Jojkiss full sex stories brazzers

Jojkiss full sex stories brazzers
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Marie was 10 when she first met Buddy, a young golden retriever, at the pet store. Even though her mom, Kristen, was reluctant, she allowed Marie to buy her.

As soon as the car parked into Marie's house, Marie ran up to her bedroom with Buddy. Marie played, tickled, and got to know Buddy, until late at night. Marie was exhausted, and crawled into bed, saying goodnight to Buddy. Being a summer Southern California night, Marie became very hot, and removed her pajamas and crawled on top of the sheets, but didn't think much of it.

Buddy, however did. As soon as Marie fell asleep, Buddy crawled onto Marie's bed. Buddy sniffed Marie's warm virgin pussy, and began to lick it.

Marie softly moaned in her sleep, widening her legs to give buddy a better position. Buddy's tongue drilled into Marie's cunt, as she purred in immense pleasure. As Marie began to stir, Buddy stopped licking and placed his paws on Marie's shoulders. Buddy moved his 9 inch cock to Marie's pussy lips, as Marie tried to find out what was happening.

As soon as Marie realized her dog was on top of her, Buddy nice teenie stretches tight pussy and gets deflorated his pole into Marie, taking her virginity in one swipe.

Marie screamed as her hymen broke, and blood poured out of her soft pussy. Marie screamed for her mom, as Buddy thrusted in and out, at a supernatural pace. Marie soon realized that the pain was swiftly turning into pleasure, and stopped screaming, changing to a quick grunt, after every stroke of Buddy's cock. Marie started to feel something bigger coming in and out of her pussy. Not knowing a dogs anatomy very well, Marie did not know that the dogs knot was growing.

Marie felt what seemed like a ping pong ball sliding in and out of her pussy.

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Buddy's not grew more and more, and each thrust was more difficult and tense. Suddenly, Buddy thrust his knot in again and did not come out. Marie screamed, helplessly trying bisexual dad fucks son and daughter real incest tabotrailer park get Buddy out, but his cock would not budge. The knot continued to grow, stretching Marie's vaginal walls to their limits. Buddy's thrusts were reduced to a rapid jerk, as Marie began to cry.

Buddy's cock started to tense up, and he released his load up Marie's vagina. Marie yelled as the warm cum filled her pussy to the brim.

Marie shaked and convulsed with a huge orgasm, her first ever. Marie's mother finally heard Marie's cries, and ran into her room. "Marie!" she cried, as Buddy cummed again into her small cunt.

Dressed in nothing more than a small nightgown, Kristen ran over to Marie's bed, and tried to help her, but Buddy's cock was stuck. Kristen held Marie, telling her that everything would be o.k. Eventually, Buddy's knot subsided, and Marie pulled out, crying. Kristen yelled at Buddy, and tried to pick him up, but Buddy jumped on her, and held her down with his paws. He took his cum-coated cock and thrusted the air, searching for Kristen's loose pussy. He hit his mark, and started banging Kristen like she had never been fucked before.

Marie hit Buddy, "Stop it!" she yelled, but Buddy persisted. Buddy's knot stuck in Kristen, and he released a huge amount of cum up Kristen's pussy. Buddy cummed 2 more times in Kristen, and eventually he pulled out.

Kristen collapsed, crying, as she held Marie.

The mother and daughter lay on the bed, covered in dog cum, as Buddy licked up the remnants. Kristen and Marie, both exhausted, fell asleep. Marie woke up the next morning, cuddled up to her mother, and covered in Buddy's load.

She cried again, and woke up her mother. Kristen explained to Marie what happened, and why Buddy fucked her.

Kristen told Marie not to tell anyone about what happened, and Marie complied. Marie suddenly told Kristen that she liked it, and Kristen said she did too, but that it could not happen again.

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When Marie asked why, Kristen didn't respond. Marie suddenly had an idea. As she held her mom, she began to lower her hands, all the way to Kristen's clit. "Marie!" she yelled."What, the dog did it, why can't I?" Kristen started to respond, but Marie rubbed her clit and she let out a groan.

"Marie, we cant be doing this", as her pussy erupted in pleasure. Before she could continue, Marie stuck her finger into Kristen's pussy, as Kristen sighed. Marie stuck another finger, and another, before her entire fist was in Kristen's cunt.

Marie thrust her 10 year old hand in and out of Kristen, as Kristen moaned and yelped. Kristen moved her own finger up to marie's small cunt, and rubbed the lips. Marie moaned, as Kristen stuck two fingers into her pussy. Kristen realized that Marie's tight pussy could somehow fit more, and she fit her hand up her cunt.

Marie and Kristen moaned as they fisted each other, and Kristen erupted into an orgasm, and Marie did the same. Kristen pulled out, and turned around to a 69 position, as she licked Marie's pussy.

Marie, although inexperienced in pussy-licking, caught on and stuck her tongue into Kristen's beaver. This continued for hours, both girls orgasming multiple times, with Kristen squirting into Marie's face more than once.

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Although Marie wasn't old enough, she had many powerful orgasms. Kristen and Marie finally collapsed, softly kissing each other. Marie knew this wouldn't be the last time she had these "adventures". Please rate highly and comment, I will come out with a sequel if i get enough views.