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Lucky young milf and big tit ass anal threesome street racers get more than they
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The battle of Humanity versus the Others had come Much More Sooner than anticipated. It came, in fact, just a few years after the success that was Robert's rebellion.

Men from all corners of the seven kingdoms had rushed towards the wall with all the might they had, the ensuing battles costing them hard as man after man fell. Westeros and even most of the lands across the narrow sea were turned to frozen hells. Soon, as always when put to the test, humanity won. At great cost. The lands south of the wall were rendered uninhabitable for many years, made colder than even the true north beyond the wall.

It was now a battle for survival. Armour was exchanged for furs and warm garbs. Castles frozen solid on the inside changed for tents and wooden and stone settlements. The people of westeros, as few as they were now but still numerous enough, journeyed beyond the wall.

It was a harsh life. Many perished as they were not used to such conditions. Many joined any Wildling bands that would take them and show them how to live and survive, afraid of death. Too afraid to die. Years later, a new leader sprung up in one of the wildling bands.

A young man with black hair and grey eyes who led his band of Wildlings to grow strong and prosper. His charisma and ideas quickly attracting many to his growing settlement in the north. Many saw that his ideas made life easier for them, while keeping to the free people way. He soon had a large force of 350,000 Wildlings under his command, all following him as the new mens girlfriend watchs how he fucks other beyond the wall".

Not like there was much wall left after the war with the others. He taught them to smith weapons, taught them to fight more efficiently and soon enough, had their loyalty. His name was Jon Snow. #################################### Jon sat quietly in his leaders tent in the night, the light from the torches giving him light while the heat of a mini fire in the middle of the tent surrounded by stones gave him and the inhabitants warmth.

He looking over his ideas for his people. To tell the truth, he didn't want the title of leader thrust upon him. He had shared his ideas freely with others who lisutened and implemented them to survive their own harsh lives north of the wall.

Now here he was, in his fortified Settlement that stretched towards even the sea, it's stone and wood walls enclosing and protecting his people that grew by the day, a mixture of Wildlings, what was left of the people of the seven Kingdoms and those from across the narrow sea.

He even had 80,000 Dothraki among them, the sea meaning nothing to them once they knew they, their culture and Horses would disappear if they stayed in the now frozen lands south of the wall.

It was something he often brooded on. Those lands south of the wall and beyond had become frozen wastelands while the rest of the lands north of the walls remains remained the same. Harsh yet one could survive. Oh sure, the lands of the seven kingdoms, even the deserts of Dorne, would be habitable again one day.

Even the lands beyond the narrow sea. But that would probably be in their great-great-great-grandchildren's days.

He wondered even if their original inhabitants descendants would WANT to go back. Who knew? He would be dead by then, it wouldn't be his or his decendants problem.

For now he was content just to live another day. "The food is ready, Great Khal." He looked up to find one of the young Dothraki women who served him at the openings to his working room. It was quite taxing, these titles they gave him. The Dothraki called him Khal.

(Something one of their own Khals, one named Drogo, had protested and fought him over. He had thought to take his head and be leader over the Huge Settlement and all those in it. That notion came to an end quickly when his head had been lopped off by Jon's blade in single combat. Strong brute or not, Jon had more skill. Truthfully, drogo would have died anyway. Wildling tradition aside, anyone who killed Jon would not last a night as a new leader, if he wasn't torn to pieces outright.) Those of the 7 kingdoms called him Lord as did those beyond the sea.

Jon nodded gratefully to the her, watching as she left to go back with rest of those who served him personally. He noticed a little bit more sway in her hips and ass, no doubt trying to get his attention and succeeding. No doubt she wanted him in her bed to ellevate her status in the settlement or even just among his servants. Truthfully, it wasn't strange for even just a short tryst in his bed for a day to gather much respect.

Even bearing his sexw xxx sexy sexy sexy porn touching com would make any lady have clout in the settlement. Jon had heard rumours that many on his "Council of the people" were pushing for Hereditary leadership, passing the Mantle of leadership onto Jon's children when he died. Though many of those from across the sea and Westeros were for it, the blockade came from the wildlings in the council, citing the old ways, something that Jon appreciated.

But even those were few and far between. Many wanted Jon's blood to remain in power. To Jon, it was just another return to the old ways of the south of the wall. The game of thrones was being missed it seemed.

If the law was passed and he was made king, his tent and the part of the settlement it rested on would be filled with former Lords and men of import. They would swarm him with their daughter's and maybe even their own wives. If only to gain some power in the "Court" that would be established. But Lords daughter's and wives would be the least of his worries. Any free woman would try to steal into his bed. (And most likely succeed) Any whore, farmer's daughter/wife, widow or even a simple Tavern maid he took when his lust ran hot would wrap their legs around him and make sure he spilled within in the hopes of conceiving an heir or bastard just to raise their status.

Something he could do without. Besides, he had his own way of dealing with his urges. ####################### He remembered when he first came upon Catelyn Stark.

Her, her sister and her daughters had come upon the settlement after her husband had died. She had begged for entrance into his people. And he had always had a thing for Redheads. He had taken one look at the Mature beauty and decided. He liked what he saw. Good hips, beautiful, some nice tits and a good arse on her and still relatively young. Only 42. She could still squeeze out an heir or two.

He had made sure her tent was next to his own and my gorgeous busty gf getting fucked silly household had whispered about that night. Having seen Catelyns daughter, Sansa, a true Northern beauty, they had guessed at her being taken to warm his bed from then on.

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They were not far off. But Sansa had been too innocent then. Jon wanted some experience from his lover that night. He had taken Catelyn Tully that night. Watched her ass jiggled when he took her from behind.

Looked at how her tits went up and down as he made her ride him to orgasm. Heard her scream in pleasure and beg to bare his child as he came. All while Her daughter and sister peeked from different spots in the tent, Sansa's fingers deep in her cunt. Thank the old gods her youngest was a deep sleeper. And now tonight, he had come for more. He found her waiting after his supper, naked and wrapped up on a bed of warm furs in her own tents bedroom.

It was warm inside and about to get hotter. Banging of cute teenie hardcore and blowjob smiled invitingly and let him take in her body, her still firm tits and good figure. He could already feel her on him. "I'm glad you came, Lord Snow." She said, speaking the last words with a hint of amusement. It had taken some time for him to learn that some last names denoted a bastard status to the people of westeros.

He smiled as he approached her, dropping his clothes and letting her take in his chiseled body. "Still think me a bastard, Lady Tully." He asked as she smiled.

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"Perhaps. Only a bastard would continue to take a mother while her daughter watches secretly." She said.

If it was a chastisement, Jon could only smile and ignore it. His hand left her red hair that he had been playing with to go down to her bare belly. Catelyn shivered. "Perhaps it's time you bear me a some bastards of your own.

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These beautiful and strong hips were meant to help birth strong sons and daughters. Might as well be mine." He said, his eyes dark with lust as his lips met Catelyn's own full red ones in a deep kiss, his hands moving to spread and play with her eager cunt as she moaned in pleasure into the kiss. He broke the kiss and pushed her legs apart, loving the way she squirmed as he spread her lewd oriental sucks large cock japanese hardcore with his cock, the feel of her still tight pussy lovingly squeezing his thick dick till he was balls deep in her.

He began to pound into her, watching her bountiful breasts moving up and down with his thrusts. Her legs wrapped around his waist, refusing to let go as he took her now wet and juicy cunt, the lewd and hard smacking sounds of his cock pumping into her filling the air as well as her moans of pleasure. "I'm going to cum!!" She moaned out, jon feeling her silk like warmth tighten around his dick and a wet sensation flood his cock as she squirted.

"You're such a Whore. I wonder if all those who came from those Riverlands you hail from are like you. Nothing but Sluts willing to bear and squeeze out any man's bastard children from between those legs." He whispered fiercely into her ear as she finished Cumming.

He began to increase his pace, pounding away at her cervix with each thrust as her screams for mercy and rest filled the night. Many females of his household could be found in nearby tents, fingering their cunts to orgasm or fucking their own husbands hard and giving them a great night. The redhead Tully Milf was creaming again, her whole thighs sleak with her cunt juices as Jon's assault continued. Finally he was beginning to feel it. The need to cum was strong in his balls. He needed this.

"I'm going to fuck your sister soon, give her something better to whine about when shes popping out my heir, then I'll make your daughter one of my wives just for good measure. And when you're all growing with my child, I'll find out where your men from your lands are and parade you infront of them. Showing how the daughters of the Riverlands are nothing but wanton Sluts who are bearing my children. It will be a good demoralizing for any upstart who wants to cause trouble, don't you think?" Catelyn never had a chance to reply as Jon kissed her fiercely and slammed into her cunt one more time.

His seed spilled into her, thick and virile and milf babe alexis licking teens asshole and tonguing her clit obscenely her largest orgasm yet. "Get Pregnant, You Tully Whore!!" He roared in triumph. Her cervix was open and taking it all inside her unprotected womb. She doubted even moon tea would get rid of this conception with the amount of seed in her. She would no doubt bare Jon's child.

He pulled out of her, watching his thick seed leak from her tired body onto her furs. He would sleep with her tonight and take her again in the morning to make sure his heir would be conceived. Then he would move onto the day's business. He never noticed the face of Sansa Stark that had witnessed the whole thing for the 5th time leave.