Charming honey reveals massive butt and gets anal shagged

Charming honey reveals massive butt and gets anal shagged
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THIS IS A RE-RELEASE OF "I won't tell if you don't tell, Part 2-Aftermath" with the addition of theme tags inadvertantly left out originally AND NO OTHER CHANGES.

No one's trying to trick anyone. The following story picks up from the end of the edited /reposted Part 1. Thanks to everyone for the feedback for improving my writing-please continue to do so. This part of the story is more about my getting discovered and how we dealt with it, leading to our closer relationship. To get Beth's help in writing all this, I promised to include this painful, funny, but less sexy part of the tale so we don't seem like mindless, sex-obsessed teenage characters in low budget porno flick.

Tolerate us for the moment, there is more good stuff to come. After 3 decades some dialogue had to be improvised (sorry) but it does follow all we remember thinking and feeling. The folding door swung open and I stood face-to-face with my naked sister who'd come looking for our cat, Tinkerbell, and as such Beth was looking at the floor for a cat, taking a moment to register my presence. Her eyes started at my shoes and traveled quickly upwards past my crotch to my face, where her mouth dropped open, eyes got VERY big, and the startled shrieks began.

Several short, loud ones as she danced backwards against the bed, her arms lifting up against her torso but not covering her chest. Floozy doesnt mind getting finger drilled japanese and hardcore goes to my level of depravity that as I stood there, dick in hand and sister screaming, I still registered how nice her titties looked bouncing on chest as she danced in place. Beth was so surprised and stunned she didn't initially think to cover her "parts" and it wasn't until I reached forward blurting "No, no, it's just &hellip." that she attempted to cover her breasts while scrabbling backwards onto the bed.

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Beth grabbed the pillow from behind her and covered herself (mostly) as I stepped out into better light saying "&, Mike, your brother." in a pitifully lame attempt to calm her. Thats when recognition set in, the shrieking stopped and the fear turned to anger. " YOU! You creepy little (sputtering, no words), you scared the SHIT outta me". All the joy from watching her turned to embarrassment and shame that I'd scared her so much, my erection quickly withering.

"What were you DOING in there? Spying? So you could joke with your friends about how fat I am?". Then she realized what was going on at crotch level (bunched up pants, things sticking out, etc.) and the surprise stopped her for a moment. Then it was "What the hell were you…are those my…?". Her eyes got as big as dinner plates, and she cried "OHMYGOD EEEWWW!" as only a teenage girl can.

[ By the way, the above are all exact quotes that still make me cringe even now to remember] At that I threw the dripping panty onto the floor like I was swatting a giant poisonous spider from my genitals, and started to gibber things about the missing tape, how it was an accident, I didn't mean to watch, and other pitiful excuses. I desperately tried to hide my no-longer privates with both hands, shielding them from incoming missiles as Beth yelled and threw things at me.

"You Creep, you (lotion bottle) Pervert, what is it, you get off laughing at (hair brush) fat girls, think their funny? (pillow)". This last throw left her momentarily exposed giving me my first good look at her pussy since the start as her hands or a leg had usually obscured this treasure during her masturbating.

Her pubes were still full and puffy,looking strange and beautiful covered in neatly trimmed blond hair cut to hide under a bikini. But my admiration was cut short as Beth grabbed the only thing left in reach, a small throw pillow, and covered (of all things) her tummy and the top of her pussy while the other hand went to her breasts. Here, I must explain to readers of the first chapter that I left out something describing my beautiful sister.

Yes, she had no muffin top or spare tire, but she did have a tummy bulge a bit larger than her skinny peers at school, which Beth says contributed to her feeling not as attractive as them.

When going to sun herself she kept it covered with a towel so we never noticed and was more embarrassed to have that seen than her naked tits. I apologize. While I couldn't deny that I was probably both a creep and a pervert I loved my sister enough I didn't want her to believe that I thought her fat, unattractive, or someone whose looks I'd joke about to my friends. She sounded more hurt than mad so I blurted/yelled out something like "I'M SORRYREALLYSORRYI'DNEVER LAUGHAT YOUWITHTHEGUYS AND IDON'TTHINK YOU'REFAT ITHINKYOU'RE BEAUTIFUL".

That stopped Beth dead, who started to say something but stopped with the look on her face trading between pissed off and confused.

It was quiet for a few moments till she spoke saying "Well, MAYBE you're less of a creep but you're STILL a sex pervert for watching me and doing THAT (pointing at my crotch) with my, my… (pointing at panties on floor)". Remembering what I'd heard I barked back at her "OH, YEAH? You're doing things with other girls, and I'M the pervert?". The comment hit her hard, the fear and upset over my knowing so obviously showing on her face that I immediately regretted it.

"You heard that?" she asked, meekly. "Hard not to, you weren't trying to be quiet" I answered. We sat and stood silently, with her getting more and more upset, sniffly, and close to crying till I couldn't watch it anymore and spoke again, quipping "So I guess we're both perverts?" which made her smile a little. I sat down on the end of the bed saying "I'm just a newer, accidental one." "Oh.

OH!" Beth exclaimed, realizing what I meant. "No, you don't understand, I-We didn't plan it either. In fact Tessy and I haven't really done anything much at all, we were just talking one hot beautiful teen chick sucks a pecker hiddencam and hardcore in her room about boys, and kissing, and wondering how it was.

So we tried it-just to practice for boys-and it felt so nice we kept doing it over and over giving each other pointers and soon it got so nice and exciting we were kinda making out and doing stuff." She blushed beet red and looke away.

It now my turn to get all wide eyed. "Really? That's like so cool. How? Doing what?" momentarily forgetting all about my embarrassment. I know, I know, so like a guy wanting to hear about two girls making out but remember I knew NOTHING about real sex and hoped Beth might throw a few beams of light on the darkness.

When I showed curiosity instead of lridicule or condemnation she began to relax, even seeming eager to share with someone about it. She began "You know. Like kissing each other's necks, touching our tongues when kissing…" As my mind wrapped itself around what Beth was saying, drawing itself pictures, my body couldn't help but respond, my cock stirring beneath my hands. "… rubbing each other's boobies through our clothing. You know, stuff". Beth scooched closer, no longer thinking to cover herself, and whispered "Tessy even rubbed me (she hot blonde nurse rides a thick prick DOWN THERE for a little bit.

"Did you.?"I barely manged to squeak out my throat was so tight. "No, I kinda chickened out but wanted to do something to make her feel as good as she was making me feel.

So when Tess mentioned she was jealous of my big boobies (hers being alittle small) I told her they made her look like a fashion model instead of a porno queen." Beth began whispering again like someone might hear her. "Then I pulled up her t shirt and began kissing and rubbing her cute little boobs with their nice, puffy nipples, making her moan a bit so I did it more. We kept doing that for a while, holding each other close till her mom knocked on the door and spoiled it. It was so sweet, and intense, and exciting, and I got so wet, it's been easy to get myself off thinking about it." As Beth descibed her and Tess's tryst I noticed her right hand slide down between her legs and start rubbing herself.

I'd become speechless, my cock continuing to harden which forced to me use both hands to cover the now embarrassing erection. My two previous massive cums had thoroughly drained my spunk reserves so I had some time before my nuts got full and desperate to let loose yet I was extremely aroused and very sensitive. Beth realized college boy girl sex story ebony she had just told me, getting even redder and covering her face with her hands.

"I can't believe I'm telling you this stuff. Please, pleeease dont tell anyone. Mom and Dad will kill me and Tessy will never speak to me again. It's not that I think I like other girls more than boys but that's my only experience with anyone. There just seems like there aren't any boys who want to have anything to do with me." Her voice ended in such a sad note I couldn't let it go so I started in telling her that, no matter what, I would never tell her secret to anyone, it was ok to like whoever she wanted and we were all new to this stuff, that she was crazy thinking no guy wanted her, how all the guys I knew watched her when she'd walk by ESPECIALLY Jeff who I was sure had a crush on her, that she had a great figure and stick thin girls were overrated, that she dressed real nice, looked dynamite in a bikini (that got a smile), but wasn't a stuck up bitch, had big big lun xxx storys sexiest underwear I had ever seen (she rolled her eyes and giggled), and if I were a guy in her class I'd be hitting on her constantly trying to get my tongue down her throat.

By the last comment I was the one turning red. She sat there for a moment, sniffing, then moved up grabbing me and hugging me hard, catching me by surprise, with my arm getting wedged between her soft, warm breasts and her cheek mooshed against mine. After a few moments she let go, propping herself up with her left hand on my thigh touching my hand that covered Mr. Happy, and spoke.

"Thank you for keeping this a secret and I won't tell if you don't" she said, nodding at the panties and grinning. "You're a creep for scaring me, and a bit of a perv for watching me but I'll forgive some of that if you really think I'm that pretty. You're also the nicest, sweetest brother I could ever have." Then she gave me a light kiss at the corner of my mouth, barely touching my lips yet enough to send electricity shooting up and down my spine.

Unfortunately between the description of her encounter with Tess, the proximity of her naked body as we talked, my thoughts about putting my tongue down her throat, her hand on my thigh next to my erection, the warmth of her breasts rubbing my arm, the sight of her playing with her pussy, AND that kiss I now had now come back to full hardness.

It wasn't just that I was aroused by her presence but I actually cared how she felt and was happy- no, turned on to see her smile again instead of yelling in fear or anger. My raging boner was screaming for even the slightest amount of friction from either of the hands pressed against it to satisfy, even just momentarily, it's lust for the naked goddess sitting inches from me, the desire for whom I had twice given into explosively just today, and who I had (in the strangest of twists) just connected with over the mystery of sex in a deep way we never had experienced before.

To calm this nagging need I tried to slowly rub my hand unnoticed across the underside of my cock near the head which generated a wave of incredible pleasure I struggled to hide.

My true mistake, however, was momentarily glancing down at my cock as the wave swept through me, with my smiling sister barely a foot away. Something in that glance and the look on my face made her look down spotting the hand movement.

"Oh, you're kidding me! You're doing it again?!" she cried, yanking imy hand off my cock. "Do you guys EVER stop?" Beth laughed as I shook my head no. She looked back and forth from my face to my erection which had become so fully swollen it bounced up, wiggling in the air when she pushed the other hand away. She studied it for a moment, exclaiming "Wow! It looks so BIG (I could have kissed her). Is that really 'cause of me??" I was a little embarrassed and intimidated that my formerly private part was getting scrutinized like a bug under a microscope.

I nodded yes then began telling her how sorry I was, that I wasn't doing it on purpose, it had a mind of its own, and it was just too much listening to the talk about her and Tess while having to look at her all naked and sexy. I got up, my pants around my ankles, trying to wrestle my twisted underwear up over my erection while telling her I needed to go take care of it so I'd stop humiliating myself.

"You mean reality kings two twerking babes in foursom off?" Beth asked I nodded, and the next thing i know I got yanked backwards onto the bed.

"Oh, no you won't" said Beth, bouncing atop me and pinning my arms and hips to the bed. Her breast hung down unflattened by gravity and tipped with pert, pointed nipples that looked HUGE at that range, holding my attention totally. "You got to enjoy yourself, getting to see all my stuff, watch a sex show AND make a mess of my clothing while all I've seen is one thing, and huge as it looks I don't feel that's a fair trade".

Later Beth admitted she enjoyed dominating me for a little while for having scared her.

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I tried to squirm away (not very hard) but those gently swaying boobs and erect nipples had me mesmerized. Beth continued. "You owe me a bunch and since I'm still not sure I'm going to get to see another guy's stuff anytime soon, you're going to pay up and put on a show for me, answer my questions about guys, and anything else I can think of. Got it?" Beth sounded serious and had me where she wanted so I said yes, figuring I really had no other choice and that capitulation was the safest route.

Besides, the titties commanded me to submit and I couldn't resist. "Did you really mean all that stuff you told me, how your friends watch me and Jeff is hot slutty cathy has her anus plowed hard pornstars creampie me?" she asked, looking me in the eye I nodded yes.

"Do you really think I dress nice, and I'm not a bitch or look fat?" I nodded yes. "Do you really think I have the sexiest underwear you've ever, ever seen?" she asked, smiling I nodded yes, grinning. "Do you really think I'm beautiful and look hot in my bikini? Beth cooed, leaning closer. I nodded vigorously. "Would you really put your tongue down my throat if you could?" Beth's face and lips seemed just inches away and I forgot about the titties.

I'm pretty sure this is the point I started to really fall for my sister. I didnt want to be just her brother/close friend but also her boyfriend or her secret lover. I weakly nodded yes "Good" she said leaning back quickly, leaving me aroused, confused, and wanting. "Since I know your parts are happy to see my parts I bet we can both end up enjoying this." With that said, Beth flexed her pelvis downward rubbing it along my erection and making me gasp, groan, and shudder all at once.

I could feel she was very wet down there which, along with the rock hard nipples, made it plain she was definitely horny. She smiled and softened her voice, saying "If you teach me a little about guys, maybe I can teach you some things about girls, like how to kiss them." "Now, off with those pants. I can't wait to find out about boys".