She gets really horny fucked in her butt

She gets really horny fucked in her butt
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Little Susan saucy sluts enjoy pleasuring big cocks pornstars and cumshots by Gail Holmes Susan, well what can we say, she's bright; she's slight but very beautiful. At five feet two, she looks up to everyone, her figure well.that is state of the art, trouble is at twenty she still looks fourteen.

Needless to say most guys give her a wide berth, considering her jailbait, of friends she has many, however, they are mostly girls Sex doesn't come all that often for her, due to guys worrying about her age, however, when it does she makes a meal out of it.

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Toy's she has plenty, but her main desire is a nice well hung black guy. Her friends laugh whenever she mentions her craving, telling her that she'd be split in two should the occasion ever arise, even the thought of it sends her into orgasm, and boy can she cum.

Often she'd tried to chat local coloured guy's she always found them hospitable and kindly, however, they'd never ask her out, even though she'd dressed to kill, they took her as hairy blonde teen sex my big black threesome schoolgirl, trying to wind them up.

She'd pleaded with her friends to set her up a date, one friend, she'd been going out with this guy for months; always telling her of the size of his manhood and as to his performance, she'd never been left dry? Greta one of her friends had an idea, there was a guy out there, he wasn't that hansom but word had it the he'd more than his share in the weaponry department; he also knew as to how to use it.

Trouble was not many girls wanted to be seen out with him, so he was always available. Most of the women he'd been out with were mature, knowing they'd get their pleasure, some even booked him on a regular basis. Susan pleaded with Greta to book her an appointment, if that's what it needed.

At least it would be a start, perhaps she wouldn't like it, or it could be to painful for her, deep in her mind she didn't think that this would happen, as from apart from her toys she had other things she'd used over time. She knew they were big. A fortnight later things stated to materialise, it sounded good. "He does know of you, but he'd never have believed that you were the age that you are!" Greta stated "Did you manage to set up a date thought?" Susan questioned.

Thursday week!" Greta replied, she could see the look on her friends face, knowing only to well that she was displeased. "That's ages away?" "I thought you might think that, however he wants to meet you, just to make sure that you're game!" "Game, Christ just let me get hold of him, I'll show him if I'm game or not, when does he want to meet me then?" Susan smiled; things were looking up for her she deemed.

"Tomorrow night!" Greta grinned. "Great, that's just great. What's his name?" "Omar!" Greta stated. "And his as black as the ace of spades, and better still from you're point of view, very, very well hung." Susan virtually became wet at the thought of it.

"Why can't he take me out at the same time?" Susan quizzed of her friend. "I'm not saying he can't it's just as to where?" "Down the pub!" Susan said with a grin.

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"I didn't mean that, where can he take you to fuck you?" "Hell, is that all that's holding him back? I'll soon find a place! Susan said with a beaming grin. "D'you want me to introduce him to you?" Greta asked. "Hell no, if he knows me, then tell him to introduce himself, where can I meet him then?" "Here at 7.30 if that's alright?" Greta stated, watching the glee come into Susan's face.

"That gives me ample time, I've just got to confirm the place for us to go!" Susan was so chuffed she went weak at the knees. Susan couldn't get the thought out of her head all day, when evening came she went straight up to the shower and bathed making sure she cleansed the most opportune parts.

She was at the pub twenty minutes early, just to make sure of not missing him. It wasn't long before she had a tap on the shoulder, she turn sharply. "Hi Susan!" Susan looked up into his face, in no way was he ugly, where they'd got that idea from she couldn't tell. "Can I get you a drink?" Omar smiled. "Yes a coke would be nice!" She smiled up to him, watching his every move as he made for the bar, he'd an arse that you could die for she contemplated. "Didn't think I'd be seeing you so soon, I'm Omar!" He stated as he sat at the table.

Susan was suddenly stuck for words, which for her was most unusual, normally she quite the chatterbox. "It's nice to meet you Omar!" Susan lifted her drink looking over the glass towards him.

She couldn't believe her own luck, but why had they told her he was ugly. "You seem a little subdued, you were expecting me?" He grinned, his eyes not leaving hers, he himself couldn't believe his luck, never would he of considered that she'd want fucking her.

He just hoped that she'd be able to take him. Often the younger she slut is willing to get cumshots pornstar and hardcore wanted him, but when it came to the action they'd run a mile. "To be honest, I can't understand as to I've never seen you before, I'm sure I wouldn't have missed you!" Susan replied.

Omar smiled at her remark, thinking it to be in jest. Susan could see doubt in he's eyes. "No, I do really mean it!" "Then where are you taking me tonight?" Susan noticed the twinkle in his eyes, at least he knew as to what she'd wanted. She did wonder if it was just speculation or he really did have a big cock; her pussy gave an unexpected throb.

"Don't fear none, it will be nice and cosy, just us two!" She replied looking deeply into dark his eyes. "I hope you do know what you're doing here?" Omar quizzed, giving her the way out should she have deemed it necessary.

Susan lifted her coke to her mouth once more with a beaming smile on her face. "Thing is are you as good as I've heard, I'll not take lightly to being let big natural tit roomie on my cock. From what I've heard you have quite a list of followers!" "I don't know where you get that from, but it's cute never heard it for myself, however, its nice to know!" They sat chatting for at least an hour, poor Susan was raring to go, even his voice was a turn on; then finally.

"Are you ready to go then?" Omar asked in a plight manner. That's fine by me!" Susan smiled as she stood from her chair. Other guys in the bar watched as they both went out of the door, chuckling amongst themselves, wondering if she'd be able to take on such a huge cock Susan knew her grandparents were away for the weekend, she already arranged to look in on their cat, he was their pride and joy.

The thought of not being disturbed appealed to her, knowing she'd the rest of the evening to themselves. "Take a seat, I'll make us both a drink, we only have tea or coffee to choose from I'm afraid, which do you prefer" "Tea will do me fine!" Omar, called back to her as she went through the doorway. When Susan brought the tray in, Omar took his cup and sat back into the settee watching as Susan sat opposite him.

He noticed her posture, and smiled to himself. "Believe me I won't need anything like that, I'd prefer you sat over here with me?" Omar grinned. His directness charmed to her, she never known a man so open with her. He seemed to know as to hard fuck for a kinky and sexy sweetheart he wanted. "Would you mind if I used the bathroom; just to freshen up a little?" Omar asked placing his cup onto a nearby table. "By all means, its at the bottom of the stairs first door on your right!" Susan smiled.

She was more than approve of his thought, what man ever does that? She sipped at her tea whilst she waited; he was gone for what seemed ages before he came back into the room. "Sorry for that only if a job is worth doing its worth doing properly!" He smiled sitting down next to her. Susan did feel somewhat uncomfortable, she knew that she herself should go and freshen up as he'd called it.

"I couldn't agree more! It's nice to see a man with that sort of awareness!" She replied, she went to stand and Omar clutched her wrist. "There's no need for you to go, don't wash away all the natural secretions, those I love!" Omar smiles placing his now empty cup onto the table He then put his arm around Susan's shoulder easing her towards him. Susan snuggled up into his body. Omar edged himself to the front of the settee, allowing Susan to drop between him and the back.

Leaning over to kiss her, his hand went straight to her breast; a gentle sign came from Susan but their kiss never faltered, she sensed his fingers fumbling with the buttons on her blouse, she didn't want seem forward by helping him. Thankfully for Omar her bra was front opening, and soon the clasp was unfastened, but her breasts never moved, each stood rock solid cupping his hand he absorbed a breast within it, manipulating it in the palm.

Susan wriggled herself down the settee allowing him more freedom, knowing soon that his hand would be travelling downwards toward her most sensitive area, already his motions were heightening the stimulations within her nerve ends. Slowly he removed from her lips; nibbling his way down her neck toward her breasts, whilst his hand moved down her body, his entire momentum was orgasmic.

She could understand as to why he'd followers. As his hand reached the bottom of her dress she gently eased her legs open, just enough for his hand to slide between, his fingers soothingly manipulated her pussy through the silky material. He made no effort to open her legs wider, with his mouth now over her breast and finger toying with her pussy, although outside her panties, it was enough to turn her wild. Susan thrust her hips upwards willing him to search deeper with his fingers.

Susan was getting more frustrated by the minute even though she knew he'd be fucking her in the end. He seemed to be taking forever on her breasts going from one to the other.

Susan was somewhat shocked when he suddenly stood, then looked down at her; he then knelt before her leisurely opening her legs, moving up between them. What she'd not realised was that his tongue was pierced; however, she soon found out that she was akin to it, she'd certainly not considered the effect that it had on her, he dipped his tongue into her pussy then dragged the bead on his tongue up over her clitoris, slowly at first then he started to stab it in and out in ferocious movements.

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She screamed with gratification, never feeling such sensations before. Omar could tell she was more than ready for her treat, well that's what he called it, he'd know only of one girl that couldn't accept his manhood and that was in reality his own fault for being to eager, cursing himself afterwards. He withdrew his tongue moving back and standing; Susan looked up into his eyes they were like fireballs, he stood before her his legs spread, she knew it was her turn now, the thought of seeing for herself this huge organ that she'd heard of; leaning toward him she grabbed the waistband of his trainer bottoms gradually easing them down.

Even his stance appealed to her, the thickness of his cock began to show as his bottoms were lowered, once clear his cock almost leapt over the top, it wasn't hard; but is wasn't lewd oriental sucks large cock japanese hardcore, it swung heavily from side to side.

"Lord mother of God, will you look at it?" Susan said with a sigh. Reaching forward she took it up into her hand, it appeared quiet weighty to hold, she grip it with both, pulling the soft skin back over the enormous helmet before taking it up into her mouth. "Good!" Omar smiled down to her upturned face, it was as much as she could do to smile back, her mouth was so full; she just nodded in agreement.

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She brought a hand back up between them; holding his weighty balls, they were massif not unlike those of a fully-grown bull, before this night was out she knew she was going to get her just deserves, her craving had been for so long, never could she of imagined such weaponry. There's big, but this was colossal, the thickness become more noticeable the more she worked her mouth over his cock. Omar stepped backwards his cock swaying violently, Susan looked up in surprise.

"It's time! You've done a great job now you shall have your just reward!" Omar reached forward easing Susan the full length of the settee, assuring her head was on one of the cushions, he then eased one leg up over the back of the settee, the other remained dangling on the best xxx story karina kpoor com. "Should I get undressed?" Susan inquired. Omar never answered her plea, slowly he climbed onto the settee above her one hand went down to his cock edging it up toward her pussy, catching his thumb against the side of the gusset of her panties easing it aside.

Susan edged down the settee aiding him sovereignty; he'd definitely promoted wetness around her vulva, her pussy opened not unlike that of a tulip, allowing his cock complete submission, spreading her inner walls as it advanced.

There was no pain, it was almost as if her pussy was made for him. Susan closed her eyes the sensations of the huge organ, as it filled her openness was awesome; she looked up to his face whilst gripping his wrists firmly. "That…that feels really something else!" She smiled.

Omar sensed that she taken his full shaft then started to pump slowly at first, building up his momentum, Susan lifted to india summer and melanie raine lesbo sex in the bathroom his movements, sometimes just holding her position allowing his thickness to fill her completely, his speed devastate her, taking her on a high, never had she orgasms such as this, feeling that she was floating on air.

Even his body aroma excited her. Reaching up she eased him down toward her by his neck, kissing him on his lips his eyes, anything that she could contact with ease; this was nothing but sheer pleasure, his cock felt like a well-oiled piston as he ploughed it deeply inside her. Again she sensed orgasm, wrapping her legs tightly around tattooed girl craves for a big dick torso lifting her body upwards as to get the full benefit of his cock, it appeared to throb on each inward thrust as he held to catch a breath.

His body now lie lengthwise along her, pulling her face toward his cheek. "This is like something I have never known!" She whispered. "Rest a while lets make it last?" Omar eased his pace nevertheless, not stopping his movements fully; the contentment he himself was getting forbade him to stop completely, he knew that Susan have used vast amounts of energy when she went into orgasm.

He himself inwardly admitted that she was an exceptional fuck, tight but not to tight, enough to electrify his own inner feelings. "Would you like to change places; I'm sure you could do with a rest!" Susan cupped his face into her hands as she spoke. Omar eased his face down kissing her gently, as he eased his cock out. Susan asked him to sit rather than lie, and then she climbed onto his lap lowering herself onto his organ. With hands on each of his shoulders she started to bob up and down, in meaningful thrusts, smiling to herself as she watched the satisfaction on his face.

His hands moved over her breasts manipulating the them in gentle movements, his head now girl force old man sex back into the rear of the settee, lifting his hips willing her to allow him more depth, which she gladly accommodated for him.

Susan reached around the back of his neck pulling herself onto him in violent thrusts, orgasm took her; however Omar never wilted in his own movements, for he himself was almost ready to relive himself of a powerful load. Susan sensed his movements, in that he was ready, she speeded her pace enthusiastic to feel him blow deep inside, her pace now measured, waiting for the telltale feelings along his chunky cock.

His hands fell to her waist gripping hard; she knew he'd pull her down when the need arose. Both now worked in harmony, but in slow deliberated stokes; the inner swelling began, Susan forced her body downward as Omar held her hips. It was almost like a battleground, her inner pussy sensed the stabbing jets of cum, as they were force deep inside, Omar held her down onto his cock hard, the backpressure was the same to both.

It had a swelling effect the more he cum the more the pressure built up, to Susan it was now a dull ache, it had nowhere to go other that up into her womb, her whole body was electrified by the experience. Leaning forward she kissed him firmly on the lips, even this seemed to heighten his frenzy, he'd not finished yet by a long chalk. When he'd finally finished his cock had been forced at least halfway back out of her. Susan felt more than full as she eased his cock from her.

It was a relief to have her pressurised pussy somewhere near normal. However, she knew that she'd have to wait for that; her whole of her pussy area was tingling, once removed from her Omar moved aside then stood, Susan was amazed by the amount of the fluid along the sides of his shaft, she'd have surely burst if she not pulled out when he did, cum was still leaking out of the eye of his helmet.

"Hell, now that's what I call a fucking!" Susan smiled easing her legs together, feeling somewhat embarrassed, she knew she just had to be leaking. "Would you like a drink?" She smiled looking up to him. As she went to swing her legs off the settee she realised both we're dead.

Omar could tell of her predicament. "Later perhaps!" He grinned, looking at his watch. "The night still young wicked curvy sweetheart enjoys sex hardcore blowjob fancy going back to the pub. Susan knew her friends would be there, so she took him up on the idea. "Sounds fun, give me a few minutes to get my energy back, I'll tidy up then we'll go." Greta looked up as the both walked into the pub noticing the broad smile on her friend face, knowing only to well as what they'd been up to.

"Hell, your back early!" She smiled as Susan came up to the table. "I've earned it I think!" Replied Susan with a wink. They watched as Omar went up to the bar, and then Susan sat at the table with her friends. "Well was he up to your expectations then?" Greta quizzed, her eyes still on Omar. "My expectations and more, God, he's good; never did I consider that I'd take it in one, slid into me as if I we're made for him, I just hope there's more.

Well…when I saw it Christ, I'd never have realised a man could be that well equipped, and he certainly knew how to use it!" Susan could feel the dampness on the increase as she sat, even though she'd gone to the bathroom before they'd left the house. "Where did you go then?" Penny whom sat to Susan's left asked.

"To my grandparents house they'd gone out for the evening, I told them I'd looking on Percy?" "Percy!" Penny replied with a smile.

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"He's there cat silly!" Susan chuckled seeing the funny side. "Who did you think I meant?" "With a name like Percy, who'd consider a cat?" Greta smiled. Omar joined the trio; they all sat and chatted till the pub closed. As Susan and Omar stood, he turned to Greta and Penny.

"Can I give either of you a lift home?" He quizzed. "I live close by but I'm sure Greta would jump at the chance of a lift!" Penny smiled toward her friend. "I'd love one, thank you!" Greta took his arm as they left the pub. "Would you drop me off first!" Susan asked. "Be no problem at all!" Omar replied as they climbed into the car. Once Susan was dropped off Omar knew of Greta's address. "Well, aren't you coming in for a nightcap then?" Greta smiled down to him as she got out of the car.

"Now that's an offer I can't refuse to accept!!" Omar knew of her meaning, and as to where it would lead them both. End Thank you for reading my story Gail Holmes