Sweet blonde pussy and ass railed by massive black cocks

Sweet blonde pussy and ass railed by massive black cocks
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Connie sat on the edge of her parent's bed the small vibrator in hand. She licked her lips as the sensation cascading from her clit sent chills through her body. Her breathing quickened as she lay back on the bed, her night shirt hiked up to her hips and her legs spread.

As her heart raced she forgot about the laundry she was putting away when she discovered the small vibrator no more than three inches long and about an inch in diameter. As the fifteen year old toyed with it in her hand she couldn't help but imagine her mother on the bed her legs up and her pussy spread as the small white machine brought her to an orgasm. She felt aroused thinking of her mother but then again she did feel aroused thinking about women and men but women intrigued her most.

With one hand holding the vibrator against her clit she slipped two fingers from the other into her dripping pussy. It was tight, a virgin pussy and smooth as a baby's bottom.

She was hot and wet inside, her juices oozing out onto the silk sheets. She bit down on her lip to stifle the subtle whimpers coming from her mouth as she bucked against the furious vibration.

She was in a world of her own, her blond hair loose on the sheets as with closed eyes her head moved from side to side. Her chest rose as she bucked against the humming machine in her hand pressing it hard between her milky slit deep against her pink clit. Her breasts were small mounds no larger than two grape fruits. Beneath the night shirt her nipples were hard and pierced the cotton of the pink shirt eager to break free.

She shivered and groaned as deep inside a wave of orgasmic pleasure engulfed her. Catching her breath, her eyes still closed she slipped the vibrator's switch off and tossed it next to her on the bed. She sat up, her hand shaking slightly smiling sheepishly to herself as she opened her eyes and saw her mother standing in the doorway. Her mother was about five feet six inches. She had the sexiest hour glass figure even after giving birth twice. She had breasts that bounced with each step and always seemed as if they'd fall from the deep V necks she often wore.

Her hair was long and blond like Connie and always pulled in a pony tail which accentuated her small oval face, big blue eyes and full pink lips. She was quiet a sexy woman and Connie could only hope she'd become as sexy as her mother. She was getting there but at that moment she was more concerned about what she'd say now that her mother hand apparently just caught her masturbating. "Uh… mum&hellip.I can…" Her mother stared at her an impassive gaze on her face.

Then tossing her hand bag aside said, "Just make sure you wipe it off when you're done honey." She went into the bathroom leaving her daughter somewhat speechless. When she returned Connie found her voice again.

"You're not mad?" She asked. "Why should I be?" Her mother asked cocking her head slightly a frown furrowing her normally smooth brow. "I don't know," Connie said, shrugging her gaze falling to the floor. "You only did what any normal woman seeking release would do with out a man or a partner." Her mother said plainly. "Do you…" Connie started but didn't finish her cheeks reddening.

Her mother laughed and sat next to her. "It's nothing to be embarrassed about. Sometimes when you're dad isn't at home and I'm all hot I can't help it." She touched her daughter's bare leg. "Don't feel bad about it. It just seems as if I should get you your own." Connie giggled. Her mother's hand was warm and the unusual lesbian sex kittens are stretching and fisting assholes though not intended sent a visible shiver through her body and she unintentionally moaned.

Her mother laughed leaning against one of the posters of the bed. "Seems that little demon wasn't enough for you." Another sheepish grin adorned Connie's face. Her mother put her hand back on her thigh slipping it up to her crotch. She could feel the warmth between her daughter's legs and the wetness between them sticky and inviting. Connie pulled her mother's hand away. "You shouldn't mom, this isn't right." She said though in her heart she felt different.

"Who else would you feel safe with but your mother?" Her mom asked. Connie realized she was right. Who better than her mother without precondition or expectations could she trust? Her mother's fingers spread her lips and tickled her clit. She felt as if her stomach flipped as her mother's nails flicked across the tiny bulb of flesh. She closed her eyes and before long she was laying back on the bed while her mother's fingers danced and circled around her clit. Connie spread her legs and revealed her pussy to her mother.

She revealed how neat it was with her tiny lips and meaty mound. Her pink slit and clit glistened from her juices. She wanted to cum. Her mother could sense her desire but only teased her. She'd take her to a point and then pull back. It amused her to do this and also aroused a company for casual sex cunnilingus and doggystyle to command her daughter's body so. She got down on her knees and position herself between her open legs and leaning forward took her pussy into her mouth.

Connie was caught off guard by the sudden warmth of her mother's tongue on her pussy. It was not rough but not smooth either a sweet texture that delighted her senses. She gripped the bed and pushed her mound up into her mother's mouth. Her mother found her clit with her tongue and flicked it across it. She was rewarded by the soft whimpers she heard from the doorway. She took brunette hottie craves for a big cock into her mouth and sucked it, sucked it like a lollypop while one finger then two went deep inside her daughters vice like pussy.

She fingered her and sucked her tasting her sweet salty juices and enjoying the texture of her daughter's twat against her lips. She slipped a third finger into her child. Connie cried out feeling herself stretched. It was from pain but the pleasure so overwhelmed it and she yearned for her to push deeper. "Deeper…" she cooed before biting her bottom lip again. Her mother obliged pushing her fingers deeper inside her daughter's pussy the tips brushing against the cervix. Connie pushed her pussy into her mother's mouth and her hands went from the bed to her mother's head in her soft blond hair pushing her head down onto her.

"Ummmmm. Uhhhhhmmmmmm." Her body shuddered violently as the climax rocked her and sent a gush of milky cum oozing out of her pussy.

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Her mother pulled back and watched as it oozed from between her daughters lips and down onto the sheets. She had a lovely pussy she thought, with her small lips hidden beneath the flesh of her mound. She lapped at the cum and savored it as it seemed to continue to ooze from her pink opening red now like a cherry from the stimulation her hole wider from the three fingers that violated it.

She crawled up miss alice webcam getig fucked bed her own pussy throbbing and her own wetness soaking her panty and pants and laying on her daughter as if she were her secret lover kissed her full on the lips. Connie embraced her mother's kiss and the taste of her cum on her lips.

If any other time she probably would no but there she was laying on the bed, her leg's spread and her mother on top of her tonguing her as if she were her lover.

"That was awesome mum&hellip." "I'm glad you liked." "I did." She said. Her mother stroked her rubbing against her as if she were a man. "You wanna cum mum." Her mother sat up and stood over her on the bed. She peeled off her jeans and G string.

Connie stared up at her mother, her nice round ass, her thick legs toned from daily jogs, her pussy lips unlike hers fat and protruding from her mound, red and glistening with wetness and her mound itself with only a tuft of hair in the shape of a V.

Her mother squatted down on her face. She let her lips touch her daughter's. Connie lifted her head up and suckled her mother's large labia. She pulled them between her lips, licked them and sucked. She could taste her mother's saltiness. Her mother pulled her lips apart and lowered herself even more. Connie flicked her tongue against her slit. Not as experienced she hit her mother's clit occasionally.

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Her mother was not one to be teased and soon they were in a different position, 69, mother on top. She lapped at her daughter's pussy and teased her clit but she was more in the mood to be satisfied herself and only half heartedly applied the tongue to her daughter's redden bulb. She closed her eyes and rocked back and forth as her child suck on her clit. "Finger me," she said.

Connie obliged with two fingers as she continue sucking on her clit. She had her lips spread, the flesh rubbing against her nose as her mother continued to rock on her. She could see white milky wetness oozing from her pussy. Some of it oozed right down onto her cheek, hot and sticky between her pussy and her flesh. Her mother was coming. It was then that the front door slammed shut. Her husband was home. "Dad's home," Connie hissed. "Don't stop baby," her mother hissed back. "I'm almost there." Connie considered stopping but the orgasmic pleasure she got from her mother was worth the pay back.

She sucked harder and faster fingering deeper as she heard her father moving down stairs. Her mother bit her lip, the sounds fading as her body swelled. She was panting, gripping her daughter's thigh as the steps on the stairs began.

Connie wondered how long it would take her mother to cum but yet she kept sucking even as she wondered what her father would do if he came into the bedroom and saw the two of them… She didn't have to wait for long. "Jenny! Connie!" He exclaimed staring at the two girls in his life. Connie froze. Her mother swore.

"I knew she was just like you Jenny but I didn't know this much like you," he said. "Jesus Christ you two couldn't at least do this when I was away?" He said even though as he stared at his wife's ass and his daughter's sprawled legs he was being aroused.

"Don't you like," his wife asked sitting up spreading Connie's lips and letting her tongue flick against the girls clit. He swallowed feeling his shaft twitch in his pants. "Your daughter won't make me cum.

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Will you?" Jenny quiet horny huge boobs blonde masseuse daisy monroe gets pounded just about to cum only to be denied didn't care about taboos and even though Connie had stopped and was frozen as the exchange continued she wanted some.

"I don't know…" Her husband began. "I do. Come fuck my ass. Connie won't mind will you?" Connie was too dumbstruck to respond and even more so when she watched her father drop his slacks and his boxers revealing his rock hard eight inches of cock. "You won't even need lube Tim," Jenny said. Tim didn't expect to get any when he got home but maybe later that night but her he was with the sight before him, his daughter in a 69 with his wife. It wasn't a fantasy any husband or father would desire but presented with it he wasn't about to pass it up since apparently they'd been full throttle before he got there.

"Suck me Connie," Jenny said. Connie tentatively began sucking her mother again but watched as her father passed from in front of her mother obviously leering at her spread twat to her mother's ass high in the air and eager for attention.

He stood behind her for quiet some time admiring his wife's bubble butt glistening with sweat. Connie could see his hairy balls and his dick closer up with the pulsing veins pumping blood into it hardening it even more.

She yearned to feel it stretch her pussy and fill her cunt but it wasn't hers to desire. He mounted his wife positioning his head on her puckered ass hole.

It was pink and it twitched as his head rested on it. He licked his lips and pushed gripping her ass as he did squeezing. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Ummmmmm&hellip.

Yeah baby. Mmmmmm." His head slipped in engulfed in her ass then slowly the rest of his eight inches followed. Connie watched as her mother's asshole stretched to take the eight inches of her father and again wondered how it would feel in her own small ass.

She squeezed her asshole unintentionally. Jenny was right Tim reasoned. She didn't need lube. It was wet probably from her own juices or Connie licking or both. He began to stroke her slowly, smacking her ass lightly. The stinging smack on her ass sent more chills through Jenny's body coupled with Connie sucking her clit and Tim's cock stretching her ass once more she could feel the climax that had only moments ago been taken away coming back.

She closed her eyes. Tim closed his. Connie kept her eyes open watching her father's balls bouncing and slapping his wife's ass. Tim felt Jenny clench his cock.

She was cumming and so was he. Hot homemade lesbian couple doing their thing tight grip she had brought a sweet stimulation and it wasn't long before he exploded in her ass.

Jenny felt Tim's cum just moments before she shuddered her stomach tightening and her body releasing its tension. Tim pulled out of his wife's ass with a pop. Cum dripped from his tip onto her ass and Connie's lips. She licked it off. It was kind of sweet she discovered and wanted more.

She got more because it started to ooze from her mother's ass. Connie unashamedly lapped it as it came. Tim peeled his shirt off. "You girls should come clean up. We have to go pick up John from the airport at eight." Connie thought of her brother. He'd never believe what they had just done but then again her parents would probably never believe what she and John had done in the weeks before he went off to college.