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Bangingbeauties ebony teen anal threesomes skin diamond and leilani leeane
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My alarm goes off at 6 and I groggily grab my phone and shut off the alarm before it wakes everyone else up. I get out of bed, grab my clothes for school and head into the bathroom and quickly take a shower. I step out, towel off and put on my clothes and head downstairs to make myself breakfast. I grab a box of frosted flakes out of the cabinet along with a bowl, and a spoon out of the drawer and the milk out of the fridge. I put it all together and start eating my breakfast. Brandon comes down ma copine se touche son trou tube porn stairs and into the kitchen and I hand him a bowl and he starts to fill it with cereal.

"I want you again." He says. "Well maybe we can do something later today. If you want to? I know I do." I replied. I looked at the time and it's 6:30 and we have a 15-minute drive to school, that's without morning rush traffic.

We both walk out the door and jump into his newish 2013 Ford Focus. He turns on the car and starts to play some blonde babe shows off wet pussy on cam prettygirl and sologirl name rock band he likes to listen to. Brandon looks over at me and says, "I like your outfit today." "Thanks. I wore it for you." I was wearing a red shirt, and short black shorts.

"Guess what I'm not wearing." He grabs my hand and holds teen babe creampie and teens with bubble my ass mia khalifa tries a big black dick and says "underwear?" "You are correct.

I was thinking we could have some fun later maybe after school before we get home." I can tell he's starting to get hard just by the way he's shifting in the driver's seat. We arrive at the school and he lets go of my hand. "Text me later so I know where to meet you." He says. He pulls into his designated parking spot and shuts off the car. We both step out and start to head to our different sides of the school.

Him to the Juniors side, and me to the Freshman. I head to my English homeroom class, sit at my desk and look at my phone and start listening to the teacher drone on and on about whatever nonsense we're supposed to be learning about. Funny once your life turns on its head how little you care about the mundane things like school work. My phone vibrates and I see Brandon's name across the screen.

The message pops up and it reads Are you okay? Yeah, I am. Why? I reply. A long message comes in and it reads: I just wanted to make sure.

I've been thinking since last night, and I know I told you I'd give you an answer today. I think I want this, whatever it is between us to continue. I know I'm probably going to go to hell for this, but you're all I thought about last night. I didn't even sleep very well.

I kept replaying in my head what happened between us, and all that was said, and I understand where you're coming from because I feel the connection that we have. I don't want to lose that, or you and I know we're both young and we might want other things eventually and that's fine but for right now I want to explore what is going on between us. I know we're probably very messed up for wanting to be with each other, but I'll do whatever it takes to continue this.

And that includes breaking up with Betsy. Is that okay with you? YES!!! If you want, I'll break up with Tommy as well. I replied. I know he couldn't see it but I have the biggest grin on my face because I don't need to hide the fact that I love my brother and he loves me as well. And we'll figure out how to make this work. I didn't realize during our texting conversation the room had gone quiet. I looked up from my phone, and my teacher Mrs. Stevens was heading down the aisle to my desk.

"Why are you texting in my class, Kathy? You know I have a no phone rule." "Sorry, I was talking to my brother about something important." I told her. "Then you won't mind if I read it out to the class then. If it's that important." "No!!" I shouted at her. I knew if she read my phone, then all hell would break loose.

I shut my phone off as quick as possible, so she couldn't read anything. "Give me your phone. NOW" Mrs. Stevens was practically shouting at me. I handed her my phone, feeling very lucky that she couldn't turn it on. "You'll get your phone back at lunch. Maybe a couple hours without it will get you to realize how important school is. I'm disappointed in you because you're one of my best students." She says as she heads back to the front of the room and sets it on her desk.

Class continues in boring monotony as I don't have anything to distract me now. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, though it couldn't have been more than 15-20 minutes, the bell rings signaling class is over.

I grab my things, stuff them into my backpack and head out of the classroom and I walk down the hall to my locker to grab my next classes text book which is History. As I'm walking Brandon comes up to me. "Why didn't you answer my last text?" he asks.

"You sent me another text after I responded to you? Mrs. Stevens took my phone because I was texting in class. She says I'll get it back at lunch." He leans in close to me and says "Damn.

Well I'll just have to keep my dirty thoughts to myself until you get your phone back. But let me say it involves you on top of me." I feel myself start to get wet at the prospect of having sex with him again. We get to my locker and I open it up and shove in my English textbook and trade it out for my history book and put it in my backpack.

I swing my bag back onto my back and tell him "Well I'll see you later then." As we head our separate ways to our next classes. I see Tommy in the hallway and we talk about how our night was and school, and what movie he wanted me to see with him this weekend, and the final bell rings signaling that we're about to be late for class.

The next few classes are a boring blur, but I concentrate on doing my classwork as much as possible to make the time pass by faster. Before I know it, it's lunch time and I'm heading to Mrs. Stevens class to get my phone. I walk in her classroom and everyone else has already left. "Okay, here is your phone.

Make sure it doesn't happen again. Or I'll send you to the principal's office. If something is going on just tell me and I'll let you out into the hall, you can send a text or make a quick phone call and then come back to class." She tells me. "Okay I won't. And thank you for being understanding." I tell her. She just looks down and starts grading her papers, and I walk out of the classroom and turn my phone on.

After a few seconds of it loading, my phone vibrates because there are multiple messages coming in. 5 are from Brandon, and two are from my best friend April. The messages from Brandon read: I'm glad it came out in the open how we feel about each other.

I'm nervous and excited to see where this goes. I just really hope that no one finds out. I don't want to get in trouble for fucking my sister. Just thinking about the way, you looked while I was fucking you is getting my cock so hard. The texts from April read: Do you want to do something this weekend?

There is something I have to tell you. How about going to the movies. I'm sure there is some thriller, action movie we haven't seen yet that will be fun to go see.

How about getting dinner at that burger place we like? I send replies to both. April lets hang out this weekend. I'm fine with whatever movie you want to see, and where you want to go to dinner. What do you have to tell me? What's wrong? Brandon, it's lunch time. What do you want for lunch? And I think if we are careful and don't show any public affection then we'll be okay.

We just have to keep it on the down low. Brandon texts me back hdvideos porn videos search watch and download hdvideos free sex tells me to meet him on the other side of the school near the junior hallway, and he's in front of the teachers lounge.

I stop by my locker and throw my back pack in it, close the door and start heading over to the junior hallway. I smile at my friends, make jokes and tell them I'm doing something else for lunch when they ask if I want to join them at Wendy's.

After a few minutes of walking I finally get to the junior hallway and I see Brandon talking to one of his teachers while he waits for me. I walk up to them and Brandon introduces me to his college prep teacher Mr. Alexander. "This is my sister Kathy. She's in all AP classes and she'll probably end up skipping her sophomore year because of her grades and the classes she's taking." Brandon tells him. It honestly sounds like he's bragging. "Hello Kathy. Well, I guess I'll see you soon then." I smile at him and say, "I guess so." With a smile.

I wander over to some of the posters on the wall of the current and last years sports teams as they finish up their conversation. I find the one of last year where Brandon was a linebacker, and man did he look good in his football uniform. After a few minutes Brandon comes up to me and says with a smile "I'm not hungry for food, but for something else. You want to be daring and have sex on school property?" My panties got wet when he said that.

"Yeah, what do you have in mind?" I ask. "Well, I was thinking we could mess around in the teachers lounge. They always go off school property for lunch, and I happen to have the key. Plus, we can lock the door." "how did you get the key?" "Remember when I went to Michaels party this summer and got drunk and I had to call mom to pick me up? Well he bet that I couldn't finish a beer and get a kiss from Betsy before he could.

And the key was the prize. Obviously, I won." He puts his arm around me and leads me over to the teachers lounge door. He looks around and makes sure that no one is in the hall and asks "Ready?" "As I'll ever be. Are you sure we won't get caught?" I ask him. "We shouldn't." He says as He puts the key in the door and grabs the handle and unlocks it and he pushes open the door. The teachers' lounge is amazing.

No wonder they want to spend so much time in here. It has a nice dining room table, microwave, stove, comfy looking chairs. A tv mounted on the wall, and soft, comfortable looking couches.

I walk in the room before him and he closes and locks the door. "Now that we're alone." He says while he looks at me with desire in his eyes. He grabs my hand and pulls me close to him and we start to kiss. The first, simple kiss turns into something much deeper as passion, lust and need take over us.

I bite his bottom lip and he gasps. He bites mine and I moan in need. "take your shirt off." He says. I take my shirt off, and he reaches around my body and pulls off my bra. My breasts swing free, and my nipples are already hard. He grabs one in each hand and looks at them. Admiring their weight and the way they look. He bends down and pushes my breasts together and starts to lick and suck on my left nipple. It turns from pink to a darker red, and it seems as if my nipples get harder in the process.

He lavishes my left nipple with attention for a few minutes, then switches to my right. While he's paying attention to that one, he grabs my left breast and starts to squeeze it gently at first cute french chick is good at blowjob and anal harder, and rolls and pinches and pulls my nipple and the pain/pleasure is making me moan.

I run my hands down his body and right to his cock which I can feel straining against the seam of his shorts. I start to squeeze him and tease him through his clothing.

He suddenly bites my nipple and moan in pleasure. Good thing I like rough sex I thought. I start undoing his shorts and let them fall to the floor. They clunk on the ground because his phone and wallet and keys are still in the pockets. He's wearing his shirt, a pair of red boxers and his shoes.

"Fuck, I need to be inside you." He says. "Good, I need you too." I tell him.

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I step back and start taking off my shorts, shoes and socks. As he starts taking off the rest of his clothes.

We both stand there naked looking at one another. "Will this ever get old? That we love looking at each other's bodies?" I ask secretary does a lot to keep her job. "God, I hope not. But this is new to us." He says. His cock throbbing with need. "I want to suck you." I tell him. He smiles and goes and sits down on one of the couches. I walk over to him and get on my knees in between his legs.

I grab his cock and lick the er fickt mit der freundin seiner neuen frau geiler sex from the base to his tip. I swirl my tongue around his head, tasting his sweet and salty precum and I start sucking and licking his cock like it's an ice-cream cone and it's a 95-degree summer day.

Meaning I'm doing the best I can to make this the best blowjob he's ever had. He grabs the back of my head and pushes my head down until I can't breathe, and his cock goes past my gag reflex and I'm deep throating him. He's moaning in pleasure, and I can tell he's really enjoying what I'm doing to him. I start bobbing my head up and down on his cock, each time pulling him a little farther out of my mouth, so I can just take him in my mouth and down my throat in one move.

I start playing with his balls at the same time, and I know it must feel good because he's starting to say my name. He grabs my head, holds me still and starts thrusting his hips and shoving his cock in my mouth face fucking me. I start getting spit and slobber all over me and him and I'm so wet I can feel my juices start running down my thighs.

He suddenly stops moving. "Get up here. I want you to ride me." He says breathing heavily. I stand up, my knees a little weak from having them on hard tile the last couple minutes. I have spit all over my face, and I use my hand to wipe it off, and I smile at him. And he smiles back. I climb on top of him and open my legs wide as he grabs his cock and holds it straight so when I sit down it slides right into my pussy.

My pussy is super tight and feels like it's throbbing and on fire because I'm so turned on. I slowly sit down farther so he enters me slowly. Inch by inch he's invading my pussy, and he's stretching me open.

I finally just ram myself down onto him, so the last 2 inches go in me all at once and we both groan in pleasure at the same time. I start using my legs and bouncing myself up and down on top of him feeling his thick cock slide in and out of me as I start to grind myself on his cock. I can feel myself start getting close to an orgasm. I can hear my pussy squish because I'm so wet and turned on as I continue to ride his cock like it's my job.

Brandon grabs my breasts and squeezes hard and that sends me over the edge and I start cumming on him, my pussy tightening and contracting on his cock. I continue to ride him as my orgasm starts to go away and I am moaning his name.

"Brandon. Brandon. Fuck me." "Stop moving." He says. I hold still, and he grabs me and starts thrusting up, and his cock is slamming into my pussy. He's moaning, I'm moaning and all I can hear is our skin slapping together as he fucks me senseless. "I'm about to cum again. Just letting you know." I tell him. I kiss him hard as another orgasm washes through me leaving me breathless.

I can start to hear students in the halls coming back from lunch, and I start to get worried we're going to get caught. "Do we need to stop and leave?" "No. I'm close. I'm not stopping until I've came in your pussy." He says. He grabs my hair, pulls my head back as my breasts bounce in his face. He grabs my breasts rough and starts to thrust faster as I bounce up and down meeting his every thrust.

He's breathing hard and I can tell he's about to cum. "Cum in me. Cum in your sister." I tell him. That sends him over the edge and I can feel him squirting his seed inside me. We both sit there until our breathing calms down. I can feel his cock shrinking inside me and I finally get off him.

I hurry and put my shorts on so his cum doesn't get everywhere. The hall is finally quiet because the students are all heading to their classes before they're late. Brandon starts putting his clothes on as well, until we're both fully dressed. We stand there and look sheepishly at each other. "So, was it everything you wanted and expected?" I asked. "Yes, it was amazing. I'm glad we can do this. Even if it's taboo and wrong." He says.

He hugs me, and I hug him back. "Let's go and get cleaned up and head to class before we're late." I say. "Okay, well you head out first. So, it doesn't look like we've been doing anything. And I'll see you when I get home." He says.

I head to the door of the teachers lounge and unlock it and open it. I peek out and check to see if there are nasty and wet japanese oral stimulation hardcore blowjob teachers or students in the hall.

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Whoo, coast is clear. "We got lucky. No one is here." To be continued.