Doctor examines a chubby oriental beautiful teen pussy schoolgirl and japanese

Doctor examines a chubby oriental beautiful teen pussy schoolgirl and japanese
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Daddy's Mind-Controlled Daughters A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research Chapter Six: Daddy Cuckolds the Cheater By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! There was nothing like having a young girl's cunt on your dick while driving. Just feeling that hot, tight snatch clenching and relaxing, shifting as the car drove over any bumps, the way she whimpered in pure delight as my dick stirred around inside her.

I had my arms wrapped around Pina, a nineteen-year-old Blonde mom and teen licking in bedroom slut I claimed at the church orgy. Pina brought my burgeoning harem up to ten women: my wife, my four daughters, Crystal's girlfriend, and four girls from my church's youth group, including Marybeth, the youth minister's once virgin daughter. I loved how fast I slid into depravity once I had the power of mind control. Knowing I could make anyone do what I want had unshackled me from morality.

Why did anyone do the right thing? Because of the consequences. Humans weren't good. Not really. We just all feared what would happen if we were bad.

We'd destroy our marriage, we'd get arrested, we'd lose our jobs, our homes. But now. "Master," Pina whimpered in her Hispanic lilt, her tight cunt clenching on my dick as the minivan my wife drove hit a pothole.

Barely legal pussy slid up and slammed back down my cock, silky friction burning around my shaft. "Yes!" "Enjoy my daddy's cock, slut," Kitty, my youngest daughter, moaned from the back. There were a lot of moans coming from back there. With eight horny girls crowded into the two bench seats of the minivan, it was to be expected. All I could smell was hot pussy. They'd leave stains on the upholstery as they fingered and frisky nymphos bang the biggest strapons and spray juice everywhere and played with each other.

I didn't care. They could ruin this minivan. I'd just get a nicer one. One with Scotchgard seats. "Yes, yes, please your master, slut," my wife hissed, driving one-handed, the other frigging her pussy.

"Work that hot cunt on my husband's dick." "Yes, Mistress," groaned Pina, her head arching, pressing back into my shoulder, her silky hair brushing my cheek.

"You are, whore," I groaned, my hands cupping her soft, round breasts. I squeezed them, loving how they jiggled as the minivan drove. "You're going to get another load of cum in that pussy, slut." "Yes!" she groaned. "Give it all to me, Mr. Horne." I would. I didn't have to hold back.

The Halo, sent to me by the kooks at the Institute of Apotheosis Research, not only gave me mind-control powers, but the nanites that infected my body also gave my balls unlimited stamina and my body energy. They made me better than human. A god. I sucked at her brown neck, nibbling on it as I found her nipples, squeezing hard. She whimpered, her body bucking, pussy tightening on my dick. That barely legal cunt slid up it again as my wife hit another bump. Pina's rump slapped into my thighs as she slammed back down my dick.

Fuck, I loved it. "How much farther, Mom," Rosie or Lily, our twin daughters, asked. "I want Daddy to punish that asshole you fucked." "We're almost there," Anne said, her voice throaty. "I want that, too. He's such a bad man to seduce me. I'm married." "And you were a bad wife for letting him!" Kitty, our youngest daughter, huffed.

"Your mother paid," I groaned, choosing to forgive my wife. She only had her affair because of my obsession with our daughters the last few years. As they blossomed, I couldn't help but notice them, desire them. My wife tried to get in better shape for me, thinking that was the problem. When I didn't respond, her Pilates instructor, Scott, did.

"I did!" Anne groaned, cum from all the boys who'd fucked her ass still leaking out of her ass. I could see the driver seat soaked in it. I'd never drive this vehicle again. "Paid so hard!" she gasped. Her round breasts bounced and jiggled.

She groaned through clenched teeth, the minivan swerving side-to-side through the night streets of Alamogordo. Her orgasm burned so hard through her. "And you'll make this evil Scott pay, won't you, Master," groaned Pina. "Yes," I groaned, my dick aching, throbbing, her barely legal cunt so hot and juicy on it.

"And you're all going to watch." "Yes!" she moaned then squealed. Her pussy spasmed about my dick. Hot, youthful twat rippled about my cock, massaging it, hungry for my cum. I wanted to breed all my women. Well, not my wife. She'd already given me four daughters. But the rest. I wanted to put granddaughters in my girls' bellies.

"Fuck!" I grunted, picturing Rosie, Lily, Crystal, and Kitty all pregnant with my daughters, gripping their round bellies, beaming up at me with my cum splattered across their faces.

My jizz erupted from my cock. It pumped hard into Pina's silky snatch. I shuddered, squeezing the slut's breasts hard as the pleasure surged through me. Ecstasy surged into my mind. Stars danced before my eyes. I loved cumming in tight snatch. "Master, yes," Pina groaned. "So much cum." "Daddy's putting a baby in your belly," squealed Kitty.

"Oh, yes, breed her, Daddy," moaned Crystal. "And keep fingering my twat, Jessica!" "Breed her, Daddy!" cheered both twins. The other girls—Georgia, Marybeth, and Michelle—joined them, adding their own moaning chorus.

My wife pulled her fingers out from between her thighs, gave me a grin as she slowed the minivan. "Finished just in time, hun," she said, turning into a driveway. "This is it." I stared at the two story house, the outside faded, pink stucco, gray trim around the doors and windows. I shook my head, anger surging through me. Not only had this Scott fucked my wife, but he had a wife and daughter of his own. His own woman.

He didn't need to poach mine. "Master!" gasped Pina, her voice tight with pain. "You're squeezing my tits too hard." I relaxed my hands and gave her a kiss on the neck. I wanted to crush the man's throat. But killing him. That wouldn't make him suffer. No, no, he needed to experience the gut-twisting shock of being cuckolded, of learning another man's cum trickled out of his wife.

Witnessing her betrayal. "Let's go," I grinned, throwing open the passenger door. "Yes," Pina said, sounding happy again. I wanted all my mind-controlled girls, especially my daughters, to be happy being my sluts. I gave them the command to find joy in serving me, and they did, my brainwaves rewriting theirs.

I massage with doggy style fucking hardcore blowjob wanted to learn how these nanites worked. I furrowed my brow. Why would the Institute give these out? Why not keep them for themselves? And who else were they giving it out to? Their flyer mentioned eleven other people. Twelve in total. Why twelve? "Honey?" my wife said. "You're just staring ahead. Thinking about missiles again?" "Just about how I became a god," I said. She rubbed my arm.

"How did you?" "A tech company sent me their product," I told her. "To me and eleven others." "Twelve, huh? That's the number of the church." I gave her a look. "You know, in Christian and Hebrew numerology. Twelve represents both Israel, you know the twelve tribes, and then later on the Christian church.

Like, the high priest had the twelve gemstones on his breastplate." "And the twelve zodiac signs," Rosie added. The two twins stood at the door. I could only tell them apart by the most subtle of differences between their faces. "You know, each tribe had their own zodiac sign.

Like Judah, the tribe of King David and Jesus, is Leo." "Huh," I said. "Sounds like the sorta new age stuff the company that sent it to me believes in." "Come on, Daddy, there's a homewrecker to punish," Lily said.

"That asshole in there tried to steal Mom from us." Anger surged through me. These questions really didn't matter.

I had the powers, and I would use them. "Right. Lead on." My twins walked hand-in-hand before me up to the door. Like everyone else, they were naked. The New Mexico night warm enough. I watched their identical asses sway back and forth as they walked up to the front door, licking my lips. They did have such gorgeous asses.

Kitty rang the doorbell when I arrived. The rest of my naked harem parting to let me up to the front. The doorbell chimed through the house, ringing over and over. It was late, past midnight. I bet that asshole Scott and his poor wife were asleep. "Ring it again," I growled.

"Yes!" Kitty hissed. The petite girl jabbed the doorbell so hard, her blonde pigtails bounced around her shoulders.

She held it down, the doorbell tolling over and over. "Fucking hell!" roared from inside, a light flooding on from upstairs, shout coming through an open window. Footsteps thudded down stairs. A light flared on the first floor, bleeding through the arch window at the top of the door.

A deadbolt lock twisted, then the door ripped open. A buff guy mackenzee is on the sofa getting banged hard white boxers decorated in hearts stood in the doorway, a baseball bat held in his hand. "What do you." His words trailed off, seeing me and pigtailed teen zufie suck cock on her knees naked girls on his porch.

"What the fuck?" "My husband isn't happy that you seduced me and fucked me!" Anne hissed. "You tried to steal me from my husband!" "You're Anne's." Color drained from his face.

Though he had strength, and a baseball bat, the sight of a naked man on his porch unnerved him. He backed up then tried to slam the door closed in my face. "Stop!" I snarled, my thoughts prickling hard. The door kept closing as he froze. I caught it with my hand and pushed it open.

It smacked his open palm. He tottered, his muscles locked in place, his brain interpreting my command as a complete halt. Unable to move, he fell onto the ground with a loud grunt. Good. "Scott?" a woman called from upstairs. I saw bare feet and the hem of a white nightgown with soft-blue daisies. "Are you okay?" "Everything's fine, Ma'am," I told her. "You have nothing to be afraid of. Get your daughter and join us in the living room." "My daughter?" she asked then her footsteps retreated, having to obey me even if she didn't understand why.

I stepped into the house, standing over Scott. I stared down at him. So fucking handsome and strong. He had that chiseled look at home on the cover of a bodice-ripper Romance novel. All he lacked was the long, flowing hair. His dark eyes stared up at me, his body trembling. His boxers grew dark. "He's pissing himself," chortled Kitty. My youngest came up beside me, bouncing up and down, her budding breasts jiggling, nipples hard.

"That's right. My daddy's here to make you pay." She kicked him in the arm. I doubt he felt it. Kitty couldn't weigh more than a hundred pounds soaking wet. She even winced, flexing her cute toes. "Get your ass up, go sit down in the living room, Scott," I snarled. "Now!" My thoughts burned again, his mind resisting my commands.

He moved though, staring at me in terror. He fled from the room, leaving a puddle on the gray, stone floor of his entrance that abutted against cream carpet. The baseball bat clattered from his hand, rolling on the carpet. "Eww," Crystal said, stepping around the puddle. She moved with her girlfriend Jessica on one side and Georgia the cheerleader on the other. She had her arms around both girls waist like she had her own mini-harem inside of mine. My nineteen-year-old, blonde child shook her head.

"How pathetic. A real man wouldn't piss himself, asshole!" "Piss himself?" a woman asked. "Oh, my god, you're all naked." "Oh, wow!" a younger girl exclaimed. "What's going on, Mom?" "I don't know, honey." Scott's wife walked down the stairs, pulling their daughter after her.

The girl, eighteen, wore boy shorts that left her tan, coltish legs exposed. Her dark hair fell about her shoulders of the pink babydoll t-shirt she wore, her eyes round as they stared at my hard cock thrusting before me, glistening with Pina's juices.

"Is it a nudist party?" the girl asked. "Are you and Dad swingers? But they're all my age. What's going on?" "I don't know, Opal!" the mother snapped. She was a light-skinned, Black woman, her sugar daddy teen xxx glenn completes the job the hue of brown coffee, rich and creamy. She had her hair braided in long rows across her scalp and falling down her back as she walked by to the living room.

"What's going on, Scott?" "I don't know," the husband said, his voice tight. "So do something!" the woman snapped as she entered the living room. She froze for a moment. Then she pulled her daughter to her and bolted for the other exit out the room, free since she completed my command.

"Don't leave!" I shouted. "Go sit down and relax on the couch. Same for your daughter." She stumbled to a halt then her and her daughter both headed for the couch.

Opal gave me a trembling look, her eyes so wide. She sat down beside her mother, squirming, rubbing her hands on her tan thighs. "Daddy," she whimpered. "Scott, what is going on?" the wife demanded again. "I don't know, Denise," he roared at her, trying to mask the fear sweating off of him. "But you do know, Scott," I said, grabbing Anne and leading her into the living room, my harem trailing behind her.

"You know exactly why I'm here." I grabbed my wife's tits, brushing the dark marks left by Scott's lips on her breasts tonight. "Don't you recognize one of your students from your Pilate's class tonight?" "But you didn't have a class." Denise trailed off, staring at her husband then back at my wife.

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"You sonuvabitch!" She tried to throw herself at him, but couldn't get up from the couch. She bent over at the waist, fingers clawing the air between them. "You told me you'd never do it again!" "Oh, I have a feeling he's been doing it a lot," I growled, squeezing my wife's tits.

"Thinking he could claim other men's wives. That he could stick his dick in their cunts." "If I could move, I would kill you!" Denise snarled at her husband. Then she whipped her head around, braided hair flying behind her.

She glared at me. "Why can't I move?" "Daddy's a god," Kitty grinned. "You have to obey him," Crystal purred. "I guess that makes me a goddess. Since I'm his daughter." "Ooh, yes," Jessica moaned. "A goddess is fingering my asshole." "So hot," Georgia groaned in agreement.

My dick twitched. "I bet you want to get back at your husband," I said to the wife. She arched an eyebrow at me, then at the women around me. "You're going to make me fuck you." "All while your husband watches. He'll learn what it's like when another man fucks his wife." I glanced at Scott. "Do you love your wife?" "Of course," he said.

"And how many women have you cheated on her with?" "Thirteen," he said, wincing as his wife screeched. "If you're going to fuck me, then do it!" Denise snarled at me. Then she glared at her husband. "Thirteen!

Thirteen! All those whores at your Pilates class! You are such a cock-sucker, Scott!" Opal just whimpered, melting into the couch by her mother. I winked at her. "Opal, relax. You don't have to feel bad. You feel good. Horny." My thoughts prickled. "Your pussy's getting wet and itching to be touched." Opal's babydoll t-shirt, clinging to her conical breasts, dimpled as her nipples hardened.

She suddenly rubbed her hands on her tanned thighs, shifting beside her mother who was literally spitting fury at her husband, trying to claw him again. "Scott, you love your wife with all your heart. You desire her. You want her to be faithful." My thoughts prickled. "The only person you love as much is your daughter, whom you want to always be pure, to always be your little girl and never a whore.

Just your virgin baby girl." "I do," he said. "Please, honey, I love you. I'm sorry. I won't cheat ever again." "No, you will never cheat again," I grinned. "But your wife will. Denise, come here and suck my dick. Show your husband how much more you love my cock than his." "Gladly," Denise purred while my thoughts prickled.

"Tell him that you're my whore now." "Scott, I'm his whore," the Black woman said, rising, her nipples hardening against her nightgown. "I just want to suck his cock. To worship him. Mmm, such a better cock than yours." I liked her improv. "Denise," whimpered Scott. "No, no, you can't do this. You're my wife." "But I'm his whore. He makes my pussy so wet. He's not a repulsive asshole like you!" Denise pulled off her nightgown as she came closer. I definitely happy ending massage by big booty her improv.

She wore only a pair of panties beneath, white and plain, contrasting against her rich, brown skin. Her round breasts bounced as she moved, her nipples coal-dark and hard. She licked her lips, falling to her knees before me. She opened her mouth and sucked on my dick. Scott flinched as she moaned about my cock, sucking with noisy passion. She put such enthusiasm into her blowjob, tasting Pina's spicy pussy as she bobbed her mouth on my shaft.

Tears fell down Scott's face. Anne fell to her knees beside Denise. "That's it. Suck my husband's cock. It's fun being his whore, isn't it?" Denise moaned about my dick. "And your husband deserves this. Thirteen women. What a pig. He preyed on me. Seduced me when I was vulnerable and crying about my marriage.

Can you believe that?" Denise sucked harder, bobbing her mouth. Lesbian drinking spit wet kissing groaned, the pleasure surging up my dick, my balls tightening as the married woman sucked me before her crying cuckold. I grinned at Scott. He kept trying to look away, but couldn't. A depraved fascination animated his face, keeping him watching his wife even as it twisted his guts.

Pain wracked his expression. His hands squeezed the armrest of his recliner, the leather creaking beneath his fingers. I savored his humiliation, remembering that gut-sickening sight of his cum dripping out of my wife's cunt.

"That's it, whore," I growled. "Show your husband how much you love my cock. Love me. You're happy to be my whore." Denise groaned, swirling her tongue about the crown of my dick. She wiggled her hips, bobbing her mouth, slurping, strait men gay sex npno. Her hands stroked the base of my dick and fondled my balls, massaging my nuts.

Eager for my cum. Pleasure surged through me. I trembled. Behind me, my daughters and sluts moaned and gasped, playing with each other, fingers sluicing through hot cunts or ramming into tight assholes. Girls whimpered in pleasure, mouths sucking on hard nipples or lapping at juicy snatches. "Your wife is so eager for my cum," I groaned at Scott. "She can't wait to taste it. And she'll swallow every drop.

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How does that make you feel?" My thoughts tingled. "Like shit," he groaned, the words torn from his lips. "I can't believe she would just suck your dick.

Big tits pregnant girl rides on dildo thought she loved me." He whimpered. "I love you, honey. Please, we can work this out. I'm weak. I won't do it again. You don't have to do this." Denise kept sucking, bobbing, hungry for my cum. She stroked my dick faster and faster. Her tongue caressed the tip of my cock, probing the slit before she slid her lips down as far as she could.

Her cheeks hollowing, the suction reaching into my balls, my cum boiling. I shuddered, my eyes alighting on Opal. She watched her mother in awe, squirming more. My command to become horny had her gripping her thighs. Her hands kept sliding higher and higher, wanting to rub at her hot pussy through her boy shorts. "Fuck!" I groaned, eager to enjoy her before her father. I hoped she was a virgin.

My cock erupted. My cum fired into Denise's mouth. The married woman groaned, squeezing my balls as she sucked out every drop of jizz I had. She swallowed it, gulping noisily. Pleasure surged through me. Scott whimpered again, more tears falling down his face. "Oh, god, Denise. I'm so sorry. Please, please, stop. I love you." Denise slipped her mouth off my dick, panting. "Well, I'm his whore now. You wanted to fuck every slut who spread her thighs for you, so I'm going to enjoy this dick!

Mmm, it's bigger than yours. And his cum. I'll love his cum.

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I'll swallow every drop of his!" "I bet you want this dick in your pussy, just fucking you hard." "So badly." She licked the tip of my dick. I grinned at her. "When was the last time your husband pounded you like a slut?" "Too long!" she groaned. "Now I know why. Too busy fucking whores like your wife." "I'm only my husband's whore now," Anne moaned.

Then she leaned down and sucked on the Black woman's dark nipple. Denise groaned, her entire body squirming. She grinned up at me. "So, you want to fuck my married pussy like I'm a slut." "You are a slut," I groaned. "You're my slut. And you love that." A tiny prickling across my brain.

"I love being your slut," she moaned in agreement. "I'm going to fuck you so hard while your daughter watches. She has to learn how to please me, too." Denise's eyes widened as harder pricks crossed my mind.

"Of course she does. Mmm, Opal, watch Mommy take his cock." Then she rolled over onto her hands and knees, her nipple popping out of my wife's mouth. Anne followed it, ducking down onto her back and latching onto the brown nub. My wife sucked at it, making Denise groaned.

She wiggled her hips, a black-furred pussy beckoning between her thighs, woolly pubic hair drenched by her juices. More trickled down her thighs. "Someone's horny for your cock, Daddy," giggled Kitty. "Denise," croaked Scott. "Ooh, yes, watch him fuck me," groaned Denise. "This man knows how to treat a woman like a whore. I bet those sluts you fucked would never do this. Would never fuck you before their husbands.

But that's how wet he makes me!" Opal groaned. Scott blubbered. I fell to my knees behind her, my cock nudging her pussy. "I'm going to enjoy your wife's cunt every day.

And I have good news, Scott. I need someone to do work around my house. Chores, yard work, that sort of shit. All that stuff's beneath a god.

You'll get to be around your wife and daughter, watching them be my whores, hearing them moan, witnessing them writhing with my wife, my daughters, and my others sluts. "Doesn't that sound great?" For some reason, Scott disagreed.

I rammed into his wife's pussy, cuckolding him. He groaned, his face turning green as he watched her head throw back in rapture. A purring moan rose from her throat. Her hot, married snatch clenched on my dick. She wiggled her hips, humping back into me, loving my cock. I gripped her hips, pounding her so hard, loving every moment of being in her pussy. My crotch smacked over and over into her butt-cheeks. They rippled and danced as I plowed into her. Silky friction burned around my cock, the delight of a married woman's snatch pleasing my dick.

While her cuckold watched and blubbered. "Oh, Scott, yes!" howled his wife. "Oh, damn, he knows how to fuck! He's stirring my pussy up. I love his cock so much.

I'm going to cum so hard on it! I haven't had vip sex story u s a proper orgasm from you in years! If you hadn't fucked all those sluts, I'd still be your faithful wife!

"Now I'm his whore!" "Denise, I'm sorry," he blubbered again. "Not sorry enough to keep your dick in your pants!" she hissed, her pussy clenching hard on my cock. I groaned, savoring it. My wife sucked noisily on Denise's nipples as I plowed her body. I savored the sounds and the wet glide of my dick through her pussy.

Heat boiled around me, her cunt getting hotter and hotter as I plowed her. My balls thwacked into her clit, swelling with another load of cum to baste her married depths. To breed her. Scott would have to watch his wife grow pregnant with my child. And when she was born, he'd have to change her diapers along with all the other household chores.

He'd be my slave forever, never getting to touch the woman he loved, but forever witnessing her being my whore. "Fuck!" I snarled, thrusting hard, the pleasure surging through me. "Plow her, Daddy," the twins moaned together. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw them tribbing each other, Lily on top of Rosie, their big tits pillowed together.

They ground their clits together, gasping, moaning, sharing incestuous kisses with each other. "Fuck the slut, Daddy!" groaned Crystal. She stood trembling as Georgia ate her snatch and Jessica devoured her asshole. Behind her, Kitty, Marybeth, and Pina daisy-chained, young girl jassie capri loves old cock on each other's hot pussies. "Make her cum on your dick, Daddy!" moaned the twins. "Do it, Michael," my wife moaned between sucks.

"Mmm, she loves your dick." "So much!" Denise groaned. "Oh, yes, Michael, your dick is amazing. I'm going to cum so hard on it." "Do it!" I snarled.

"You're my whore. You're going to have this dick in you all voluptuous adorable girlie enjoys sexy sex hardcore and blowjob time. You're going to be bred." "Then I better stop taking the pill," she groaned, her pussy clenching hard. "Oh, fuck, Scott, yes! I'm cumming on his awesome dick!" "Denise," whimpered Scott as his wife's pussy went wild about my dick.

"Fuck, yes," I growled. "Nothing like feeling a married woman's cunt spasm about your dick, eh, Scott? Denise will give me this delight whenever I want it." "Whenever!" she moaned, her pussy sucking at my cock. "Cum in me. I need it so badly. Flood me with all your jizz!" "Master," my wife moaned.

"Call him Master. He owns you now, slut." "Cum in me, Master!" I grunted, slamming into the married woman's spasming snatch. The pleasure surged through me. Her hot cunt sucked at my dick.

I groaned, my balls tightening as they smacked into her clit. The pressure built. Her pussy writhed about my cock. I erupted. "Fuck!" I snarled. My body heaved as my balls unloaded.

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Hot cum fired over and over into Denise's married cunt. Scott groaned, more tears falling down his face. I shuddered, basting his wife's married cunt. Every blast sent a spasm through my body. I groaned, pleasure burning through my thoughts. My hands tightened on Denise's hips. Pleasure surged through me. I loved emasculating him. "So good," his wife whimpered, her pussy milking out the last drops of my cum. "Oh, Scott, that's how you fuck a married woman. Ooh, I bet none of the whores you fucked ever came so hard." "I didn't," Anne giggled.

"He's rather pathetic. If I wasn't so vulnerable and depressed, I'd never have enjoyed him." I think I loved my wife even more right now. I should have paid more attention to her. But now we could both enjoy our daughters nubile, young bodies. My dick twitched in Denise's cunt. I pulled out of her. "Stand up," I groaned. "Show your husband my jizz dripping out of you. Let him see the proof that you cuckolded him." "Gladly," she said, voice throaty. I groaned as she rose, her half-dozen braids swaying about her back, moving with sinuous, sultry grace.

Her back rippled. Then she stood proud before her husband, legs spread wide, white cum dribbling down her coffee-brown thighs. "Mmm, more of that yummy cum," she groaned, swiping up my jizz on her finger, bringing it to her mouth.

Her husband whimpered again. Then my twins were on her. The wife gasped, pulled down as the two hungry vixens buried their faces between her thighs, lapping up my cum. Their identical, dimpled asses wiggled at me. Their own thighs soaked with their pussy juices. My wife shifted then her tongue lapped at my cock, cleaning the other wife's pussy off of me. "Mmm, Scott, your wife has a such a yummy tasting cunt.

I'm so glad she's my husband's whore now. It's only fair. I fucked your pathetic cock." She stared up at me, such sorrow in her eyes. "I'm so sorry, Michael." I stroked through her brown hair. "You're forgiven, hun. I love you." My wife licked my dick again, her eyes flicking towards the couch.

"Are you going to play with Opal now?" I grinned at her. "What a wanton slut was lurking inside of you." "You just had to free her." Then she engulfed the tip of my cock.

"Scott, strip your daughter for me. Show me her virginal, pure flesh. I'm going to despoil her." "Oh, yes," Opal whimpered, her hands almost rubbing at her crotch now. "I want to be fucked like Mom!" "You'll love being his whore, child," groaned Denise, writhing as my twins devoured her snatch.

Scott blubbered as he stood and stumbled towards his daughter. Opal stretched with leonine grace, her back arching. I wondered if she performed gymnastics. She had the petite, leggy build for it. She raised her hands, almost like a gymnast at the end of her routine.

"Strip me naked for him, Dad." "No, baby," he groaned. "You can't do this. You're daddy's little girl. You can't let him touch you." Even as he objected, his hands pulled her pink babydoll t-shirt off, exposing her conical, tan breasts, her nipples lighter than her mother's but still brown.

They were also puffy, her areolas swollen around her nubs. "Thank you, Dad," she purred as Scott fell to his knees before her. "Please, baby," he groaned. "You're only eighteen. You can't do this." "But I want to, Dad.

He made me so wet. I want to be his whore, too. Just like Mom!" My dick ached and throbbed as my wife fluffed me, keeping me hard and ready for her. Then Scott pulled off his daughter's boy shorts, revealing the soft down of her pubic hair, as dark as her hair, and soaked by her virginal juices. He worked them down, moving slow, wanting to put off his daughter's deflowering for as long as possible. I groaned, such depraved ideas shooting through my mind as Opal stepped her dainty, right foot out of her boy shorts.

Then her left. Then she stood naked, her conical tits jiggling as she bounced on the balls of her feet. "Scott, go sit down and watch," I grinned. He retreated, clutching his daughter's boy shorts in his hands. "And Opal, pierced nipples teen bangs stepdads big dick on your mother's face. Let's make sure your pussy's ready for my cock.

Have your mother lick you to an orgasm." My thoughts prickled at that. "But she's my mother!" Opal gasped, heading to her mother anyways.

"She's my daughter!" groaned Denise. "But you both love incest," I told them, my thoughts burning harder. "You're both my sluts, you love me and all the women in my harem. Including each other." "Oh, yes, Mom, I want you to lick my pussy," Opal said, her brain accepting my commands. She moved faster to her mother and plopped her pussy on Denise's lips.

"Love me, Mom." Scott cried more, watching his pure, innocent girl being violated by the woman he loved. My dick throbbed in my wife's mouth. As much as I liked Anne sucking, Opal's mouth, opened wide in lewd pleasure, beckoned.

I pulled my cock from my wife's lips and moved to Opal. The eighteen-year-old grinned, grabbing my dick and bringing it to her mouth.

She sucked my dick with ease. I had a feeling she'd at least given a blowjob to a boy. "She's no stranger to sucking dick," Ebony minx sucks on a white cock groaned, my dick oh my beautiful tall woman in her mouth.

"She loves your wife's pussy juices, too. Just sucking them off my dick And the way she's moaning." I grinned. "Your wife's devouring her pussy." "Mmm, she is," Anne groaned, crawling to join us. She hugged Opal from behind, pressing her ivory breasts into the tan girl's back. "That's it. Suck your master's cock. He's going to pop your cherry and make you explode with that shaft." Opal only shuddered and bucked on her mother's mouth. The horny girl moaned about my dick, eyes rolling back in her head.

I shuddered, realizing she already climaxed. So turned on by watching Denise fuck me, it didn't take more than a few licks from her mother's tongue to set her off. "Yes!" Denise moaned. "Drink her juices," my twins cooed. "Ooh, lap through her cunny." "That's the pleasure my husband's whores get," my wife moaned, cupping the girl's tanned breasts. My wife squeezed them. "Keep moaning, sweetie. Let my husband feel your pleasure humming about his dick." "I'm feeling it," I groaned, my balls tightening.

My wife's fluffing kept me on the edge, and Opal's hot moans as she experienced her first incestuous orgasm burned pleasure down to my balls. My cock throbbed. I pulled it out of her mouth and erupted across her tan face.

She gasped, eyes squeezing shut in shock. My cum basted her face, coating her flesh in pearly lines and dribbling globs. She shuddered, grinding her hot pussy on her mother's mouth as I unloaded on her face. I shuddered, stroking my dick still slick with her mother's juices. Her tongue flicked across her lips, tasting my cum.

Her eyes widened. She licked more, then her fingers were scooping up my cum, bringing the pearly gobs to her hungry lips. "Mmm, honey, share that with your mother," Anne moaned. "Bend over and let her lick you clean while you point that virgin cunt at my husband." "Yes, ma'am," Opal groaned.

I glanced at Scott as his daughter shifted around. "What's it like seeing your wife and daughter loving me?" "It's horrible," Scott groaned. "I'm sorry. I only fucked your wife a few times. She wasn't even that good of a lay." Anger surged in me. "My wife is an amazing fuck if you know how to make her purr." "He didn't," Anne moaned, leaning over to lick a glob of cum beading the tip of my dick.

My cock throbbed. Oh, yes, it was the right decision to forgive my wife. She made this even more exquisite. His wife and his lover both preferred me. And his daughter dripped for my cock. As Denise licked my jizz off Opal's face, the little slut wiggled her ass, her virgin cunt aching for my dick. So I moved around to give it to her. Kitty appeared, her face smeared with Marybeth's pussy cream. She grabbed my dick. "Let me help you pop her cherry, Daddy.

It's the bestest Opal. You're going to love it." I shivered, my youngest guiding my cock to youthful, virgin twat. Crystal appeared on the other side, her blonde hair falling loose about her shoulders. Her eyes shone up at me as she grabbed my dick too.

"Fuck her hard, Daddy," she beamed. "I'm so glad you're a god." I grinned down at my blonde child then groaned, the pair rubbing my dick against hot, virgin cunny.

I felt Opal's hymen. She kissed her mother now, my wife, stroking the girl's back, beaming at me, eager for me to deflower the slut. Scott kept crying on his recliner, his daughter's boy shorts balled up in his fist. I gave him a triumphant look and stole his daughter's virginity.

Opal moaned into her mother's mouth as her cherry popped. Her untouched depths engulfed my dick. Her cunt squeezed down hard on my shaft. I shuddered, my eyes rolling back into my head as I savored her pussy wrapped about my cock. I groaned, sliding so deep into her. Her hot flesh clung to me, gripping my cock, making me ache and shudder. My eyes rolled back into my head, her pussy clamping down on my dick.

"Daddy!" she whimpered. "My lover's fucking me! He's fucking me so hard. His dick is in me!" "But you're supposed to be my little girl forever," groaned her father. "Not a whore like you mother!" "I love being a whore like Mom!" she howled, her pussy clenching down hard on my dick. I grunted, fucking her harder and harder, plowing my cock deep into her pussy. My balls thwacked over and over into her clit, her barely legal cunt gripping my dick.

My hands slid up her side, reaching down to cup her conical breasts, feeling her puffy nipples against my palms. She moaned, kissing her mother. Denise groaned into her daughter's kiss, her hand gripping the back of Opal's head. She bucked and writhed on my twins' licking tongues, grinding her hot cunt against Rosie's and Lily's hungry mouths. Georgia and Jessica sixty-nined while Marybeth and Pina scissored their legs together, humping against each other hard.

They grinned at me as I broke in the newest member of my harem. Opal's pussy clenched hard on my dick, the friction so intense. "I love breaking in new pussy," I groaned. "Mmm, I bet it's amazing," Crystal moaned, my blonde child grinding her hot pussy on my hip. "Yes, yes, yes," Kitty gasped, her pussy on my other hip, smearing her juices around, her bush ticklish.

"Fuck her, Daddy." My two daughters threw their arms around my neck, kissing at my cheeks, Crystal's small breasts rubbing on my side. I shuddered, savoring the heat of their cunts and their wet lips as I plowed Opal. They made this moment even more perfect.

My wife kissed at Opal's spine, licking between the girl's butt-cheeks. Opal gasped, my wife's tongue rimming her asshole, making the girl squeal. I think Anne had really come to appreciate anal sex tonight. "Cum in her pussy, Daddy," Kitty moaned in my ear, grinding her hot cunny harder on my hip. "Ooh, yes, do it." "Do it, Daddy!" gasped Crystal.

"Cum in my daughter," moaned Denise, her coffee-brown breasts heaving as the twins kept her cumming. "Yes," I growled, burying deep, glancing at Scott, a sick expression on his face. He knew his daughter was forever my whore. My balls tightened. I plowed into her and erupted. My cum flooded her untouched, fertile depths.

I shuddered, my dick throbbing, cum spurting out of me. My two daughters moaned into my ears, their juices flooding hot down my thighs, joining me in rapture.

"He's cumming in me, Daddy!" moaned Opal. "And his wife's sucking on my butt-hole. I.I." "Cum, honey," cooed Denise. "Cum on Michael's big cock!" "Yes!" she howled. And then hot, tight cunny spasmed on my dick. My eyes rolled back into my head at the unexpected delight. I shuddered, gripping her conical breasts harder, the rapture flooding through my mind.

Her pussy milking my cock, drawing out every drop of my seed to fertilize her depths. I loved being a god. My daughters nibbled on my ears, moaning their new sunny leone red xxx story while my cum basted my newest whore.

I groaned, giddy exhilaration surging through me. I had fucked so much tonight. "Damn," I groaned, my pleasure cresting. "Damn, Scott, you raised a mighty fine whore. She's going to keep me happy." "I am," she moaned in ecstasy, still cumming. I grinned at Scott. "This is why you never fuck other men's wives.

Do you understand?" He nodded his head. "Please, please release them. Let them free." "Why would I ever do that?" I asked.

"They're mine." "Yours," Denise breathed. "See," I grinned at him. Maybe one day, I'd take pity on the asshole. Maybe after I tormented him enough, made him watch his wife and daughter being my whore for a few months, maybe a year, I'd let him go. Or maybe not. It was so hot. My dick throbbed in Opal's pussy. I drew back my hips, eager to fire another load into her cunt.

After all, I wanted all my women bred. They had gods and goddesses to bear. Me, and the others who received the Halo, would change the world. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Mom," Alex groaned as he cradled Deidre Icke, President of the Institute of Apotheosis Research, on his lap. "He's still going." "He's a god," Alexis, Alex's twin, giggled. She sat on her father's lap. Deidre glanced at her ex-husband, her asshole still throbbing from her punishment.

"I wonder what the next god or goddess will teach us." "I should get my daughters channeling to find out," James Maxwell said from behind, his two twins sitting on his lap. "After they've rested." Deidre glanced behind her, Mindy and Cindy cuddled up to their father's naked chest, asleep. "I think they've earned a rest. This god had quite the appetite." "He did, Mom," Alex said, tightening his arms around her waist, his cock growing hard teen squirt threesome and lesbian pissing horny girlongirl teens munching each other, prodding at her asshole.

Deidre smiled. She hoped the next god taught brother/sister incest was okay. But until then, she'd make sure her son's cock was fully satiated. Three of the new Gods revealed. Nine more to go. I wish you were here, sir, to see the new age dawn. The END