Young pretty babe licked by an old stud

Young pretty babe licked by an old stud
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Ally was unique. German-born but raised in the US, she was a slim but athletic teen. She stood at 5'4 and had LEGS this girl did. Notably she had a beautiful yet cute face a lot like Lorde the singer. Her pale-ish skin was offset by her perfect tight ass. Her face was that of an angels. The 16-year old was just recently dating the school sweetheart and they had only kissed here and there. Ally wasn't a virgin in the physical sense- She'd torn her hymen playing volleyball and barely noticed.

So her bare cunt moved around in her day to day life unsuspectingly ripe. And i licked sucked and fucked her hard the school sweetheart James was charming, he hadn't the prowess to coo a young woman yet. Ally's blue eyes and medium brown hair made her very popular at the Cafe and after 6 months of serving people and not a single complaint, Ally was mysteriously left a note in her staff pouch.

Ally raised an eyebrow and unfolded it: "Wow such a beauty you are. Ally? I'm sure you have a boyfriend, but I'm going to make you an offer so please don't throw this away yet.

Daddy wants to give you something special. I'm a very wealthy engineer who has a steady flow of interest from my life work coming in, I make about 200k per year and live in the country. I'm 51. Bear-bodied, and have a massive thick cock with a head like a mushroom" My proposition to you, girl, is to deliver you my monster of a cock, and pleasure you heavily for $1000 per visit.

I want to tongue your holes and sperm you. We can negotiate on any number within reason. So call me. Pete, 51.[/i] By the time the teen had hit the last words she was shaking.

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No, this wasn't fear, what was it? Anxiety? Ally quickly recoiled and shook herself back into reality, no, she was EXCITED. Ally knew very little of sex and the nuances - but when a man of Pete's prowess left her a very graphic note, her systems were activated.

With James she was fluttery and cute, but something else had stirred her. Something deeply powerful. She had an admirer who used words that set her off like never before.

What was it exactly that turned the teen on that a 16-year old sexy boy couldn't do? A man, A REAL MAN, had expressed interest in Ally, not only that, he was apparently very ready to meet and please her.

Ally was shocked to the core. All night after work and school Ally re-read the note, she locked her bedroom door from her parents stumbling in and examined every part over and over. Not only had the teen's heart rate driven her crazy, she was also for the first time in her life, profoundly wet. Her cunt had musked the room in hormonal stank. "Fuck it. I can't lose" she mumbled to herself. And suddenly a huge smile appeared on her face. She would maintain her relationship with James and peruse her secret note-leaver Pete.

A thousand dollars is a thousand dollars. At no stage did any possible danger even occur to her. Ally threw herself back on the bed and pulled her phone over. "Hi it's the waiter you left the note for" she bit her lip and her heart raced. A few minutes passed and Ally's phone vibrated "Was hoping you'd get back to me. how was your day?" her eyes darted frantically devouring the information "Good, yours?" "Good thanks, so what are your thoughts sexy little one?" Blush.

"I'm interested, but I want to get to know you a bit first" And as the conversation flowed from there Ally received her first pictures of what was not only an above average cock with a huge mushroom head, but an above average height bear-bodied man, bald-headed and tough-looking yet soft-hearted half-smile. This just soaked Ally. Why was this turning her on so much? Because a dirty old sophie marceu naked part 1 with a huge fat cock wanted her for all she was worth.

Pete's cock was impressive, it was made more so by the HUGE balls that accompanied it below. Ally fantasied and rubbed herself off to a rare orgasm that night, the teen borderline passed out. A date was set, next Thursday night after school she would take the country line train and be fucked. Little to sexy sandra rides on a big dick knowing- To within an inch of her life.

Telling her parents she was off to bed early. After 7pm struck, Ally whisked out her window into the night.

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She walked the 30 minutes to the Station and took the 45 minute long ride out to the isolation of the country. She didn't want to risk being seen getting into a car. Pete and Ally stayed in contact while James said his "good night". She quickly forgot about him as Pete's messages flowed. Ally casually emoji-kissed James goodnight then swiped his messages into the trash.

"My place is ready. See you soon cutie. Daddy's cock hasn't burst in 4 weeks now". "Oh my. And okay xx 45 minutes :)" "Can't wait to have you.

cum to daddy" "Hehe, so excited! xx" The ride was long and tireless. The teen was met down a side-street in a 4WD and Pete was revealed, he was massive compared to the tiny woman that was Ally. And he knew there was little stopping him for claiming her. Ally began to lock up with nerves, the dirt track and hawt sex with lovely pretty girl hardcore blowjob roads crowded with forests in the dead black of night made her anxious, she made small talk, Pete however had other plans.

he put his spare driving arm into her inner thighs, digging into her shorts finding her warm centre. Ally looked away out the passenger window, arms folded like women do around her waist in a submissive slump. - - - The old country home was huge, reasonably well kept, wooden and full of clutter from the 50's and 60's. Pete had locked all the doors prior to pickup, and the lights were out. If one were to picture this next scene it was would be quite delicate. Amongst the organised clutter and dark rooms, old features and wooden smell loud huffing and puffing could be heard from around the corners.

A young Ally was experiencing Pete for the first time- On her hands and knees on the end of the bed, 30 minutes after arriving and having her cunt hole licked and prepped, Pete, with one hand on Ally's face, pinned her cheek down into the soft bed, Hard. She was gagged, tears forming and her wrists bound.

Pete pulled on the binding whilst driving Ally's face down further. He soaked up the view, spread her thighs some more, and watched his huge nob tear the slut open.

She cried into the gag and Pete shoved her face harder. Her beautiful pale cunt shifted and warped as Petes nob sank. The remaining 7 inches were slow but there wasn't a single backwards step. The slow and violent brutalisation was part of Pete's approach and as the bulge of his cock became evident on your tummy, Pete kept the pressure of his knob against Ally's cervix.

In the dead of the night with the frogs outside growing louder and the country bugs chickering away, guarded by isolated and pure darkness, in the lowly-lit Pete's bedroom in full privacy, Ally and her Daddy began to move with eachother, her tears weren't completely gone but confirmation of a job well underway was the little sluts affirmative grunts, squeals and gasps.

now 45 minutes into their fuck session, Pete was not longer opening the little slut up from behind with his enormous cock. But testing her cervix for weaknesses and possible opening too.

A slower-tempo fuck- Pete's large backside recoiled and then cannoned into the teen once every 1.5 seconds.

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Not only had Pete seduced Ally. He had seduced her exactly how she NEEDED to be and her hormone levels were so high, by the time Pete pressed his fat knob into her tight hot wet cunt-hole, Ally was fully dilated in the love canal. The bear-man grabbed the little sluts pony tail and hips, he hoisted himself into her, again, and again harder, fully claiming whatever part of her still loved James. What could a little-dicked teen possibly know?

And Pete thought this to himself as his cock surged and grew in the wake of a heavy orgasm. The man recoiled and plunged repeatedly, Ally knew Daddy's sperm was near. "GggrrrrrrrAHHHHHH!" Pete held himself balls-deep as his ball-sack tightened and expelled ten ropes of hot sperm. Ally not only experienced four orgasms but also the height of intimate ownership. Who was James?

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the question would be asked one day. No one special, just some school kid. Pete had unsuspectingly penetrated Ally's cervix and his final thrust helped deposit a half-litle of thick milk into her womb. As Pete collapsed on top of Ally, They both explored her Tummy region and as Pete huffed, sucked and kissed her ear, their hands met at the bulge and Ally's eyes lit up. "mmmpf mmpth?" she asked through the gag.

"Thats where Daddy belongs now slut" his tongue slid into her ear as his sweat dripped onto her. "I said four weeks of cum baby girl" Pete, still in Ally's cervix slowly withdrew, no cum leaked, it was all caught and locked up in her womb by her recently violated cervix. Ally turned over to look Pete in the eyes.

What was this? The teen removed her gag and took some deep breathes. She lookup up at pete big tit blonde gets pussy fucked by a big cock the missionary position.

"Daddy, that was the best tging that's ever happened to me." the duo locked eyes as Petes cock dribbled thick milk on Ally's belly. Hardening. The blue eyed girl settled, shocking Pete after her brutalisation. She rubbed her tummy and lifted her legs, far and wide, Pete moved in take by the girls beautiful soft face and lips.

Her eyes possesed him "I'm not afraid to say it". they held their gaze as Allys soft little hand found Petes balls. she massaged. teased, then gripled the base as the bear-daddy grew thick and rock hard again.

"I think I'm in love.?" Petes eyes alone livened up. And the two smiled deeply. "Thats daddy's girl. I feel the same way already. sexy little girl you are". Ally squeezed the fully erect and very warm raging shaft. She knew she still had one more hole to offer him. She angled his cock lower as her legs locked behind his back "mmmm ahh" Pete's knob locked into place between her soft bum cheeks. "You know what Daddy needs and wants." the two watched on and Pete leaned in for a kiss.

Her hole began to break open and Pete could feel her warm centre at his tip. To be continued.