tear in her eye. Watching the tear roll down her cheek, he couldn't help but feel bad for her. He should be mad, but somehow he wasn't. He didn't quite know why. Maybe it was because Hayley truly did deserve to be sacked? Maybe it was because, in the end, Michael lost?

Or maybe he just couldn't stay mad at Ginny? Who knew? Harry certainly didn't. He grabbed her hand in his. "No, I'm not." Harry paused. "Ok, maybe a little, but it's fine. She knew the risk. And so did I. Plus, its not like I won't ever see her again." "I don't just mean about the memories." They looked into each others eyes, and Harry had a fleeting second where it occurred to him that when he looked at her, he only saw what she wanted him to see.

"I know." He said, squeezing her hand. "And its ok." They continued to watch the setting sun, both of them reliving the past few months, the bittersweet outcome washing over them. Upon reflection, Harry realized one thing was for sure, it had been a hell of a year. The End?