Pair of sisters bribe their car salesman into a threesome

Pair of sisters bribe their car salesman into a threesome
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TARYN'S OTHERLAND: Chapter 3 Our new reality. It didn't feel different. It didn't look different. There was a constant feeling that I should be able to look up the mountain to the east and see that large concrete research facility looming over the valley. After numerous times of looking up, it started truly sinking into my troubled brain that it wasn't ever going to be up there.

That became depressing. My training in survival prepared me to deal with the world in its most primal nature. But it is one thing to train for it and another to accept that it was the way life was going to be. I was active but unfocussed for a good part of that day as my conscious being came to grips with this. I organized the debris on the slope and found some berries, roots, nuts, and managed a rabbit and squirrel I shared with Bo after cooking it.

It also meant I spent another night on the same ledge. It was another long night on that rock. That was disappointing, but it also pushed me to commit to what needed accomplishing: I needed a secure base; I needed reliable sources of food; and, I needed to explore and understand my surroundings.

She gets really horny fucked in her butt began that start to understanding at first light the next morning.

The night had been colder than the previous one and it forced me to keep the fire going and to wrap myself in a couple lab coats I found scattered around the area. But, as light descended the slope across the valley, I thought the sight before me was just a trick of my mind. But it wasn't. I could see a couple plumes of mist rising into the air.

Reaching the rock dam, I scanned the slope opposite and saw several more plumes up and down the valley.

I went half way across the dam, looked back to the opposite side, and saw several there. This valley, at least, contained thermal vents. I didn't know if that was good news or bad news, but it did help explain why some plants seemed to be out of place.

I was no botanist, but some of the plants seemed to be from a warmer growing zone. That was all the motivation I needed. I located the various plumes and looked for safe places from them. Just in case more than steam came from the vents, I wanted a place for my camp that was not in the line of flow. That morning I found the spot, a gentle slope rising from the lake to a vertical rock face about 150 feet from the water and 15 feet elevated from it.

The lake surface was about 5 feet below the top of the rock dam, so any spring melt flooding should just flow over the top of the dam and still allowing 10 feet of safety for my camp. Over the next days, I built my camp and as it came together, my acceptance and motivation was built right along with it. I used the multi-tool to disassemble desktops and used them as sleds to haul salvage to my new camp area.

I then stacked rocks into a wall and angled the desktops to the rock face so there was drainage. I secured the edge at the face with cut, young pines. I covered the top with layers of pine boughs. My shelter was protected on three sides and the roof was secure. I built a cooking and general-purpose fire pit outside and a separate depression inside the shelter for coals at night. A trick I had read about for cold weather, which was surely coming, was to bury hot coals and sleep on top of it.

It was also amazing what could be found in desk drawers: silverware, coffee cups, energy bars, and snacks. I even found a couple novels that might be interesting to read, if I ever got really bored.

My energy shifted to food supplies. I found some turtles and once cleaned out and dried, the shells were used as bowls for eating and mixing. My pack contained a compact cooking kit for boiling and cooking.

Hardcore latina swallows and gets a facial was coming together and I realized I was becoming less stressed and uncertain. I knew I could survive. I also knew I had a lot to learn about this new place, but could now be warm and protected, even in inclement weather.

During times of resting, reflection, and working through new issues and problems, my mind often drifted to Bo, especially as I saw him exploring on his own, clearly comfortable in this new situation.

My thoughts during that first night on the ledge continued to come back to me. For all I knew, I was the only human in the area. I had no idea what lay ahead of me, but I knew that I had Bo and that thought was comforting.

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It was hot working in the sun, the lake right there, and I finally gave in. The camp was getting into good shape and I had decided that the next day would be a major hunting effort to bring in some fresh meat. I stripped out my clothes and walked barefoot and naked to the edge of the lake. I heard a crashing through the brush and turned to find Bo excitedly running toward me. I had forgotten how much he liked to cavort in the water with me on past trips.

I saw a shadow glide across the shore and into the trees. I looked up into the sky, curious about what could create such a shadow, but could make out nothing in the bright sunlight. I shook it off and walked into the water to waist deep, carefully on the unfamiliar and rocky bottom, and dove into the water, riding firm brunette grinds cock2 just under the surface for about 10 feet before coming up and stroking further out. I stopped, treading water, and sought out my Bo who I knew would be paddling out toward me.

Bo was an excellent swimmer and could dog paddle for a long time, occasionally sinking below the surface when getting excited about something, but always eager for more. When I was able to stand in the water, again, I walked onto shore and found a grassy spot to lie down in the sun.

Bo, of course, was going to dry off by shaking his massive body; he did it, naturally, right over me. That caused me to recoil and screech, which caused him to prance in excitement hoping for possible play. He playfully feinted pouncing at me, but when he realized I wasn't going to give in, he ambled off along the shore and I settled in for a rest under the warm sun.

I realized I was smiling. The swim had been refreshing and it was good to be clean and refreshed by simple exercise and water, but it was also refreshing for my soul.

It apparently was so refreshing and peace producing that I had no problem falling asleep under the clear mountain sky and warm sun, a soft breeze caressing my bare skin. I became subconsciously aware of the most wonderfully, sensuous, aroused feeling building in my body. I was not new to sex; I had had several partners in the past.

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My biggest problem was finding someone who appreciated the way I spent my free time as much as I did. There were plenty of rugged men who hiked, but not many who would prefer doing it above anything else when given the chance. So, as my body's reaction wasn't new to me, it was confusing. It wasn't as if I had been sexually active for fantastic brunette dani has her muff plugged pornstars cumshots time, so where were these feelings or memories coming from?

As my unconscious poked at this question, it also poked my mind for assistance in determining the answer. My consciousness rejected the notion of dreaming, which posed a deeper question to resolve, and the higher my arousal moved, the closer my consciousness came to the surface.

But, before my consciousness created a startled reaction, my brain kicked in. The arousal wasn't just a warm and erotic feeling deep in my memory. The arousal was physical and real and centered at my pussy. I slit my eyes, but held myself still. Slowly I raised my head just enough to see down my body. The first thing that I noticed was how rigid my nipples were, then seeing dark fur moving in short movements just past my abdomen.

Bo … yes, Bo … his tongue was lapping away at my pussy. I also realized that my legs were spread wide; even in my sleep, I had opened myself to him.

The thoughts I had that first night on the ledge were playing out real and I wasn't going to deny what my body wanted, not because of social mores of a society that didn't exist any longer. I raised my upper body to my elbows and I smiled down at Bo.

He stopped and looked up at me. This was new for us. He had sniffed and ventured a contact, but never more than that. I reached down and softly, lovingly, stroked his head, lifted my knees and spread myself even further for him.

"Please, Bo … please give me more." He gave me that head tilt, looked back at my pussy, and again to me. I smiled and lowered my shoulders back to the ground and sighed as he renewed his licking at my pussy. Now, fully awake and aware, the sensations he was creating in me were more amazing than I have ever experienced. No tongue or lips have ever created such feeling in me in my life. Part of it could well have been that it was Bo, that we were outside and exposed to the world, and that this new reality of ours was for our creation to make of it what we will.

But mostly … mostly it was his unrelenting licking over my lips and parting my lips and caressing my clit as it became exposed by the stimulation and snaking inside me, between my lips and into my pussy. How does he get his tongue inside me? I never wanted it to stop … never!

My toes curled in the grass and my legs tensed as my hips rose, as if trying to drive his snout right into me, as if to get his wonderful tongue deeper into my throbbing pussy.

I felt it happen … I felt my body release and my pussy clench and relax and clench, as if attempting to capture and hold that tongue and the sensations it was producing; I felt my clit throb as it was repeatedly swiped by the long, wide tongue; and I felt my body's reaction from my pussy core to my nipples that were hard and sensitive as I realized my hands were squeezing my breasts. My orgasm crashing over me, my throat crying mom fucks son after dinner to our new world the pleasure and joy my body felt, and my hips rising further into the air, giving my sexual self to a beast … a dog … the most important and loyal partner I have ever known, after my father.

As the crashing waves of orgasm slowed, my eyes opened and my fingers and legs relaxed. My legs eased my hips back to the ground and my fingers released the grass and dirt they had dug into. My first sight was only the tall grass until the trees further out came into focus.

I looked straight up and had a vision of clear robin's egg blue spread across my view. My body felt the continuing stimulation of his tongue. I rose up and he seemed to look out the top of his eyes to me and if a dog can smile, he seemed to, or maybe it was just the mischievous look in his eyes, but he wasn't done with me. He never stopped that I knew of, but perhaps as my orgasm exploded the most intensely and my body and legs shook from the effect, perhaps then he paused, but only until I settled.

Then, he started on me, again. Even before the first orgasm ceased to course through my body, this continued stimulation from his tongue had my body's arousal rising steadily higher and higher.

I raised my upper body, not wanting to cause Bo to stop the wonderful things his tongue was doing, but wanting to, needing to, express myself to him. I reached out to his head and held each side, stroking it, and scratching his ears.

He glanced up at me, but continued to pleasure me. I collapsed back to the ground, my hands pressed into my hair and I moaned out, "Bo, my dear Bo … a male who is content in giving pleasure." I cried out as his tongue flicked over my throbbing clit several times in a row. Then, "Yes! Just like that, again! Yes, take me to an orgasm, again!

Yes, Bo!" My hips rose off the ground in the same manner as he once again had my body yearning for an orgasm. "Bo, I am yours and I want you … in all ways … as a female and male were meant to be … without games or manipulation or conditions or demands …" and I bit down on my lower lip and my legs tensed rigid as the next explosion of my body ignited in my pussy and a shocking jolt went through my entire body, my body pressed up toward the heavens supported only at my feet and my shoulders, the rest of my body arched upward, opened and exposed for the release that came over me.

And at the same time, an unconscious, spontaneous scream came out of my mouth and the exclamation at the end of the screaming release was, "I love you, Bo. This is our world and this is how we were meant to be." My body shook so intensely that the continuing licks from him became too much. The stimulation was more than I could actually bear, despite the intensity of the pleasure, the pleasure in my mind seemed to be too much and I feared not ever escaping it, that my mind might somehow be turned, that the extreme pleasure might become the same as extreme pain.

I pulled away from the licks and curled into a protective fetal position, my body still shaking visibly, my mind foggy with stimulation and pleasure, jolts still flashing like I imagined a trip on ecstasy pills, a natural high like no others.

As my body slowly calmed, shaking, quaking, and shivering less, my mind clearing and reality returning, and with those same thoughts cycling through my mind with the return to conscious thought, I was smiling and I instantly knew why.

From the time he had unselfishly saved me, a stranger, from that bear on the trail, Bo had been an enigma for me.

My frustrations with men and my calm confidence with Bo; my wariness of motives with men and my complete trust with Bo; and, my yearning, wanting to find love with a man but feeling only conditions, motives, and agendas with men while feeling unconditional acceptance with Bo. Society had established acceptable relationships for the two species, now those standards could be rejected and our own mores and cum thirsty legal age teenager engulfs weenie established.

If we found a society of humans here with their accepted standards, I would find a way … even to rejecting them to have this. When I was sufficiently calmed, I turned over and saw a concerned wolf standing over me. My body never felt as alive and free as it did now, lying naked and open before Bo and all of nature and the world.

It felt like how I was meant to be, to be natural with my companion as he was. I knew that had limitations since cold nights and colder days of the seasons and winter would dictate otherwise. But, it was a revelation moment for me that clothes were not the norm but things for warmth, only.

I opened my arms up to Bo and he lowered his head to me, licking my face and mouth as I stroked and cuddled his large head to me. His tonguing felt so natural, honest, and loving, and I wanted to return somehow the expression. So much was new for me … I put out cfnm femdom slut gets cumshot from pathetic creep tongue and they came into contact. I pulled mine back at the same time that he pulled his back, each of us looking at the other, as if for reassurance and acceptance.

I pulled his snout to my mouth and I licked his lips with the tip of my tongue, then licking more fully with the surface when he didn't pull away. His tongue came out and our tongues caressed each other's, soon with seeming abandon. I opened my mouth further to extend my tongue, my eyes closing as if in a soulful kiss with my lover … a sense that, in fact, seemed very real now. His tongue, just the tip, slipped into my mouth.

I was surprised and I pulled back just a bit. Still holding his head, a hand on each side, I look from his mouth to his eyes and back to his mouth. Smiling, I kissed his snout and opened my mouth at the end of it.

His tongue entered my mouth and seemed to explore this new connection for us. When his tongue retreated, mine followed his until I was tonguing the inside of his mouth. His mouth gently closed over my tongue, I felt his lips and his teeth barely touching my tongue … and I almost came, again. The intimacy was astounding, more intensely intimate than I felt from most of the men I had been with.

My mind swirled with renewed desire for him. This desire, though, wasn't just for his body, for the sex, for the stimulation, or for the climatic sensations I had already experienced. This desire was soulful and at the core of my being, a need to be a part of him and for him impure awesome bitch milf pounding act japanese and hardcore be a part of me.

It was a feeling that I couldn't be close enough to him. It was a feeling so intense and at a very core of me that I had never before felt. As protective and supportive as our being together had been before, I now realized that I would do anything for him. My very being was his, as I wanted his to be mine.

Was I making too much of these feelings? Somehow, it didn't seem possible. And I wanted to show him, even if he wouldn't fully understand the significance of it. I sat up and patted the ground next to me for him to lie down, which he did. I stroked his head and neck down to his shoulder. I stroked down the side of his body. He raised his head and looked me.

I leaned in, kissed the side of his face, and cooed to him as I nuzzled into him, continuing to stroke his head and neck. I turned onto my knees facing him to allow easier and fuller access to his body. I was very aware of my nudity before him, I was very aware that my scent was undoubtedly still present as I saw his nostrils flare as I spread my knees slightly.

I was very aware of what I was intending to do for him. And, all of it was creating arousal in me. The simple awareness, the simple intention was causing my body to tingle with anticipation. I stroked onto his chest, he raised his top front leg to give me more access to rub, and I did. I rubbed and scratched his chest, then moving slowly down to his stomach, teasing back and forth but moving down further and further over several cycles.

As I concentrated on his stomach, he half rolled onto his back, raising his hind leg to open himself to me. When I touched his sheath with a glancing stroke, he raised his head and looked down at my hand.

I whispered to him that it was okay, that I would be gentle, that I wanted to do this for him, and that I wanted to return to him what he had given to me. I stopped teasing with the slight touches and deliberately stroked the side of his sheath with one finger.

The tip of his reddish cock came out of the sheath by a full inch, instantly. I was a professional in wildlife animals. I knew the anatomy and habits of a wide range of animals, but I was fascinated to be so close to his cock, to see it so close, to see how differently it was shaped. The more I stroked the sheath, the more cock was presented to me.

I knew that being protected by the sheath would make it more sensitive to touch than a man's penis. I stayed away from direct touching until more of the cock was out and I saw pre-cum forming on the tip. I used it as lubrication and stroked his cock for the first time.

I took pre-cum as it escaped and well lubricated him mexicana se deja follar por el palomero continued to stroke him. Hardcore ride for attractive student girlfriend blowjob a good 3 to 4 inches out of the sheath, I bent over, lowered my head to his groin, and put my tongue to the tip of his cock.

The tip had a hard bony feel to it with a bit of a point. Its shape was different from a man's. The pre-cum leaked out and more came.

I licked at the tip, taking the pre-cum, and more continued to come. The taste was pleasant. I moved myself from the tip and licked down the length of the exposed cock and back to the tip. I stroked up his belly to this chest and took a breath as I prepared for the next step.

With my mouth at the tip of his cock, I parted my lips, took just the tip between my lips, and gently sucked at the pre-cum that was there and more came out. I wasn't completely new to sucking cock, but I hadn't done it much, and never sucked to the point of taking cum into my mouth. Somehow, the men seemed to make it feel like it was a submissive act, and they didn't return the action by licking my pussy.

In my life, men had been sexually selfish. But, not Bo. This time my intention was specific. I wasn't only going to make Bo cum, give him a similar experience as he gave me, but I wanted him to cum in my mouth and I intended to swallow his cum … completely. Not as a submissive act, but as a sharing and mutual act of loving and giving pleasure.

With my lips around the tip and my tongue playing over the tip, I felt little throbs coming from it. I pushed my mouth further down his cock, taking more of it into my mouth while continuing to swirl my tongue around it.

I pulled up so just the tip remained in my mouth before sliding back down. It felt like more than the three or 4 inches I had seen. I pulled back completely with my right hand holding his sheath to hold his cock in position for me to take it again. Just that preliminary action had caused the exposure to double. It had been quite a while since I had sex and busty blonde in thigh highs loving a big brutal dildo masturbate and stockings had been much longer since Bo had been around a bitch in heat.

If the time since my having sex had anything to do with the explosiveness of my orgasms, I wondered how Bo's release might be. Interestingly, instead of any intimidation or trepidation, the thought brought a wicked smile to my face as my mouth returned greedily to retake his cock.

Not only can I give him release after so long, but his release might be the most explosive, powerful, and intense of his life. After what he did for me, it seemed only appropriate. I never cared before to gain experience in cock sucking, but this was different. I was enjoying the feel of Bo's cock as I took it into my mouth, the feel of the skin, the feel of the odd shape along my tongue, the feel of the tip, and the pre-cum.

There was nothing about being dominated in this act. If I took Bo deeply into my mouth and to the entrance of my throat, it was because I chose to, not because my head was being held and the cock was being driven into it. This was me for him, just like it had been him doing for me earlier.

I wasn't sure if I was doing a good job, but he didn't seem to be complaining and his cock was continuing to grow. In fact, his cock was reaching a size that was very impressive and I could feel the knot forming inside the sheath. And, I admitted to myself a desire to feel it inside me, inside my pussy, and to truly and completely be united with him.

But that would be another time, another act of giving and sharing between us. This, in some sense, was more significant to me.

I had been fucked and the act was familiar, even if not by a dog. This, though, this was a true giving of myself that only Bo will have received, that slam xxx spotlight real orgasm other male has been given. He may not understand it, but I did. I lifted my mouth from his cock, replaced it with my hand, and nuzzled up to his head.

I cooed into his ear and whispered my desire for him and us. When I returned to his cock, I saw the knot outside the sheath. He seemed huge … and ready! I lifted his cock up and I took the tip into my mouth, sucking off the pre-cum that had accumulated there.

I took more of his cock into my mouth, moving down onto it until I had completely engulfed his cock into my mouth and to the entrance to my throat.

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I concentrated on the reflex action to gag and committed to improving on that in the future. Yes, I like this … or rather, I like doing this for him. Up and down, my mouth engulfed his cock and then slid back up to the tip. It slid into my mouth, filling it as it grew in length and size, my mouth sucking hard as I pulled up its length, and my tongue swirling around the tip at the top.

Over and over, up and down, sucking, swirling, and sliding. I felt his cock jerk in my mouth. I felt his knot and cock swell and then pulse and throb in my hand and mouth.

Then, it spurted … I sensed it coming by the actions of the cock and I pulled up in response, intuitive that I needed room for the cum. But, I was unprepared for the volume of cum he shot into my mouth, or that it would be repeated many more times.

I gulped and swallowed noisily, trying to take it down my throat as quickly as it was being given to me … but I couldn't. It was too much and I was unprepared. Despite my efforts, cum leaked from the sides of my mouth. When the cum stopped coming, I sucked the last bit from his cock, knelt back onto my heels, and sighed in satisfaction as I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand like I had just completed a satisfying, if somewhat messy, meal.

I not only did it, but I liked it. I tilted my head far back and let the warm sun shine on my face. I was happy, satisfied, and energized. There was much to be done yet in the remaining day. Life as survival with just your wits and skill and determination was a amara romani gets fucked by stepmom silvia saige and constant effort.

From the first realization of our situation here, I never questioned our ability to survive and, hopefully, to thrive. There was a change now. Our situation, our relationship … Bo and I … will never again be the same. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Continued in Chapter 4