Amateur slut babe smoking cigarette while masturbating on the floor

Amateur slut babe smoking cigarette while masturbating on the floor
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Intro: When I was 14 and a freshman in high school I had a really big crush on this one girl named Morgan. She was just amazing, her ass was the tightest thing and her face was just amazing. Unfortunately she almost completely lacked boobs but hell she was still a babe in my book. She was in my Spanish class and we got put together for a project. "Hola como esta" I say as I arrive at her house to work on our project.

She smiled and sayed "Let's not go overboard with the Spanish cause its gonna be a long afternoon if that's all we speak". We both laughed as her mom told me to "come in!" and "Make yourself at home!". I liked her mom she was a nice lady but kinda old. After talking with Morgan a while I found out that she had an older sister in her mid twenties. Right now she was essentially an only child though with her older sister away at college. As we worked on our project we learned more and more about each other.

Later in the afternoon things got a little more heated talking about our relationships. Our project was practically done so we just talked. "So umm are you aaaa." I stuttered out. "A koold korean king queen xxx she finished for me.

"Yeahhhh umm so are you?" I ask.

"Unfortunately" was her reply. "Are you" she shot back at me. I didn't want to lie to her so I replied "Nope, it's too bad you are cause it was the most amazing feeling in the world".

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I cringed at myself wondering shcool sex techar free dawonlode best storys com I had gone too far with my flirting.

It was at this exact moment that her mom pronounced "I'm going to my book club, I'll be back around 8 and if you two get hungry there's dinner in the fridge. Stay out of trouble". As the door slammed shut my heart began to race. I was alone with the girl of my dreams. I could feel myself growing, but I was wearing sweatpants so I had to tuck it in the waistband and hope she didn't notice. Morgan looked at me and sayed "So about that amazing feeling". "Yeah sorry if that was going too far" I responded.

She just looked at me and smiled. Then the most unpredictable thing I could have imagined happened, she leaned over and started kissing me. Now you don't have to lose your virginity to be a good kisser, she made this clear to me. Our tongues played with each other pushing back and forth. She finally broke the kiss and began to take off my shirt.

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She stopped halfway through and just looked at my stomach. I was confused as to what caused this until I followed her eyes to my waistband where my boner was sticking out of the top of my pants. "Oh shit. Sorry. Shit. Oh my god I'm really sorry" I explained. Her next words I would remember forever, "For what?" She then pulled down my pants and boxers completely and gasped. Now my dick is on the average scale at 8" long and about 2" in diameter.

She looked up at my face with awe and I just shrugged. She began to suck my cock. Now she wasn't too good at this but it still felt amazing. Her head went back and forth on my cock but her tongue kept on getting in the way.

Finally I just pulled back, gave her a deep kiss and took off her clothes. She was wearing a hoodie with a yellow tank top underneath she wasn't wearing a bra but that was just one less thing to deal with seeing that I had had trouble with bras in the past. On bottom she was wearing denim short shorts and pink panties which were already drenched.

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Man she was beautiful. I took her laid her down on the floor and laid on top of her with my penis rubbing against her vagina. "Baby this is going to hurt a little" as I thrust forward to penetrate her.

She moaned as I thrust again to break her hymen. She whimpered but I didn't stop. I thrust in and out over and over while her whimpers became screams of "Fuck Me!!!!!!".

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My thrusts became deeper while her tight pussy engulfed my entire cock. Her vagina got really wet as her body convulsed with an orgasm. Her fluids poured out of her as I began to reach my climax.

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I screamed to her "I'm cumming!" but I didn't pull out. I don't know why slutty doll gets cum load on her face eating all the jizm the risk of getting her pregnant was high. Finally I came inside of her as I felt my semen leave me.

Neither of us moved as I just laid on top of her, my fluids mixing with hers. Finally she sayed "that was the most amazing feeling ever" I laughed as I felt my cock getting hard again still inside of her tight pussy from the last time.

She giggled as she could feel it too. Morgan rolled over onto me in the cowgirl position and started to ride me. Up and down she went. God she was so beautiful, she faced away from me so I could see her tight ass bobbing up and down. The very sight almost made me cum again. She was moaning louder than ever before as I started to pump my hips with her motions.

Her body then rocked with her second orgasm of the day and once again mine soon followed. This time I pulled out and pushed Morgan to her knees as I shoved my cock into her mouth and came. She then swallowed it all in one gulp and licked her lips. She then said "However filling that was I think we should eat that dinner so my mom doesn't get suspicious".

The End (Of this night)