Shy airi mashiro craves for cock in her wet little pussy

Shy airi mashiro craves for cock in her wet little pussy
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I just heard from Brooke that she read my stories and liked them so she sent me a letter that she wrote to a close girlfriend about how she first became Bi. I can't call this story 4 in the Brooke trilogy 'cause then it wouldn't be a trilogy. I'll try to get away with it by calling it story two and a half.

Brooke, keep those slutty pictures coming. They're giving me good story ideas and keeping me hard. _________________________________________________ Dear Joan, I've gotta tell someone about the wild things that are happening in my life right now or I'll just bust. I know you'll understand and tell me what you think. A few weeks ago, just after my seventeenth birthday, Mom asked me to go over to her friend's house 'cauce she needed someone to help her with some chores and was willing to pay.

I have known her all my life, as she was one of Mom's best friends back in high school. I've grown up calling her Auntie Michelle even though she is white and not related to us at all. Auntie Michelle lives in a house that must be 5000 square feet on the other side of town all by herself. It is on a huge lot with a big pool. She married money but after just a few years she divorced him and kept the house and most everything else he had.

She's fixed for life. The first day I went over, she was very happy to see me. She just had me do some light chores around the house and make a quick trip to the grocery store for her. Then we just sat and talked about family for a little while. She gave me ten bucks and asked me to come back again a couple days later.

The next day I went over, I started cleaning out her refrigerator. Shortly, the pool guy arrived and Auntie Michelle told me to come with her and watch the show. We went out and sat in the lounge chairs by the pool. The pool guy was a small but cute Mexican guy probably 5'5" and 120 pounds. He looked to be a couple years older than me. "Good morning Juan." "Good morning Mrs." Juan proceeded to strip naked and do his work nude.

All the time stroking his six inch prick. I looked over at Michelle. She had her hand inside her shorts and I could tell that she was rubbing her pussy as fast as she could. Her eyes were half glazed over and her mouth was wide open.

"I always enjoy watching Juan clean the pool, Brooke. Are you enjoying the little show?" I shyly told her yes.

When he finished the hot babe in stockings seduce her man, he stood at the edge and masturbated faster till he came in the pool.

Five or six big strings of cum shot out of his brown prick and floated on the pool surface. Then Juan got dressed and left.

"See you next week, Juan", Auntie Michelle said as he left. Michelle walked over to the pool, reached into the water and scooped up most of the floating cum and with a big smile, wiped it over her face.

She came over to me, put a cum covered finger to my lips and told me to taste it. I hesitantly opened my mouth as she pushed her finger against my lips. Michelle pushed her finger fully into my mouth making me gag slightly as it touched the back. I sucked her finger clean as she moved it in and out of my mouth like a little cock fucking my mouth. "Come into the house, Brooke. I've got something fun I want to show you." She led me to her den and sat in front of the computer's twenty-one-inch monitor.

She worked the keys and pulled up a file labeled "Brooke babysitting." She clicked the file open and a photo montage opened up in front of us. It was made up of many pictures of me fucking and sucking Harold Davis and his teenaged sons, Pat and Jake a couple years before.

I didn't even realize that those photos were ever even taken during the many times that Harold had forced me to get together with him or with him and the boys but I came to look forward to it and plan for it. It turned out that she has been one of Harold's fuck friends for years and he had sent her the pictures after telling her about me and finding out that Michelle was a friend of my mom.

"Have you ever done anything sexual with another girl, Brooke?" I guess I blushed but then I told her about the one time when I was nine and I was playing with my twelve-year-old cousin. She asked me if I wanted to see something that felt really good.

Of course I said yes. She had me get on her bed. Then she pulled off my panties and put her head between my legs. She licked my bald little pussy. She was right, it did feel really good.

Then she had me do it to her. After a couple minutes she got all excited and really wet there. It was very slippery and tasted funny but not bad. She grabbed my head and held it tight to her pussy while she moved her hips up and down against my face.

Finally she almost screamed and then relaxed. That was the only time I had done anything with another girl. Michelle led me to her bed. "Let me remind you just how good it felt, Dear." She pushed me onto my back on her bed, stripped off my slacks and panties and started eating me till I orgasmed nice and hard. She licked up every drop of my cum. "Now Brooke, you stay right there." Michelle moved to my head, put one leg on either side and, on her knees, lowered her snatch onto my face.

"Eat me out, Brooke Dear. Lick me and suck on my clit," Michelle said as she rubbed her cunt back and forth on my face.

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Soon she flooded my mouth with her juice and while she did she squeezed my tits hard and moaned. She stayed on my face till I had cleaned all the cum from her cunt. Then she moved and kissed me and licked all of her cum that had not gotten into my mouth off my face.

"From now on Brooke, any time I call you and tell you that I'm feeling horny, you will come over and make sure that I'm not horny anymore by the time you leave or the pictures of you and Harold and his son's might just find their way to a lot of peoples e-mail accounts.

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Do you understand?" "Yes Auntie Michelle, I understand." Little did she realize that I was hoping that this was not going to be just a one-time thing. Several days later, Michelle called my cell phone. "Bring your sweet little pussy over here. I'm in the mood." When I got there Michelle opened the door and she was already naked. Michelle wasn't any beauty but for her age, I guess she was OK. She was about 5'5" and probably weighed around 140 with tits that sagged quite a bit and a tummy that stuck out almost as far as her tits.

She had short brown hair with a few gray ones. She had a drink in her hand.

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"Hello Brooke. Come on in." As soon as I entered the house, Michelle pulled my bright yellow tank top up over my head and I was standing there with my milk chocolate breasts in her hands. She leaned down and sucked one of my nipples into her mouth just as a naked man walked into the room from the kitchen. He was about thirty, almost six foot tall and well built. He had a seven-inch erection sticking out in front of him, and it was really thick.

tattoed teen fucking big phallus in pov Brooke. My name is Steve. Now come over here and suck my cock." Michelle pulled my slacks and panties to the floor and I stepped out of them. Then she pushed me over to Steve and pushed me down onto my knees in front of him. As white as he was, his cock and the area under where his swimsuit covered were even whiter.

Russian slut jill aka toma put one hand around his shaft. My fingers wouldn't close all the way around it. As I parted my lips, Michelle pushed my head forward onto Steve's manhood. "Suck him good, Brooke.

Well Steve, didn't I tell you that she was a really pretty and hot little slut. I bet she's still got some things to learn and we're just the ones to teach her." Michelle put her fingers into my hair and started increasing the speed and depth that his cock was entering my mouth till she reached the depth where I started to gag.

"You'll learn to take a cock all the way into your tight young throat and you'll learn it soon." Steve leaned over me and kissed Michelle and played with her tits while she fucked his cock with my face. Just before he would have shot his load, they stopped and we all went to Michelle's king sized bed.

Steve got between my legs. "Brooke Honey, are you on the pill?" "Yes" "Good 'cause Steve doesn't like to wear condoms and we would not be happy if you got pregnant.

Abortions are so messy and expensive and you can't be fucked for days afterward." Steve pushed his thick seven inches all the way into my fuck hole in one push. I felt myself stretch to allow his thickness into me.

I thought that I was glad that I was not a virgin and that I was already wet or it would have hurt like hell. As Steve started pounding me hard and deep and fast, holding my legs up by his shoulders, Michelle positioned herself over my face. Each time he thrust into my female cavity I could feel his large balls slapping against my ass.

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I went to work eating her out. She had cum twice and I had swallowed most of it before he finally blasted his hot cum deep into me. I felt his cock throb four or five times and felt his hot wet cum fill my insides. He pulled out and went up where Michelle sucked his sticky, salty, cum covered cock clean. Then she moved down and licked me clean.

She told me to push so as to make as much cum come out as possible. She kept eating me out till she made me cum. While she was doing it I was sucking on Steve's half hard cock. "Steve's spending the night but you can go now, Brooke. Till I call you again." Michelle called again about a week later. "Brooke, I need my cunt eaten. Get over here now." When I arrived there were no pleasantries. We went straight to her room and I got to work eating her leaking slash.

It didn't take long for me to make her cum but she told me not to stop. It was about another five minutes later and my jaw was getting tired when I felt another liquid fill my mouth. It was thinner and saltier and it just kept coming. There was much more than my mouth would hold. I swallowed but it came faster than I could swallow.

It ran all over my face making my eyes sting. 'Oh my God Joan, Michelle was pissing in my mouth.' She had me pinned down so I couldn't get spying sister watch part on cutescam com from her urine. Finally she stopped and got up. I had swallowed several times but there was still a big wet spot on the bed. "You can go now. Friday night I am inviting three guys over to show you what it's like to have all your holes fucked at the same time.

I know you'll enjoy it. Be here at nine." Joan, I'm not sure I want to do that but my pussy is wet thinking about it. What do you think? Should I go to Michelle's on Friday or should I not and hope that she won't really send all those fuck pictures to people, like she said she would? Love, Brooke 911