Slim raven haired hottie rides a long member lingerie and cumshot

Slim raven haired hottie rides a long member lingerie and cumshot
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2018 The nightmare continues Jan 15th and she gets the callthis time he fucks her in the back of his sisters tahoe and she is claiming she didn't come.PFFttttt !! Yeah right then that's the first time.

Anyway she says he owes her now of course. to be continued Jan 20th and she is back there right now getting what he owes her. That's right her friend is in town and it's a Saturday night and still she drops everything tonight to get served up. This comes after lastnite when he was trying to get her to go saying he wants to fuck her sweet pussy. But tonight he goes as far as saying he is going to take his time and make her pussy purr. He knows he owns it. She has told him over and over this and now he is back from Texas and is staking his claim.

I don't know what to do, I tried calling and getting me some but not gonna happen. So the only thing I can beat off to is recordings of them. its going to be a long night plus he lives about 40 minutes away now. to be continued. So the less info she is willing to give the better the session was.

She has literally told me nothing and listening to the recording she was in heaven for almost 3 hours. The first half hour there was a basketball game on and he was narrating it as she was Cumming all over his cock. When the game ended he got down to business and had her anyway he wanted. I can't count how many orgasms she had when 1 of them lasts for over 20 minutes it's hard to tell.

What I do know is that when she got home she fell asleep and hasn't even remotely acted like she wants to fuck me. We did have a little talk and she told me that she thinks I'm looking elsewhere because her pussy is so big. But she makes me cum almost every time. I'm the one that cant make her cum and she says "That's what Alvin is for". How can I argue that? There is no way I can compete with this guy, I really don't know why she stays with me. obviously there will be more so until then.

I will just keep playing with my dicklit. Mon February 12th 2018 and its Presidents day Well she has been texting with him all day and they finally agree to him picking her up and them getting a room. He wants to keep her all night but I quickly stopped that idea. So when it was all said and done she got picked up at 830 and he dropped her off about 3_1/2 hours later.

But here is nes mi hija perleccion aprendida I'm pissed. just over 2 hours was recorded She acts like she can't get to the recorder and yet she waited till she was at his place to turn it on. So basically she had all that time to talk shit, plan and deviate off the record. Totally planned I mean why would you chance it if it was so hard to get a chance to turn it on?

No he is totally in on it at this point I do believe and so listening to it seems so planned out. So I told her there is no sense in going back because we have enough recordings. Because after all she says she is doing it for It just so happens that she has one orgasm after another while she is doing it for me and why she can't orgasm with me at all.

In fact when she got home she didn't shower just climbed into bed and fell asleep. So I went out on the couch. The following day and the same shit I slept on the couch and she didn't shower till the following morning. 3 nights later she finally took a shower at night so we fucked. The damage this guy does to her hole is something you only read about. literally just makes her hole so I can stick my dick in without touching her insides. Kind of like playing operation where you touch the outside and buzzzzzzz!!

Anyway here it is Thursday and in pretty sure after last night fuck session she is ready for his so stay tuned. so on a different note I have gotten it 1 time more on 23rd making it Alvin 1 me 3. March 2nd Friday Last night was the 2nd night in a row we fucked. I believe she actually got off, but I used everything in the tool box leaving her craving much more. So since its Friday and she has a new car, I'd be willing to bet the farm on it. Unless I can come up with something.

To do to be continued. Tuesday March 6th and this will be the last entry. I guess I'm just too old for this and it's time to put up or shut up. He texted her 2 time yesterday dressed up in a skin tight body suit in one of the pics in which you teen rough doggy xxx luna lovely in dont break the rules see his semi hard cock reaching a few inches away from his knee it looks like a club and it's at some costume party and you can clearly see 3 white girls checking him out.

The next pic he says he wants to run right up in that pussy. And he's imitating the Heisman trophy. So she tells me she doesn't feel up for it so I tell her I think she should stop.

So she says ok. The end. If you read all of this, do you think she will be faithful to me?? I'm back March 15th Friday and he has been texting her and she has been sending him nude pics. He asked her to stay a week with him so he could put her asleep and wake her up with his long thick cock. She told him that I wouldn't go for it but I know she would. I'm sitting here right now with headphones on listening to their last meeting. She is just cock drunk for this guy.

The woman I hear and the woman I get are 2 different people. That is for sure. She is passionate excited and so into it. The only way we fuck is when I climb in bed and wake her up by putting my dick in her from behind. She doesn't ever watch videos with me anymore. She used to at least play with herself in front of me and not give me any.

Back then she would threaten me that she was going to do exactly what she is doing. She did this for years and I just thought they were empty threats. But after these last 3 years we now know she meant every word. Anyway she has a cold right now but has been texting with hi so when she is feeling better I know she will be right back over there. ?? Saturday March 17th and its St. Patties day Well she has been sick and today was feeling all depressed lying in bed all day and then on the couch her body was soar so I was giving her a massage and one thing led to another and next thing you know I'm fucking her on the couch.

She tells me that's what she needed but an hour later he texts her saying he wants her to cum all over his cock. And being that we fucked for a good 10 minutes and I'm the only one that came she is out the door within an hour. So here I am on St Patrick's day with my little spent dick waiting to find out what happened.

its 6 pm now and I will let you know as soon as I do. Till then I sit here and go crazy thinking of all the recordings I've listened to these last 3 years, knowing she is going to get stretched out again and satisfied beyond my wildest dreams having sex way beyond my capabilities.

Last time he came twice during one session. enuf said Well she got back at 1115 so you do the math she didn't offer any info so I pushed to see where it ranked in comparison to all their other fuck sessions and she said it was definitely one of the best ever. And as I listen I must agree, in the first 45 minutes she came more than I can count. She told me he made her squirt 3 times so I know that number has to be more like 15 because once she starts every time she cums it floods.

And though I haven't seen her squirt in years I have seen her flood but only when we either talk about or listen to Alvin fucking here. I take that back I did visually see her squirt when she fucked Kelvin the first time and when she fucked Carlton both times she squirted a few times.

But all 3 of them are twice my size at the bare minimum. but this guy can go four hours and come multiple times. Who does that he is turning my chick into his black cock whore for sure. As I listen to this, I can't believe what I am hearing. So anyway she got on my dick to show me what he did to her and my shit fell in and she grinded on it. She acted like it felt good but didn't cum then when she got frustrated enough she slid up and put her pussy on my mouth.

She then grabbed the baby oil and put it on my little diclit then held down at the base making sure not to touch my pee pee so I could jerk it while she grinded on my face. She still didn't cum but I could tell she was close but it didn't happen. Not before my little dick erupted on to my nuts. When I finish listening to this I will give my final assessment. To be continued. Well my final assessment is that I am pretty sure that was in her eyes the best it has ever been.

So good that here it is 930pm Monday March 19th And she is back over there. I just took her out for a 160 dollar dinner now she is going to go work it off. It might sound like an exaggeration but on my kids health this guy fucked her for 3 1/2 hours with only a 10 minute cute ashley rides on a monster dick brunette and cumshot. Who does that?

And to top it off he is delivering body racking pussy squirting orgasms one after another and sometimes one on top of another. Before going in this time she made it clear she wanted nothing to do with my diclit and told me to take care of my self So I will be adding more as it becomes available So I am left speechless after listening to this.

The only way I could believe a guy could fuck like this is by watching or listening, and after listening I am just in shock. On my best days of my younger years in my best shape or on drugs that made me feel like a porn star, I have never came remotely close to delivering a pussy assault like he does.

I couldn't even call sessions with me adequate foreplay. I don't even know what I can add that I haven't already said.Supposedly he is moving. So it has been almost 2 months since their last fuck session and I was feeling confident it was over. but someone at work has her attention. She won't admit it but I know this to be true by her actions and her attitude to me. So here it is Teen brutal dildo and school bondage sometimes it takes a stranger to showcase us exactly may 22nd and he texts her saying he will be here this weekend and wanted to get some of her pussy wrapped around his cock, and good to his word and the fact she has been needing it she goes over.

Saturday May 27th, Even know he texted last night while she was sleeping, she woke up this morning and hit him up. They were texting all day bickering back and african school girls and boys and I was like just end it with him. No she was playing her game with him and stringing him along till it was dark. I even said that was what she was doing but she disagreed.

Nonetheless she was at his door at 730 pm and got served till 10. All I have gotten from her was that it was good but she was glowing when she got back and now its 1 am and she is in the kitchen and has been baking since she walked in. I am about to listen to the recording so I will add more as it is revealed. Till then. Well it has been a long time so maybe that explains why she came so hard and that many times.

She told me she squirted at least 7 times. And talking about getting personal this was probably the most personal I have heard them get. She won't give me his address so I will have to invest in some tracking device. But to say she got laid is like saying after a 12 day tuna trip that you went fishing. When she got back she showered and came to bed and I was listening to the recording and couldn't hide my hard on.

She sucked it for about 30 seconds then sat on it for about 2 minutes before getting off of my dick and putting her pussy on my mouth. After putting oil on my baby dick she pushed down around the base careful not to touch my dickand was giggling as she watched me stroke myself till I came all over myself which made her literally laugh out loud.

She continued to buck her pussy on my face but she and I both knew that I wasn't going to get her off. It is beginning to become obvious I will never be able to young whore anastasia knight has her cunt ruined her cum again with toys, my dick, or my tongue. It's his cock that makes her cum and the only person that can show her the complete satisfaction she needs. He tells her that he owns that pussy and I know he believes it.

I guess it's me that is just starting to understand this. Monday May 29th We just got back from fishing all day and He has been texting with here for awhile, she wants to go I think so I will keep you posted. Tuesday morning 3is may 30th She didn't go last night although they texted for awhile. She told him after work today so I am preparing my head. I slept in living room while she played with herself in the room. Well I just spoke with her at work and she has every intention of going over there sometime between 7 and 8.

She never asked if I am ok with it or if I minded nothing. Just that she is going. I have to admit he was gone for a couple months and they didn't fuck much this year this will be the 11th time. So 5 months and 11 times but atleast50 + orgasms and with me we have probably fuck 30 times and I have got her to orgasm maybe twice. Both times we were talking about how good Alvin fucks her. And with me, every time I either get off with her or by myself it is to either listening to them fuck or talking about it.

Yeah he is in more control than he is aware of. So I will add more lately I'm quite till then Tuesday May 30th And yes she was back over there tonight. She was only there for an hour and a half but when she got back it was a different her.

First off she wasn't trying to get back she went to rite aid to get ice cream not knowing I was already there. Then when we got home she didn't even eat any. So I went to the room and she stayed out in the living room for 3 1/2 hours and hid the recorder until she came to the room. This way it won't be heard till tomorrow when she can claim she doesn't know and I can't ask too many questions because she will be falling asleep and an attitude is always right around the corner.

So she pissed me off enuf to not even want to lie next to her. But you the reader still have my final assessment, that should be sometime tonight or tomorrow. check it. Till then pull on your pee. So after listening to it, it was an hour and 20 minutes of the usual. The only difference was this time you could tell he was trying to get his and he brutally assaulted her pussy. On my life it seemed like the last 30 minutes was just one continues orgasm.

When I asked her about it she just said " oh my god who does that" I have to agree. Who the hell fucks like this guy? Wednesday He is trying for a back to back but for some reason she makes up an excuse but tells him tomorrow so I thought maybe I would get some since I haven't for at least a week, but that too was a dream.

I got nothing and she once again tells him tomorrow. Thursday June 1st So it looks like she is not going until she went and hit him up. So she is out the door within 20 minutes leaving me with not much to say. 2 hours and 45 minutes later she shows up with a new perspective on everything.

So this one crept into Friday a bit 11 pm to 145 am. He is definitely trying to make up for lost time and he is forging his power and ownership of her pussy and mouth. When we went to bed she actually listened to the wwe c j perry lana porn story with me and as we both layed there and listened to her screaming and obviously cumming all over his cock, she reaches over and grabs baby oil and dribbles some over my soft little dick.

She then pushes down around the base and motions for me to handle it. So I was trying to but it was not responding very well so I asked her what are you just saving that pussy for him and she says yes.

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So I'm still stroking and it is finally waking up. She then tells me that he fucked it up for me and that he stretched her hole out big time. She says want me to show you? I agreed and as she gets on top of me giggling mom blowjob i am a blower for a qb whole time. She was right again.

wtf she is still so gaped after a couple hours later. I came within 3 minutes and she just laughed at me and under her breath says "what a joke".

So tonight we are going camping for a couple days so she probably won't be getting any till Sunday night. Till then. No matter how you look at it, He finished May off strong and June is definitely one of concern 1030 pm Saturday, June 16th. Day before father's day Though I thought they would have fucked 5 times by now this month, well right as I type these letters she is over there getting what I'm not capable of giving her.

She has been planning on this vocally all day and I'm sure it's been in her mind longer. She says it feels like it's been a month so either way she is there now. So I don't have any details yet, but I will say this. We have had sex 1 time since they have and it wasn't bad but still I was unable to get her to cum.I must add that Carlton has been making it known he wants to fuck the shit out of her again. This came to be after I was deleting numbers in my phone book and he replied. So, I think she will fuck him but Alvin will always get priority.

So here it is Sunday morning, she didn't fuck me last night when she got back. She got out of shower and I was in bed with my hard dick in my hand and she laid down and fell asleep. I had porn on and I was listening to her fucking Alvin on the tape recorder. Still got no interest from her to my diclit.

She was tickling my body with her finger tips until she passed out with one leg over me and almost doing one of her famous pin down moves. But it worked. I never got to cum last night or today. So I'm going down south while she is over celebrating father's day with her folks. Hopefully I get some strange.She will probably be back to Alvin's tonight anyway. Till there is more time to give details on last night. Peace out Ok I listened to the hour long session.

20 minutes was talk and 20 minutes they did their standard fucking and her sucking and worshipping his cock but the last 20 was something I had never heard before. He literally pounded her into a zombie. I have never heard anyone fuck that fast, long and powerful. The bed was knocking the wall at a speed that sounded fake. Meanwhile she is screaming in ecstasy and he literally did it for over 15 minutes nonstop. You could hear her clearly having 1 orgasm after another and she told me she was nonstop squirting.

She told me this while we were in bed and she was holding the base while I beat off. She told me again; make no doubt who owns her pussy. She did that till I came all over myself and then rolls over kind of laughing and leaving me humiliated.

Monday June 18th at 930 pm She is on her way back over there . I will give details when I have them.Well she got back after 12. I went and got us a super nice room at the Sheraton but she wasn't into it so Used teen fucked teen ziggy star rough sex and amateur came home.

Wouldn't you know it; by the time I got home she somehow fell asleep.? And in the living room hahaha of course she did. Top it off she still had the recorder so I wasn't able to listen to it till today.

Basically it was a repeat performance from the last time where he does a turbo driven jackhammer on her pussy. One thing for sure is she has not wanted big jugs have been created for sex hardcore and blowjob to do with my diclit for a long time, and when she does I know it's out of guilt and she is always just trying to make me cum real quick so she can be done with her obligation So Tuesday and Wednesday nights I got pussy.

As hard as I tried, I just could not make her cum. Thursday night we both fell asleep with a porno on and now it is 12:45 am Friday/ Saturday and she just left to head over there.

She acted all night like she wasn't going. She wanted to be with me so she says. Her actions speak for themselves. So anyway we will see when she returns. till then rubbing one out Well 4 hours later exactly she shows back up. I have yet to hear the recording but will give my assessment afterwards. I'm not too happy though at this point . its 5am and I'm about to plug in and listen to what I am sure will be more reason to be pissed.

to be continued.And so I listened and I got feedback from her, Although there was a lot of talking in between, this guy managed to fuck her 4 separate times and cumming 3 of them. She says he only nutted twice.

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Only twice she says! But listening to it, he clearly did 3 times. Regardless, a 4 hour visit that he fucked her for more than 3 hours of it. The last part he started out having her suck him but then sounded like he flipped her over and did that new turbo jackhammer thing on her for a solid 25 minutes before emptying his balls in her beat up pussy.

So, I have been getting mine too. It doesn't feel the same anymore at all. I mean it was never tight but once I'm in her, within 2 minutes I am fucking useless .She has been converted. I know she can feel him because he still makes comment how her pussy is sucking his cock.

Anyway, I got mine Sat, Sun, but Monday and Tues none for anyone but this morning he texted her wanting some morning pussy wrapped around his morning wood. She told him she was at work so I am pretty sure she might have plans tonight. keep you all posted. Wednesday July 11t2018h 9pm She is back over there and I am sitting here what next.? I will say that earlier she epic threesome giant cock shares pussy with hot lesbian being a bitch saying she was frustrated.

She gets the text and basically informs me she is going. We havnt fucked for over a week. So I listened to the assault on her pussy, I cant begin to tell you how many times she came, lets just say he can make her cum at will and she is a fucking sprinkler when he makes her cum. So as I was listening she starts sucking my dick and was humiliating me as she did it saying I was tiny and my dick is a joke.

She sucked it for maybe 20 seconds and then sat on me just to get frustrated all over again. After like 5 minutes she gets off of me and tells me to handle it. She then grabs her dildos and does what I couldn't do … make her cum She then puts the headphones on me and tells me to play with my micro dick and lets me know she will be stepping it up and will be fucking him a lot more often. There is quite a bit of dialog going on. I wish she had that much fun with me. Anyway I will be adding more in the next couple days im certain……So I have listened to it and not happy she fell asleep with her back to me and now here it is the next day and im leaving on a trip at 230 am and she never stays awake this late but her phone has been going off so let me guess what she has lined up.

Truthfully I don't really give a rats ass anymore&hellip. Im out&hellip. Well here it is july 21st and yesterday was our 23rd anniversary…What a joke I know. But at the very least everyone that knows us they think we are the ideal couple and that she is so innocent and I am the player. Haha !!! those days are long gone and it seems like she is just getting started. But anyway, we still havnt fucked since atleast the 12th.

The 16th was her birthday and only Alvin got some …like 3 hours… But here is my prediction. There is someone else at her work.

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Now whether or not she has already fucked him I am not sure, but someone has her attention that's for sure&hellip. Stay tuned&hellip. So here it is Aug 1st at 1 am she heads over to Alvins house. He had tried 2 other times and she shot him down but this time she is the one that contacted him while I was at work. But its totally understandable because of the last 3 times in particular when we fucked I just left her hanging so bad. I got mine everytime except last night she quit on me and fell asleep… because she coulnt feel me.

So when she was leaving she told me to handle myself and go to sleep. Meaning she will definetly not be trying to fuck me when she gets back Well I will let you know when I get some detatails or recordind… till thewell I listened to her 3 and half hour visit and in between all the joking and laughing he put in a good 2 and a half hours of straight fuckinShe hasn't fucked me for a while now and now it is August 5th at 830 pm and she is going back over there.

She was gone for 4 hours and claims she and Alvin are done. That he is starting to get to personal. Supposedly he had been drinking and couldn't stay hard. That and the fact jovencita tetona violada en el sillon por dos tos he wouldn't let her leave. but listening to the recording she is having a good time right up to the very end. I tell her well this isn't the first time you both have said that your done with this little arrangement and dressed like a nun she pounds her holes always seems to last a week or so.

But he was texting her the whole next day when we were in palm springs apologizing and promising he wont drink and he will serve her properly.

So he has texted everyday and here it is Friday August 10th. And I type this knowing tonite im pretty sure its on for them two. She might not get it 15 times like she said but ive only gotten it twice as well. The score is Alvin 2 and me 2. I am almost positive after lastnights text session with him she had that the score will be Alvin 3 and me 2 after tonite&hellip. More to come Sunday aug 12th she got the call and she tattooed girl craves for a big dick over there for a quick hour and a half that she said he reclaimed her pussy as his own.

She has not got home yet but this is what her text to me said right as she left his house… so maybe I will be able to give more details shortly. She did tell me as she left to go ahead and handle myself. I never was able to do that so I will probably end up jacking off when we lay in bed&hellip. to be continued Well I got my sloppy seconds for about 5 minutes after he destroyed it for a hour and a half.

And on the tape you can hear her telling him it is his pussy and his cock is perfect and she had 3 complete spasmodic orgasms to the point he said something about her squirting everywhere. So here it is Tuesday morning and lastnite we were laying in bed and she wanted me to fuck her laying down in doggy. Within 5 minutes with my dick in her she falls asleep and starts snoring. I kept going for about 5 more minutes then said fuck it and jerked off.

So today was the first day back to school at her work and she wore a black tight fitting mini dress that came down mid thigh at best…… I am willing to bet she gets laid today either at work or from Alvin… to be continued Well they were going to do it Thursday but he called it off the last second.

I have gotten mine a couple times this week but it just fueled her to go over there today. Sunday night August 19th at 9 pm I will add more when she gets back but this morning when I was fucking her at 430 am I was frustrating her so bad that she texted him while my dick was in her. He didn't reply till 9 am so anyway… to be continued. So she went over there and he took care of what I couldn't do myself and she was back here in a hour.

When we were in bed she basically had me listen to it and jerk off. Wednesday the 22nd of august She reached out to him again yesterday but had to wait till today. She texted him from her work at 10 am and he replied at 130 so I know she was thinking about his cock all day because last night I tried fucking her and she fell asleep with me pumping her.So she is over there for a little over an hour and a half and comes back telling mehe fucked her face and shot his load in her mouth.

She the told me how much she loves sucking cock…hhis cock1 She rarely sucks me but then she can suck on him easily for 30+ minutes and has actually had orgasms while sucking his cock. She laughs at my dick and like sitting on my face after he has fucked her while making me jerk my baby dick. Although we fucked earlier this afternoon on the couch with the front door wide open s she still went over there at 11pm Sunday august 27th And here it is an hour later and she is still there.

It doesn't matter it's a work nite, Although she acted like she didnt want to go she is there. She even texted me from out front of his place like she was contemplating but by the time I replied she was already in there. So I will keep you posted as soon as I know anything&hellip.I have still no details but she just walked in and it is 130 am… Today is my bros birthday and she had calls from al and carlton… Al got the call and she is over there right now.

So I had to tell carlton and he laughed a few times at me when I said she went out… anyway more to come. So Carlton was lolling me when I told him she went out but he was thinking it was a girlfriend and when I told him it was a dude he lost it laughing at me. Then she doesn't come back for an hour an a half and basically just plowed her and then nutted deep inside her belly.The next day instead of fucking me she just made me jerk off in front of her while she pounded busty hotel owner nina lopez has hot fun with manager pussy with her big black dildo which made her cum 3 times .I was jerking off and she was watching and laughing at me and making sure I knew who her pussy belonged to… and then she fell asleep&hellip.

we didn't fuck until 2 days later and of course I couldn't make her cum and she wasn't putting fourth any real effort to make me cum.So here it is Monday labor day sept 3rd and I thought or sure she would be going over there tonite but apparently she is not. It doesn't look good for me getting any pussy either. Not like I can give her any real pleasure or satisfaction… So until next time… Sept 5th 1130 pm And given only 45 minutes notice she is out the door in less than a half hour.

She is back by 130 with a recording of Alvin just destroying her pussy. His high speed assault was fueled by her telling him not to drink or jack off before she gets there. So now he finishes up a lot quicker But in return he just fucking annihilates her cunt. When she gets home now shes not even trying to give me any. So now here it is Friday the 7th and im about go to work and I know she is thinking about it already.

So, like her words when she was her way over there I will just handle myself. She has repeatedly told us both that he owns her pussy and she the poolgirl has to suck slimy and fuck been showing me that he is willing to oblige.

Till next time…&hellip. So here it is the very next day on Satururday the 8th, And we drove out to palmdale and let Carlton have a 3rd go at it .Atleast I am present for this… Well I took a long shower but could hear them going at it.

I decided to stay in there for about a hour then came out as she was cumming all over his cock. She said afterword that in fact his cock is longer than alvins ( carlton claims its 13 inches) but its not nearly as thick. And the thickness is what makes her go nuts over. I mean he is still a foot long too so she is getting filled up almost 10 times more then I am capable of giving. So anyway she rode my dick for a few minutes after he left but just got off and told me to jack off while she watched and commented on the videos she was watching on the computer.

According to her … I wont be waiting too long to hear her get fucked again. so till then…well that wasn't too it is Wednesday September 12th 2018 11pm She headed over there without even telling me… its all good he will be leaving town for a while tomorrow I will give more details as the become known…Just more of the same… the only thing different is that you clearly hear her sexy asian chick gets her lingerie shot with cum going off and then right in the middle of her getting fucked she they mean business tube porn that she has to reply to me.

Yeah I texted her like 5 times in a row, she replied that she was inside and that was all. She then got back down to fucking and sucking on that black dick for about an hour and a half then came home… we have had sex 1 time since then and it lasted about 5 minutes. Neither of us came and was quite awkward. Well her fuck toy will be gone for a little while so I should be getting her shitty attitude until then.

Sept 22 I got mine basically when she is sleeping I put it in and within 5 to10 min im done &hellip. She isn't even close but I got up and she continued with her big black toy. She was able to actually have an orgasm with that&hellip. Anyway she was telling me she cant wait till he is back. Her pusssy is deprived and she needs it she claims&hellip.

Oct 4th 2018, We have had sex twice since he has been gone. I am going to try tonite but usually she just goes right to sleep. Im tired of sticking my prick into someone sleeping. SO im gonna put on a porno and be beating my weenie when she gets out of the shower… till later. Well that didn't work either&hellip.

Oct 8th and I finally got some but of course I was unable to deliver one to her and she confirmed what I knew was fact and that she was holding out for his return. He has been gone longer than she had thought and because of thisI am living with a moody, irritated and stressed chanel grey craves for her daddys dick bitch needing his therapy.

October 18th I just thought I would report that I just got back from a 2 day fishing trip and have no idea what she was up to. I do know this that we actually had some decent sex last Monday and was able to make her cum.

This was done of course by making her say who she has been holding out her pussy for out loud. As soon as she said his name she squirted. I swear to god. She continued coming because I was making her come clean with her loyalty and need for his cock until I couldn't hold it any more. We havnt fucked since and the next day nothing was said about that session. I know she is counting the days till he is back.

I am not sure when that isshe has only told me of 1 of his text messages to her which said he misses her pussy around his cock and he cant wait either. So I just have to deal with it being a reality.

Still there is someone at her work that either has her interest big time or is petite teen has her orgasmic beaver slammed tapping that pussy as well. Its hard doing any investigation work with her work so far, and I probably wont like what I find out so I more than likely wont be doing anything but confronting her on this… Although we know honesty has never been one of her best traits.

To be continued&hellip. Thursday November 29th He called last Thursday and told her he would be back on Tuesday and that I could fuck her 1 more time then he was going to pound it real good. So we fucked that night and she has been waiting ever since. He did send her another text saying he would be a few days later. So im thinking possibly this weekend or early next week. All I know is this&hellip. She has lost her sex drive …&hellip. with me but with him its squirt time every time.

So 2018 is gonna end strong I have a feeling Well he didn't show up till mid December and they didn't hook up till December 19th at 1030 pm But apparently it was worth the wait&hellip. She claimed it was the best sex her entire life. When he finished at 230 am he sent her home with a fucked up pussy… but she was right back over there 3 days later December 22nd For another session… this one lasted 2-1/2 hours and multiple orgasms.

Jan 13th and she is back for a hour quicky more details later I still havnt listened to the last 2 and she is back there on Jan 15th another hour and a half and when she got home she fell asleep so i slept on couch. the next day she asked if i listened and i said no not yet, and asked her if we were gonna fuck. She said listen to the recordddding then fell asleep. The last time we fucked wason the 2nd. She did let me eat her out when she got back on the 13th.

but she told me my dick doesnt go in her anymore. Plus she reinforced her instructions that sleep mom fuked son sex only time i get to jerk off or cum is while listening to their recordings. So now any pleasure i get is with him fucking my chick. She has told me this for a while and has been cutting me offbut now it seems real. to be contiued.