Testing out their new strap on toy

Testing out their new strap on toy
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The World I knew The world was changing for me, and I was oblivious to recognize it. I had just turned 15 and I started to become a shell of my former self. My grades began to drop from high 90s to high 80s, I slimmed down and grew to 5'9 and began to prosper in sports. Girls stopped putting me in the friend zone and I began putting them in the friend zone.

However no girl yet had really appealed to me, the one who did moved away to another school district. However, she returned at the end of the year. We told each other we'd hang out but it didn't seem possible. However we did she began a jumpstart in my life that propelled me through this story I'm sharing with you.

It all began though one night walking her around.

Her name was Shayla Michaels she was a 4'11 brunette with C-cup tits and a slim and firm ass. We had had times where we liked each other but we never really dated but we remained good friends, until when she moved away and she began to smoke weed then we began to distance ourselves. Well that day I was woken up by a phone call, she wanted me to walk her around until her boyfriend could pick her up at midnight to take her to a party. Well I agreed and at 6:00 I meet her down at the park, we talked for a little bit talking of what had happened with our lives and then we talked about sex.

Well I guess she hadn't been completely satisfied with what she gotten and then I had felt her hand graze my thigh. I didn't think about it at first but then it began to bug me, was she making a move?

I ignored it and at 8 with the rain falling from the sky we ditched the park and walked to the next town 3 miles over to a friend's house, who would let us stay there for the night. The Indiana rain cooled the air so much that the spare blanket I had was quickly wrapped over Shayla protecting her from becoming sick young libertines tattooed teeny candy cru doggystyle fuck this left me soaked and cold.

Well we eventually reached the next small town and jumped into my friend Lars' house. His mom didn't really care that we came in at 10:10, she was a crazy old women who just failed to give a shit about the world. I walked her up to Lars' bed room where she changed from her wet clothes into her spares, revealing to me her tight and short figure. My dick rose to attention as her panties slightly slipped giving me a sight of her beautiful ass cheeks but was quickly covered by her new pair of jeans.

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I changed into a pair of Lars' pajamas and walked into the game room Lars' had set up by his room. She followed and laid down on the couch as we all decided to play some video games to pass the time.

About 10:45 Shayla got up and exclaimed she had to call her boyfriend. I followed her outside while she called him; I stood there on my heels as she went back and forth arguing with her boyfriend. She looked pissed but she finally finished and looked at me and spoke. "What's up?" "So how bout some thanks?" I asked "What were you thinking of for "thanks"?" she asked "Letting me have your body until your boyfriend comes?" I said jokingly and quite shyly She stood there quietly, I was waiting to be slapped hard but she just stood there staring at me.

She had a puzzled look on her face, one that didn't reveal any hints or clues. "hmmmm. sure why not?" I was astonished that she had actually agreed to give me her body "So what do you want me to do?" she asked I didn't know what was going on, my dick was throbbing, begging skinny girl has fun with a friend release but my mind told me to wake up from this dream.

I stood there still as a rock but my dick's mind beat down the thinking and the words came out of my mouth "Come upstairs and give me a blowjob." My brain still struggled to comprehend what was going on as she grabbed me by the wrist and guided me up the stairs. I opened the door and wrapped my arms around her waist and began to unbutton her pants. "What happened to just a blowjob?" she giggled giving me a quick glance before looking down back at her pants that now slid to her ankles.

"Your body is mine remember and I say why not be naked while giving me head?" I smiled, now becoming comfortable with the situation. She giggled again as I began to remove her shirt, her tight figure strained against her underwear. It begged to be released, her bra pushed her boobs so high that they would fall out with a single flick and her vagina soaked through her pink panties telling her to get pleasure and soon.

Well I was happy to oblige. I grabbed ahold of her bra and ripped it off her body and then her panties.

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I sat down on the bed staring at the girl I could sexxxx sex story play com dream of having sex with was standing in front of me bare naked playing with her assets. There was the thought again was this only a dream? I didn't care if it was I would enjoy every single minute of it, savoring the feeling of her body on mine. She seductively walked towards me as I opened my legs for easy access.

She however took me by surprise again as she sat on my lap and kissed me. Her bare ass seemed to enjoy my dick as it shook every time I would graze it across her lips.

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She pulled at my clothes to reveal a hairless chest; she stopped kissing me and stared into my eyes. She didn't say anything as she then began to kiss me on the chest slowly working her way down to where the waistband of my pajamas was. She slowly removed my pajamas and underwear with her eyes closed and when she opened them her jaw dropped.

I wasn't the largest but her reaction was good enough to tell me teens got gang raped anual I had something bigger than what she had seen before. My 9" dick stood boobs pressed and nipple sucked while sleeping attention staring at her directly in the face, begging her for sweet release.

Well it got its wish as she grasped ahold of my base and slowly began to jerk me, and then she followed with her head which stopped an inch or so in front of my head letting hot air blow on it. I could hardly take it, my mind raced, my dick throbbed and my body was limp. That was until I watched her head swallow my cock almost all the way down; this caused my body to shiver sending jolts of pleasure up my spine. It was the best thing I had ever felt in my life, her tongue danced around my base as her mouth, sealed around my dick, moved up and down.

It was cloud nine! That was until she stopped. "Your turn big boy." She said with a wink I was disappointed that I wouldn't cum in her mouth but I was willing to eat her out for a while. She bent over doggy-style on the bed, inviting me in to her most sacred parts. I grabbed ahold of her butt cheeks and dove in with my tongue. I began to write a story with my tongue, letting her buck left and right as I crafted a masterpiece with my tongue.

I had not even been working for 5 minutes before she bucked and came all over my face.

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I smiled and stood up with my dick perfectly positioned at her entrance. She gave me a nod and I slowly pushed through her resistance. She barely had been broken in if at all, which might have explained the lack of enjoyment from her other fucks. I began to pick up my pace and watched her body melt around my hands which grasped her sides tightly. She began to lose control of her muscles and began to slide down the bed, I picked her up and laid her down on the bed missionary position and adjusted myself to continue pumping her full of my dick.

I watched her body thrust up and down in sync with my pelvic thrusts, I only watched and enjoyed the glorious feeling she and I had as our bodies shook with multiple orgasms. I blasted my seed deep inside her womb and watched it seem from african hottie outdoor fucking white rod interracial ethnic and ebony seams of her lips. I rolled over collapsing on Lars' bed, spent from our session and apparently Shayla did the same as she rolled into my arms and fell asleep together.

I awoke to Shayla quickly putting her clothes on. "My boyfriend will be here in 7 minutes, I gotta look like I didn't just get fucked!" "Was it that bad?" I asked wondering if she didn't enjoy it as much as I had thought "Are you kidding me that was the best I've ever had!

If I were you I'd make sure your phone is always on in case I wanna make a booty call!" she said with a wink I only laughed "Okay, well since you promised me your body until your boyfriend came I believe you owe me a blowjob." "No I'll get horny again, and I'm not sure the pill will stop all that cum." "Come here and give me quick suck." She chuckled and sighed before she came over, laid down on the bed with her butt facing me and took my dick back into her mouth.

Her tight white shirt gripped her body and her jeans hugged her ass beautifully. I began to rub her butt cheeks, they felt so soft in my hands and it caused her to moan on my dick. It sent my pleasure meter over the top on my sensitive dick and I released down her throat, she swallowed smoothly and popped back to her feet. "Great my boyfriend is here and I'm all horny.

He probably won't be able to satisfy me anymore." She said as she walked out the door. Well months went by, then school started up again, Shayla stuck with her boyfriend and started giving me tips on how to seduce my own girls instead of just her. She would still occasionally call for me to come over and fuck her brains out because the sorry bastard of a boyfriend couldn't satisfy her.

Well I began to talk to more and more girls but sex came rarely until I talked to Sky. Sky Tones was about 5'2 brunette with B-cup breasts and a tight ass that drove most guys wild. It was now my Sophomore year at the age of 16 and we were starting to get into it talking about fucking constantly but never being able to meet and do it.

Well again Shayla surprised me, this time at school. I was walking down the hallway when I was pulled into the faculty women's bathroom. The room was practically sound proof inside and out and was well sized for most bathrooms in the school, but the main attraction was these two brunette girls standing in front of me, Shayla and Sky.

"So I figured we'd surprise you, Sky has been telling me of what's been going on between you two and personally, I could use a good fuck too" Shayla said as she locked the door behind me making sure to squeeze my boner through my jeans. They both dropped to their knees and began to take of their tops.

Shayla's boobs sagged a little but Sky's seemed nice and firm but I couldn't focus long as they unzipped my pants and must watch amateur cheating couple-31 tube porn for my dick. "Close your eyes!" Shayla whispered to Sky Sky closed her eyes and Shayla pulled my dick out all the way and began sucking. Her mouth was a magic land, so warm and so energetic as well as her tongue that danced along my shaft.

However this time she was able to engulf my whole dick before coming off and holding my dick in her hand. She preceded to push my dick to the side of Sky's face and looked up at me with a smile. "Open them!" Shayla said as she let my dick go WHACK!

Right across the face laid a huge red mark in the shape of my penis, Sky seemed almost turned on by that as she grabbed my dick and repeated Shayla's action. WHACK! Another mark, now the girls flung my dick back and forth smacking each other in the face, true it did hurt a little but I was too turned on to care.

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"Whoever says uncle is last!" Sky said before giving a devious smile. After smack after smack Shayla finally gave in which allowed Sky to pounce my dick and put it in her mouth. Her tongue slapped my dick and would then roll around sending waves of pleasure through my body. Then I felt a tongue begin to work my balls, playing with them and savoring the flavor. With that I pulled out and came over both of their faces.

Sky then proceeded to stand up strip off all of her clothes and braced herself against the wall. I couldn't resist, I walked up grabbed her sides and preceded to fuck her as hard as I could.

Sky wasn't a virgin either but she was still a tight fit. Her muscles massaged my dick as I pumped fiercely, making each pump its own piece of bliss. She screamed out my name as I pounded her harder and harder making sure she could not walk for the next couple of days. She then came and collapsed to the floor, without being finished off I whacked off on her body letting thick streams of cum decorate her silky skin, painting it whiter than ever before. Shayla took the opportunity to begin to suck me, instantly getting me hard.

She followed her friend and bent over awaiting my dick. I clasped on to her and began to pump her, the vagina was still perfectly fit to my dick size allowing me to pump fast and still give her massive amounts of pleasure. I watched her squirm as she yelled out my name and collapsed on top rimjob and anal with sexy blonde ass licking stockings her friend, I repeated my actions and painted Shayla's skin as well.

I watched the panting babes slip into a deep slumber, laid on top of each other covered in my cum. I put on my clothes and stole their panties as a prize and walked out, locking the door behind me.

I walked to my next class smelling of sweat and sex, but it was worth it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leave a comment