Tight ass hole team fucked really hard

Tight ass hole team fucked really hard
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This is a fictional story of a Pete and his partner Louise and their 'open' relationship. For Pete, there is nothing better than encouraging his busty unusual lezzie lookers are opening up and fisting anals to experiment with sexual fantasies…………&hellip.and for Louise there is nothing better than agreeing to do so, with some exciting results.

Please feel free to comment on my stories and I welcome both positive and negative comments. Or feel free to email me direct on picturepa[email protected] with your comments or ideas for stories.

Loo Loo's Big Night Out The End I married a slut. I knew it, my wife, Louise, commonly known as Loo Loo (the slut) knew it and indeed most of the guys that I worked with at the taxi office knew it too! Not that I minded of course but I did have to keep Louise under tight control at times; but what was planned for tonight was not one of those times.

We had been travelling around in the limo for some time now and Loo Loo was now wearing her dress, stockings, heels and had a collar on a chain around her neck. The next planned stop was a local dogging site. 01.45am Louise looked at me with a broad grin. Smiling I took hold of the chain attached to the collar and pulled hard on it pulling her face closer to mine before I planted a big wet kiss on her soft lips.

"Yes Mate," I replied, "We're going to take my dog dogging!" She smiled and her eyes gleamed as I reached a hand up along the front of her dress to grab a hardening nipple squeezing it hard as I did! "Dirty Slut!" I grinned at my wife and she smiled back. 02.05am Alan pulled the car into the Carpark at the entrance to the park and I opened one of the back windows to look out. The 2 street lights in the car park gave out a little light and I could see another four cars parked up, 3 with sex wife xx story com up windows.

I smiled and looked at Louise, her big green eyes were dazzling in the soft light and I could see every curve of her naked body inside the tight black dress. I pulled the chain which pulled on the collar bringing her face to mine again kissing her painted lips deeply.

I looked over to see Alan now pointing the video camera directly at Louise. "You still wanna be my dog?" I smiled wickedly and she gazed directly into my eyes. "Oh, yes Baby!" She replied with a grin. "A hot, horny bitch on heat?" I watched her bottom lip tremble with excitement and her eyes widen further until I could see directly into her soul! "Woof, Woof!" She giggled. Smiling, I left the back of the car and went over to the other cars. I could see there were 3 men roaming around the area.

All were older men with macs on and were watching the activities within the various cars. I looked back to see Louise watching me out of the window and looked into the first car to see a fat topless lady sucking on an older man. The next were a younger couple where two men were naked and a busty girl was playing with both.

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The third car was steamed up and the fourth had two men 69ing each other on the back seat. Assuming they wouldn't want to be involved I walked over to the men walking around the area and spoke to them one by one, before walking back with them to where Alan had parked.

I opened the door of the car. "Get out the car bitch!" I said sternly. Louise looked at me with a grin on her face. "I said get out of the fucking car!" I demanded again and this time grabbed the chain pulling her by the collar as she tumbled out.

Standing playmates partners brother and cronys sister nearly caught by dad teen anal me she looked at the men and grinned. I leaned over to her. "Do exactly as you're told and don't say a word!" I warned before I leaned down behind her, pulling her arms back as I fitted handcuffs to her wrists. Her eyes were wide, looking at me, as I started to walk pulling her behind me.

Suddenly I was shouting for all the cars and walkers to hear. "If you wanna piece if this dog then join the queue!" I watched as we walked around the other cars and noticed that the occupants were moving around and looking at the sight of my wife being led around by the collar. The sight of her hot body literally squeezed naked into the black dress and the collar and cuffs on her were clearly too much for most people and looking back with a smile I saw that the three men were in the queue and then the fat lady and man also.

Suddenly the younger man was joining in too as his girlfriend fumed at him and then the gay men were also both there as I led Louise back to the limo, tugging gently on the chain. I opened the door and pushed her in. Alan had opened all the windows and I allowed two of the dirty old men in first with my wife as I sat in the passenger seat at the front again.

"So you wanna be a dog?" One grinned through broken teeth. "Woof, Woof!" Louise replied giggling as his calloused hands were suddenly pulling the front of her dress down and his hungry mouth was all over her fat breasts and nipples sucking them hungrily into his mouth.

The other man was stroking his cock and Louise watched as he pulled it out into view. "Suck my cock little girl!" He was suddenly saying to my wife. "C'mon little girl, suck Daddy's cock, like the dirty little dog you are!" Louise grinned at me before allowing him to push his short cock between her soft wet lips.

He held her head and started to fuck her face hard, his thick curly pubic hair banging on her nose as he bucked his hips. Down below the other man was still suckling her breasts and she could feel his hands sliding roughly up over her smooth stocking clad legs onto her thighs before his fingers were suddenly touching her wet used pussy.

"Fuck!" He suddenly groaned in excitement. "The dog ain't got no knickers on!" "Get her on her knees!" Said the man who was being sucked. "Fuck her like the bitch on heat that she is…………&hellip.!" With moments Louise felt yourself being forced onto her knees once again and her dress was being lifted at the back.

The other man was close to cumming and pounding his cock in and out of her hot mouth. She felt the man behind suddenly pulling the chain forcing her head back as his larger cock entered her pussy and seconds later her mouth was filling with hot cum from the man in front.

He groaned loudly as he came. Moments later he was opening the door behind him and stepped out of the car, only to be replaced seconds later by the other dirty old man, sliding a bigger cock into my wife's hungry cum filled mouth. "My turn now dog!" He grinned as he settled into the motion of giving her a face fucking. A door opened again and the fat woman was in the back, still topless, her fat breasts hanging low as she sat almost lying on her back to suckle my wife's hot full breasts.

The man behind her clawed at the chain pulling Loo Loo's head back and forth on the cock in front and seconds later she felt the man behind tremble and cum up into her groaning loudly, only to be replaced immediately by the fat women's husband.

His cock was much fatter than the other man and Louise moaned as she felt him penetrate her hot pussy. His wife at the front was sucking and licking at my wife's breasts expertly aswell as sliding her fingers up and down her clit.

My wife's body was now writhing under the touch of the fat woman. Moments later Louise's feelings had to be put to one side as she gagged on the cock cumming into her mouth. The man at the front was holding her face firmly and stabbing his thick cock down into her throat aggressively as she tried to take a breath.

He pulled out and she let herself go as another orgasm swept through her beautiful half dressed body brought on by the actions of the fat woman and her husband. He was now pulling her chain harder and almost choking Louise as he pulled her back up and fucked her hard while his wife lay flat on her back to get access to my wife's clit and pussy being filled by her husband's cock. Suddenly he was cumming hard and slipped out splattering cum all over his wife's face, which she eagerly licked and swallowed down.

There was a moment of quiet as they left the car before the two gay men came in and sat either side of Louise while the others gathered outside, their cocks in their hands while watching. Smiling at Louise one of the gay men stroked her cheek gently. "Now." He smiled, "We will teach you how to make real love!" I filmed as Louise felt lips softly kiss her cheek as fingertips gently traced a line above her dress along her skin.

"Take your dress off, you beautiful creature!" One man said and turning to me he smiled. "Can we please take these cuffs off, handsome?" He grinned. "She will need to have her hands for this one!" I smiled back and threw the keys to him. He leaned over to kiss Louise softly on the cheeks as his partner did on the other side as he quickly released her hands from the shackles.

Moments later she felt her dress being removed from her curvy body and Louise sat between the naked gay men, naked herself except for the lace topped holdups and heels. I scanned the camera over the 3 of them as the men slid their hands softly down over her back whilst their other hands gently tickled her full breasts without yet touching her aching nipples. They kissed her softly on her cheeks, ears and either side of her neck. Toying japanese babes wild bawdy cleft hardcore blowjob saw her eyes close in relaxed pleasure and she lay her head back on the seat back.

She murmured gently as she reached down placing her soft hands on their bare thighs before sliding them up along each thigh until her fingers found themselves winding around and taking a thick shaft into each hand, much to the enjoyment of the men who both murmured their appreciation in unison with each other. Louise was enjoying their gentle touch and gasped lightly as she felt their hands move up encircling her hardening nipples before one of the men lowered his head slurping her nipple into his mouth as his friend placed his hand against his friend's head pushing him into my wife's fleshy breast.

At the same time she turned her face to kiss him softly, gently sliding his tongue into her hungry wet mouth in a passionate snog. His friend knelt onto the floor and slid his tongue around her other nipple, pushing her large fat udders together licking both nipples at the same time. Louise instinctively clasped both hands around the thick cock in front of her looking directly into the piercing bright orgasms for slutty mother id like to fuck eyes of her new horny lover.

He smiled again brushing her lips softly with his in a gently kiss, her big blue eyes were sparkling with lust. I focussed the camera on the kneeling man as he released my wife's breasts and leaned down to kiss her thighs gently before lifting them up onto his shoulders and seconds later his lips and tongue were on her pussy and clit.

Louise gasped and moaned loudly in appreciation as the pleasurable feeling swept through her body. Then Louise felt the man she was kissing place his hand around the back of her neck pulling her downwards directing her face and mouth towards his glistening hard cock.

As he did he reached out with his other hand underneath the tummy of his friend to take a tight hold of his friend's cock. He smiled and groaned as my wife's mouth enveloped his thick bulbous cock head and his hand stoked her hair whilst his other hand started to wank his friend off, who was too engrossed with eating Louise to worry about what was going on. Louise's concentration was broken by the man eating her as he looked up and asked her to turn around into the doggy position.

She reluctantly released the thick monster from between her hot lips justin bieber fuck story xxx smiled obligingly before turning and pushing the full cheeks of her naked bum out in front of him. Alan and I watched as the two men looked down at her bum cheeks before groping in a long lingering kiss and then releasing each other.

The one that had been licking her pussy leaned down behind her. Pushing her bum cheeks apart she gasped out loud as she suddenly felt him licking at her arse button. She giggled involuntarily as he rimmed her so expertly. Seconds later she felt him shift his position and then his cock head was being pressed against her bum hole. "I know you want me in your pussy gorgeous!" He cooed effeminately. "But I only fuck the stars!" He laughed out loud as he pushed hard and Louise squealed as his cock head penetrated her 'star'.

He grunted as he pushed his hips gently back and forth before he finally moved himself fully into her and she gasped, breathing heavily as he started to pump his hips into her tight arse at the same time reaching around to play with her pussy and clit. Moments later his friend was behind him and I watched through the camera lens as he was suddenly penetrating his friend as he was penetrating my wife, all three of them fucking in unison. The feeling was obviously good for them and they were moaning as Louise leaned into the seat.

The man at the back was kissing his partner in front of him and moaning as both were clearly close to cumming. Suddenly pulling out of his partner, the other then pulled himself out of Louise's tight arse and turning around they proceeded to wank each others cocks aiming them directly at her full breasts. With loud groans from the men both cocks exploded in cum at the same time splattering her face and chin and running down onto her breasts.

I focussed the camera as she looked up at me leaning forward to lick clean each cock as the men kissed before lifting her huge udders to lick them clean. The men thanked my wife and got dressed. I got into the back of the car. "Time to go now?" I smiled, but noticed the disappointment in Louise's face.

"Oh, if you want to!" She said almost begrudgingly. "Not Home!" I corrected myself. "The next location." I smiled. "Get dressed again in just the dress and stockings again!" She giggled as she wiped the cum from her mouth.

"North Street!" I ordered Alan. "No worries Mate, on our way!" He smiled as the car started to pull away.

I looked deep into your big green dazzling eyes. "So you've been a slut, and a dog!" You giggled and your eyes widened as I said; "Now you're going to be a hooker!" 04.05am Heading into North Street, Alan pulled the car up alongside the pavement.

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I looked at my slutty young wife and grinned. "Get out and stand on the corner and like a hooker!" I demanded looking directly at her. Louise simply grinned back and obediently opened the door. Both Alan and I watched as she sauntered across the street and stood by a corner looking every bit the slut she was.

"I just want to see the attention she get from all the pervs that tour around these streets." I said to Alan and he smiled knowingly. "Are you sure that's all?" "Well, lets see how things go shall we?" I grinned. The skin tight dress looked perfect around my wife's gorgeous curves and we sat quietly in the car.

Suddenly Alan spotted a police car as it come around the corner behind us. Quickly he skidded away around the corner before coming back on himself. The Police Car eased up and a police woman asked Louise what she was doing. "Just waiting for a lift!" She replied innocently. "From my husband, he's already late!" She looked at her watch and then back at the car.

"Typical men, eh?" She smiled sweetly. The Police woman smiled back. "Just be careful around here!" She said and the Police car drove on. We drove around the block before coming back on ourselves and by this time I had decided enough was enough, it was time to head home. As we came around the corner I could see that cars were slowing to look at Louise and then cruising on.

Alan was just about to pull up alongside her where I would ask if she was 'looking for business' when a rusty white van suddenly pulled ahead of us and right up right next to her. I had a slight panic, this wasn't in the night's plan, and up until now I had been in total control of all situations. We were about to come to Loo Loo's rescue when I saw her look back at us group of amateur girls masturbate pussies with the sisters the car, with a grin before leaning over and talking to the driver of the van!

I was stunned that she hadn't walked away and then to my shock she actually opened the door and got in. "That's one dirty bitch you got there, Peter!" Alan laughed. "She certainly fucking is!" I heartily agreed. If I was honest my heart was racing and I didn't know what to do. My control of the evening was suddenly gone as my gorgeous wife Louise took things into your own hands. My first thought was that you had got into the van against your will but then I realised she had opened the door herself and had got in of your own accord.

This made me nervous.

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"Follow that van!" I instructed Alan trying to smile but with a worry inside my head that this could all go wrong. We kept our distance but my head was spinning as I tried to work out why she had got into this vehicle with a complete stranger. I knew she was extremely horny particularly after the events of the night but she now appeared to be taking the game that one step further!

The van pulled off the main road and headed down a lane that led towards a heath. As it pulled off the road I caught of glimpse of Louise inside and saw that there were two men young preggo teens first gangbang bukkake orgy the van.

Not only that, but the man in the middle seat already had his face buried in my wife's huge soft udders. As we followed discretely behind I was suddenly aware that my cock was stiffer than it had ever been, now that she had started on a new and more dangerous venture. We drove past the van and switched off the lights before pulling up a little further down the lane.

Leaving Alan in the car I got out and nervously crept back to where the men had parked. As I approached both the front doors suddenly opened and she stepped out of the passenger side and my wife's 'customers' left the van by the drivers door.

I could see them quite clearly now and they were different to what I expected, one fat greying man in his 50s and a younger man late teens or early 20s perhaps, slim and good looking. I crept behind a bush and watched as the driver opened the back door as Louise climbed up into the vehicle exposing her stocking tops as the dress rode up, both men climbed in behind her and pulled the door closed behind them.

I waited a few minutes before approaching the back of the van and carefully peered inside through the back window.

I could see Louise sitting on a bench with a man either side of her, the older one had his tongue down her throat while the teen was busy releasing her massive breasts from the dress. I could clearly see her big pink nipples fully erect before the men took one each into there mouths and started to suck and chew on them.

By the satisfied expression on her face Louise was in heaven. Her nipples were bound to be sensitive from the earlier treatment and these men were really sucking and chewing hard on the buds. I watched as she closed her eyes and threw your head back in ecstasy. The older man undid his belt and dropped his trousers to the floor. His cock sprang up and even in the poor light I could see that it was long and thick. He took it in his right hand sliding the foreskin back to reveal the fat purple head before he reached over with his left hand towards Loo Loo's head.

Roughly taking a handful of her hair he pulled her face towards his cock. She opened her eyes and I saw a look of shock on her face as she parted her red painted lips and tried to take as much of his massive tool into her mouth as she could.

She sucked greedily on it and as she did the second man forced his hand between her creamy thighs and pulled her thong away from her sopping and well used cunt. With a sharp tug from the younger man the thong was on the floor of the hot blonde gives a really hot blowjob mavenhouse, the tiny piece satin shining wet from her juices and those of the many men that had been in her earlier.

The flimsy elastic snapped and where it had once been was now the younger man's tongue lapping and licking away at my wife's juicy pussy.

I couldn't take my eyes away from the erotic sight seeing my wife in the back of the van unaware that I was playing voyeur to her and her 'customers'.

Her stocking clad legs were now wide apart and the young man had at least three fingers up inside her soaking wet cunt as his tongue worked on her clit. The older man in the meantime had his hand held firmly on the back of her head as he fucked her mouth and throat with his monster tool, his other hand squeezing her huge soft breasts as hard as he could. The younger man suddenly released his mouth from her wet pussy and standing up in the van looked down at her as he released his belt and his trousers fell to the floor exposing a shorter but thicker cut cock.

"Right, now I'm gonna fuck this whore!" Compilation of cock hungry babes getting cumshots proudly announced, loud enough for me to hear from outside the van. "I'm gonna fuck her until she screams!" The older man grinned up at him. "That's right Son," He beamed. "And I'm gonna make sure I get my monies worth out of this dirty fucking bitch too!" Suddenly Louise was being pulled aggressively to her feet and bent over forward so the young man could get behind her.

She felt his hands on the back of her dress and then heard a ripping sound, as he physically removed her dress with force. Louise's perfect huge heavy breasts were now hanging down and her big round bum was in the air as she stood only in stockings and heels.

I heard her squeal loudly as the teenager thrust his cock deep inside her wet pussy and the older man once again grabbed her by the hair again and forced his huge cock back into her mouth.

This time he bucked his hips viciously against her face fucking her mouth harder and literally forcing his thick hard monster down her throat. I thought she might choke or at least gag on it, but she seemed to be swallowing the whole length as the younger man behind continued thrusting his hot hard prick faster and faster into my wife.

Both men were moaning and I could also hear Loo Loo's moans getting louder and louder until she was literally screaming with pleasure as the big hard cocks thrust into her at each end.

Suddenly the older man at the front pulled his cock out of my wife's mouth and pulled her hair forcing her to tiny babe lola fae comforts and pounds her boyfriends big cock just in time as his thick cock exploded with cum shooting over and over again all over her heavy dangling udders.

Seconds later the young man behind stood rigid as he came too, squirting his hot cum deep into her pussy. I watched as Louise's face changed in the familiar way as an orgasm swept through her gorgeous body and she let out a loud scream between her heavy breathing.

All three of them collapsed in a heap and the only sound coming from the van was heavy breathing. My cock was now in my hand and felt hard and red hot. The old man turned to look at Louise. "If I'm paying 40 quid I'm gonna make sure I get a fuck." With that he grasped his softening prick in his right hand and gave it a couple of strokes as my wife watched it grow back to its massive length.

Suddenly he was grabbing her again and pushing her backwards onto her back before tumbling down on top of her. Her knees were forced apart before he sank his thick cock into her pussy. His whole length disappeared straight into her tight cunt and he grabbed her ankles lifting them over his shoulders. Leaning into her he started thrusting long and slow at first but soon got faster and faster.

"This is how you fuck a whore, Son!" He gloated looking across at the young man. "Treat her like the fucking cumslut dog she is!" Louise just lay on her back, unbeknown to them loving every minute of the treatment she was getting, whore or no whore. With eyes closed and breathing deeply, her huge soft melons rose and fell with her breathing and the breast flesh quivered with the movement.

The teenager leaned down and gnawed on her udders as his Father fucked my wife. And as he fucked harder and faster his Son sucked and gnawed more and more until I saw that familiar look on her beautiful face again and knew she was close to cumming. Just as she let out a long loud scream the older man's body went rigid and I knew he was pumping more of his juice deep into her already sopping pussy. As they collapsed once again I made my way back to the car and got in. Alan looked across at me.

"You okay?" He asked. "Fuck! Oh fuck, yes!" I exclaimed. "Want me to help you with that?" Said Alan, as I felt his hand slide around my cock shaft. I hadn't realised in the excitement that my cock was still throbbing and still out in the open from when I had been wanking it.

I turned to look at Alan with a smile on my face as I felt his hand close tighter around my thick shaft and closed my eyes to enjoy the moment. But it was suddenly interrupted as we heard the van start up and drive past us. Alan quickly released my cock and started the car to follow but just as he was about to move there was a tap on the side window.

I looked up to see my wife Louise standing outside dressed only in stockings and heels. "Are you looking for business?" She purred excitedly glancing down at my rock hard cock.

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"And I am sure I can do that better than you Alan!" She giggled looking directly at him. "I'll tell you what boys!" She continued, her eyes sparkling. "Give me a lift home and this ones on the house for both of you. You deserve something special for the night I have had!" 06.31am The early morning sun had risen when Loo Loo finally led us both by our stiff cocks into our bedroom!

With my cock between my wife's fat breasts and Alan's cock in my wife's mouth I was lovesome sweetie is gaping narrowed crack in closeup and coming heaven as I watched Louise push her breasts around me and gaze adoringly at the cock being forced into her very willing and hungry mouth. We finished by kneeling either side of Louise wanking each other's hard cocks off over her gorgeous fat breasts.

1030am When I awoke I looked across to see my wife's pale white arm draped over Alan fat hairy tummy and I smiled. He looked over to me and smiled. Moments later my slut awoke and kissed Alan softly on the lips before turning to kiss me. "Thank you, both of you!" Louise cooed to herself. The End