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Real college squirter rides cock to pay fine cheerleader squirting
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Rachel landed roughly in an undignified heap in the middle of the giant four poster bed. She tried to roll off the mattress but she was immediately subdued by the heavy body of the captain landing on top of her. Her voluminous skirts had flown up over her head and now were trapped between their bodies. Blinded by her own garments, Rachel could only struggle helplessly as the captain drew her arms over her head and tied them with a cord. Her struggles intensified as she heard the distinctive sound of a blade being drawn from a scabbard.

"Please, oh dear God, please don't hurt me!" Her sobs and gasps grew louder along with her pleading. "Shhhh, Shush," the Captain crooned as he peeled the wet fabric from her face. He smoothed his thumbs down her cheeks, knife still in hand, and wiped away the tears and brushed back her hair.

He slowly stroked her face and hair until her sobs quieted and her whimpers faded. "Now, now it's not so bad. The ties aren't too tight?" She shook her head back and forth, all the while staring unblinking into his eyes. She didn't know what to think. Babe fulfills facial fetish after cockriding european all his threats he had never actually hurt her, he was actually somewhat gentle.

He smiled into her eyes, "I'm not going to hurt you, sweetling," With actions directly contrasting his words, he raised the knife to her throat. She stiffened and jerked away from the knife.

oral job session with horny luscious babe hardcore and massage "Hold still, I just want to get you out of these wet clothes." Starting at the top of her bodice, he slid the knife down her body, effectively cutting the remaining tatters of her dress into two. Rachel followed the knife with wide eyes, breasts rising and falling with her gasps.

The captain continued to slice her sleeves and undergarments until her body was just one push away from his gaze. Satisfied with his handy work, Andrew sat back on his heels and admired her barely clothed body. He had meant only to make her more comfortable until she calmed down enough to be of some use in his bed. But now, with her luscious body on display, he had a change of plans. Slowly he drew the knife up her body, lightly scraping her skin; using the tip he pushed the bodice off to expose her breasts.

Her breasts were amazing. Large mounds of soft flesh tipped in rose pink nipples. They shivered and shook with each of her breaths and her nipples hardened under his gaze. She obviously wasn't immune to him either, he smiled with please. She would make a good captive; she just had to be persuaded. Crawling slowly up her body, he laid gently down next her, smiling as her eyes squeezed shut. "What's wrong?" he whispered against her lips.

"Doesn't this feel nice?" He dragged his lips as he spoke along her cheek and nuzzled her ear. He heard her gasp of pleasure and chuckled darkly to himself. He drew back to look down at her face, her eyes were open and boring holes into his face. He continued his soft assault on her face with whispers and lips.

"Aren't you curious about what a kiss feels like? What it's like to be with a man?" She let out a hungry whimper as he kissed a wet path down her neck, nibbling along the way. He rested his chin in the valley between her breasts and stared at her as if he had all day for her answer.

"Hmmm?" The vibrations of that sound sent tingle down her spine and made her nipples tighten painfully.

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"Yes," she whispered. Rachel was already a soiled dove in her mind. The entire ship saw Andrew take his pleasure from her mouth. It didn't matter that she was forced; she was already ruined in the tons eyes. Her betrothed back in England would abandon her, her entire life was already over, and she was only a few months away from her twentieth birthday.

So damnit she wanted to know what all the fuss was about. And if she was going to be violated by this man again, she wanted to at least get the chance to enjoy it. She lifted her head and stared into his eyes boldly, "Yes." His eyes glowed with satisfaction and he drew in a deep fortifying breath. He wasn't expecting that answer. "What have you wondered about?" He didn't think he would survive her answer. "I want…I want you to kiss me." She blushed to the roots of her hair but she didn't retract her request.

She did shut her eyes; she didn't want to see him laugh at her. But he didn't laugh. Instead he growled with lust and captured her lips in an overwhelming kiss. She whimpered at the rough onslaught and he withdrew slightly to apologize and silence her protests with a gentler kiss. He didn't just kiss with his mouth; he kissed with his entire body.

As their lips and tongues tangled he spread her thighs with his hand and settled his hips between them. He rocked in a rhythm that drove her wild. His chest brushed against her breasts and nipples while his erection rode against the sensitive juncture of her pussy. He rocked the bed back and forth as he thrust against her and sucked on the tender column of her neck. Her head was thrown back as she hot chick verona sky receives sensual massage and grunted with his movements.

She didn't know what was happening but she was becoming frenzied. She would have done anything he asked just so he wouldn't stop. His lips moved from her neck to the tops of her breasts. His deep guttural voice growled "Ever imagine what it would feel like to have a man suck these?" He palmed her breasts and plumped them together.

He slowly lowered his mouth and blew his hot breath over her nipples, watching as her back arched and she nearly lifted him off the bed. "Well, well, well, aren't you sensitive." He lightly traced a circle with his tongue around her nipple slowly drawing closer to the nub. Finally he closed his mouth czeh babe alice nice gets pussy banged in exchange for money the tip and sucked strongly, relishing in her moans and thrashing legs.

Her arms tugged on her binding and her breasts bounced against his face. With both hands pulling at her nipples, Andrew slowly kissed down her breastbone to her navel.

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Rubbing his whisker shadow and lips over the sensitive skin of her stomach, he breathed deeply her natural scent.

"You're going to love this even more." Using his teeth he separated the two halves of her skirt, exposing her pussy. Rachel stirred in awareness and tried to close her thighs.

"Stop! What are you doing? I want you up here," Desperation and embarrassment laced her voice. "Shut up and enjoy. Trust me; you don't know what you want." He lowered his head and separated her soaked pussy lips. "I love how wet you are. A couple of nips and licks and you get absolutely drenched.

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I like it," He lowered his mouth and licked a long hot line to her clit. Her hips bucked off the bed and Andrew had to hold her lips still for his tongue. He licked along her pussy savoring the tangy taste of her cum. Rachel went wild at the feel of his mouth on her pussy.

His tongue flicked at her clit and she felt her juices gush and run down to her ass. She knew something was building but she didn't know what. Her body wasn't under her control anymore, Andrew completely owned her. "Oh oh oh oh oh" Rachel's body rolled against his mouth with every gasp. Andrew inserted his finger into her hot dripping pussy. She tightened on his finger like a vice.

"Oh fuck baby.

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I don't think I'm going sexy babe kristina getting fucked in the public for cash last long if your little pussy tightens on my dick like that." He stretched her with two of his thick fingers. "Why…gasp…why did you stop?" Rachel glared at Andrew as he sat back on the bed and took off his jacket and shirt.

"I'm a selfish man. I want to be in that tight little pussy when you come for the first time." His pants were thrown across the cabin and he wrapped his hand around the base of his thick cock.

He was so aroused from eating her and her taste; beads of precum were already forming. His hand moved up and down slowly, spreading the moisture. His head lolled back as he savored the feel of his hand pumping his dick.

Rachel made a noise somewhere between a moan and growl and Andrew's head snapped forward and burned her with the lust in his eyes. He stalked towards her, hand still wrapped around his dick. She was all hot and bothered but the fierce image he presented striding towards her was intimidating. She instinctually shrank back towards the head board as he crawled on the bed. "Oh fuck that.

We're way past that now sweetling. You're about to get everything you asked for." He grabbed her left ankle and jerked her body towards him. Even the slide of the silk sheets on her back aroused her.

With one hand still on her ankle, Andrew lifted her left leg in the air and wrapped it around his neck. Soon with both legs around his neck Rachel was fully exposed and vulnerable. Andrew palmed her ass with both hands and squeezed the soft globes. He tested her readiness one last time with two fingers; she was still so fucking tight. "This might hurt a little, but I'll make it up to you, I swear." He was trembling hard as he lined his dick up to her soaked pussy lips.

"Spread yourself for me. Show me how much you want my cock inside you." With one swipe of the sharp knife, her bonds were sliced and blood rushed back to her arms. Despite their numbness, she immediately reached down with eager hands and awkwardly spread her pussy lips.

The cool sea air caressed her exposed clit as she waited for his thick cock. She made a hungry noise as he finally touched the head of hot milf emma starr my friends hot mom dick to her pussy. Instead of plunging in like she expected, he began to rub the head along her slick channel. The plump head of his cock spread her juices and created a friction that had her arching into his dick.

"Oh please, please, please just do something! I can't stand this." Rachel didn't know what she was begging for, only that if something didn't change she was going to explode from frustration.

She reached down and tried to emulate the motions he did with his tongue between her legs. "None of that you little wench. You only get what I decide to give you." Andrew caught her hands and pinned them over her head. The change in position caused him to penetrate her slightly and both moaned at the sensation. Flexing his buttocks, Andrew slowly drove into Rachel's tight pussy until he met the telltale resistance of her innocence.

Lowering his head he sucked on her nipple, still holding her wrists captive above her head. Andrew waited until Rachel was moaning and writhing then he bit her nipple at the exact same time he thrust the final length of his cock inside her. She screamed at the sudden invasion and arched until her body was off the bed. Andrew forced her body back towards the mattress and started to fuck her with slow short strokes.

Her pussy was so goddamn tight; he thought she was going to squeeze his dick off. Determined to make this good for her, he reached down and started fingering her clit. Rachel relaxed and began to thrust back with Andrew's movements. She was so wet the suction from her pussy was an erotic audible noise.

He released her hands so he could plump and suck on her breasts. Her hands gripped the back of his head as she moaned out her pleasure. "Oh God, Captain. Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no.

What's happening?

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OH!" Her entire body tensed as she came with years of pent up frustration. Her back arched and used her feet on his back to pull her closer. He growled against her breast. "That's it. Come for me. God your pussy is so tight on my dick." His balls were slapping against her ass as he sped up his thrust. He couldn't withstand the rhythmic pulses of her pussy on his dick any longer. He thrust deep one last time and came with a roar of pleasure.

He shot load after load into her pussy until it started to squirt out past his shrinking dick. Finally spent, he dropped her legs and collapsed beside her, utterly exhausted. Rachel stared at the ceiling in wonder breathing heavily.

That was amazing. Her body felt sore and tired but her mind was too active to sleep. She reached down between her thighs and dipped her fingers into the wetness there. She brought her fingers back up and looked at the slick moisture covering her fingers and running down her palm. Curious, she brought the cum covered fingers to her mouth and licked. It tasted like her Captain, but also slightly sweeter.

Hearing a groan next to her she turned her head embarrassed to find the captain staring at her. "God woman, you are the sexiest thing alive." He hauled her close and kissed her, sharing in the tastes of their fucking. Turning her around in spoon fashion he swatted her on the ass and settled his palm on her breast.

"Now be good and go to sleep. You wore me out and I need to sleep." Rachel smiled and snuggled deeper into his warm embrace. Maybe being a soiled dove wasn't so terrible after all.