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Grandpa pussy fucking teen pierced tongue facial cumshot old man young girl and oldandyoung
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Many a tale have been told of romance between a human and a vampire, but none such a tale as this. For this is the tale of the next door vampire.

She was fucking him, fucking him good. Her light and slender body bouncing up and down on his cock. Both moaned in pure ecstasy, each calling out each others names as he buried himself further and further within her with each bounce. Pushing with his hips, he met her bouncing with a thrust to bury himself deeper and deeper within her, his thick cock stretching out her tight, velvet hole. Beads of sweat were breaking out on their foreheads as they fucked with passion with their eyes closed, fixed only on the sensation of absolute sex.

"Oh god Steven!!!" she roared out as she clawed her nails into his chest as she rode him like she wouldn't live for another second. "Fuck yeah Steven!!! Fuck me with that fat dick!!!" He was only happy to comply. Thrusting harder and faster, she moaned and clawed her nails x mother hot son family ebony dubbing into his chest.

"Steven!!! Steven!!! Steven!!!" she screamed out. "Steven! Wake up for heaven's sake!" What the fuck? He was just fucking his dream girl and now he was being woken up by his mother? "Don't waste another summer day! I'll be home around five today. For god's sake, don't waste another day." His mother walked out of the room after waking him up, and a few minutes later her car could be heard driving off to work.

"Fuck…" he said rolling over, and brought a hand to his throbbing penis. With his other hand, he pulled the sheets off of himself to expose his beautiful seven inch cock.

He began to pump up and down with his fist. After a few minutes of masturbating his dick, he began to moan and think about his dream. He was still a virgin so he didn't know what sex felt, but he imagined heaven when his cock was inside his dream girl.

Imagining pumping his cock deep in her, he moved his hand up and down his cock quickly. He moaned loudly and moaned her name. Then he came. His orgasm came strong and hit him like a powerful wave of sexual energy. Cum blasted out of his dick and erupted on to his chest and stomach.

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Load after load shot out of his penis and created a small pool of his sperm on his torso. He lay in silence after the orgasm subsided.

"Goddamn was that good…" he said as he got up to wipe the cum off himself. He walked over to the shower and turned it on. Looking down at his cum soaked torso he turned on the faucet and began to wash the cum off of himself.

He couldn't help but wipe some on his finger and suck it off. He had to admit that his cum tasted good. It was sweet and creamy and went smoothly down his throat and thought it would be good to taste on a girl's tongue, his dream girl's tongue. He then thought about her. Who was she? She was in fact lesbea young tight teen gets her mouth covered in sweet pussy juices next door neighbor, Mindy.

The two of them had been best friends since they were only in first grade. Steven had always had a little crush on Mindy, and this crush had developed over the years and had now become more of a secret love that he was desperate to admit but could never find the perfect chance to let Mindy know his feelings. He always wanted to know if she felt the same way about him or if she thought nothing more of him than just a regular friend. Because of his crush on her, Steven turned down all the offers from other girls and cared solely about Mindy, and it seemed as if Mindy didn't have that much interest in other guys and spent most of her time with him anyway.

After he got out of the shower, he got dressed and checked his phone. A new message. "Hey. I'm super bored. Wanna hang out?" It was Mindy. Steven hurriedly put on his shoes and rushed outside and out to Mindy's house. She was already relaxing and sitting on her porch. She waved as he approached her. "Hey!" she smiled, "You came." "Of course. How are you?" Mindy giggled.

"Well… bored… duh!" she giggled again. The image of his cock ramming into her sweet, young body came to Steven's mind. He mercedes carrera first time anal fuck by lexingtons big cock not to think about it. As he sat down, she looked at him intently. "You just took a shower didn't you," she said pointing at his hair. Steven chuckled and nodded. "Yeah. Pretty obvious right?

My hair's all wet." But that's not what I want wet, he thought to himself. "How long have you been up? You must have showered early." "My usual wake up time: six," she giggled as she said so. "I know it's the summer but its just so hard for me to sleep in, but I like to take showers like right after I wake up 'cause… well… it helps wake me up," she said looking at Steven with a smile.

She then jumped up, "I'm gonna get a popsicle, want one?" "I'm good," Steven replied. After Mindy returned, the two were sat in silence on. Mindy licking at her blueberry popsicle, intently stared off into oblivion. She peered out with her cool, blue-ish gray eyes which were behind a simple pair of black-framed glasses.

She wore a light mango colored polo shirt along with a pair of gray jeans which fit tightly to her slender eighteen year old body. Her golden hair was put into little pigtails which rested neatly on her shoulders and were tied each with a red plaid bow.

Steven on the other hand had short hair which was in between a dark brown and black. He too was eighteen and was beginning to grow back his stubble which he now had to shave every day. His muscular body was evident in the black T-shirt he wore. Mindy broke the silence.

"So… what do you wanna do?" Steven was silent for a second. "Maybe go out for lunch," he said. "I'll pay." Mindy giggled, "You better pay, bitch. 'Cause I'm gonna be driving. Where do you wanna go though? I've been wanting to have a nice burger lately. How bout we go to Ryan's?" "Fuck I haven't been there in a while. I love their fries." "Well then lets go!" Mindy said as she got up.

The two walked to the car and drove off to have their meal. They enjoyed their time there, Steven especially. He teased Mindy about how she ate her fries saying she looked like a child. In return she threw a fry at Steven's face, hitting him square in the cheek and leaving a greasy mark. Mindy laughed as she took a napkin and playfully whipped the spot away from Steven's cheek.

He thought that they would make a cute couple and his mind wondered off, leading Mindy to scold him for not paying attention to her. He wanted very bad at that point to just ask her to be his girlfriend. After they had eaten, they decided to go back to Steven's and watch a movie; this proved to be rather difficult. The two stared at Steven's movie collection silently, undecided.

"What about this one?" Steven finally said pointing to one movie. "C'mon you know I don't do good with blood," Mandy said shaking her head.

"What about this?" she said pointing to a comedy. "That's fine," Steven said as he pulled the movie out of its case and popped it into the player.

"Hey how bout I slice us up some oranges? My mom got some the other day at the market and I gotta say they're pretty fuckin delicious." "Sure!" exclaimed Mindy. "But could you slice me up a lemon? You know I love me the sour stuff," she said with a giggle.

"Yeah, no problem." Steven went off in to the kitchen and got to work while Mindy busied herself with getting the movie set up and ready. As Mindy waited for Steven, she heard a yelp form the kitchen.

"Shit!" Steven yelled out. Mindy ran into the kitchen. "What happened?" Then she saw his finger and shrieked. "Fuck! Blood!" she muttered in a breathless whisper. She stood still for a second before looking up at Steven's face and running out of the house. "Mindy!" Steven called after her, but she didn't even look back.

"Goddamn it. It's just a small cut. All I need is alcohol and a band-aid. She can't even stand that?" he began to chuckle. "That girl's hopeless." After Steven had fixed himself he decided he would take a nap since he did not want to watch the movie alone.

He awoke to the buzzing of his phone. It was a message from Mindy. "Hey, sorry for bailing. I hope your finger is ok. And I hope you weren't lonely watching the movie alone. <3" Steven laughed quietly. A heart, he thought, this girl is too cute. He lay in bed for a couple of seconds, contemplating on his reply.

Then he had an idea. "What the hell was that all about? Leaving me like that? You made me very sad and lonely! But I didn't watch the movie by myself.

So, if you don't come over here right now, I'll send you a pic of my cut finger, bitch!" He grinned as he hit the send button. It wasn't long before he got a reply. "Ooh… I have to have dinner with my parents right now… my dad got a raise or something but I'll come over when we get back ok?" Steven replied with a simple, "fine," and a sad face.

With Mindy not coming over soon, Steven decided to sleep some more, but he was about to get a rude awakening. *** Steven was startled awake to have a pillow thrust into his face.

He was being smothered by an unknown assailant! He struggled to get the pillow off his face, but the surprise he had been dealt and his state of consciousness impaired him from being able to fight back well.

"How do you like that bitch?" Steven heard the assailant say. It sounded like… "Mindy?" Steven managed to say muffled under the pillow. Gently the pillow was lifted and Mindy's pretty little face was revealed with a large ecstatic grin. "What the hell are you doing here?" Steven asked groggily. "Your mom let me fucking every hole on that perfect inked body. I sent you a couple messages, but I guess you were asleep.

So, I waited for your mom to get home, and she let me in. Apparently you weren't supposed to waste the day sleeping… again!" she said lightly and playfully slapping him across the one eyed monster in all of her holes hardcore and blowjob. "Bad boy!" she said giggling. "But… I vouched for you and said that we went out for lunch, and your mom gave me this weird look.

It was funny. I think she thinks that we like each other or something. Maybe it's 'cause we've been friends since we were little." Mindy said with a smile. The smile was a large smile; she didn't show any teeth. It was more of a satisfied and happy on the inside smile, like she was genuinely happy to have been friends with Steven for so long.

It was a loving smile. Steven longed for it to be a romantic love. They sat there together for a few seconds looking deeply at each other. Steven began to sit up and his fingers landed on Mindy's as he did so. Electricity ran through Steven's body and he moved his and quickly and apologized.

Mindy said nothing but stared deeply into his eyes. Steven fell into a trance. Mindy was just so beautiful and he just wanted to kiss he.

If only he could move. Wait… If only he could move? Steven tried to move his arm and then his legs. Neither would move. His eyes were locked with Mindy's, he beautiful eyes.

Was he paralyzed with love? He opened his mouth to speak thinking that… Mindy's mouth suddenly opened wide to reveal fangs bared at Steven.

She quickly lunged forward at his neck. Steven's heart raced with absolute terror as her fangs clamped down on to his jugular. His neck went numb as his mind went black and faintly wondered if this was the end of his life or just a really strange dream. His body went cold, almost below freezing, as Mindy bit further into his neck. Then Mindy, if this even was Mindy, suddenly stopped.

Steven could feel Mindy's tongue softly lick at the bite she had made. Licking and sucking, she moaned. This moan sent shockwaves though Steven's body, causing his cock to stiffen. Mindy kept licking at his wound as he wondered just what was happening. He searched for the strength to speak. "Mindy…" he was able to say breathlessly. This did nothing, and Steven decided to try again but he found he had no strength.

He then blacked out. *** Steven awoke suddenly, gasping for air. His labored breathing was loud and shaky. He sat up. Looking over he saw he had another new message. It was from Mindy. "When you wake up send me a text." What the hell did that mean? Quickly Steven sent a reply and lay back down once he had finished.

As soon as he closed his eyes he heard a "poof" sound from next to his bed. He opened his and jumped. Mindy was standing next to his bed. "Mindy!" he whispered in a desperate tone. "What the hell… how the hell…" Mindy shushed him and sat down on the bed next to Steven. Grasping his hand in hers she spoke. "What happened earlier… wasn't a dream…" Steven's expression went stone cold.

"There's no easy way to say this, but, I am indeed a vampire and that's why I'm no good with blood, because I crave it. I have gone all eighteen years of my life, until tonight, not having had human blood, but every vampire unconsciously picks a mate at a very young age. You are my mate Steven. My body is attracted to yours and your blood and eventually I will crack, which I did tonight. Contrary to most belief, vampires mate for life and reproduce once and once only.

My father was born a vampire and mated my mother. A long time later my mother and father had me. A vampire's life is rough from the start because they must live apart from their mother and father a year after they are born.

The mother and father give their child two ghouls to look after them and raise them and serve the child in any way it needs as it grows. The child will drink the ghoul's blood until it is mature enough to handle human's blood." "What?" Steven muttered. The two sat in silence for a few minutes. A look of stark confusion struck Steven's face. "What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What?" Steven stammered repeatedly.

"You're a vampire and I'm your human bitch? What?!" Mindy sat silently for a second. "In short… yes," she finally replied. "But eventually you will become my mate and I will turn you into a vampire." Steven's want for romance between himself and Mindy now disappeared. He longed for a normal relationship. He wanted this strangely nightmare-ish situation to be a dream, some sort of awful illusion that he would soon realize and wake up from.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. "Mindy…" Steven started, "I want you to know something. I had a crush on you shortly after we met. I've come to love you, but now… with this? I'm your… mate?" "I know… this isn't the easiest pill to swallow… but it's the truth and Steven… I've loved you for a long time now and…" Steven cut her off, "Hey!

Whoa whoa… wait up. I'm not sure I'm liking this whole thing so much Mindy. I loved you but now this is just freaky." "You mean… you don't feel the same any more?" "I don't know, but this is weird. I can't tell if I'm just having some weird psychotic, bad acid trip dream." "Ok then… we'll have to work on love then now wont we?" Mindy said leaning down to kiss Steven, to which he quickly put a hand up and stopped her.

"Hold on. Are you going to bite me?!" "I was going to kiss you…" "Look… I'm going to need to… god I don't know… but I cant have you here right now. I need to think… I need to breath, god do I need to breath." Mindy stood, "I'll leave you then." Then in a black puff of smoke, she vanished. Steven didn't know what to think.

What was going on? He was a vampire's mate? What? Unable to think straight, he decided to sleep. *** When Steven awoke, he saw he had another message from Mindy. "Send me a message when you wake up. I want to see you," it sexual and wild three some smalltits hardcore. At first Steven didn't want to send her a message, but he wanted to find out exactly what was going on and make sure he wasn't going crazy.

He stared at the phone for a few seconds then began to think back to yesterday. Mindy's fangs bared and her biting into his neck was now burned into his mind. He had once loved her, but did he still? Steven was unsure of what to do or think; normality seemed light years away now. All he wanted now was for everything to be the way they were before all this happened.

A regular human relationship was all he wanted to have with Mindy, but now it seemed as if all he could have was this very strange monstrosity of a relationship. The fact that he was also her "mate" didn't help the fact that he felt like he was stuck in a cage that was only getting smaller. As he was laying in bed thinking, Mindy was laying in hers. She loved Steven and now felt as if she had pushed him away from her. Then as if something in her stirred, she somehow felt, or more like sensed, that Steven was awake.

Sitting up quickly she wondered if she should "poof" herself over. Startling Steven was something she did not want to do, but she wanted very badly to be there to apologize to him and be by his side. Steven was picking up his phone when all of the sudden Mindy appeared in a puff of black smoke. At first they stared at each other in silence. "Mindy…" Steven finally said, breaking the silence.

"I'm sorry for how I reacted yesterday." "You're sorry? Look Steven, I'm sorry for doing what I did. There's no easy way to tell you what I am and no easy way to accept it." "You're right Mindy… this isn't easy. Truthfully, its fucking weird." "Well how can I make it seem more normal?" "There's no way for this to be normal, Mindy." "Well, if I suck your blood, it's supposed to bring us closer." "What?" "When I suck your blood, I become closer to you.

I am able to sense things about you. That's how I knew you were awake. Steven… your blood is intoxicating. I need it… right now…" Mindy said inching closer and closer blaked school girl new red tuv 2019 Steven.

"Hey, wait up now…" Mindy suddenly thrust herself on to Steven and opened her mouth for the kill. Steven struggled to hold her back, but somehow she was extremely strong. She pinned Steven down and with her grey eyes now shifting to a strange red color, she stared through to his heart. "I must have you, my love," she whispered before she jerked down and bit her fangs deep into Steven's neck. As he lay there with a vampire's fangs deep in his throat, Steven began to feel different.

He felt a strange connection to Mindy, as if she were somehow closer to him. Then he felt his muscles come back to him and thrust his arm out at Mindy and grasped her throat in his hand. With her throat in his hand he rolled over on top of her; her eyes widened. "You're spoiling all the fun, my love," he said as he stared down at her.

After saying this, Steven leaned down and kissed Mindy. Her mouth opened and her tongue fought its way into Steven's mouth. Their tongues intertwined allowing Steven to taste his own blood on Mindy's tongue.

They passionately kissed and writhed together, Mindy slowly grinding her hips into Steven. "Bite me," Mindy whispered into Steven's ear after their mouths parted.

"Dig your teeth into me. I need you Steven. Take me now." Upon hearing this, Steven opened his mouth and bit down into Mindy's neck. A sudden rush of power swept over him. The taste of Mindy's blood was incredible; it was intoxicating and sweet. She moaned as Steven bit further and further down into her throat, and felt his tongue licking at the bite and sucking out her blood.

Steven pulled his mouth away from Mindy's neck and looked into her eyes. What had come over him? What was this feeling? It was a strong sense of power and lust but also he had a strange feeling of cfnm office sleaze punished by three british ladies coursing through his veins. What made him bite into Mindy's neck?

Was it the same thing that was making him love her now? Was it her blood? Was she right? Did her sucking his blood really bring them closer and make him do this? Whatever it was, it was making him mad with lust and love for Mindy.

He needed her and he could sense that she also needed and wanted him. "Steven… I need you inside me," she begged to him. Without saying anything Steven rellenita espanola tatuada no se niega anada spanish and gordita her shirt and looked at her sweet breasts now only hidden by her bra. She sat up and unfastened it and let it slip off to reveal a pair of beautiful breasts.

They were each a gorgeous hand full of soft, fair skinned flesh that were capped with pink areola. Her nipples stuck out proudly and were ready for sucking. Steven put his mouth to them as Mindy raised his shirt from off of him. He gently kissed and sucked on her breasts and licked at the nipples and lightly bit them. Mindy's hand went to Steven's pants and unbuttoned and unzipped them. She pulled them down along with his boxers to leave him sitting over naked with his hardening cock hovering mere inches from her stomach.

"Put it in my mouth, Steven," Mindy said looking into Steven's eyes in a very seductive manner. "I must taste you." Steven brought his long cock to Mindy's lips and she opened for him. She brought a hand to his rock hard shaft and slid it into her mouth. Her tongue was heaven and the warmth of her mouth was intense. Steven could feel her soft tongue glide along the underside of his cock, going up and down and then swirling around the head.

As she sucked Steven off, Mindy could taste little beads of pre-cum slowly oozing their way out of Steven's cock; she moaned as she licked them off the head and tasted them. Mindy took Steven's cock out of her mouth, "I need you inside me now. I need your cum inside me." Steven then unbuttoned girls ride guys butt hole with huge strap ons and squirt jism monstercock ejaculating unzipped Mindy's jeans and pulled her panties along with them.

He was now face to face with her pussy. It was moist and looked very tight and fervent nympho is geeting pissed on and bursts wet vagina as bald as it could be.

Steven inched his face closer to it. The smell was delicious; it was sweet and clean. Quickly, Steven darted his tongue out at it. His tongue licked from the entrance of her pussy to her pulsing clit. As soon as his tongue passed over her pleasure bead, Mindy let out a loud cry of pleasure.

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"Steven, please stop torturing me… just put your cock in me…" Mindy begged. Steven smiled as he moved up and kissed Mindy, then, positioning himself, he took his cock in his hand and guided it to the entrance of Mindy's pussy. "Umm… you're a virgin right…?" Steven asked.

"Yeah, but don't worry," Mindy said, "Vampires are born with out hymens." They looked at each other for a second before giggling. Then Steven plunged himself into Mindy. Both Mindy and Steven felt pure pleasure. Shocks of pleasure racked both their bodies, and Mindy cry out in pleasure.

Steven pushed his cock as far as it would go into Mindy's tight and warm pussy. Her wetness allowed him to slide freely and feel her love tunnel with the most pleasure possible. Sex with a vampire might not be so bad after all. Once he had pushed himself in all the way, he began to slowly pull his cock back out. When his cock was about to pop out of Mindy's pussy, he thrust himself back into her harder than he did before. He began to slide out again and again thrust with more strength.

His pace began to pick up and he began to thrust harder and harder into Mindy until they were both moaning with ecstasy. Mindy's pussy began to get slightly less tight as Steven buried his cock inside of her, allowing him to move quicker inside of her. He kept his pace and force at the same for a few sexy doll gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the semen, grunting along with Mindy's moaning.

She was now meeting his thrusts and raising her hips and grinding them into him. Mindy then rolled over on top of Steven, which slightly surprised him. She only smiled as she began to ride him. Her breasts bounced as she bounced on Steven's beautiful, long cock. She took all of it that she could into her dripping wet pussy. Waves of pleasure coursed through her young body and she thrust her chest out and arched her back as she rode Steven. Her breasts began to bounce more and more.

They jiggled and bounced and her nipples hardened and were ready for Steven's mouth. He moved up and put his hand around one nipple and sucked on it while his cock went further and further into Mindy's little pussy. "Do me doggy! Fuck me from behind, Steven!" Mindy exclaimed as she lifted herself off of Steven's penis. She got on all fours in front of Steven and stuck her little smackable ass in front of Steven. He admired its hot brunette teen interracial threesome anal sex big black dicks, tight roundness before reeling his hand back and spanking it with all his force.

Mindy yelped and giggled and then wiggled her ass, inviting Steven to spank it once more. Bringing his arm back again, Steven swung with all his might and spanked Mindy's tight ass, leaving a large red mark.

After having his fun, Steven lined up his cock with Mindy's pussy and jammed it inside her, eliciting yet another cry of pleasure. Steven began to thrust himself inside Mindy with vigor and quickened his pace and force.

He was doing his best to make Mindy moan louder and louder. He wanted her to beg for his cock to go further and further into her. As his thrust harder and harder, he could feel the pulsing of her pussy grow stronger and stronger before she arched her back and let out the loudest cry yet and clamped her pussy down on his cock.

Her body began to shake as pleasure felt like electricity flowing through her. Steven didn't let up as his cock only got harder and thrust further and further into her.

He could now feel the cum build up as he fucked her from behind, hearing the smacking against her ass with every thrust. "Cum on my back… do it, baby!" Mindy cried out as her orgasm began to subside. Steven thrust harder and harder until he was about to erupt with his sperm.

He pulled his cock out quickly and shot his cum out, blast after blast. His cum began to pool up in the small of Mindy's back. Both moaned as Steven's cum began to slowly stop. "Baby, put your cock back inside me and then we can spoon til we fall asleep," Mindy suggested as Steven began to stop cumming. Steven slowly slid his drained cock into Mindy and the lay down together with Steven inside her.

Their breathing began to slow as Steven licked and kissed Mindy's neck as they drifted off to sleep together. Soon they were both in a deep sleep, both fully naked and fully in love.