Blonde milf fucked on webcam and gets a facial

Blonde milf fucked on webcam and gets a facial
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"We'll be back tomorrow, with the outfits you are going to be allowed to wear here in the house, you'll wear what we tell you, when we tell you, and you won't bitch, will you?" Again, Mom just nodded her head to agree. "Now, since it's going to happen, you might as well make it as good as you can." He handed mom a joint that Chris had lit up. Mom took it without changing her expression and began to inhale. Matt sat down on one side of her; Chris on the other, and each took a breast and began playing with it.

It was so intense, or erotic. Mom sitting there nude, and two delinquents playing with her tits like it was nothing, and her just allowing it. Matt grabbed my shirt with his free hand and pulled me closer, then stood up. He was still holding moms tit, but offered it to me. "Here, take this while I get undressed." I sat down beside my Mom and began playing with mofos titty flashing makes the bar fun breast.

Considering that I had all ready cum in her mouth, playing with her tit seemed tame. However, it sure was fun. And it was giving me another hard on.

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Well, maybe watching Matt strip and knowing he was about to fuck Mom again had something to do with my erection fuck hottest stepmom chantageado e comendo a madrasta. In seconds, he was completely nude, and hard.

He took Chris's place next to Mom, and her other tit. Then he reached over, took her hand, and put it around his cock. "Just play with it lightly, don't make me cum yet. I'm saving my load till later." Chris striped quickly, and took my place and the tit I was handling. My turn now.

Down in the basement, we had only dropped our pants for the sex, now I was going to be completely nude, in front of Mom and my friends.

Well, Mom had all ready seen my cock, up-close, real close. Then I was totally nude, and I was a bit relieved to see that my cock wasn't much smaller than either of theirs, at least, not when it was hard and it counted.

Matt and Chris looked at me, and laid back on the bed, using my Moms tits. They wrapped their legs around hers, and pulled back, spreading Moms legs wide and opening up her cunt. I was staring right at it, right up inside it.

"Go ahead, fuck her.

Get your first real cunt, you came out of there, now you can cum in there." I couldn't back down, not in front of the two older boys, my buddies. To be honest, I didn't WANT to back down, I wanted to fuck her.

I wanted to have real sex. I moved forward, got on the bed between her legs, and put my cock against her cunt. With a thrust of my hips, I was inside my own Mother, I was fucking her! I knew fucking was supposed to feel fantastic, but I had never imagined anything so great.

We hadn't worried about rubbers, I was fucking Mom the way fucking was supposed to be done. I also wasn't the least bit concerned about her getting pregnant. I suppose I should have been worried about her catching something from those other two, but I was more involved with my own sensations.

I tried to think of things I hated, to slow myself down, but it didn't do much good, I came way faster than I wanted to. I stayed in Mom till my cock shrank, something I had read in on line porno stories soooo many times, and it did feel good. When I finally pulled out, my buddies clapped.

Matt laughed, "So, what's it like to be a real Mother Fucker?" I just grinned. "It feels great." "Mind if I get sloppy seconds?" "Go right ahead." Of course, neither of the other guys had worn condoms either, they didn't give a shit if she got knocked up. not their problem." That's pretty much the way it went for the rest of the night.

Fucking and smoking a few more joints, just to keep Mom compliant. I lost track of how many times I fucked her, and how many times Matt and Chris fucked her. I only know the bed was a mess when I finally woke up, the room smelled like pot and cum, and Matt and Chris had left. I had a weird taste in my mouth, and instantly knew it was cum. So I had sucked one, or both, of them off too. And when I tried to move, I got a ripping pain in my ass.

No need to wonder what had happened, only to wonder if it had been one of them, or both? I left Moms room and showered, trying to come to grips with the changes in our life now.

My two friends had made it perfectly plain Mom was going to be there sex toy, or slave. And from the taste in my mouth and the soreness of my ass, maybe I was going to be their toy too.

I was still in the shower when Mom came in, still nude, sat down on the toilet and began to piss. I should have been shocked, Mom had always, always, locked shy teen finds out her step mom likes girls door and insisted on total privacy in the bathroom.

After last night, though, I guess any idea of "privacy" was gone for good. Maybe using the toilet in front of me didn't shock me, but when she stood up and stepped into the shower with it, it did shock me. She acted like I wasn't there, almost. Even when I took the soap and began running it over her body, she just accepted it. I took that as a sign that it was ok to do what I wanted. I washed every inch of her, even making her bend way over so I could soap her ass up.

Our shower has the nozzle on the long hose, so I used it to spray up her asshole and clean it out good. Not an enema, exactly, but a nice clean butt-hole rinse. I also used the spray to flush her cunt out good, and gave her a mild orgasm doing it. I sat down in the tub, between her legs, so I could really see what I was doing. I said "mild" because she stiffened up and trembled, from the position I was in, I could even see her pussy lips quivering, and her nipples became thick and long. In a way, it was almost disappointing.

She was more like pudding in my hands, doing what I wanted, but showing no reaction to it at all. Some enthusiasm or resistance would have been more fun.

But, she was nude and it was sex, so I didn't complain. Then I had her flush out my xxx sex english storys mxvp4 too.

I had never really done that before, I have to admit, the water hitting my asshole felt great. In fact, it felt so great, it gave me another hard on. I stood up and had mom suck me off right there in the shower.

Skinny meg magic sexy nude art striptease was the best yet, being in her mouth, with the feeling of the water spraying over me. I came fast, didn't have much of a load after last night, but that was hardly a surprise.

We got out of the shower and dried each other off, then I left to get dressed, and Mom began to brush her teeth. While I was dressing, I tried calling Chris and Matt, neither answered their cell phones. Then I headed down for breakfast. I walked past the bathroom, and Mom was still brushing her teeth and gargling.

I had heard about women doing things like that after being raped, either they take showers every 10 minutes, or constantly wash their hands or change clothes continually, it was a reaction, they felt "dirty".

I told her she had brushed enough, get something on and get my breakfast ready. I was ordering her around, I know, but I wasn't really sure how this "sex slave" thing worked. It was sort of difficult to spend an evening fucking your Mom, then get up the next morning and act like everything was perfectly normal. Mom came downstairs, fully dressed. I mean "fully", she as acting like it was minus degrees outside, she had an undershirt, shirt and sweater, heavy pants, and shoes, not sneaks, like she normally wears.

Another response to last night, I had heard that rape victims often try to hide their bodies as much as possible.

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I told her, "take off those clothes, all of them." Mom just stood there in a trance, staring at the floor. I had the radio on, more from force of habit than anything else, when the local news came on.

The story almost made me collapse. "Two local youths, Matt Reman and Chris Vort, were arrested early this morning, for attempting to purchase drugs from an Undercover Officer. After the police officer identified himself and informed them they were under arrest, they jumped the officer and beat him, then tried to get the drugs and run. They were then caught by the backup squad and are now in the County Jail awaiting arraignment.

"When we contacted their parents, Mr. and Mrs.

Reman refused to comment. Mr. Vort said his son was a delinquent, and was exactly where he belonged." "Further, Mr. Vort said he had no intention of posting bail, so his son would probably be right where he belonged for quite awhile." I was in shock, but not really surprised, yet again. Those two were dumb enough to do something like that, trying to beat up a cop, steal his drugs and think they could get away.

Mom had sat there with her mouth open all through the story. Then she began to laugh and cry, probably for happiness, at the same time. Chris and Matt got what they deserved, but that left me with a crisis, and a huge decision to make. I could let it all end now, and go back to being Mom and me, perfectly normal, and jerking off every night to internet porn, OR I could try and keep the sex slave thing going and get real pussy whenever I wanted. I looked at mom, stood up and moved behind her.

"I don't see what you're so happy about." She threw her arms up and laughed again. "Those two rapist hoods are in jail, and are going to be, for a long, long time!" "I know, I feel sorry for you now, Mom." The smile, grin, quickly faded from her, she seemed to shrink setting in the chair.

"Why?" She asked it in a very small, quiet voice. I took a handful of hair and gently pulled her up out of her chair, and turned her so she was facing me.

"They said they were going to be back today, with the outfits you'd be allowed to wear." "Since they aren't coming back, that means, nothing to wear." I shoved my hands up inside her layers of shirts and under her bras, kneading her tits again. She tried to resist me. "You realize, they're lawyer will try some tricky maneuver, like using me for their alibi for where they were last night." "Now, I'd be under oath, and I'd have to admit we spent the entire evening and night gang banging my own mother." Or I could be convinced to lie, IF you do what you're were told, and keep me happy.

Fat one eyed monster for beauteous teen snatch choice, what will it be?" Tears started to form in Moms eyes as she began taking off her clothes.