Indian teen call girl invite home for anal fuck

Indian teen call girl invite home for anal fuck
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I must confess the story I am relating is the most unusual, and the most exciting I have ever related. My girl and I were invited to a couple's "bachelor party." I know, that is exactly what I thought. Whoever heard of a couples bachelor party? I was very skeptical, to say the least. However, just a few minutes after we arrived my curiosity was not only satisfied, but piqued to new heights.

The host and our friend, Mike, introduced his hostess, the bride to be, Gladys.

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I know, I know, who wants the bride to be at the last "freedom" party before marriage? Well, just hang on. It was her idea, and he bought into it. Here goes. They told us to mix and mingle and get to know one another, as it would help in the game part of the party. I figured the dating game or some nonsense. Boy, was I wrong!! More like a mating party.

They took us into a large room, with foam mats all over the floor and pillows scattered throughout. There were two tables on each side, and sex toys were lying on them. There was also a rack of lingerie. They told us we were going to have a "private adult" party, and if anyone had any misgivings or inhibitions, they should leave now, no hurt feelings; otherwise, the doors would be locked and no one allowed to leave, until the party ended.

Well, this surely peaked our interest, and none of the seven couples left. That made 16 people, counting the host and hostess. They did tell us that no one had to do anything they were uncomfortable with, and certainly not with anyone but their partner, unless it was consensual. Four of the couples were already married, and the rest like Melissa and myself, just dating or dating seriously.

We were encouraged to take a few more minutes and have some drinks and eat some finger foods and snacks, as supper would be in another hour or so, after the entertainment.

They did not tell us the drinks were "loaded" and that our inhibitions were about to reach sunny leone xxx story sex stories 2019 ebony bhasha me levels. It happened so subtly that not one of us noticed. We all just sipped our drinks, including already poured soft drinks, ate crackers and dip, mints, chips, and sandwiches, and began to feel at ease.

I knew all but two couples anyway, and found out later that that was the case with most of us. Some of us sat on the mats and leaned on the pillows, taking our time and conversing with friends and making new ones. After a short intermission, the hostess got our attention by ringing a bell, and asked that we begin by introducing ourselves out loud. We did, and the drugs began to affect us even more. We were then asked to begin caressing each other, by couples. We needed no help with that.

We began to kiss and grope, and feel, and sway, and dance to the music setting the mood, and, well you know … We american porn star sex 2019 then told it was fine, even encouraged, to disrobe to any level we were comfortable. The drugs had made the room seem hotter, and the overhead fans helped very little. Probably planned it that way. Melissa and I were acting our parts. No one seemed to pay attention to anyone else and no one left.

We French kissed, until I thought she would suck my tongue out by the root. I pressed my hard cock against her miniskirt and she began to moan. I knew where she was headed. There was a lot of pelvis rubbing and moaning going on in the room. The lights were lowered slightly and slow dance music could barely be made out, and the mood picked up. I lowered Melissa's skirt and she stepped out of it. I am still not sure how we all found our clothing after the party was over.

She kicked the skirt to the side, and I pulled her tube top up and over her head and upraised arms. Her breasts, very large I might add, bobbed up and down in a teasing manner, finally coming to rest at attention, if you know what I mean. I began to kiss and caress her bulbous orbs and she leaned backwards for a better view, or taste, whatever.

She looked at me, and said, "I am not doing this by myself, buster." She reached down and unbuckled my pants and I kicked off my loafers. Her sandals followed mine to the side wall, and my pants hit the floor with a thunk. She unbuttoned my shirt and cast it aside also. We looked around, and every couple was now in various stages of undress. Two couples were already in the buff. Our hostess got our attention again, and advised us to not get in a big hurry, or be so narrow as to think we were to have all the fun in pairs only.

This also got our attention. I had never been in an orgy, but had secretly wanted to for years. I found out that it did not matter, as we were in no shape to put up a good argument. We were all in a funky haze, just drifting above drunkenness, but still able to make decisions and able to stay upright. We took up where we left off, and I had my fingers under the top of Melissa's white silk panties and into her soft, wet vagina. She was riding my hand and pulling my mouth into hers with as much pressure as she could muster.

My teeth mashed my lips and vice versa with Melissa. The lights came up to full brightness and we were asked to stop what saucy sluts enjoy pleasuring big cocks pornstars and cumshots were doing. There was much groaning and complaining, but not enough to argue.

We all knew that something really good must be coming up for them to stop us in the midst of sexual escapades. Mike, the groom to be, pulled Gladys, his bride to be, over to him and undressed her.

He unzipped her short black cocktail dress, and laid it on the table. He unsnapped her bra from the front, and let her breasts come free of the lacy material that had captured them. He laid the bra on the dress. He hoisted one leg and slowly rolled down the red, sheer, seamed hose that encased it to the thigh.

He peeled it off and cast it onto the bra. He lifted the other leg and did the same, leaving her clad only in red 7" spiked heels and matching crotch-less lace panties; she turning around to show off, and there were a few teasing whistles and cat calls.

He picked her up and sat her on a large wooden table, located at the front of the room, next to the drink table.

She began to give the instructions for the remainder of the party. "Mike is going to make love to me, orally, she explained. That will leave his behind, open, so to speak. I am going to start a timer, and every two minutes, someone must join his or herself to the one who is in front of them, at the dildo line, with a dildo or sex toy of their choice, from the tables on either side of the room. You may use your own tool, men, any way you choose, but you must also use a dildo or sex toy in any combination you wish.

There are also sexy costumes and lingerie, for any of you to choose, male or female can wear either, just have fun; or make the scene in the au-natural. Mike has chosen a chin-strap dildo, and will plunge it into my vagina, while giving me cunnilingus.

If you have never experienced this, ladies, I highly recommend it.

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The tongue action, joining the same motion as the dildo, can drive you to heights never before reached and a climax that will leave you breathless and weak as a kitten. You must alternate between man and woman. A woman must link herself, front or back, to the man in front. The man must link himself to the woman, front or back also. There are butt plugs, penis' of every shape and size, all kinds of straps, girdles, etc.

You were given numbers, by couple, when you first arrived. Mike and I are number one. Couple number two will have five minutes to decide on the toy of their choice, and then every two minutes after that a new person joins the line. Try not to get too fast, as we want to try to climax at nearly the same time. If you are a multi-climax person, the better to fuck you, my dear. That means that Mike will be with me for over thirty minutes before the last one joins the line. Please do not start your own party, and do not model babe in bikini sucking stud dick in early.

No pun intended. We want to do this exactly as planned and get everyone in on the act.

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We will start now." With that, she hit the timer, and the seconds began ticking away. Mike began by taking a glass of champagne and pouring it over the mound of hair on the pussy staring at him.

Gladys tilted her hips and Mike inserted a glass tube into her pussy. The tube had a larger globe at the bottom. Mike then poured some champagne into the container. Gladys then tilted her pussy forwards and let the fluid flow into Mike's mouth.

"Cheers," he said, "let the games begin." He then affixed the dildo with the chin-strap around his head, and began moving towards the area between Gladys open legs. He first caressed her legs and kissed her toes and feet.

He was going to be there for a while, so he might as well take it slow and easy. Everyone began to slowly approach the tables with the toys. Couple number two had mom thought it is dad son fuck start first, so we gave them room.

Besides, we wanted to see what they would do, and we did not want to all be copycats. The lights went back down and the music was turned up. We were waiting to see what happened next. Gary and Cindy were the lucky next couple. They were obviously familiar with these types of toys, as they both chose their object and moved to the front pretty quickly.

By now, everyone figured out they needed no clothing, so nearly everyone had disrobed, with the exception of two ladies who kept their garter belt and hose on. Some took additional time with their partner, more than others did, but all were interested in seeing what Gary and Cindy would do.

Cindy went to a rack of clothing and other essentials, and removed a long, red, curly wig and placed on her head.

The curls hung several inches past her shoulder. Gary helped her into a leather cut-out bra, fitting it over her swollen bosom. Her breasts jutted out, the tips pointing the way, whichever direction she stood in.

Gary, and a few others, was drooling already. Cindy had chosen a double dildo, each one 7-8 inches long. She held it up to Gary, who licked one end and helped insert it into her vagina. Gary had already knelt and applied his tongue to her already moist lips, and the tool inserted easily. There was a large ring in the middle of the dildo, making sure hot teen big tits dildos pussy on cam the plastic dick could only be inserted so far.

Cindy seemed to have a cavern between her legs.