Sophie marceu naked part 1

Sophie marceu naked part 1
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A Special World A special world for you and me A special bond one cannot see It wraps us up in its cocoon And holds us fiercely in its womb. Its fingers spread like fine spun gold Gently nestling us to the fold Like silken thread it holds us fast Bonds like this teacher mom sex his son in room meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break A new one forms in its wake To bind us closer and keep us strong In a special world, where we belong. - Sheelagh Lennon 'Its Saturday. Thank god for Saturday.' Thought Ben as he attempted to work up the will to get out of bed. At 16, and close to the end of the year, he didn't have much free time, and thus weekends were a big thing for him. He crawled out of bed, nearly tripping over the doorway, and walked groggily into the bathroom.

He brushed his teeth, got undressed, and was getting ready to get into the shower when his mom called "Ben! Hurry up! We're going to have visitors!" Moaning in annoyed response at the closed door, he finished getting ready and walked out into the kitchen to see what this was about.

His mom placed a plate of pancakes on the table and explained "Mia's grandmother is in the hospital again, and I need to grab some groceries.

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So me and her mom are carpooling down to town. Mia will be staying here with you while we are gone, so you need to eat up." Ben had known Mia for nearly all his life.

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They went to the same preschool, their parents were friends, and thus they saw each other almost daily when they were young. As the grew up, and as they attended different schools, contact lessened into about once a year, sometimes less, and Mia acquired a shy streak.

So, naturally, Ben was nervous about the whole thing. Although he would never tell her, he had a crush on her that started about 2 years ago. So Ben ate with almost dangerous speed and ran downstairs to tidy up. Now, His room wasn't what many people would call "Big". He had his bed, a tv with a Wii, and a macbook sitting on a small corner desk.

And a lot of clothing which, much to his horror included underwear, on the floor. So he desperately cleaned up, throwing the majority of it under his bed, and the rest into the cabinet under the TV where it could easily be hidden. He then walked around his room, scouting for what he missed, and deemed it guest-worthy just as the doorbell rang. "Ben, can you please get it?" Called his mom from upstairs, and so he did.

Mia's mother stood in the doorway, She was obviously sleep deprived, and likely has a short fuse, so he invited her in. Then Mia stepped in behind her. Ben's breath froze solid. She was beyond beautiful. Only three months younger then him at fifteen, she had long. blond hair, an amazing body, deep blue eyes, and a timy miniskirt, as was in fashion at the time. Noticing too late he was staring, his mother come down just in time and engaged in conversation with Mia's mother. But while his mother handled pleasantries, Ben was in blatant panic.

Mia was. amazing. He couldn't spend five or six hours with her! He knew he would make a fool of himself, Just as he opened his mouth to recommend they stay with them, they said goodbye and walked out, leaving him alone with Mia.

He stared out the window for a second, watching his last chance for escape move into the distance, and then turned around, Keeping eye contact with extreme care (God, If my eyes wonder I'm screwed) and asked if she had had breakfast yet. Casually and utterly unappreciative for the struggle he was going through, she said "Yep" cheerfully and then asked "So, what do you have to do?". Not thinking he could handle watching her play the Wii, he suggested they play some multiplayer games on his laptop.

He guided her into his carefully cleaned room and pulled up another chair in front of the laptop, Her hand barely an inch away from his, but there was no choice in his tiny room. He then wiggled the mouse sitting next to his computer, and waited as the laptop started up. Then, Much to his horror, he saw what was still on the screen.

He had left his Hentai up. Oh, god, no. This has to be a dream. Frantically, and hoping she hadn't seen anything, He slammed F11 and watched with slight relief as it slid off the side of the screen. He looked, as embarrassed as he had ever been, at the screen, and contemplated as too rather he could make it out his window.

He sat there, battling panic, for a good minute before Mia broke out in laughter. He glanced over, and saw her, her face almost as red as a cherry, but laughing. Not sure what to do, and still dazed, and force quit Firefox, carefully making sure that it didn't pop up again, and opened Firefox up again.They played some fighting games in near-silence for awhile, both pretending it never happened, She then recommended they play the wii.

Not knowing how to say no, he meekly agreed, and so wii tennis was loaded up. They put the straps on wii-motes for a reason, as Ben discovered now. In a vast misjudgment of the amount of room she had, she launched the wiimote at ben and thwacked Ben right in the forehead, knocking him onto his bed, and further, overspinned so she fell on top of him. They stayed like that for a minute without speech, and, with a bravery Ben never knew he possessed, some primal part of his brain took control and he kissed her.

Not on the cheek, even, but full on the lips. But, too his surprise, she didn't pull away, but instead wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply and passionately back, her face red but her arms holding her tight as he was her. They stayed like this big boobs mature stepmom and teen sharing on hard dick what seemed like an eternity before they broke for a moment, and layed on his bed, just holding each other and smiling.

Ben now with a substantial lump in his pants, and Mia laying so her mini-skirt covered nothing, her white panties showing in all their glory with a hint of moistness at the crotch.

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Ben, hesitatingly, reached down, and began to rub this spot in her panties. Mia's face reddened even more and she let out a slight moan, her hips moving slightly in rhythm to his rubbing. He continued this for a few minutes, watching as the once small wet spot grew, when he felt Mia's hand on his crotch, undoing the button and zipper, then, with only a moments hesitation, sliding inside to grasp his penis. They rubbed each other, reengaging in kissing, when Ben felt it.

He was about to orgasm. she must have felt the twitches also, because now she broke the kiss, liked her finger, and ran it down his shaft, sending him instantaneously into orgasm, sending sperm all over her panties. Still broken from kiss, he stood up, gaining a look of curiosity from Mia, and pulled down her panties to her ankles.

Gloriously shaven, wet, red, and open, he leaned down and began to lick her. First her thighs, then, slowly, moving towards the vagina itself. He expirimented with various portions of it, and found that she seemed to enjoy a pattern of him going Clit-Insertion-Clit-Insertion with is tongue the most.

He did this for barely a minute when her hips began to buck more, and, upon the next insertion of his tongue, he felt the walls close in on his tongue and a cascade of liquid fill his mouth.

Hot milf cece stone fucks her step son slightly like urine, but not quite, he had no choice but to swallow it. Breathless from her orgasm but mortified at what she thought was peeing on him, she said "Oh my god, Ben, I'm so sorry.

I. I didn't mean-" but he silenced her with another kiss. His penis, to his wonder, was growing again, and he didn't know what to do. HE knew what he wanted to do but- but that wasn't an option. As they broke again, however, Mia said, in a breathless voice "Its okay. Please. I want it" Not sure if it was ok but sure as hell not going to pass up a chance like this he slid on top of her, His penis between her legs, begging for the treasure in front of it.

He then slid forward, slowly, but surely, passing into her. Feeling the Hyman, already nearly broken from the orgasm, break under his pressure and a slight gasp of pain or pleasure from Mia, He begin slowly, genitally, and lovingly to fuck her. She moaned and he groaned, and they instinctively formed the union that has been formed by couples for generations.

They fucked with increasing speed over what had to be an eternity, until he felt her vagina begin to squeeze him, felt her bucking under him increase, and him moans deepen.

Feeling himself near orgasm also he began to pull out, but she grabbed him with a lover embrace and arched her belly against him, her orgasm so violent it sent him into it also, him and her simultaneously orgasming, Each, without their own consent or knowledge, calling out for the other. Waking up about an hour later, they merely smiled at each other, saying, with every ouch of meaning in their heart, "I love you".