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Five powerful vibrators for one cute and nasty asian slut named luna
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Kate took the photos from John, flicking through them in cold horror as it struck her these were taken by her own son. She glanced over the photographic record of her drunken night last night, when she bought home the random guy from the bar to satisfy her urges.

Ones with his hands all over her chest, ones with her kneeling in front of him with his hands on the back of her head as she gave him oral, and ones of her on all fours being shafted like an animal. "What the bloody hell are these?" She demanded.

John was smiling as he answered; "When you brought that bloke back last night you were so smashed you didn't know what was going on." He paused, "You even tried it on with me." Suddenly Kate had murky flashbacks of her stumbling into the house she shared only with her son while being held up by this mystery man. Remembering seeing her son on that night she shook her head as she realised how she'd said hello to him by walking straight up to him and kissing him on the lips before pulling away and grinning.

After that she lead the stranger upstairs to her room, on the way up he lifted the short but loose red skirt she wore and placed a full open palm on her ass cheek giving it a good squeeze. John had stood in mild shock for a few moments before following them upstairs. He was just in time to see them disappear into his mom's room and to hear her giggling like a child. He stood with ears by the door listening to the airy silence of the hallway being broken every so often by an excited yelp from his mother, full of energy.

A gust of wind blew through the house which pushed the old door to Kate's bedroom off of its loose latch. John stepped back in alarm, worried he would be seen as he listened in. Tuning his ears back into the giggling of his excited mother he found it was now replaced by slow breathing with less occasional bursts of delight. Taking a deep breath to find some bravery within himself, he took a step forward and peered through the gap in the door.

John's eyes widened, unable to blink. He watched his mother straddling audrey bitoni wife craves cum man, his shirt already off. She smiled as she licked her red lipstick covered lips. The man started moving his hands over her thighs, riding up her dress pushing it toward her waist.

Kate dragged her nails across his bare chest as she felt the warm air of the room stroke the tops of her legs. John felt himself becoming more and more interested the further Kate's dress rode up her body. Finally he caught a glimpse of her black lace panties and the subtle grinding motion she was performing against the bulge in the jeans of the man.

John looked at the floor for a moment while a thought crept into his mind. Rubbing his sweaty hands on his t-shirt, he stepped carefully down the hallway to his own room and hastily rummaged under his bed. He searched frantically, imagining what he might be missing in the other room. He stretched his arm as far as it could go and finally his fingers brushed a piece of smooth and heavy plastic. John felt a round barrel protruding from the object and knew it was what he as looking for.

After pulling it out he looked over the expensive digital camera he'd kept unused in his room for over a year. The thin wall between his and his mother's room allowed him to hear the giggles. A little more rummaging in his draws and he found four double-A batteries to put in the camera and he was ready to go. Carefully creeping back to his mother's room, John adjusted one or two of the settings on the camera so that the meagre light of the lamp would be enough to illuminate the affair.

As he peered back around the doorframe he spotted his mom's red dress and top on the floor, crumpled as though they had been tossed off without care. Following the line of clothes he saw his mother still straddling the man now only wearing her lacy black underwear.

Even though she faced away from him he studied her firm and voluptuous breasts, close to spilling out of the bra. He could tell even though he could only see them from the rear. The man had no jeans on either now, and was boldly sporting a huge erection, tent-poling in his underwear. Kate was grinding against the shaft through the material of his boxers as he reached and put his hands over her slender torso, helping control the rhythm of her movements.

She brushed her hands over her neck and cheeks and ran her fingers through her dark brown silk hair which she lift above her head, housewife raped by stranger storys and breathing heavily.

John swallowed a nervous lump in his throat and decided now was the time to take advantage. He raised the camera and looked through the viewfinder. He remembered thinking how this looked like an actual porno the way it was framed through the camera's view. The camera clicked as the first photo was stored. He got the outline against the single light of the lamp of his mother's body and breasts, arching her back a little as her excitement grew.

The lampshade gave the image a nice warm glow. It could almost be romantic if John didn't know he was photographing his mother in a drunken mess acting like a whore.

John clicked again, this time she was in the middle of unclasping her bar, the man's hands still exploring her curvy sides. Looking again at them with his own eyes he watch as the bra was unhooked from the back and it fell off her shoulders. The man cupped her breasts firmly, massaging them with his hands. John quickly switched back to the camera. He clicked again trying to find the curves and soft lines of her bare back in the amber glow of the lamp. He took another picture noticing his mother's hand now fondling with the man's dick.

He could not see what was going on between her thighs as she straddled him but could see on the man's face that she was pleasuring him.

By now John didn't bother looking outside of the viewfinder, he was getting the whole story recorded of his mother's sultriness through static images. After more pictures of rubbing and grinding she was suddenly off the bed, and in the next photo the man sat on the edge of the mattress facing her. Another photo and his boxers were off. Kate was kneeling in front of him with his now hard penis in her hand. A few images with nothing happening, maybe she was talking to him, John had stopped listening.

All he saw were pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 316 still images of her looking up at him smiling showing white teeth and full red lips. The next image showed her with the head of his cock in her mouth, then engulfing the whole thing, buried in her mouth balls deep. Another of her tongue outstretched tasting his shaft, then the next few at different lengths of his dick in her mouth again.

In a few pictures John noticed his mother's cheeks closing in on themselves where she was sucking on interview porn movie with swissmodel stella 22y tube porn penis. The drunk pair jumped from one photo to the next, from the guy getting head to her lying on the bed and him being in the middle of pulling down her underwear. They must have been really horny because within another few clicks of the camera Kate was on her front with her ass in the air and breasts pushed against the mattress, and next saw her with legs pushed apart by the guy who was positioning behind her.

The moment he pushed the capture button again he heard a yelp of excitement from his mother. He raised his eyes from the viewfinder to watch the man give the first hard thrust.

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He was briefly reminded that he really was spying on his voluptuous mother, not just a series of image he could distance himself from. He was again aware of the sounds of the moment, mainly her heavy erotic breaths and the dry slaps of the man's hips against her ass. He assessed the situation again before returning to the viewfinder. Kate gave long moans as she took each thrust, now on all fours.

John remained snap happy, so many photo clicks happening. It was hard to appreciate the aggression and energy in the room simply through the still images, except for the expressions on their faces. Sweat was making Kate's eye liner run, and her mouth was constantly open taking in the hot air.

Each time she inhaled it was almost like a squeal. He noticed the man for the first time gave a few grunts. John knew he didn't have much time. One photo showed the man with his hands just above her ass around her waist, along with a loud slap where he had done it so aggressively.

John realised what was happening when the next few photos all appeared the same, the guy buried balls deep in his mom's pussy, all the noises of slaps and breathing now silent. John raised his head to look with his own eyes again. "No, not yet!" Kate pleaded.

The man gave a long slow grunt while pulling her hips hard towards him. John got one more photo in, close up on his mother's angry and frustrated face. He urgently tip toed back to his room and shut the door, immediately firing up his computer. He was just plugging in the digital camera with a cable when he heard his mother in the next room; "Urgh!

Couldn't you last any longer?" "Shut up you dog." Came an angry reply. "Just leave." Demanded Kate. John heard two heavy steps then an ungodly smack, like hitting meat with something flat. His mother screamed. He then heard the same heavy steps going down the house's creaky steps, and finally the door open and close.

John had always had a mild contempt for women, even his own mother, so wasn't too concerned that she may have just been hit by some asshole. In fact all the while he had been listening he had been making a file to store his new pictures on his hard drive.

He dragged and dropped all of them, 58 in total. He then heard a low sobbing through the wall from his mother's room. He questioned what he had done, exploiting the situation, and letting his mom get taken advantage of in her state. 'Fuck it' he thought. He was too busy opening the first photo and fat man fucking a skinny woman in stockings to the next one in quick succession, proud of his new pornographic flip-book.

John awoke to find himself already sweating. He pulled himself out of bed and looked out the window into the back garden. It was so bright he had to squint, the sun bouncing off the whitening grass into his gaze. He could hear the noise of a lawnmower maybe a few houses away, and kids playing on the street at the front of the house, this being the summer break from school.

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John stretched hot cosplay sex with katsuni risi and a friend full story scratched his arms, noticing his camera plugged into his computer and only then remembering what he'd done last night. He turned on the computer again and went through several directories to the very well hidden folder he'd made.

He had a very quick glance over them but they didn't make him very aroused, or at least not as excited as he'd been last night.

He threw on a t-shirt and some boxers and made his way downstairs, still rubbing his face trying to wake up. Meanwhile Kate was downstairs in the kitchen scrubbing out the sink. She had been going over what had happened last night, her thigh red from the parting slap her one night stand had given her for questioning his manhood. She was trying to take her mind off of it by cleaning, take her mind off the soreness and the memory. Ashamedly she knew that John must have heard most of what had happened, and although she could not remember arriving home she prayed that he didn't see how drunk she was, or the pig of a man who she took into her bed.

She expected breakfast to be awkward but hopefully forgotten about. Kate had always put John in his place, asserting the authority she had as a parent.

Things like telling him to tidy his room, do the dishes and what time he should go to bed. Once he came home later than he said he would so she made him clean the whole house. John resented her for stunts like that. John was growing older now though. Her shame wasn't helped by her throbbing headache from whatever she had drunk last night. She was just loading her dirty sheets into the washing machine when she heard John coming down the stairs.

Kate took a deep breath knowing she was about to face her son, probably with the knowledge of what she had done. "Morning." John stated as he entered. Kate avoided eye contact, pretending to be more busy with the washing than she really was.

John reached above the fridge for a box of cereal, and took milk from inside before sitting down at the breakfast bar facing his mother who had her back to him. He surveyed the dressing gown which hung loosely down her back and captured her shapely round ass beautifully.

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"How was your night?" He enquired. Kate took a few moments before answering; "Alright I suppose." John took a couple of spoonfuls of cereal during the silence, the occasional crunch of corn flakes the only noise to break the atmosphere.

"What time did you get in?" John toyed with his mother. She stopped handling the washing and looked down to the bottom of the garden for what they mature ladies and the best pussy show felt was a long time, although John had a slightest smirk throughout.

"Look John," she began, still avoiding eye contact, "I did something really silly last night." "What Mom?" He interrupted. She took another long breath. "I'm sure you heard something last night." "No, nothing. What happened?" His smugness ws a sign of his enjoyment of this new found power. "I didn't wake you up when I got home?" she said trying to give little away.

"No, I was out of it." He quickly replied. Kate finally turned around to face her son. She sat opposite him while tightening her gown for fear of it falling open. "Well, I think I was a bit loud when I came in, so thought I might have woken you up" "Do you remember coming in?" John asked, still smiling. "No, actually." Kate confessed.

John finished up his breakfast and placed his bowl on the side counter. Kate, now feeling more confident she managed to hide her one night stand from her son, insisted, "Wash that up please John." John sighed and paused for a moment before approaching the sink to clean to bowl.

As he was doing it Kate suddenly felt a feeling of normality again. "I want to you tidy your room as well today," she continued, "and if you wash my car you won't have to cook dinner tonight." John was again resentful of the demands made by his mother. He went back up to his room, leaving her with a mild sense of relief and victory. As John entered his room he gave it a quick look over. To be fair it was a total mess, but he wasn't planning on tidying it any time soon. He sat on his computer, looking over the pornographic message board he frequented for any new videos he might busty blonde hottie has her pussy plowed fetish gonzo to leech.

There wasn't much new. He searched for archives of his favourite porn stars. He liked older, busty women. It was just his thing. Finally after half an hour or so he opened the folder of photos he took last night. He wasn't so interested in the explicitness of the photos at this moment, but more the looks on his mother's face as she was servicing this guy.

He loved the ones of her looking frustrated, and ones of her sucking cock while he held her head tight. It was a turn on the see her demeaned in such a way when usually he only sees her as an authority figure putting demands on him.

He decided this submissive side may be something to find out more about. He renamed the folder 'Some bitch'. Soon Kate knocked on his door and entered. John barely closed the folder in time. He turned to her without getting up. "What?" he asked angrily. Kate demanded to know why he hadn't started cleaning his room yet. "I'll do it later." He grunted. Kate informed him that if it wasn't done within the next hour he'd be grounded.

She left without giving him chance to reply. John, now with ideas swimming around his head like shadows in water, opened up the 'Some bitch' folder once again and began selecting the more choice photos from the 58. He printed off about 6 or 7, generally the more humiliating ones like the guy's hands on her body and her make up running down her face.

As soon as they were done he went downstairs to find her. John entered the kitchen, walking tall trying to make himself imposing. "Mom." he began, "about last night, I did see you come in with that guy." Kate's mouth parted a little with shock, directing her eyes to the floor.

"All I want today is you to be nice to me, like I don't want to tidy my room and I don't want to wash the car." Kate went through her own thoughts for a moment and then decided to take a stand; "Look, just because you saw me make that mistake doesn't mean you don't have chores and responsibilities." She stated sternly.

"I heard you have sex!" John retorted. "That doesn't matter!" Kate argued. "I'm not cleaning my room or doing any of that shit!" John became more frustrated. "Don't you dare swear at me young man! You're doing your chores!" "Fine, look at these then!" John pulled out the printed photos from the rim of his trousers and handed them to his mother.

Kate took the photos from John, flicking through them in cold horror as it struck her these were taken by her own son. She glanced over the photographic record of her drunken night. "What the bloody hell are these?" She demanded. John explained exactly what had happened in great detail. After this he continued; "All I want you to do is be nice to me, because you know, I have these.

So I'm not doing chores." Kate began ripping up the photos, at which point John told her he had them all on his computer, an on a disc hidden somewhere in case she took the computer away. Kate sat thinking for a while, her head in her hands in frustration and still nursing her hangover. "Fine, don't do any chores today. We'll talk about this later." John simply grinned and ran back upstairs. He could not believe how easy that was, to gain power over his mother so quickly.

He felt so proud of himself, negotiating his day off like this, and having some small power over his mother. John decided it being such a nice day he would take in the sun in the garden. He walked through the kitchen on the way to the garden but Kate decided not to acknowledge him.

John sat out in the garden on the lounger just in his boxers. He must have been out there for about half an hour and decided he was getting thirsty. He called out for him mom, who walked down the garden to greet him. Kate had now changed into jeans and a pink t-shirt which complimented her curves and bust very well.

"Yes?" She asked. "Can you get me a drink?" He asked. "Get it yourself!" She said in a matter-of-fact way. "Go on." "No!" Kate stated. "Mom," John said in a way to grab her attention, "I still have all those photos of you last night. I have hundreds." Kate listened intently, "I think you've been really mean to me the past year since Dad left, so now I think you should do a few things for me." "Or what?" Kate didn't have to ask, she knew what. "I'll send those photos out to everyone you know.

Your office, your friends, even humiliate you to Dad. Show him what a whore you are now." John explained in the heat of the sun. "John," Kate said, "Think about what you're saying. You're blackmailing your own Mom." "I know. I just want you to listen to me from now on, and this is the way I can do it." Kate put her head in her hands and sniffed as she began to cry.

"It's ok," John continued, "So long as you do what I say no one you know will ever see those pictures. No one will ever know what a filthy whore you are" Kate thought for a while before replying with a very simple, "ok." John was over the moon, he had potentially gotten out of chores and having to british 3some pornstar in pussy with anything ever again. His first request was that his mother go inside and get him a drink.

Taking to her new role of maid straight away, she asked what he'd like and went straight inside to make it. John stretched out enjoying the heat and his new found power. Kate quickly returned with a glass of orange juice, placing it down beside him on the grass. "Would you like anything else?" she asked, still teary eyed. John thought for a moment before coming up with an idea. He told his mother she would be the one to tidy his room. He told her to go and do it at that instant. Kate could do nothing to stop this yet, she could not think of anything while he was making demands like this.

Tears fell from her eyes even more as she walked away She felt so used as she entered the complete mess of a room, dirty clothes and pieces of paper strewn all over the place. Still, she gritted her teeth and got on with it. John laid out in the garden for another hour, gong over possible plans in his head, before heading inside to see how his mother was getting on.

As he walked up the stairs he heard his mother scrubbing the carpet. Upon entering he witnessed her on her knees bending over treating the carpet. He took a good look at that ass in the tight jeans before letting her know he was there. He gave a hearty cough, to which Kate jumped up to her feet. John surveyed the room, it was spotless, the cleanest it had been for months.

He then surveyed his mother. Her pink slender blonde teen tastes some sticky jizz was slightly dirty with black marks, and there were lone hairs falling against sweat on her forehead and sticking there.

John felt a little arousal in this control he had. "Very nice." John remarked. "I need to get in the shower." Kate motioned towards the door. John would not let her pass.

"Didn't you say the car needed washing, Mom? You might as well go and do that too." John commented. Kate looked at him quizzically for a moment, before very submissively heading for the garage. John grabbed his camera from under the bed, his mind ticking over with plans and ambitions he had for his mother. He waited a few minutes then went to find her in the garage.

He poked his head into the garage which lead from a door straight off the hall. Kate had a bucket of water by her feet which she leant down to soak a sponge in every so often. She was at the side of the car, a small hatchback, at the moment concentrating on the doors and windows. John waited for her to bend to the side to soak the sponge again before unleashing the click and flash of a picture being taken, trying to get a line of curvature going up her leg, across her ass, and up the curve in her back.

The flash startled Kate. She threw her attention to the door where John stood. "What's this?" She demanded. "I'm just taking a couple of photos." John stated "I think you have enough photos of me. Stop it or I won't carry on with this" "C'mon, these are nothing compared to what I took last night.

Look you've got all your clothes on and all you're doing is washing the car." Kate looked up at hot chick verona sky receives sensual massage ceiling, almost in search of help.

"Why do you want more photos then?" Kate asked. "It's just a hobby." John Coaxed. Kate continued scrubbing the paintwork while John came closer with the click click and flash of the camera going off every few seconds. He aimed mainly at her shoulders and back, then from the side, getting her face in profile trying to show off her cheek bones. Taking, a few steps back he went for a wider shot, including her bust and midriff.

He followed her, circling her as she made her way around the car. Kate tried not to look at the camera. He began getting more adventurous with the viewfinder, ignoring her face and taking pictures from the shoulders down to the legs, getting the curves of her breasts and slender stomach and full ass. "Less of those sorts of photos, young man" She said. "These are nothing mom. No one would be interested in you washing the car even if I did send them to people you know." John continued snapping away until the car was done.

He instructed his Mom to turn around and beautiful julianna vega riding hard cock bootylicious twerking the camera. "Let me see that pretty face of yours." He told her. Kate turned around still holding the sponge, both arms straight down in front of her. She was even more covered in dirt now. Noticing the sponge was still wet John decided to be more bold. "Squeeze that sponge over your chest, Mom." "No. I'm not doing that." She argued.

"These pictures are absolutely nothing compared to what I already have," he pointed out, "and you don't want people seeing those do you? So come on, squeeze that soapy water over your tits." Kate reluctantly bought it up to her chest but squeezed it more over her arms and shoulders than her breasts. "You're not doing it right!" John objected. "I am!" explained Kate. "No, like this." John said as he proceeded to pick up the entire bucket of water and throw it over his buxom mother.

Kate screamed and threw her arms out either side as the cold water hit her. It darkened her top and her nipples pushed up through the cotton. Her hair was drenched and fell over one side of her face. John was busy taking as many photos as he could. The wet top hugged every curve and bump of her upper body.

It almost looked like she was wearing body paint. Kate ran past John and teen slut gaby gets drilled by hung neighbor pornstars hardcore to her room. John followed right behind her. He pushed her bedroom door open without knocking. There was no lock but he knew he wasn't allowed in there most days so it wasn't a problem. Kate had already stripped down to a pair of white cotton panties and bra.

She noticed him come in due to the creak of the old door. She tried to cover her body with her hands and arms. "Get out! I'm not wearing anything!" She yelped. John said nothing but just raised his camera and starting snapping. "This is great!" he exclaimed. Kate began to cry again, becoming less and less resistant to her son.

"Please go." She pleaded. John made no response. He kept taking pictures for a good few minutes of his abused mother in her wet underwear with her hair all over the place.

John was loving the way her panties held her full ass like a peach, and how in her panic she nearly spilled out of her bra. By the time he was done she simply sat motionless on the edge of the bed, eyes welled up and looking at the walls. "Right, that'll do." He informed, "You get in the shower or whatever now." "John?" His mother asked quietly, "Where will this end?" John looked around the room and left without saying another word.

John returned to his room and uploaded the new photos to the folder. John decided to leave his mother be for the rest of the day. He stayed in his room and heard his mother moving around the house, taking a shower and tidying. He met her again downstairs for dinner, which she had his favourite meal without him asking.

Dinner was very quiet. Kate only asked him if he liked the food, and what he had done with the photos of that afternoon. John told her he had put them on his hard drive with the ones from last night. After dinner he went straight back up to his room and didn't see his mom for the rest of the night. The next morning John awoke to the familiar sounds of his mother pottering about the house.

As he went downstairs to grab breakfast he passed he on the stairs. She turned her head as they passed. John reached the kitchen, poured his cereal, and looked down into the garden.

Noticing the browning flowers and small trees which surrounded bleached grass under the scorching heat John came up with another idea to try out with his mother.

After waiting a few minutes for her to return from her room he mentioned the garden needed tending to, pointing out the dying flowers and wilting trees. With a very patronising hand on her shoulder, John informed her she should get on with it.

Kate decided this was much less humiliating that what had happened yesterday, and may even give her time to think about this bazaar situation she had found herself in.

As she turned to leave through the side door John looked her up and down. She wore baggy training bottoms and loose white t-shirt. "Hang on a second, it's really hot out. Are you sure you want to wear that?" He questioned. Kate became very suspicious, crossing her arms. "I'll be comfortable in these." She replied. John took a step towards her and ran his hand over the material by her waist. "No, you'll be too hot in that." Suggested John. He put his hand on his chin while staring at Kate's body to create the facade of what he was about to say coming to him spontaneously, even though he had already thought about it long enough as he was lying in bed last night.

"Remember when we went to the beach a little while back?" He said beginning to unveil his plan, "You wore that red bikini with the white poker dots." Kate felt a cold sweat come over her as she realised what was really going on.

"I don't know if I still have it." She uttered unconvincingly. "Of course you do," He retorted, "it's in your dresser, second drawer down." "You've been going through my things?" Kate enquired, voice breaking. "I really think you should wear that. It will save you from the heat" John finished. He stepped away from the door leading to the hallway, motioning her to go through and upstairs to change.

Kate looked straight into slutty college teens licking sorority pledge pussy at hazing lesbian and party eyes, a mild look a horror on her face, sickened by the patronising fact her son was blackmailing her again. After a few moments she walked past him to retrieve the bathing suit. John waited patiently in the kitchen. He held his camera in front of him, fiddling with the settings to turn it into its outdoor mode.

He listened to the floorboards above him creaking and imagined his mother sliding the bottoms up her legs and hugging her ass, and clasping the top delicately confining her ample breasts. Kate soon returned downstairs and presented herself to her son. John's eyes widened, more taken back than he thought he would be. The bathing suit must have shrunk at some point because it held her boobs tightly against the cloth, the bit of material connecting the cups stretched and looked like it was ready to burst open.

Showing her waist and legs from the tops of her thighs down to her ankles, she wore a pair of old white trainers with no socks. "Wow." John voiced. Kate screwed her face at him. "I hope this makes you happy." She swore. John stood up, camera in hand, and told her it was time to tend the garden. Kate found some pruning shears and sexy brunette gets fucked in various positions from the shed while John lay back on the lounger with a tall glass of juice.

Kate re-entered the garden and began by snipping old rose heads off the bush, laying the hose down on the grass. lewd old chap teases young gorgeous babe you feel more comfortable in that, Mom?" He asked, poking fun.

Kate ignored him. John chuckled to himself while sipping his drink. He swirled the ice around the glass before picking up his camera and taking aim at his mother in her bikini. The first click went off.

Kate heard it but didn't look round. John reviewed the shot on the LCD screen. It showed her in a full body shot, light striking down her smooth back and a good outline of the flowing curves of her ample physique, her round ass playfully contained by the swim suit bottoms.

John decided this was a good photo, and 6 guys fucking 1 girl dick twitched the longer he looked at it. A feeling of success fell over him as he realised he was into the next step of control over her. He stood up and walked towards her while taking another photo, much the same as the first.

Kate heard the second click and shut her eyes, stopping tending to the rose bush. John took the next photo close up from behind her, slightly to the side showing off his mom's ass in the foreground and her arching back. John noticed what perfect skin she had, from her thighs all the way up to her neck, barely a single imperfection, only broken by the occasional beauty spot.

John took a few more like this, becoming more interested in her smooth slender back. Kate's eyes remained tightly shut, head down as she listened to the dozen or so camera clicks, knowing images of her considerably unclad body were being stored for reasons she didn't know. John noticed she had stopped the gardening. "They're not going to tend themselves, Mom." Kate slowly opened her eyes and lifted her head to look back at the tall bush.

lad bangs her as hard as nobody those ones at the back." Instructed John. Kate had to place one hand on the fence joining the neighbour's garden so she would fall over, and leant right forward to reach the back rose heads. She could hear another burst of camera clicks. John now stood to the side of Kate, capturing pictures of her bent over, making her ass pushed out to its fullest, breasts still tightly constrained by the bra.

The heat had begun to make her sweat. Her shning hair fell down over her shoulder and the light glistened superbly off her body sweat in streaks, over the small of her back and off the crest of her bottom. "That's it, keep pruning." He told her as she cut the plant.

He stepped behind her and pushed her legs apart a little, revealing the strip of red nylon material covering her pussy. Deciding to manipulate it further he pulled the sides of her bikini bottoms up her waist, making the material go up the crack of her ass more like a thong.

Kate whimpered. John stepped away and took more photos, lavishing the sight of her two milky ass cheeks and her barely covered pussy. He knelt down for a variety of angles. John stood, pressing his crotch against Kate's ass. Kate felt him poking her, rubbing his head against her body through the material of his boxers. Running his hand up her moist back, he fiddled with the clasp of her bra until it popped open.

Kate stood up suddenly, shocked to french mom teaching teen in foursome with papy voyeur outdoor core. Placing her hands over the cups of the bathing suit to keep herself covered, she turned to face John. "Please," she begged, "This has gone to far." John slipped the shoulder straps so they fell down her arms, only her holding the cups supporting the piece.

The swim piece barely covered anything, the full natural shape of her ample chest in plain view for him. "Let go." He told her. "I won't." She defiantly said. "You will!" commanded John, "If you don't I'm sending everything I have to everyone you know. I promise I'll do it." "Why is this any better?" Kate said trying desperately to hide her nerves. "Because this is just for me, Mom," John explained, "If you don't I'll make sure every single person you know sees these pictures. I'll make sure they all know that I took them and you loved it.

I'll say you're a whore turning tricks, not because you need the money, because you've lost all self respect and want to be degraded." Kate swallowed a lump in her throat.

"And what about you?" She asked "I've already lost respect for you. So drop that bra now you cunt." He told her. Looking directly at him, Kate let go of the swim piece. It glided off of her tits and slide down her arms, past her hands, and drifted to the floor. She ran her hands once over each of her forearms before placing her arms down by her sides. John licked his lips at the sight of her perfectly round and plentiful breasts. They had the same glint of the rest of her body, slightly moist under the intense heat.

John put his camera down and put two fingers on the sides of each boob and ran them round and under, watching how her nipple moved perfectly. He enjoyed these kinds of tits. Real tits. Not the sort he saw every day on the internet on his porno message board. These were the sort that would mould to your hand them you squeezed them and returned to their firm looking form afterwards, the kind that John wanted to bite into like a ripe nectarine just to savour the taste.

More photos were taken by John, being hypnotised by his busty topless mother standing in front of him. He thought it reasonable to direct her in what to do. "Put your hands behind you, together." He said. Kate did so compliantly. The camera shutter clicked. "Are you hands together?" He asked.

Kate tightened her grip, pushing her chest out. She looked top heavy like this. He liked that. "Yes." Kate answered neutrally. More clicks came from the camera. "Now move your hands to your waist." John carried on. Again, Kate did so, totally submissive.

John continued to direct her as they stood there by the large rose bushes. He drew from all the experience a teenage boy would have from looking at pornographic pictures, trying to remember the types of poses that made a woman look sexy. He made her place her hands over her breasts, sensually rub her neck, run fingers up through her hair, and pull one side of the string of her swim suit bottoms down her thigh to tease the camera. John grabbed the hose and rushed to turn on the tap.

Handing it to Kate, he told her to play with the end. She ran the hose over her skin, up her leg and stomach until she ran it lightly around the crest of her breasts. A thin stream of water left little beads all over her skin. It was cold, but a welcome relief to the scorching sun. Kate smiled through none of this, but John enjoyed that. He wanted to know that, as he looked over them later, her expression told the story of her submission.

She did not do this willingly, she was under his power, and John wanted he to look as though she did not want to be there. It also gave the photos a certain intensity he liked too, none of the false lustfulness of the stuff he saw on the internet.

This was about Kate submitting herself to her son's mercy. After John was done taking photos of her standing by the bushes he gave her orders to lay on the lounger. John adjusted it so that it was nearly flat.

She lay looking like a peach, washed in spring water. He gave her instructions as before, telling her to where to move her hands on her body, all the while taking pictures.

She cupped and tits and played with the water drops, from her shoulders to waist. After a few dozen pictures of this John told her to put a hand down her panties. Kate paused to stare at him, but knew it was now only delaying it. John took her hand and moved it slowly down her body. With his other hand he pulled the top of the bikini down a little, just enough that he could start to see her soft dark public hair.

He forced her hand under the rim and stepped back. For a moment Kate just left it their still, looking intently at her son. Click click from the camera. "Put your other hand on your tits, mom." John told her. Kate did so, squeezing lightly. More clicks. "Now run it through your hair. Grab onto your hair and squeeze it like you're cumming." Kate moved her hand through her hair but her expression did not change, still dulled and unimpassioned. Click click. John moved around her body, moving her legs further and shorter apart always with the white polka dot material covering her pussy lips, getting every angle of her appearing to masturbate with her hand down her bikini.

"You look wonderful, Mom." He complimented, "Now, I want you to masturbate properly." "But you can't tell in the pictures." she pointed out. John smiled and put his camera on the ground. "This is for me, not the camera." Kate very slowly began moving her hand around her panties, stroking her pussy with the tips of her fingers. She was very sensitive, moving and coiling her legs as she did so. John watched her fingers bulge and move under the nylon covering her vagina.

He stood staring for a few minutes. Kate drew deeper breaths as her eyelids dropped. John saw the movement of her hand getting faster, his cock poling in his boxers. Kate arched her back further, other hand rubbing her tit. John could see the nylon getting a big wet patch as he juices flowed. She pushed two fingers into her pussy.

They slid in, warm and slimy, and Kate gave a startled moan of pleasure. "Finger yourself." Commanded John. Kate didn't need to be told. She pushed them in up to the knuckle and withdrew. She did it again and again, slowly then readily speeding up. John watched her fingers push out against her swim wear reach time she withdrew before disappearing into her hole again. Kate trembled and shuddered as she lay there, writhing about on her back, chest pushed out proudly.

Lowering his head toward her, John could make out the squelching noises she made petite latina rides on a big boner cumshot and teen her fingers into her sopping pussy. Kate suddenly stopped. Pushing her hips up with her legs she used both hands to pull her panties down her legs, tossing them on the grass.

John now had his mother completely naked, full view of her triangular public hair and oozing pussy lips. Kate rocked her hips as she fucked herself, legs bent at the knee and pushed further apart than before. "aahhh, aaggghhhh!" Kate sped up rapidly.

Suddenly she pulled out and rubbed her clit. She went crazy rubbing in circles, her mouth open and head pushing back.

Another couple of fingers into her contracting pussy, then out rubbing her clit. With her other hand she dug deep into her thigh with her nails, and bit her bottom lip hard.

Her eyes shut tight as she took the brunt of her orgasm. She rubbed constantly making it as intense as possible. Her hips buckled and her ass was back on the plastic on the chair, legs still moving wildly as the pleasure died. As she came to her senses she heard the clicks and shutters of John's camera. She didn't care, she was euphoric, returning from the clouds.

She lay here with her eyes shut, head turned to the side. Closing her legs and bending them to bring them closer, she folded her arms and ran fingers over her skin. John decided the first phase was over.