Aleksa diamond wears high heels while slamming

Aleksa diamond wears high heels while slamming
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The whole time I was making my appearance at the covenant my mind kept wondering back to another time. A much sweeter time where one's dreams become a world all their own, forming their own new reality.

Eryk was watching me as my mind began to wonder back to that time. I felt him touch my arm but it wasn't his touch that my mind was imaging. I was picturing mp4 story rape husband ke samne biwi ka rape hands as they ran over my body. My memories made the vision of it seem so real that I could feel my body reacting to it once again. "Khelec, you alright?" My eyes shifted to an abnormal reddish silver when I heard Eryk's voice.

I realized that it wasn't the touch that my body was longing for and it filled me with complete aggravation. "I've got to get out of here." Eryk looked at me in total shock as I broke away from his grip then quickly made my depart from the covenant's safe house. I silently made my way out to the stables and mounted Moon Beams then quickly rode off into the night. I didn't care what the covenant thought of my actions because there was only one place I wanted to be, only one presence I wanted to feel next to me.

After all, they had already since long banished me from the covenant even though I was one of the very few pure bloods remaining. Almost three hours had past when I finally made it back to the cave where I was just with him only the night before. I searched the surrounding area for any signs of movement or life before I dismounted, but found none. The cave was completely cloaked in darkness but his scent remained. The silence within the darkness made my heart sink even further into the loneliness.

"How could my heart have bonded with him so strongly and in such a short amount of time?" I asked myself within my own thoughts as I walked over and sat down on the bed of animal skins. As I ran my icy fingers over the furs the memories came rushing back into my mind but this time they seemed even stronger than before.

"Why, dammit?!" I demanded of myself as I felt the blood tears fill my eyes. I then gripped my head in my hands as the feelings overwhelmed me forcing the tears to break free on their own.

"How could someone like myself, a pure blood vampire, have fallen in love with one of the clans life long mortal enemy and another male at that?" Even with all the knowledge I possessed it was still truly puzzling to me.

The more I thought about it the more my head became clouded making me feel even more lost and exhausted from trying to figure it out. I laid my weakened body over on the bed of animal skins then quickly drifted off into a very deep sleep.

My dreams immediately took hold of my memories and quickly created a world all their one once again. I laid there sleeping, unaware of the hours that were slowly passing by but to be honest I didn't care. All I wanted was to see him and if nadia ali ass fuck story only way was through my dreams then so be it. I would willingly let myself fade away just to remain in my dreams with him if it were the only way to be able to see the one that I loved.

Nearly three days had past outside my dream created paradise when I was roused from my slumber to the faint and unclear sound of someone calling out me.

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I tried to ignore the voice, wanting to remain within my dream, anything to be with him. I suddenly felt someone grip my arms firmly, "Dammit Khelec, Wake Up!" The sudden jerk to my body from the harsh grip completely broke the enchantment spell placed upon me by the dream. As I opened my eyes, my gaze was met by a pair of soft glowing topaz eyes. "Gideon?" I whispered in a weak voice of uncertainty as I stared into those deep golden yellow eyes.

"How long have you been here?" Gideon asked me as he pulled me into his arms and held me. "Judging from the state that you're in I'd say at least a few days." I leaned up and quickly captured his lips in a passionate kiss.

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I was surprised by how he didn't hesitate to kiss me back. I wrapped my arms around his neck then whimpered submissively into the kiss, wanting his touch. It wasn't long before I felt Gideon's fingers hook into the sides of my pants.

A pleading whimper escaped my lips as he eased the garment down my hips.

Gideon chuckled softly as he watched me writhe from such simple touches. I couldn't resist letting myself get lost within the whirlwind of pleasure that slowly consumed the world around us. The warmth of his breath washing over me, brought me whimpering and pleading for more. I then felt Gideon's fingers slowly run up my length as his tongue began to tease at the tip of me.

My back arched as a pleasure filled cry broke free from my lips, forming into the name of my beloved. Gideon placed his hands on my hips then lowered his head between my legs, taking my full length into his mouth.

I quickly gripped the furs as his head began to bob, igniting the flames of hunger within me even more. "Ahh,'re going to." My words broke off as the strength of the pleasure waves became more intense as he quickened his pace, knowing what I was going to say without me saying it.

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Gideon's groans felt so good reverberating against my length, sending me over the edge. Frost began to form around my fingers, freezing the furs where I gripped them as my eyes shifted to an icy blue. A piercing cry of sheer ecstasy suddenly ripped through the silence that surrounded us inside the cave as I bucked my hips into him, hitting the back of his throat hard. I then spilled myself against the back of his throat.

My chest heaved with every breath that I struggled to achieve as each breath came out in an icy mist.

I whimpered as I felt the warmth of his moist lips leave my body. After regaining a little control over my breathing I opened my eyes to a breath taking sight.

Gideon now stood before me completely nude and raring to go. My body shivered as I watched him lower himself down onto his knees. -Gideon's POV- A wicked grin slowly crept across my face as I slipped my hands under his hips, lifting him into my lap. Khelec closed his eyes and whimpered as he felt the tip of my shaft brush against him. I couldn't help snickering as I watched him writhe in anticipation from the mere touch of me. "Hmm, seems to me like someone is beginning to crave the forbidden love." Khelec's face blushed instantly from my words, 'and it would seem that I'm right judging by how much you're twitching down here.' His face tensed up from the pain as I slowly pushed the tip of myself into him.

"Are you okay?" I asked while remaining perfectly still as he bit down on his lower lip, silencing himself as he managed a weak nod. I watched his facial expression closely as I eased into him until his body sheathed mine completely then waited for his hot babes get penetrated in hardcore fashion, letting me know that it was okay to move. "M-Move.please." Khelec whimpered in a pitifully shaky voice that had grown hoarse from pleasure.

I braced myself on my palms then slowly drew myself out of him, almost pulling completely free then rocked my hips forward back into him.

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A deep groan of pleasure escaped my lips as I slowly formed a slow and steady rhythm with my movements. He quickly gripped my fore arms, crying out in time with bather and sisters family history movements. I leaned down and nuzzled his neck, whimpering soothing tones trying to comfort him. The last thing that I wanted to do was hurt him or cause him any pain. Khelec reached up and wrapped his arms around my neck then pulled me down to him.

"H-Harder.fuck me harder. Let me feel.all of you, Gideon. Please?!" I was shocked to hear such a pleading request from him that my face actually blushed a fair shade of crimson.

Khelec was well known for his ability to take charge with any situation so for me to see him being so submissive was a surprising and erotic turn on. The look of pure lust mixed with the burning hunger within him in his eyes was so bewitching. How could I resist letting myself become lost in the rapture of overwhelming ecstasy. I knew that part of the enchantment was his vampiric ability that he used to attract his prey but to be honest I didn't care. I gripped the furs firmly then began thrusting vigorously into him.

The sudden change in the intensity of overwhelming pleasure made his animal instincts kick in and he quickly sank his fangs deep into the flesh of my neck.

"F-Fuck Yes!!" I don't know why but the thrill of him biting me gave me such an adrenaline rush of pleasure, sending me over the edge.

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I managed a few more good and hard thrusts before I finally reached my peak, achieving my climax and spilled myself within him as I cried out in sheer pleasure. "AHH!!!" -Khelec's POV- I suddenly ripped my fangs from his neck with such force as my body was hit with the strongest pleasure wave of all. His sweet crimson elixir of his life force burst from the wound, splattering against my chest as I arched my back. A loud and pleasure filled cry broke free from publick pickups catherine at the market mofos as I spilled myself once again, covering his beautifully tanned chest in my thick white essence.

Gideon's strong heart beat resonated so perfectly in my ears as he laid there upon my chest panting heavily. He used the last of his stamina to pull himself free from my body then lay beside me. Gideon then pulled me into his arms, holding me close to him as he closed his eyes. I rested my head against his chest and closed my eyes, listening to the soothing lullaby that his heart beat created as we both drifted off to sleep in each others embrace.