Heather starlet amp alexis ford anal slut

Heather starlet amp alexis ford anal slut
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I know I've been away for a very long time, please review and I will be looking for a co writer if anyone wants to help out. Just pm me. Please review, constructive criticism please. The Female Stanton's Downfall Chapter One Nicola's Blackmail I really did hate her.

It wasn't envy, jealousy or dislike, it was pure unadulterated hate, yet I felt strangely attracted to her She was beautiful.

Most popular girl in the high school and a shy teen finds out her step mom likes girls. She had beautiful ice blue eyes with striking blonde hair that made her the most noticed and admired girl in our school.

She had this classic beauty about her the was so enchanting yet disgustingly vile. At the age of seventeen she had an amazingly most curvaceous body Her hips were nice and curvy and her waist was small and slender and her breast was a D cup and stood out proudly.

There were plans in store for her and her family, but for me she was the main prize especially after all she had stolen from me. I had wanted her mom night sex xxx son some time now.

The things I had planned for us would be absolutely fantastic, although she wouldn't think so. If I hadn't been in detention that one day, I would have never had my own information on her, not that I needed it with what my mother planned. I was strolling around the school grounds one afternoon and stumbled upon her paying a school outcast for drug with her body.

She was sucking and slurping his cock like she hadn't eaten for days and it had me horny as hell.

Luckily for me I had my phone with me and took all the pictures and videoed it for future purposes. Since Nicole and I were amongst the popular crowd information lie this could ruin her and her family's reputation for life.

I smirked at all the possibilities that formed into my mind. She had spread a rumour that I was a dyke without any provocation on my part and now I was known as a freak; I used to be popular and adored brunette rubs her ass of a hard cock the guys until she spread that rumour which was true; but no one needed to know.

I am a natural red head with piercing blue eyes and a body to die for. Our blue eyes were the only resemblance that she and I had, apart from that our personalities were miles apart. My breast was at least a D cup and stood proud and perky.

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My stomach was flat and toned due all to the cheer-leading practice. My hips were nice and curvy and my ass was well rounded and gave me the most adored figure. I guess you could say that our bodies were a like as well but I had a thing for blonde hair blue eyed bitches that couldn't be ignored any more.

I would turn her into even more of a slut than she already was I walked into the science classroom wearing my normal school uniform the shirt hugged my tits nicely. I wore a short pleated skirt with only knee high socks and sat down besides Nicola with a small smile. I looked at the beautiful body I would soon dominate and inspected her uniform which was identical to mine with the exception of the knee high socks.

She looked at me with disgust then focused her glance on our teacher. This was one of the two class we had together which was fine by me since it gave me the time to admire her body and for me to start my small form of revenge.

Without her wall of friends she was very vulnerable, just how I liked it. I ignored sluts face hole and pussy acquire rammed hardcore blowjob rude gesture for a while and slow emptied my bag of its contents. Books, pencil casesand a hair band.

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I was more than happy that this class was before the Lunch period because it gave me so much time to do what I wanted to do. I watched as she watched me place the items on the desk systematically and slowly slid to her the brown envelopes addressed to her. I watched as she stared at me with slight wariness before slowly opening it. It was fun watching the myriad of emotions that petite girl likes his big black cock across her face.

From wariness, anger, disbelief, shock, then anger again. She placed the photos back in the envelope cumshot on big tits!

tube porn said quietly still aware that we were at the back of the science class. "How the hell did you get this?" I smiled and placed a hand on her thigh; she flinched away shocked at my forwardness. "What is you want Sandra?" I smirked and said rubbing her thigh up and down "You'll find out later but &hellip." she frowned but stilled as my hand continue to caress her thigh. She knew not to move it, since the teacher was looking in our direction.

I smiled a little at Miss Rose, who just happened to be my elder sister, although no-one could tell. She had jet black hair with startling green eyes and a slim, slender frame and small B cup breast and a firm ass. She knew what was going on today and she would let me have my fun since she was going to have her turn very soon. ".do as I say for the day and you'll have your pics!" She nodded hesitantly and i laughed quietly and stroked her thighs without a care in the world.

We finally had her. She had small tears in her eyes and she looked down ashamed at her situation. Her skin felt beautiful against my hands and I looked her straight in the eyes and watched as her eyes brimmed with tears as I parted her legs a little wider and moved her underwear aside and softly cupped her cunt and said against her ear loving the feeling of power I held against sexy fuck for bootylicious mom hardcore and blowjob will have a lot of fun today" I slowly pushed my finger in to her dry cunt knowing she was feeling discomfort and slowly began to fuck her with it.

We were at the very back of the classroom so no one saw what we were doing. I smiled a little and grabbed her breast with my free hand and said grabbed them in awe of how big they were and compared them to mine.

They couldn't even fit into my palm completely. I quickly stopped my ministration when the teacher said with a bored tone "I am allowing you to leave this lesson early to start preparing the assignment" The class cheered and I smiled and stayed seated with Nicola looking at me with shock. I smirked and watched as all the students eagerly left the classroom forgetting that we were in the back.

I looked at Nicola and said taing the pictures from the table "Sit down and agree to everything I say, is that understood?" she sighed and nodded with a small glare and watched as I slowly stood up and walked rimming ass girl old man first time introducing dukke Miss Rose's desk "Sorry to disturb you miss, but would it be possible for me and Nicola to get started on our project in the class since it would be quiet?!" Rose should have been an actress cause her performance was amazing, she looked past me at Nicola and said in what seemed like a concerned teacher voice "Would you like that as well Nicola, its not like you to want to stay and learn any more science than you have to?" I watched the hesitation fly across her face until her eyes focused on the pictures in my hand before she smiled and said cheerfully "I might as well stay behind and get this done miss, I need all the help I could get!" I smiled triumphantly at Rose and watched as she slowly stood up from her desk taking her files along with her and said walking to her back office "If you need me, I'm in my office" and she was gone with a teasing wink at me.

I listened as the door closed and dropped the pictures on my sisters desk and walked around the classroom picking up a few necessities. I slowly made my way to my new toy and said with a smile "Take off your tie and blouse!" she laughed a little ad I continued to watch as she made a mockery of me "You stupid dyke, when I tell everyone what you have done do you really think you will get away with this!" I shrugged and said "Just do it, I've bee dying to get a taste of your tits and that cunt of yours.

After I've had my fill of you, you get your porn pictures" I knew she thought she was getting the better deal out of this but, I really didn't give a shit. What she thoughts. "Take off your shirt; want to see those breast" She stopped laughing and looked at me transfixed as if she were seeing me and realising her situation for the first time I showed her the pictures. I watched with a small smile as her trembling hands slowly did undid her tie, then her buttons one by one.

She didn't seem to mind taking the clothes off I think she was more afraid of what I would do to her sexually. I smiled as her shirt came off and in all their glory her breast stood proud. I was soo close. I latched onto them and fondled softly loving the shock that passed over Nicola's features. She was absolutely stunning. I took each nipple in between my thumb and finger and began bouncing them around making her wince and suck in her breathe as the pain and humiliation finally settled into her system.

I smirked a little and unclasped her bra leaving her bare before me. I slowly leaned forward and gave her tits a gentle kiss. She gasped and watched as I stuck out my tongue and rolled her now hardened nipples around; they were so pink and perky. The tears streamed down her face as I took both her breast and squeezed them together making her nipples touch and sucked onto them like I was about to suck out milk from a mothers breast.

She gasped loudly this time and I laughed and began nibbling on them. I pulled back and watched as bruises began to form on her beautiful tits. I quickly stopped and picked up her discarded tie. I slowly bent and ran my hands along her legs, feeling there softness and slowly allowed my tongue to gently run along her calf.

She shivered and slowly inched away from my touch but did nothing more. My hands continue to travel up her thighs until I reached her firm ass and quickly lifted her skirt and gave her ass a small kiss. She tensed but did nothing more.

I quickly stood and led her over to the stone poll that ran straight from the ceiling to the floor and ordered "Place your hands around the poll!" she said nothing and obediently did as asked then said "Your a sick little bitch, but at least you know how to suck pussy" I nodded eagerly and with more force than she thought possible grabbed both hands and pulled her forward causing her to bash her head against the poll. I laughed enjoying her new struggles as she realised it wouldn't be some new fun experience for her as I tied her hands together.

"YOU BITCH, I'LL KILL YOU!" Having her make this amount of noise was no good so I quickly pulled her hair forward making her collide against the polls and hissed in her face watching the tears begin to stream and her face redden "If you continue to make noise, I may have to show everyone the video too" Her silence was instant.

I couldn't help but admire her form. I smiled and opened my back pack and took out a black blind fold and gently covered her eyes. She sneered at that and said smug "Stupid bitch can't face me when she rapes me, dumb dyke coward" I grinned at that and licked her lips and laughed as she squeaked surprised. I continued my assault on her lips and battled with her in a fierce lip-lock.

I quickly moved away from her and brought out the black stiletto heels knelled at her feet and quickly took of her shoes and replaced them with the heels. She began shaking in fear about what would happen next but she wasn't going to know until the last minute.

I grinned gleefully and grabbed the scissors on the desk near by and cut away her black French knickers and left the skirt; it added a sexy appeal to the whole experience I looked over her body more than excited to see what it would feel like to be inside of her.

I walked around her checking out no tease out of a fuck girlfriend hardcore goods. I would definitely have fun with her ass today. I went back to my back pack and began pulling out the digital camera's that my sister owned and set them up around the room.

She stood in the same placed scared about what would happen if she tried to cross me. Everything she was going to do today would be recorded and then I would have her as most beautiful slave. I took the rope out my back pack and wrapped it around her breast binding her breast as tight as possible. It was a sight to behold.

Her nipples stood painfully erect and her breast were pushed together giving her very deep cleavage. I smiled at my handy work and took two butterfly clips from my bag They were both metal and were like the clips one would use on the car motor when it wouldn't start. I quickly slapped them unto her nipples and laughed cruelly at her screams of pain. They were music to my ears, a sound to truly behold. I laughed at her and watched as her lips quivered and turned pink through all her biting.

I leaned forward and slowly captured her lips in a fierce kiss. She slowly kissed back not wanting to anger me and it pleased me that she knew the rules to the game. I kissed her with conviction forcing her lips apart and caressing the caverns in her mouth. she was sweet and tasted like honey. I moaned a little as she fought back with her tongue.

I laughed a little and caressed her tits knowing they were hurting her more than ever. she began crying and begging for me to take them off as she fought against her hand bindings.

"I already agreed to what you wanted why are you hurting me?" I didn't bother answering her. I slowly knelt between her spread legs and eagerly pushed aside her lips with my tongue whilst my hands worked the sexy legs spread besides my head.

She groaned a little at the pressure applied and stilled as my finger entered her. She was as tight as ever.

I watched as her juices slowly began to coat my finger. She was quietly moaning as I fucked her with my beautifully manicured fingers. I smirked and inserted another finger pounding her pussy harder knowing she was loosing self control. This was just perfect; the camera would be eating this up. I smirked and slowly leaned forward and took her clit with my tongue and slowly began to suck on it. She moaned loudly this time and said panting heavily "Oh god, stop please, this is wrong" I giggled in her pussy knowing the vibrations of my laugh was turning her on even more.

I watched as she gripped the bench with unmistakable pleasure as I continued to eat her out. Her cum was delicious. She tasted heavenly. I sucked and slurped until she began shaking. I wanted her to watch what I was doing to her so I quickly reached up and pulled the blindfold down and got cute teen is gaping yummy vagina in closeup and cumming spreading and hairless to work.

I watched her with pleasure as she began to climax and opened my mouth wide allowing all her juices to enter my mouth. I sighed at the taste and looked back at her and licked my lips liking the look of fascination and disgust that was painted clearly across her face.

I held it so of her cum in my mouth and slowly crawled to her face and caressed her face and brought my lips to hers and kissed her fully on the lips. She resisted at first and it annoyed me to no end so I grabbed both her breast and pulled down on them viciously. She seemed to get the message because she let out a long screech and allowed me to penetrate her mouth.

I kissed her with my cum filled mouth and eagerly pushed her own cum down her throat. She gagged but continued kissing me. I began to massage her nipples softly knowing her breast were still hurting but I really didn't care. I kissed her harder and smiled in triumph as she gulped down her own cum, this was making me incredibly hot and I felt myself grow hard. I slowly got up her looked down at her bent over naked body and slowly caressed her back enjoying her gasp.

I quickly removed my underwear and watched the horror cross her face as I quickly put my strap on in place. I grinned a little and said casually as I run my finger along her slit "You didn't really think it would be all over did you?" and with that I eased myself into her watching with fascination as her back arched and her head leaned back.

I quickly grabbed unto her hair and rammed the dick in harder, surprised that all nine went into her and pulled back and repeated the process. Her cries almost sent me over the edge and I laughed as I pushed her head away and gripped her hips for more leverage and went harder. Her head thrashed from side to side and I could hear her quiet whimpers and begs for mercy and I got all this on film, although I would edit some of it. I slowly pulled out of her watching her face fill with relief until I slid in under her arms and leaned against the pillar and grabbed her leg raising it up and slipped right back into her.

She looked at me with anger and confusion as I continued to pound into her and grab at every inch of available skin. I ripped off the butterfly clips with my moth and sucked on her swollen nips until she cried out and said pressing her breast against my face, I took full advantage and ravaged her breast with everything I had.

I quickly loosed her hand bindings and slipped out of her bending her over at the waist and order "Hold your ankles" she did as told and I slammed back into her listening to her whimper in agony at the painful intrusion. This time I pressed into her slit licked and gangbanged pornstar and hardcore and faster.

I could feel my orgasm nearing and pumped her hard and fast amazed at the cum running down her legs. She was still shaking and her moans became more prominent as I slammed the dick home and I watched with amazement as her whole body arched up her head resting against my shoulder breast kissing the air and her pelvis thrusting back into me. The sight sent me into a frenzy and I gripped her breast with both hands and pumped her harder and bit at her neck as she moaned "Harder, please go Harder!" I smiled and used a hand to turn her face to mine and kissed her hungrily as I orgasmed right along with her.

We slowly dropped to the floor, cock still in her as she twitched on the dick.

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I ran my hands along her body and listened as she sobbed out a meek "Can I put my clothes on now?" I nodded and motioned to her clothes discarded on the floor. What she didn't know was that her bra was completely damaged. She slowly put on her shirt now noticing what I had did to her bra.

I watched as her breast moved uncontrollably in her school shirt and slowly approach her from behind and cuddled her from behind and squeezed her breast softly and kissed her neck in a loving way. She stilled not moving; I grinned a little and couldn't help but unbuttoned her top buttons and take her nipple between my fingers and softly fondled them.

She moaned a little and turned round startling me and kissed me fiercely. She was up to something and I knew that for a fact, but no matter she will get her just deserts.

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I kissed her back and guided her to the wall and grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled her head to the side and kissed her neck making sure the camera was getting a good look at this. I smirked as I felt her hands grope my covered breast.

I untangled her hair and watched as she knelled down and unbuttoned my shirt and pulled down my white bra took my breast in her mouth and began sucking eagerly. I smiled a little not really feeling aroused any more and glad that I wasn't otherwise she would see how hard my nipples were but happy that she was doing this willingly even if she had something up her sleeve.

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As she continued sucking my breast I slowly manoeuvred my fingers under her skirt and jammed two fingers into her cunt. she stiffened and jumped back in anger slapping my face in the process. She was seething with anger and said adjusting herself "You will pay for what you did to me you dyke bitch!" and she stalked out the room.

As soon as she left my sister walked out with a grin on her face and said "She left the photos behind, the dumb bitch" I guess after school Nicola will have some quality time with my sister; I kind of feel sorry for her. Reviews please, Don't forgetting