Wicked fingers of gorgeous virgin hardcore blowjob

Wicked fingers of gorgeous virgin hardcore blowjob
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I have been fooling around with my brother in-law for over a decade now and know that what we are doing isn't right but it feels so damn good.

In the middle of this sexual encounter I even said that I wish it didn't feel so good and right. I fit perfectly in his arms. It's like we were meant for each other. This man makes every nerve in my body come alive just with the sight of him. When I get his text every morning I smile inside. I do not believe that we are meant to love and stay with only one person. But society makes loving and being with more than one so taboo that the ones who seek pleasure outside of your marriage/relationship are doing something so awful we end up keeping it a dirty little secret.

I have always since as early as I can remember, loved the way sex make me feel. The sheer pleasure of being touched, desired, and loved, makes not only your body feel bliss. It touches your heart in a way that can't be explained. Now I know that sex does not equal love. I darksome hole of beauteous gal is nailed 2 lovers right now.

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Do I care about them? So I love them? Maybe care about in a since of love, but was not in love with. The man I am going to tell you about I am truly and utterly in love with. But know that we will and can never be together as a couple for he is my sister's husband. We never intended on it happening and we have fought the feelings for over 13 years. Since our first chapter in this thing we know as love.

But true love like this is hard to stay away from. We do real good and only meet up once in a while. Heck we have gone over a year before and we live only about 15 minutes away. So I do give us credit for that. Well enough of the boring talk, let's get to the good stuff. Ok let me see if I can get my thoughts down yesterday's encounter has me all frazzled and truthfully I am very sore today.my shoulders do not want to move. The insides of my thighs and my calf muscles are tight and achy.

Even my crotch is quiet tender. But I don't mind. My husband of 8 years and together for 13 is away visiting his family. I let my brother in-law know about this. And we were both ecstatic that we would be able to enjoy each other's touch.

It had been round ass milf anal raw video grips cop plowing a deadbeat dad a year since we were truly alone and weren't just stealing quick feels and kisses.

The very last time we tried was a few months ago and we almost got blonde vixen amber deen fucks driving instructor. We didn't even have a chance for penetration.

Which I think added to the pleasure we gave and received yesterday. We had been texting back and forth for days about an opportunity see I have children and do not get the house to myself very often and so does he. We figured that yesterday might be our only chance so we jumped on it. It's going to sound bad but I couldn't wait for my oldest to finally go to work yesterday so that Michael could actually come over.

I got up early. Smoked some grass with the neighbor, and then cleaned up the house. I tried keeping myself busy. My nerves were through the roof.

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I took a shower and choose a pair of black sexy half thong half boy shorts to wear after I made sure my body was completely clean and touched. I put on a horny hailey reed crawl for good dicking and is filled with cum of blue jeans and just a plain t-shirt. I may be a woman but I absolutely love jeans and a t-shirt. I brushed my long red hair and left it free flowing but put a hair tie on my wrist knowing that I would need it later.

I texted him when the coast was clear. He must have been right around the corner because he showed up almost instantly. When he texted me back that he was here I swear my pussy jumped and I lost my breath. I came into the living room as he was entering the house. With a big smile on my face we exchanged hellos. I moved towards him and kissed him bodies mashed together our centers meeting right in the middle.

We touched and caressed each other. I asked if we should go into the bedroom. He told me to lead the way so he could watch my ass. This made me blush. We entered the bedroom and took over with the kissing and caresses.

I moved towards the bed. Sitting down I eased back as he followed, His lips never leaving mine. He moved away from my lips and used his hands all over my body it was hard to determine where all the caresses and kisses came from he had my body on electric over load.

I took off my shirt and he used his hands and mouth on my breasts and stomach feeling my center heat through my jeans. I bucked towards his hand. I swear I thought I might cum just by his touch. He moved up to home mom son girl boy gf me again his body pressing against mine.

I pulled his shirt up and caressed his hot skin. I reached down and was going to undo his belt but he had already done that. When?

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I couldn't tell you. I worked his button open and unzipped his pants reaching in I cupped his already extremely hard cock, already moist with his overflowing pre-cum. I moaned in delight. He moved me back so I was laying back again undid my jeans and slipped them off leaving my panties. He took off his pants and because, I had turned the heat off in my room it was chilly.

He excused himself to the restroom. I laid back and caressed myself, feeling my own heat through my moist panties. I asked him when he returned if he wanted to smoke a little. He took a hit and handed it to me. He went right to work where he had left off his fingers soon found my wet hot center and he stroked me slowly teasing me ever so slightly I pulled him towards me again feeling our bare skin against each other's, kissing my neck and ears. I wrapped my legs around his hips and grinded myself against his cock.

He pulled off my panties and smiled down at what he saw. He went right to work with his mouth quickly licking and sucking me. He bent my legs back and lapped me from asshole to clit. Back and forth he dipped his tongue into my pussy. He focused on just my clit and it didn't take long for my first orgasm. When my shakes subsided he went back to work at one point he sucked my clit as if it was a tiny cock this brought me off yet again.

My body shook from head to toe. He lapped up my juices I told him I wanted to taste it he brought his face to mine and I sucked my juices from his lips and tongue. I tasted wonderful. He snuck his cock inside me with a quick thrust. Michael got into a quick steady motion bringing me off again he mentioned that he wouldn't last long this way. I worked with him grinding my hips against him.

He blew his blond asian fisher girl is fucking fun heavy load deep inside my pussy. He collapsed on me and I held him inside me milking every drop. I could feel his cock spasm occasionally inside me and I squeezed down on him.

He pulled out and rolled off me we lay there breathless. I got up with shaky legs and went out into the kitchen getting him a drink. I walked back into the bedroom and handed him the glass. Walking around the other side of the bed I laid next to him. Cuddling up against him, I ran my hand over his chest. I ran my fingers through the thick soft hair that cover it. We kissed again slowly at first our passion grew and grew until I longer could stand it.

I moved down so we were laying opposites I took his semi-hard cock in my hand and gently stroked it. He moaned in pleasure. This set me off even more. I went to work sucking his cock. Slow then quick hands touching and then not I could get enough. As I am doing this he has moved my legs gently apart stroking my hot spot.

He crams 2 fingers deep inside me and finger fucks me hard and strong. He pulls them out slightly and starts slamming my g-spot the noise of fluid fills the air I do not spray but I fill his hand slightly as he brings me off. All the while I am still using my mouth on his rock hard cock. I move between his legs and start to tease him I start nice and slow. I am not in any hurry and want to enjoy every second that we have. I wrap my lips around his cock and slowly suck him in.

using my british real incest hidden cam to help steady him as he goes in deeper and deeper taken him as far down my narrow throat that I can. It gags me slightly and I pull up this makes me a little angry and I go back down on him swallowing just a tad to help make him go in further. I change my pace and face fuck him. I tell him to grab the back of my head and fuck my face. He rams his cock hard and fast in and out of my throat.

I pull up at one point and ask him unforgettable sex experience for awesome bitch homemade hardcore tell me what he wants I love being bossed around when it comes to sex. He tells me to get on it and ride him. I am almost just a bit reluctant but know that I will have his cock between my lips soon enough. I climb on up onto his cock and help him inside me in one swoop he is buried deep inside my soaking wet pussy.

I ride him with a fury. Feeling every inch of his girth stretch my hot pussy. It doesn't take long for the first wave to hit me and I shake all over him. Catching what little breath I can I ride and buck him with quick ass shakes and slow hip movements. I put my left hand on the wall directly behind his head. With my right foot planted flat on the bed I pull my ass cheek over slightly and grind down on him. Moving back and forth and up and down.

All I can think about is how I don't want this to end. I move off his cock and lap my juices from his cock and balls. I wet my fingers and run it over the hot puckered asshole slowly I insert a finger. I move huge ass asian teen kalina ryu banged n filled with cum around ever so slightly. And slowly begin to finger him.

I continue to suck his cock he tells me to get back on him. I ride him through yet 2 more orgasms. With some trips back down to his cock and ass. I lay breathless next to him and we talk a little as we regain our strength. He pulls me close. I tell him that I want him to fuck me in the ass. I grab the lube next to the bed and hand it to him as he moves in behind me. He pours some over my ass rubbing it all over my ass and pussy. He inserts a finger and then 2 and then I'm not sure how many he had in there.

When pleasure takes over you lose all awareness. He fingers my pussy at the same time this is like a bolt of lightning and I cum again. Bucking against his hand he cracks my ass. He never did end up fucking me in my ass. There is always next time. He moves up against me pressing his semi hard cock against my ass and my hot wet twat. Hands free he grinds against me. I growl at him to spank me.

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Smacking my ass lightly at first, I tell him harder and he lays a nice stinging blow to my right ass cheek. I move back on him and swallow his cock with my pussy.

He cracks it again and again. He pushes my hips down lower on the bed and begins to rub against my pussy lips and clit I tighten my thighs together and cross my feet. I move with him and cum again. The sound of sloshing fluids fills the air. He moves his cock in and out of my pussy and over my clit in perfect rhythm as if he was reading my mind. Yet again I shake under him.

He begins to shudder and I feel him swell inside me. Holding back, he slipped out. He begins to slowly work himself against my pussy lips and clit I worked my thighs together and using my toes against the mattress, we soon got into a lovely rhythm.

As if he and I are swimming on land. He brings me off and I begin to tremble under him my legs sexy teeny seduce an old man with her perfect feet and cause painful surges through the backs of my legs. I gasp for air he brings himself to an almost stand still. He enters me again and plows me into the mattress. He pulls out again and proceeds to rub himself against me I feel him swell between my thighs and he lets loose ejaculating all over my asshole, pussy lips, and clit.

He holds himself there.

As his semen begins to cool and run down over me, causing little shivers and spasms to run throughout my body. He lay down on his back and I snuggled up against him. My heart is over come with emotions of pleasure and guilt and I tear up a little, I'm not sure if he caught it. We lay there enjoying each other's company. We both don't want this moment to end. We chat a little and I feel the stir of desire ripple through me as his touches become more sensual.

I touch his legs with just the tips of my fingers, casually grazing his cock and balls. He tells me that it unusual lesbo models are opening up and fisting ass holes be awhile before he can perform again, leaning up, he tells me that he want me to just lay back and enjoy myself.

He slowly begins kissing my lips and face. And works his kisses and nips over my neck and ears. Shivers of delight cover me. He kisses down to my chest and teases my nipples with just whispers of touches. He begins to give in and slowly sucks a nip between his lips biting lightly and sucking gently I tell him to bury his face and he does.

He holds my 42C breasts in his hands and alternates between them.

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I pull his head in further so he can suck as much of me as possible. I tell him to suck them like he would if he was drinking from a straw.

Hd pov petite black girl is hungry for your cock obliges with long and steady sucks. As he massages my other with his strong hands, he runs a casual finger over my free nipple as he continues to ravish my other. I can get off just by nipple stimulation. I whither under him holding his head hard against my breast. He smiles up at me with an evil grin.

I lean down and kiss his moist mouth. Tongues intertwining I pull his tongue into my mouth with my lips. And suck it gently. We kiss strong and long our hands caressing, and pulling each other closer. I must have him. He pulls away and kisses me down to my center.

He kisses the insides of my thighs. Putting a little pressure on the backs of my thighs he pushes my legs back, he looks down at me, before his face disappears between them. The feelings in which he causes to run throughout my body, as his tongue and lips and hell his whole face are indescribable.

It doesn't take long for me to cum and cum and cum again I tap out basically and tell him I can't take anymore. We notice the time and know that our time together would soon end. We waddle I would say on shaky knees and feeling as if we are floating into the bathroom. I turn on the shower and we wash up. He more than I. I planned on taking a long hot bath after he left.

We towel off and redress. He and I talk a little. We do not want this time to stop, but know all too much that it will. We say our goodbyes and he leaves.