Brunette teen loves hardcore sex while bathing

Brunette teen loves hardcore sex while bathing
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One day, when she was over at our place, my son asked if she could spend the night. I agreed as long as she told her mother. Sandra's mother was very strict, always trying to control her and restrict what she could do. Sandra seemed to enjoy being away from her mother's watchful eye while she was at our first anal of gorgeous babe watch part on suzcamcom. A little later I was on the phone with her mom.

She said her daughter had developed a fondness for my son, and as such they were not to sleep in the same bed. When I told them, my son made the reasonable point that his bed could easily fit them both. I said that we had to obey her mom's orders. I didn't want her coming back to me about this. Later on, they were together in my son's room. Once I was ready for bed, I went back and knocked on his door. There was a silence, then my son said "Just a sec!" I told him through the door that his mom and I were going to bed.

We said goodnight. The next morning, I noticed Sandra was sleeping on the couch. I was happy that they had listened to me. As I was cooking breakfast, Sandra walked passed me to the bathroom and greeted me. She was only wearing a t-shirt and panties. The t-shirt wasn't very long, so I got a glimpse of her cute underwear.

She only passed for a second, but the sight was so sweet. It came back to my mind later when my son was thanking me for knocking that night. I sometimes wonder what I would have stepped in on if I had opened his door. A week later there was a similar scene. I was cooking breakfast and she came in. The shirt she was wearing was longer this time, so I could only see her legs. She said good morning and I handed her a cup of coffee.

As she sat against the table and drank it, I looked down to see if I could get a peek at what she was wearing this time. I was amazed to see that she wasn't wearing anything under the shirt. Her bare pussy was revealed to me. I was getting an eyeful when she noticed me staring. "What?" she started to say until she remembered she wasn't wearing any underwear.

Her face went very red and she hurried out after excusing herself. I knew that she had NOT planned on showing me that. Over the next few days she was very different around me. She acted much more reserved and hardly made eye contact. I knew she was feeling embarrassed by what had happened. I cursed myself for looking too long, but in the moment I couldn't look away.

I kept trying to think of a way to talk to her about it but it seemed like bringing it up would make things worse. One night my problem solved itself when she came to my room. It was late and I was at my desk. She was wearing shorts this time, much to my disappointment. She asked if I remembered that time in the kitchen.

I told her I did. She started to apologize, but I stopped her.

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I told her she did nothing wrong and it was perfectly fine. She smiled, but said she still felt embarrassed. I told her how absolutely stunning she was. What happened would stay between us. No one (especially her mom) would know. At that she seemed relieved and gave me a big hug. It turns out this talk gave her a real boost in confidence.

She was being much more friendly with me than before.

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One morning she even teased me with a look at her ass. She had gone back to sleeping in just a t-shirt. We shared a smile. She repeated this on several occasions, giving me some amazing views of her young body.

One night, when my wife was out staying with relatives, Sandra came to my room. I was wearing a shirt and some loose underwear. She was in her usual -- a shirt. I asked her what she was still doing up. She sat on the bed and said she couldn't sleep. She leaned back a little and I watched as her shirt lifted up around her waist.

She asked if she could sleep in my bed tonight. I felt my heart beat faster, and said yes. She got under the covers while I went to turn the bedside lamp off. She was watching the bulge in my underwear, but I pretended not to notice. I turned the light off and got in bed, facing her back.

She scooched up against me and her shirt moved higher up off her ass. Her bare behind was pressing against my underwear. It was a wonderful sensation, and I just lay there enjoying it for a while.

Then, she moved to the side of the bed, turned the lamp on, and sat up. She grabbed the ends of her shirt and lifted it over her head. I was speechless as I took in interracial gangbang action with a slender brunette details of her body. Her round breasts, her delicious nipples, her soft skin.

She said that the bedroom should be the most comfortable place of the house. All I could do was nod and take off my own clothes. As I laid back she put a hand on my cock, feeling me.

She moved down and began licking it. I was in heaven. She started stroking it and putting the tip in her mouth. She took more of it in her mouth, using her tongue against the bottom. After working me up a bit, she moved up and lay against my body. I gave her tits some love while her pussy pressed against my hard cock. Finally she slid down onto it.

I couldn't believe how good this girl felt.

We started moving our hips and she moaned loudly. It wasn't long until her pussy started tightening on my cock. I was at my limit and filled her with my cum. She collapsed against me and we fell asleep. After first, my wife thought I was making this story up when I told her, but she started to really enjoy it.

Now I've got her fantasizing about my son's male friends. Who knows what might happen.