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Bigtits camgirl hottest webcam masturbation and privateshow
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I'm Cole Cooper, people call me Copper though, I'm a 3.9 student at FreeGrove High School, I play baseball and football and I dedicate a lot of my time to both of those. I'm a junior, and the last two years of my High School career have gone great. Both years Highest Honors and the Championship in baseball on Varsity. I don't want to get full of myself but I like to be pretty confident in my looks and I take great care of my body.

I'm 6'4" and chiseled, and workout everyday of the week right after school.

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The first thing girls always ask me when they approach me is "Do you have a girlfriend?" I always say yes because I'm not interested in having another girlfriend after my last relationship. Her name was Alexandra, we dated for almost two years, and I have to say, this girl was drop dead gorgeous, and the sex was incredible. She was 5'2" about 100 pounds, with an incredible bubble butt, nice golden tan, long blonde hair and a face that was stunning.

But her personality ruined it. She was constantly bitching and the only way I could get her to shut the fuck up was to put my tongue in her mouth. Which was almost a constant daily cycle. Get bitched at. Make out. Find a private spot.

And fuck each others brains out. But we've been broken up for a few months and she's already moved on to another random. And don't get me wrong, I moved on too, but I haven't taken interest in finding someone quite yet. It's the starting of baseball season and our team (as always) is the closest you can get to perfect, with 35-1, and 36-0 records the last adorable teen uses a dick hard dick girlfriend homemade years, winning is something we're getting used to.

So most of our practice time is taken up by us goofing around, taking batting practice or infield, or just sitting in the dugout having causal conversations.

Baseball season also means the start of track and cross country season, and it's the time all the girls with the sexiest toned bodies run around our field to train for the upcoming season. It's pretty awesome, all of these sophomore through senior girls, (because let's face it, freshmen aren't quite developed yet) are running around us in sports bras and short shorts with their long, tan legs and their perfectly fit bodies, and if you're a hormonal teenager like our entire team, this is like Christmas.

There's this girl, Lauren. I've known her since 6th grade, we met when we were paired up for an experimental earth run in the family naughty redheads sharing huge dick. I guess you could say she was my "crush" I liked this girl from the second I saw her, and she knew it. Being as though we were in 6th grade, the rumors spread, and she became embarrassed that a guy had taken interest in her.

So from then until 8th grade we only spoke about 5 words. As time went on and as we both dated and broke up, with those occasional glances and smiles in the hallways, I knew we both crushed on each other. But one day she met some fool named Keegan and the glances and smiles in the hallways stopped. As freshman year came, I met Alexandra and Lauren was still dating Keegan, she ended up splitting from Keegan before Alexandra and I and the smiles began again and Alexandra took a notice, bitching me out every time that "stupid slutty blonde" smiled at me.

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I knew she wasn't a slut, and she by far wasn't stupid being at the top of the class. Let me get back to present day Junior year. So as my teammate and best friend Skylar are sitting in the dugout talking about random bullshit, I looked out the front of the dugout where the track pathway coming out of the school starts, and I see this 5'5" 110 pound, blonde hair, athletic, Teen andi rye gets impaled and creamed by stud Cup tits, beautifully shaped ass girl jogging on the path in spandex capris with a pink sports bra with her hair up in a ponytail.

If I didn't believe in love at first sight, I sure as fucking hell did then, that or I wasn't there when little 6th grade crush Lauren matured into a fully grown high school junior woman. I don't think I've gotten as hard as I did at the moment in my entire life. I told my team I'd be right back since we weren't doing anything anyway, and I jogged to catch up to her. "Lauren!" I sort of shouted as I came up from behind her.

"Cole?" she said as she's never met me before. "How have you been?" she asked. "Pretty good now that I'm talking to you." I said probably as corny as I could, distracted by the now getting softer 7 inch rock in my pants.

With a half smile as she's jogging away she says "I'll see you later Cole." And that's pretty much where that conversation ended.

That coming Friday went pretty smoothly and we were all just glad the week was over and we could get to the field. I walk out of the school and walk out to the separate gym building the school shares for sports.

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It's just a gymnasium with indoor batting cages and basketball hoops, a girls locker room, and a guys locker room. I changed and the whole practice all I could think about was Lauren, and how that amazing ass bounces just the perfect amount with every step she takes. Most of the time she wears spandex capri pants, yoga pants, leggings, or really tight jeans or booty shorts.

My favorite is when the track team has to dress up for a meet day and she wears the tightest one piece dress with sperry's. Almost all of her beautiful tan legs show and the way her ass moves so freely in it makes my cock jump. Monday was a meet day. The weekend was fun and relaxing, but surprisingly this Monday morning I woke up feeling pretty good.

Whether it was the fact I get to see Lauren's body in that dress, or since the grade I got on my calculus test on Friday was so good.

I got to school and I was heading into the team locker room which is pretty empty at this time, I loaded my equipment into my locker, husband tapes his wife fucking college students it and started to walk out when I'm grabbed by the back of my drawstring bag and pulled into the connected woman's locker room, in the pitch dark as I heard the door close.

The light turned on and there was Lauren, standing in front of me with a skin tight soft blue dress that barely covered three inches down from the waist. Before I could even get a chance to say anything, she pushed me into the locker room lounge chair and started humping my cock vertically as it sat, hard as a rock underneath a layer of my silky Nike training shorts.

The dress she had on left little to my imagination and the shorts I had on were very thin, so the thrusting and humping felt better than you can think. As I was laying there, trying to bring myself to reality that this was actually happening I opened my eyes as she slid off of my lap and onto her knees as she leaned her head back against the wall. I stood up and she slowly began to pull down my loosely fitted gym shorts and thin layered boxers underneath.

When she finally got them below my cock, it sprung out as hard as it can get and came not much farther than an inch away from her smooth, shiny, lip gloss covered mouth. She stuck her tongue out and circled the hole of my cock for a good 20 seconds before she opened just wide enough so my head fit perfectly between her top and bottom lips. With my cock head inside of her mouth she began sucking and circling it as her mouth slowly opened more and hardcore group sex scene in a van until eventually I moved my hips a little forward and felt my entire cock become engulfed in a sea of warm, wet saliva.

After a minute of the best beginning to a blowjob I've ever experienced, my hormones took over and I took her hands, put them behind her back as my cock stayed in her mouth, and I started fucking her face as my spit dripping cock slid in and out of her beautiful teenage mouth.

When I noticed that papers were falling off of the bulletin board above her head each time I thrusted into her throat, I realized I was done fucking her face and I stood her up, her hand immediately grabbed my rod and began stroking as I took her dress off. I was already naked considering I took my shirt off during the blowjob. Just as I pulled the dress over her head she took her hand off of my shaft and unhooked her bra, letting the amazing C Cup tits fall perfectly down onto her chest.

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I didn't think my cock could get any harder, but it did, and she noticed. I spun her around and put my cock between her ass cheeks and humped her to get her more turner on, when I felt her pussy was wet enough, I lifted one of her legs holding her by her muscular smooth thigh and slowly stuck my rock hard lubed cock into her tight 17 year old pussy from behind and began thrusting in and out feeling her cunt muscles contract with each insertion.

Her warm pussy juices flowed over my cock every time I spread her opening. I fucked her harder and harder reaching around and grabbing one of her natural huge tits as I thrusted watching her ass tremble, her knees go weak, and her head bob back and forth with the motion of my pelvis.

As I shoved my shaft deeper and deeper pretty tourist rina ellis enjoys cock for cash pornstars hardcore of her she stood on her toes to be more comfortable, her feet were so sexy the way they were perfectly arched and the way her perfectly formed calfs were flexed just the right amount.

I could feel an ocean of warm semen building up inside of me and with every one of her high pitched quiet moans the intensity got stronger and stronger. My cock was pulsing now and by this time she was screaming that she wanted my cum down her throat and all over her face and tits. "Ohhhhh fuckkkkk!" I managed to mutter out before pulling out, pushing her to her knees and putting my cock all the way into her throat so it hit the back.

With 6 or 7 more thrusts my first wave of warm, thick goo splashed into her throat as it jolted her and she gave a loud high pitched moan, wave after wave shot into her mouth and the last 4 waves of 5 years of wanting this girl, hit her after I pulled out of her mouth, watching it pour out, and watched two waves hit her chest dead on and they began to drop down just as the last two spurts hit her directly in the face as she closed her eyes and licked her lips.

After wiping her eyes, while my cock still pulsed she cleaned my rod off with her tongue and swallowed the rest. "Whoa." Is all I managed to say. We showered together and I watched her slide that right dress over her melons and her round ass as she slid her feet into her sperry's.

I used a lot of energy making love to her, something I hope to be doing for a while. "Hey Cole?" she said as we're walking out out hoping not to be seen. "Yeah?" I asked "Again?" she asked me. "For sure." I said with a smile as I walked to first hour.