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Sunny laone fuck story download
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Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! I looked at the clock on my bedside table. It was 2:25 am! I had only been asleep since about 11:00 pm! What the fuck? "Hello?" "Hello. Is that Daniel Black?" "Yes. Who's this? It's the middle of the night." "This is Sergeant Smith from Surrey Hills police station. We have here a Susan Dobbs. She desperately british sub throated until spunked in mouth a friend and she gave us your name and number.

Can you help her?" "Susan and I are workmates. I'd like to do whatever I can to help her, but she lives with her boyfriend, Phil something. Why wouldn't she ask him to help her?" "Susan has accused Phillip Jones of bashing her. She is pretty severely injured and verging on hysteria.

She really needs someone to stand by her, and she has named you. Can you help her?" "OK. Of course I'll help her. What should I do?" "She's in urgent need of medical treatment, so I'm sending her to St Vincent's Hospital Emergency Department.

She'll be with a Constable Mary Williams. If you could meet them there that would be wonderful.

Afterwards, she needs to come back here to the police station to make a full statement so that we can pick Phillip Jones up and arrest him on suspicion." "OK. I'll get to St Vincent's as quickly as I can." "Thank you. I hope that I'll see you when she comes back here to make her statement. Good bye." "Good bye." I got out of bed, pulled on tracksuit pants and a T-shirt and headed to the hospital. In Emergency I found a woman in police uniform sitting alone. "Hello. Are you Constable Williams?" "Yes.

You must be Daniel Black?" "Yes. Where's Susan?" "She's with the doctors." "How come? Whenever I've been here I've had to wait for hours." "The sergeant phoned ahead and asked that she be given priority. He needs her xxx sex bf story sex stories as soon as possible so that he can move against her aggressor.

I gather that you were reluctant to come out for Susan?" "No, that's not fair. Susan and I work together. We get on very well together, but because I've always known that she was living with her boyfriend I've never made a move on her. I was asleep before your sergeant rang and I was a bit slow to understand what was up. I really do want to help her." Eventually Susan came out from the treatment area. She was wearing a dress that had been ripped from the neckline to below the waist.

It was held together with safety pins, which nevertheless allowed glimpses of her braless boobs and the rest of her beautiful, young body.

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There were bruises on her face and both arms. Her feet were bare. When she saw me she ran to me. "Oh! Daniel, thank you for coming out in the middle of the night for me. I hope that you don't mind?

There was no one else that I could call on. The only other people who I know in Sydney are Phil's friends, and I want nothing more to do with any friend of Phil's" She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me on the lips. "Hey. I had trouble waking up. As soon as I understood what trouble you were in I couldn't get here fast enough. I'm flattered that you turned to me." A young doctor followed Susan to us. "Susan has been pretty badly treated.

As well as the bruises all over her face and body, she had a pretty nasty wound in her groin area which we've had to put some stitches in. She'll need peace and quiet while her wounds heal." "I will still be able to have children, won't I doctor?" "Yes. There should be no permanent damage. However no sex until those stitches come out in two weeks time. Hdvideos porn videos search watch and download hdvideos free sex can come back here or you can go to your GP to have them out." "Doctor, my sergeant needs a statement from you describing Susan's wounds to use in a prosecution of her aggressor.

Is that going to be a problem?" "Not a problem. I'll get a nurse to bring you a copy of the notes that I've already made. You need only wait a few minutes extra." "Thank you doctor." Susan went back to the police station with Constable Williams and I followed in my car.

Constable Williams and I went with Susan into the interview room. Susan and I sat side by side across from the sergeant and the female constable. Susan took my hand in hers and squeezed it tightly. She held my hand through out the interview. Eventually the interview was over and she signed the record of her statement and I witnessed her signature. Phil had wanted Susan to let his friend fuck her. Susan had refused because she did not like the friend. Phil had tried to insist.

Susan had yelled at him and told him that she hated him. Phil had picked up a knife and used it to rip her dress open, then he tried to cut Susan's panties to get big black cock for hot london keyes off. Susan struggled to get away and ended up getting stabbed.

Phil had then started punching her face and upper body. Susan raced out of the house and hailed down a passing car. The driver saw the state that she was in and drove her to the police station. "Where will you go now, Susan?", the sergeant wanted to know once her statement was finalised. "She's welcome to stay with me.", I volunteered. "Oh! Thank you, Daniel. I don't have anywhere else that I can go." Susan had never been to my place before so I gave her the tour, finishing with the spare bedroom.

"You can sleep in here tonight.", I offered. Susan burst into tears and pressed her body against mine. "Please. I don't want to be alone. Can't I sleep with you tonight?" "Sure. I didn't suggest it because I didn't want you to think that I was trying to take advantage of you, but if that's what you want then I'm all for it.

Just remember that the doctor said no sex." Susan used my en-suite bathroom first, then I took my turn. When I came back into the bedroom, Susan was lying naked on top of the bed.

She smiled at my surprise. "The doctor said no sex, meaning no vaginal sex, but there are still things that I want to do with you. OK?" All that I was wearing was my briefs.

Susan leaned towards me and pulled them down to my ankles and encouraged me to step out of them, then pulled me down beside her on the bed. "I want you to suck my nipples and then I'm going to suck your cock and swallow your cum. After all you saved me tonight. I want to.really.I need to say thank you." For a while I concentrated on sucking her nipples, one and then the other.

I was frustrated knowing that I should not progress down her body to her pussy.

Maybe she was as frustrated as I was because she pulled me up for a kiss. Then she started to talk to me again. "You know, I always thought that we would make a good couple. I was waiting for you to make the first move, but you never did. Didn't you think that we would be good together?" "I've always enjoyed working with you and being with you, but I never allowed myself to think of us as a couple because I knew that you and Phil were a couple and, as far as I knew, you were a happy couple." "Well, as of now Phil and I are no longer a couple.

I'd really like us to be a couple. Is that too forward of me?" "No. It's wonderful. I just wish that I could fuck you seal the deal as kinky mature bbw plumper drilled in ring were." "You could fuck my arse if you like." "Really?

You wouldn't mind? I've never done that. There's no danger of aggravating your wound?" "I actually really like anal. As for aggravating my wound,you can see where my stitches are.

As long as you don't put any strain on them we should be safe." "I haven't got any lube. What can I do?" "You must have some sort of oil in the kitchen. Use that." I came back from the kitchen with a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Susan had me dribble some on her arsehole, then work it in with my fingers, at the same time stretching her hole gently. I dribbled some more onto my cock and stroked it. It was already rock hard as I anticipated what came next. Susan positioned herself, face down with her knees pulled up under her body so that her bum was up off the bed.

She pulled her bum cheeks apart. "Come on Daniel. Push that monster into my tiny hole." Trying not to be too rough, I pressed the head of my cock against her anus.

It slid in surprisingly easily.

I pushed all the way in until my balls were touching her labia. "Now really fuck me, Daniel. Make this a first time that we'll always remember." That was all the encouragement that I needed. I pumped my cock in and out of her anus for what seemed like for ever before my balls lifted up to my body and four or five squirts of my cum shot into her bowel. I rolled us both over so that we were lying on our sides, with my cock still inside her and our bodies pressed together.

The next thing that I knew was that I could smell fresh coffee. I looked at the clock and realised that I must have been asleep for some hours. Susan was no longer in my bed. I climbed out of bed and headed for the kitchen. Susan, still naked, was seated at the kitchen table, sipping her mug of coffee. "Good afternoon sleepy head. How do you like your coffee?" "Hot and black with extra sugar, please.

I can't believe that I slept so long." "Well, I'm glad that you're up now. I've been fretting about the turn my life has taken. Look at me. I've got nothing to wear except some blood soaked panties and a ripped dress. I've got nowhere to live." "Stop right there. I thought that you meant what you said earlier, about us being a couple. Did you?" "Yes. But." "Well then. You live here. We'll buy you some clothes, although I must say that I like finding you naked in my kitchen.

We'll get the police to escort you back to Phil's place to collect your belongings." "Oh! Thank you Daniel. You're not having second thoughts about our being a couple?" "My second thoughts are that I'm incredibly happy about having you live here with me. I'm almost glad that Phil bashed you, because he has lost you now and his loss is my gain." Suddenly Susan was there in my arms kissing me between sobs, her naked body pressing against mine.

"Sh! Susan. Don't cry. You should be happy." "I am happy now. But while you were asleep I was so worried." "You feel wonderful pressed against me. Promise me that I'll get to see and feel your naked body often." "OK. Let's do it again." "Do what?" "I want you to fuck me again, in my arse." The intense threesome action with two busty hotties brunette and big tits of oil was still in the bedroom so we went there and ended up repeating our fuck right up to the point where I rolled us over onto our daddy forced daughter dont talk mommy. "Daniel!

Don't you dare go to sleep again. I need your help. I can't go anywhere to buy clothes unless you can lend me something to wear." I found some tracksuit pants and a T-shirt. I suggested that she cut the bottom off the legs of the track suit because it would be too long for her.

She ended up cutting them down to short shorts. They were too big for her but I found it very sexy that I could slide my hand up the leg and feel her arsehole.

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I wanted to feel her pussy but remembered her stitches. The T-shirt was too big for her too, until she tied a large knot at the bottom which had the dual effects of pulling it tight over her bra-less tits and exposing a couple of inches of bare belly. As she studied herself in the mirror I stood behind her and slid my hands around her strip of bare skin and held her to me. "You look beautiful, almost as beautiful as when you are naked.

I'm sorry that I have no shoes to offer you." "I think that bare feet are OK with this very informal outfit, don't you?" We went shopping. She selected a couple of short skirts and a couple of tops which exposed a lot of bare flesh arms, shoulders, parts of her back, midriff. She looked at shoes, but finally settled for rubber thongs (=flip flops). "If I can get my stuff back from Phil's place I've got plenty of shoes." I was surprised that she made no move to buy any underclothes.

The tops she had bought would have been spoilt by exposed bra straps, but I was surprised that she did not want panties to wear under her short skirts. Petite teen blonde casting intimate family affairs I did not say anything in case it had simply slipped her mind.

I liked the idea of my having easy access to her lower body, even though her pussy was off limits until her stitches came out.

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We went back to the police station and discussed with another sergeant, getting a police escort to retrieve her belongings. We learnt that Phil was in custody and that his house keys were among his possessions being held by the police. We arranged to meet a policeman at Phil's place the following day. The policeman would make a list of everything that Susan took, in case Phil later claimed that she had taken something of his. The next morning I went to work but Susan called in sick.

Before I left I gave Susan $200 and suggested that she might like to pick up some food from the local stores. Susan rang me at work and told me that she was missing me already and that she wanted to be fucked in her arse again. I left work early to get Susan to Phil's place to meet the policeman.

When we got there we found Constable Mary Williams waiting for us. Back home I found space for Susan's clothes in my wardrobe and generally got her settled in. ** Now, 1 year on, Susan and I are very happily living together.

I get a real thrill every time that I see her naked, which is at least twice a day, in the morning before we leave together for work and in the evening, as soon as we get home for work. At weekends we are often both naked all day.

When her stitches finally came out it was great to know that I could at last hot brunette brooklyn gets fucked anal by her roommate her cunt, but in fact I still fuck her arse at least as often as her cunt.

It's sort of our thing now. Phil got a two-year, suspended sentence. A condition of his release from prison is that he make no approach to Susan. So far he has complied with that condition, and Susan is happy about that. Susan continues to dress very sexily. When I'm working with her and I know that, under that short, tight skirt, she wears no panties, I have to struggle to act professionally and concentrate on work.

I get my revenge when we get home. I've never had so much sex in my life and I love it. She tells me that she loves it too. THE END Please vote positive and comment.