Bbc deep throat teen hot nymphs in bathing suits

Bbc deep throat teen hot nymphs in bathing suits
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When you're married to someone for seven years you know their habits well. Leopards did not change their spots. Robert was sure this was true and he knew that Amiee was a creature of habit. He knew she had not changed after seven years of marriage, and this made him pretty certain that she had not changed after seven years of divorce either.

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Once Steve had passed out on the couch and everyone else at the Cinco de Mayo party had taken off Robert had waited, then made his move. As he stood in the door frame of the master bedroom and looked to his ex-wife he didn't the brightest large o ever smalltits and homemade any guilt.

After all, Steve was owed. You didn't steal your best friend's wife without expecting some kind of payback. He had played nice for seven long years.

He had been the good and understanding guy, and they had all remained friends, even after his best friend and former wife had finally decided to get married two years ago. Hell, he was even such a good sport that he had walked her down the aisle in the place of his deceased former father-in-law.

But in the back of his mind he had been planning it all along, knowing that Steve, as well as Amiee, was a creature of habit. He couldn't hold his liquor and never had been able to. Planting the suggestion for the party had all been part of the plan.

Robert had almost from day one planned for everything to turn out exactly as it was going. It was Cinco de Mayo again, seven years to the day that he had caught them in bed together. Seven years, the approximate same length of time that his marriage to Amiee had lasted.

Robert looked to her as she lay under the covers. He could see the rise and fall of her breathing. She was sleeping on her right side, facing the wall and away from the door, just as she always had.

He stepped inside and eased the door closed behind him. Then he stripped where he stood, aware that his cock was rock hard and throbbing. He was not too quiet as he raised the sheet and slipped between it and the mattress. Amiee would not stir, he knew, at least not from that.

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He moved himself up against her, her body was nice and warm, still the creature of habit she slept in the nude. Robert pressed himself against her back, his hard cock rested against the valley of her ample ass. Then he put an arm around her and lightly rubbed her left tit until he could feel her nipple growing erect. He noted to himself that her body did not feel very different after a seven year absence in his life. In the time they had been divorced he had watched her put on some weight, maybe 25 or 30 pounds, which would bring her to somewhere in the neighborhood of 257 to 262 pounds now.

He put his face close to her head, her long brown hair slightly tickling his nose. That was something else that had mom and son xxxcom com changed. He could smell the slight hint of lavender, a sign she was still using the same cheap shampoo and conditioner she had favored as long as he had known her. Robert removed his hand from her breast and moved it down, along her soft and lumpy belly, until he reached her meaty thighs.

They sat against one another, closed tightly, but a slight big tit blonde student and ass gym when a stranger calls from his fingers made her shift. Amiee let out a slight moan and opened her thighs just enough. She was the creature of habit he had expected all the way. Making another slight moan she opened her thighs wider and drew her knees up. When Robert ran his hand over her stubbly pubic mound she made a pleased little sound in her throat.

He used the tips of his fingers to probe down just beneath her clitoral hood. Amiee sighed as he used the tip of his index finger to rub the erect little bit of flesh. "Mmmm, yeah," she finally whispered. Amiee rolled desperate sister gets blackmailed miss missax Robert, opening her legs a little more. "Mmmm, finger me, babe." How many times had the scenario played out?

Robert was unsure, but it was plain that it had continued on without him. Amiee couldn't help herself though, this much he knew. She had cheated on him twice before they were married, and each time she said she was pressured, and when those other guys started messing with her she just couldn't stop from going all the way.

It was the same excuse she had used to defend what he had walked in on between her and Steve until she decided she would actually rather be with him. It was believable though, because from experience, no matter how she was feeling, if she was mad at him, if she had been sick as a dog, as soon as he started playing with her the slightest bit it always had ended with them fucking. He tickled her clit a little longer before changing his hand position to accommodate her request.

Amiee threw the sheets back blindly and raised her right leg as high as she could to allow him access. Robert plunged two fingers deeply into her pussy. She was already wet, her juices flowing freely. "Mmm-nnnh," she purred.

"That's so good." Robert decided that then was the time to make himself known. "You still like that, muffin?," he questioned. His eyes had adjusted to the darkness enough so that he could see her eyes open. The simple expression of sexual enjoyment did not change one bit though as she looked to him as he continued to finger her. "Robert?" He didn't say anything else at first. He just plunged his fingers in a little deeper to make her sigh before positioning his hand so that he could use his thumb to rub her clit again.

Amiee shivered and let out a gasp. "Ffft-ffft, Robert?" She sighed, her eyes closing slightly. "What are you doing here?" "You know," he responded.

She didn't struggle or try to push him away, or even move away from him. Instead she ground herself onto his fingers and let out a gasping pant. "What about Steve? He could walk in?" "Passed out," he informed her, giving his fingers a deep and hard drive into her that made his hand hurt slightly.

Amiee, he knew, was stone sober. There was no need to ever use alcohol to get her into bed. There never had been any. A creature of habit she had turned in just after nine, only having two Coronas the entire day.

After another moan she shifted forward slightly, bringing her face to his. Her lips brushed his. Once. Twice. She pushed a hot breath through her nose and across his mouth, then she let out another gasp.

"When Steve gets up he's gonna want to mess around." Robert didn't say anything back to that. He just gave her a couple of slightly harder jabs with his fingers as he circled her clit with the tip of his thumb. She leaned in and kissed him on the lips again. Then she moved slightly down and kissed his neck. "What if he walks in?" Her face felt burning hot against his neck. "So what?" Robert did not care less.

If he walked in, he walked in. If he came in and got it on with Amiee after he was gone and realized he was getting sloppy seconds then it was what he deserved, and it would be up to her to explain it, which is what she deserved.

Amiee kissed him on the neck again. Then she raised her head and kissed his chin. "Okay. But kissing and a little messing around is all we can do." Robert closed his eyes and moaned slightly as he felt her reach between them and wrap her fat fingers around his cock.

"Bullshit," he whispered as she started to slowly stroke him. "You know we're going all the way." She kissed him on the mouth to quiet him. She gave him several quick pecks, over and over.

"Just this, okay?," it sounded like an unsure question. Her voice had become huskier though. She tightened her grip on his cock and stroked harder. Robert kissed her back on her next peck, leaning into her face and pressing his mouth to hers. He forced his tongue into her mouth and was rewarded as she opened hers wide as she sighed to accept it.

He raised himself up to one side as he continued to work his fingers into her wet pussy. Then he placed a shoulder against a meaty thigh and pushed. It was not hard to get her onto her back, because once she had felt him nudge her she had rolled onto her back of her own accord.

That had been just as he knew she would. "Robert, I can't," she protested. It was weak. Her body motions were telling a different story. "Does your pussy still taste sweet, muffin?," he questioned. "Does Steve eat it as good as I do?" Amiee said nothing. But her knees went up, feet on the mattress, thighs opened. Without a word he took his fingers out of her and moved down.

He could feel Amiee moving, and with a glance he could make out the positioning of her hands and arms in the darkened bedroom. With her left hand she was pulling the slight overhang of her belly up, and with the fingers of her teen slut jayden fucks to keep her job hand she pushed the folds of her pouty labia open. Again it was just as he had expected.

Robert lowered himself between her upraised and spread knees. Putting his face below her belly he could feel the steamy heat rising from inside her. He stuck his tongue out and gently licked the tip of it over her lower lips. Then he licked up to the clit and lashed at it with his tongue, making her squirm and gasp slightly.

After that he lowered his face back down, letting his tongue slide down until it reached the spot where her pussy hole was nestled within her valley of flesh. He stiffened it and plunged his face into her folds to drive his tongue deep. Then he worked himself into a rhythm, pounding his face against her outer labia as he fucked her pussy with his tongue. Apparently Amiee still loved it. She twisted and moaned, removing her hands so that her belly rested against the top of his head as he pushed his tongue deeper.

She squeezed him with her legs. Then she put a hand on his head and rubbed her fingers through his hair as she brought her other hand back down to her pussy. She hissed and let out a moan as he felt, what he knew, was her finger frigging her clit. Robert was taking deep breaths and holding them several seconds at a time as he nuzzled her pussy closer. He drove his nose between her wet lips and pushed it up to push her fingers out of the way so he could rub her clit with it.

Then he would move back down to pound his face against her and plunge his tongue in as she put her fingers back on her erect little nub. And then he would do the same thing all over again. It only took a few minutes of this before Amiee was sighing, whimpering and crying out as she came. As she calmed down Robert slowly and torturously began to lick the open slit of her pussy up and down.

Then he gave several quick and darting licks to the inside, lapping up as much of her honey as he could. Amiee was still gasping and panting slightly as he took his face away from her pussy and began to raise himself up. With a couple of knees steps his body was against hers. He watched as she panted out, her head slightly rolling back and forth on the pillows of the bed she shared with her husband and his, probably soon to be former, best friend.

He reached down and took his cock in hand. Then he pressed against the swell of her Mons Venus. "No, we can't," she suddenly whispered. "Come on," he said to his ex-wife. "You know you want to." "But, I just can't." Robert guided it over her mound and ran the head over her moist valley. "Just let them touch. You know you want to feel it touching you." "Mmmm, christy mack girls with big ass lesbians she moaned, closing her eyes as he gently rubbed the head up and down in her slick slit.

"Just that okay." Robert let out a calculated breath. "You know you want more." "Nnnnmm, no," she moaned. "I can't, Robert." He slid the head of his cock to the middle of her labial lips. Then, knowing he was in exactly the right spot, he pushed himself forward.

Amiee gasped, cooed and sputtered beneath him. Her hand went down her belly and she felt around with a finger for her clit to give it a rub. She only gave it a couple of rounds before taking it back away. Robert ground his body against Amiee and she raised herself up a little to meet him.

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"Yeah, you know you love that, muffin." Amiee let out a choked sound that seemed to be a cross between a sob and a moan of pleasure.

"We have to stop," she sighed.

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"We're not going to stop," he told her. He reached out and felt her up from her chunky waist and along the plump curves of her abdomen until her found her little, mud flap, tits. Robert grabbed onto them as he rocked his hips back to thrust into her, gently pinching her silver dollar sized nipples as he did.

"Nnnn-No, don't stop," she gasped. Then she let out a little cry. "Mmmm, yeah, muffin," he sighed. She was pushing up to meet him each time he ground into her. One of her hands trailed up and down his arm. Indeed nothing had changed in seven years. Her pussy was good and tight.

Her body, as he had expected, reacted to each thing he did to her just as it always had. "Do tiny thai teen pleasures a hard boner have a rubber?," she suddenly asked.

There was the slight sound of panic in her voice. "Yeah," he told her. Amiee gasped as he ground his crotch a little harder against hers. "You need to put it on." "I'm not wearing a rubber with you," he said, pulling at her pendulous little tits. She sighed and moaned again, rolling her own crotch against his.

"I haven't had any pills for a year", she sighed, panting. There was no mistaking she had another orgasm building up inside. "We're trying to have a baby." "So?" Robert drew his cock out to nearly the head and plunged it into her, making her gasp and moan a little harder.

He was just registering what she was saying, and in the thinking part of his mind he just didn't care. What if he did get her pregnant? It would make it that much sweeter. "Robert," Aimee's voice was pleading, but it didn't sound as if she were pleading for him to stop. Instead it sounded more like she were pleading for him to fuck her harder and faster.

He gave another hard plunge into her wet pussy hole. Then he shifted his hips and rose up to put himself into a better position to give her more hard thrust. "You don't want me to wear a fuckin' rubber." Aimee cooed, letting out a gasp of pure pleasure. "Nah-No," she gasped. "Nuumm, I don't want you to wear a God damn rubber, Robbie." Her voice was hotter now, full of husky lust.

She thrust her own hips up harder to meet him. "I want you to cum in me. I want your cum." To Robert it was music to his ears. It was the first thing that seemed a little more spontaneous. "Mmmm. I'm gonna give it to you." "Ah, fuck yeah!" "I'm gonna fill you all up like the slut you are!" Aimee cooed and moaned.

"Hold my wrists down, Robbie." "Huuum-ah," he panted. "Hold me down so it looks like you're making me if Steve comes in." Robert was a little surprised at the request, but it was not enough to distract him from the task at hand. He continued to pound her pussy, but let go of her tits. He found her wrists and pressed them over her head until he was holding them down as he fucked her. Being that she was such that creature of habit made him feel that this was not something that she had just come up with.

Had she told it to the two guys he knew she cheated with? Had she said it to Steve whenever they had messed around and she feared he might catch them? If it looked as if she were really being raped then she would have an excuse to plead her innocence as a victim instead of just being made to admit that she was too God damned easy.

He felt a smile go across his lips. If it made her feel better. Steve wasn't going to get up and catch them. He wasn't likely to get up until the next afternoon. Robert realized that his long and slow plan had worked perfectly, and that further fueled his excitement. "I'm gonna cum," he panted. "Oh, yeah!," Aimee cried. "Cum in me, Robbie!" He tightened his grip on her wrists, squeezing them and pressing them harder. He pounded himself in. Hard. Harder. Their bodies slapped together with a clapping sound each time his stomach touched her sweaty belly.

She gasped and twisted in his grip, moaning as her own cum built. "Here it comes," he hissed. He could feel that tingle that made his ass tighten as if a squeezing started there and then went down and through his cock. "Yeah, come on," Amiee whined. Robert let out a loud and sharp sexy gia providing us with double pleasure as he came, sweat immediately breaking out on his forehead.

Under him his ex-wife moaned and whimpered. Then, just after he felt the first spurt of his ejaculation, she twisted, pushing her pussy up as it grew wetter on the inside. She let out several choked noises from her throat as she joined him. It was a mutual climax, just as it always had nice sweetie gives blowjob in pov and gets wet kitty nailed. Letting go of her wrists Robert reached down and took the base of his cock shaft in hand.

He took it out of her and stroked it to milk out a couple of more spurts in and around her belly button as Amiee moaned and writhed with her just subsiding orgasm. When he was done he slid back to the foot of the bed and sat to watch her as she rolled over onto her right side in a panting heap.

He smiled to himself as he watched her. Indeed still the creature of habit it was no more than five minutes before her breathing had slowed and she began to snore.

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Amiee always fell right back to sleep after wake up sex. Robert watched her from the foot of the bed for about ten minutes.

Then he got up and put his clothes on. He gave his ex-wife one last look, then reached down and pulled the sheet over her soundly sleeping form. With a gentle peck on the cheek he brushed her hair, then left the bedroom. He had his car keys in hand as he walked down the hall, throwing them up and catching them. In the living room Steve was still sprawled, passed out, and half hanging off the couch. "Stupid, wife stealing, mother fucker," Robert said to him before getting ready to step out the front door.